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 Northern Gun Store: Chuck Jones (Friend of the TL) 
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Timothy walks into the Northern Gun store looking at all the shiny new tools and weapons. The store is bustling with shoppers of various races and looking at an assortment of gear. Some weapons and armor, some wilderness survival gear. Timothy is careful not to run into someone during his shopping. One of the assistants recognizes the emblem of Fells Follies and approaches Timothy. "You must be Timothy Hernandez, the valiant defender. I am Charles Jones, but my friends call me chuck. What brings you to my humble shop."

Timothy is taken back by the introduction. "How do you know who I am?"

"It's my job to know who is who in the castle, and who is out there defending us from the evil that is out there. That and your help with the mark V was appreciated.

"O that, yea, thanks for the money."

"Don't thank me, your Quartermaster set it up. So, what are looking for? I can get you all kinds of upgrades. I see you already have some additional armor, need more? How are your weapons? I see you don't have any built in. I can get you a rail gun or plasma rifle, maybe an ion cannon? I bet you like to get in close, I get you some swords. You have a dragon in the team right? I know a jet pack. I got a great deal for you, $250K for the jet pack. It's on sale today. It would help you keep up with your dragon friend."

Timothy is confused on what to do, all of what Chuck has said are really good ideas. "I really do like the jet pack idea, unfortunately, I don't know how to fly it."

"There's a simple solution to that son, get a chip port. 5K for the reader, and depending on how good you want to be."

Timothy likes the pitch and decides to go with this idea. "Being able to fly does have some advantages, and would have made things much better before hand. I'll take the chip implant, the jet pack,
the most experienced piloting chip available, and a solid cooking chip. That should be the full 250 thousand."

Chuck starts adding up the order, scans the chip Timothy carried, references the credit that is on record for the 1st SET. Chuck takes a quick mental note that Fell also transferred his credit to Timothy. This is either the luckiest Cyborg in the world, or the team really does care for him. The installation of the chip reader is smooth and uneventful, Timothy is handed two chips one with wings on it, and one with a hamburger on it. "This one is for flying, this one is for cooking. Don't get them mixed up."

Timothy Hernandez
Pace: 8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 22; (12 MDC); (size=+1) ; Strain: 5
Weapon in hand: Chain GreatSword
Damage: 1d12+2d10+2
Ammo: 32/28
Bennies: 2

Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:36 pm
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