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 Q4 Adventure Cards 
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And just in time for you all to encounter the CS (or not), you get new Adventure Cards. Everyone re-draws! You get one draw per Rank.

Adventure Card Notes
-Each Group has their own Adventure Deck, dealt quarterly by the GM.
-Adventure Cards are held until used or hand is full. Players can only hold one card per rank (Novice = 1, Seasoned = 2, Veteran = 3, Heroic=4, Legendary =5).
-Only one card can be played per Quarter

EP & Patron Cards
There is also a site-wide deck that can be drawn from with EP or via Patronage.
There are a limited number of each card in the "Community Deck", once all of each type are in play they are unavailable for use by another player.
Cards bought with EP or from patronage to do not count toward the hold limit and can be played at any time

Adventure Card

GM Bennies (7th SET, Joker's Jokers): 6/7
GMC Bennies: NONE

Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:06 pm
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1d54 (7)

Not Today
"Play after any other character’s attack roll to cause it to automatically fail. This is a critical failure."

Character Information
Herra, Psychic Warrior
30/30 I.S.P.
1/3 Bennies
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Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:10 pm
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On Behalf of Echo 1d54 (10)

Wow, that one is pretty awesome.

Adrenaline Surge: Your character gets an additional immediate turn, including movement.

Character Summary
Echo a Living Spell & Shape Changer
Active effects: Awesomeness, Conceal Arcana, Spirit d10+2
Current Parry: 5
Current Toughness: 11 (6) (Environmental)
Notable Edges: Imp Nerves of Steel, Killer Instinct, Charismatic +6
Skills: Fighting d6, Healing d4+4, Intimidation d4, Notice d12+1, Persuasion d6+6, Shooting d4, Stealth d12+2, Streetwise d6+6, Survival d4, & Tracking d6+2. All others d4.
Spells & Powers: Metamorphosis Superior, Matter Shaping, and Energy Shaping at will.

Resource Tracking

GM Quick Reference

Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:11 pm
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1d54 (32) - Extra Effort: Play to add 1d6 to any Trait roll. This roll may Ace.

Current Status: 1 wounds / 1 Fatigue
Bennies: 2 (-1 EE fighting, -1 Soak, +1 from Fox)
Parry: 9, -2 to hit with ranged attacks
Toughness: 12 (7)
PPE: 11/25 / ISP: 2/10
Staff PPE: 2/10
Active Powers: Exalted Darksight
Pertinent Edges: Danger Sense, Alertness, Improved Rapid Recharge, Elan, Marksman (Mysticism)
Adventure Cards:
    Joker's Gone Wild: Play this card to swap your initiative card with any Joker drawn for initiative.
    Rabbit Out of My Hat: Play this card to gain +2 to any Trick test until the end of the scene
Armor: TW Combat Mage Armor
  • Darksight
  • Farsight
  • +7 Armor
  • Full Environmental Protection
  • +1 Strength die
  • Powered by 1 PPE/hour
Weapon(s) in hand:
Staff of Justice
  • 10 PPE
  • +1 Miracles spellcasting rolls
  • Dispel (Holy Light approved custom trapping)
  • Smite
  • Str+d6 damage, Reach 1, Parry +1, 2 handed, MD with 2 PPE
Shield of Faith
  • +6 Armor vs. ranged attacks
  • +3 Parry
  • -2 to hit by ranged attacks
  • Edges: Dodge & Improved Dodge
  • Power: Barrier (wall of force trapping)
  • Power: Deflection (Wind trapping)
Approved Custom Trappings - Deific
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Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:01 pm
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Adventure Card, 4th Quarter: 1d54 (41).

Mechanical Malfunction: A device malfunctions in some way - guns jam, bow strings break, etc. The device can be fixed by a Repair roll at -4 and 10 minutes work.

Wow. that's actually really cool and thematic for a Zapper.

Calyx Calder
Character Summary
Human Zapper

Active effects:

Parry: 6 (7 w/ vambraces); Toughness: 16(9)
Weapon in hand: Vibro-Blade Vambraces or Kolytik

Edges: AB Psionics, Danger Sense, Luck, Major Psionics, Quick, Rapid Recharge, Rich

Powers: Armor, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Telekinesis
ISP: 30/30

Charisma: 0
Bennies: 4

Adventure Card:
  • Arcane Inspiration: When playing this card, a character with any sort of Arcane Background can either use one of his powers as a free action or use a power he doesn’t have.
  • Joker's Gone Wild: Play this card to swap your initiative card with any Joker drawn for initiative.

Currently playing in: 7th Set Joker's Jokers

Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:09 pm
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1d54 (20) - Last Stand: Your hero and any adjacent allies gain +2 Parry and Toughness. Allies who move into contact after the card is played gain the bonus as well. The effect ends when a Joker is dealt.

Main Character: Merlaggon
Alternate Character: Hans Greuber
Charisma: -2 (-4/-6); Pace: 8 [10] (d10) ; Parry: 8; Toughness: 19 (8)
ISP: 1 / 10

Active Powers:
Quickness (With Jazz)

Bennies: 0/3
  • -1 Due Extra Effort on Round 2 Tracking Barbarians vs. Bugs
  • -1 due Extra Effort vs. Lower Vigor
  • -1 due to Extra Effort for Quick Combat after Xiticix Queen killed

OOC Comments
  • Notice: 1d8 (+2 with Scent; +2 for Traps)
  • Survival: 1d8 (+2 With Woodsman)
  • Tracking: 1d8 (+2 with Scent; +2 in Wilderness)
  • Stealth 1d10 (+2 in Wilderness or Urban)
  • Fighting: 1d12
  • Shooting: 1d12
  • Knowledge (Arcana): 1d4
  • Psionics: 1d8
  • Intimidation: 1d6
  • Taunt: 1d6

  • Exceptional Rapid Recharge (1 ISP/5 Minutes)
  • Slow Regeneration (Natural Healing Roll Each Day)
  • +4 vs. Fear, Mind Control, and Magic
  • +2 for Fighting, Shooting, and Throwing rolls, but only to offset Called Shot penalties


Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:09 pm
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1d54 (29)

Play after damage is rolled to double the total of a successful ranged attack.

Hmm...Missiles anyone?

Character Summary
Jacob ‘Snack Happy’ Grimlock a M.A.R.S. Robot Armor Pilot
Active effects: None
Parry: 6
Toughness: 20(9)/35(17) in Sasha
Notable Edges: Professional, Expert, Ace, Combat Ace, Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Quick, Robot Armor Jock, McGyver
Skills: Notice d8, Repair d8 +2, Knowledge(Electronics) d6, Piloting d10+2, Driving d6+2, Fighting d8, Shooting d12+2
Equipment of Note:
Triax T-13 Field Mechanic(Modified):+9 Armor and +2 Toughness, Full Environmental; Comms (10 miles), Loudspeakers, laser distancer, night vision mode,Laser Torch (Range 4/8/16, Damage 3d6, RoF 1, AP 3, Mega Damage), Laser Finger (Str+d4 in melee reach 1 Strength d6 arm, +2 Repair checks)
Wilk’s 227 Pulse Laser Pistol (Range 18/36/72, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, AP 4, 24 Shots, Semi-Auto)

NG-V61 Gunwolf(Sasha): Size 6, Crew 2 modded for tail copilot, Strength d12+6, Toughness 35 (17), Pace 10
Notes: M.D.C. Armor
Weapon Systems:
  • 2 × Dual-linked Medium RailGuns (right forearm)|(Range 100/200/400, +1 to hit, Damage 3d10+6, RoF 3, AP 14, 60 Shots, Mega Damage)
  • Medium RailGun (chest) | (Range 100/200/400, Damage 3d10+4, RoF 3, AP 14, 60 Shots, Mega Damage)
  • Medium Ion Cannon (left forearm) | (Range 40/80/160, Damage 4d8, RoF 1, AP 4, Mega Damage, MBT)
  • 2 × Mini-Missile Launchers (chest) | (Range 100/200/400, Damage 5d6, RoF 1, AP 6, 12 Shots, Mega Damage, SBT)
  • 2 × Dual-Linked Light Laser (eyes) | (Range 150/300/600, +1 to hit, Damage 2d10+2, RoF 1, AP 5, Mega Damage)
  • Heavy Flamethrower (jaws). A heavy chemical flamethrower, the damage ignores all but Full Environment Protection armor (Range Cone, Damage 2d10+2, RoF 1, Mega Damage)
  • Assault Jaws/Claws/Rail gun spikes. The Gunwolf has a number of close combat weapons built-in (Damage d12+d8+6, AP 2, Mega Damage)
  • Wolf’s Howl Transmitter Array. As an action, the pilot activates this system, affecting all targets within a Large Burst Template centered on the Gunwolf (the Gunwolf itself is immune). Victims must make a Smarts roll at −2 or be Shaken (−4 if the target has some kind of enhanced hearing, GM’s call).
    59 mini-missiles
    450 railgun rounds
    80 shots for Flamethrower

Credits: 7,790

Wounds: 0/4 | Fatigue: 0/2 | Action Cards: Peace, Spill the Beans, Renown
Bennies: 2/3

Currently playing in: 7th Set Joker's Jokers

Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:46 am
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1d54 (34)

(34) Cutting in Line:

Draw Three Initiative Cards, Keep the Highest One.

PFC "Fox" Simmons
PFC Fox Simmons
PFC Fox Simmons
Human/Clone, MARS Powered Armor Soldier, CS SAMAS Pilot
Rank: Veteran Specialist 2nd Class
Payscale: 495/wk
Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6 (1d6); Parry: 8 (9 with claws); Toughness: 23 (6); Strain: 6/8

Hindrances: Clueless, Cautious, Loyal

Notice d8 (+2 conditional), Common Knowledge d8 (+2 conditional), Intimidation d4, Persuasion d4-2

Edges and Abilities of Note:
  • Command: Allies: +1 Spirit to recover from Shaken.
  • Tactician: Wild Card, Draw Bonus Action Cards for Teammates use.
  • Natural Leader: Share Bennies with Troops under his command.
  • Power Armor Jock: Negate -2 to Agility and all skill rolls while wearing PA.
  • Ace: +2 to Piloting PAs, May spend Bennies to Soak.
  • Combat Ace: Ignore MAP for Piloting and Shooting in same round.
  • Rock and Roll!: No Move during Round, May ignore penalty for firing Full Auto.

Bennies: 5/5

    Adventure Cards: Q3-2018
  • (33) - Extra Effort - Play to add +1d6 to any trait roll. This roll may Ace.
  • (35) - Sieze the Day - The character acts as if he had drawn a Joker this combat round.
  • (16) - Turncoat - Your hero somehow convinces or bribes a minor foe to perform a small favor—such as helping the hero escape, revealing the location of the “boss,” etc..

| 2017Q4 | 5 XP (30) - Seasoned 3 | 3 EP (1) | |
| 2018Q1 | 5 XP (35) - Seasoned 4 | 3 EP (1) | |
| 2018Q2 | 7 XP (42) - Veteran 1 | 3 EP (?) | |

  • Strength d12+5 *
    • SAMAS Fortune and Glory: Strong and Powerful
    • * Str die Increase
    • Brawny: ** +1 Toughness, Carry 8 times Str.
  • Size: 2, Pace: 10 (1d8), Flight: 25, Climb 2, Parry: 6, Toughness: 10+10 MDC **

    • Light Rail Gun (right forearm, handheld)
    • 100/200/400, 2d10+4 Mega Damage, RoF 3, AP 10, Shots 45
    • Rocket Launcher (right shoulder, mounted)
    • 100/200/400, RoF 1, AP 6, Shots 2, 5d6 Mega Damage, SBT, Snapfire.
    • 2 spare missiles in camp
    • WI - GL20, Automatic Grenade Launcher (left forearm, mounted)
    • 60/120/240, Variable Damage, RoF 3, AP 2, Shots 40
    • AP ( ); FRAG ( ); HE ( ); PLASMA ( )
    • TX-22 Precision

Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:20 pm
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Adventure Card Rolls
2 rolls - Seasoned
1 roll - Interlude

1d54 (16) - Turncoat
1d54 (34) - REPEAT _ (FOX)
1d54 (5) - Out of the Frying Pan

Re-Roll Repeat - 1d54 (22) - Better You Than Me

Holding 2 Cards -

Out of the Frying Pan(5)
Better You than Me(22)

Wounds: 0/4
Bennies: 2/4
Active Effects: None
Parry: 5
Toughness: 6+3 = 9 PLUS Armor 6(5) = 15 (5)
Pace: 4, Run d4

Common Skills: Notice d8,

Encumbrance: Str * 8 (Brawny)

Abilities: Detect Arcana with Notice Check using Sense of Smell

Edge Effects: +2 Boating, Driving, Piloting, May Soak Vehicle Wounds at -2. Ignore MAP for making Boating/Driving/Piloting roll and firing a weapon. Suffer no penalty to Repair for lack of proper tools. McGyver Jury Rig. +2 Fear Checks. Unskilled Smarts Linked Skill Rolls ad d4. Aim if doesn't move in a round.
Redraw 5 Value or less for Initiative. Double Damage on Shooting attacks in round when dealt a Joker. Scrounger. Connection(Black Market).
Bennies 4/4


Mechanical Malfunction - A device malfunctions in some way; guns jam, bow strings break, etc. The device can be fixed by a Repair roll at -4 and 10 minutes work.
Flesh Wound - Play to cause a wounded Extra to rise immediately, un-Shaken and unharmed. The Extra must have been wounded in the current
“scene” (typically a combat or immediately thereafter).

Armor Worn: SFD Hutnsman
Weapons On Person: Wilk's 227 Laser Pulse Pistol

  • Mountaineer ATV - “Sweet Sally”
    • Size 5, Acc/Ts 10/50, Toughness 25(14) MDC Armor, Crew 1+5, All Terrain, Handling 1, Environmental Systems, Sensor Suite, Amphibious
    • Weapon Systems
      • Heavy Laser (Top Mounted)
      • Mini Missile Launcher (Rear Sides) Shots : 11/12

Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:12 pm
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Rolling for Q1 2018 for Echo 1d54 (50)

Theme Song: It’s one of those “inspiring music movie moments” when the heroes get their second wind! You and all allies who can see your signal or hear your voice (walkie-talkies count) recover automatically from Shaken status and any Fear effects, due to your inspiring words.

Shaping Worlds Together
The 99's Game Master Bennies 10
    +8 Players
    +2 Sidekicks

Nash bennies 3
    None Spent

12 bennies 3
    None Spent

13 bennies 3
    None Spent

Jane Toppan bennies 1
    -1 to extra Effort on Ace of Spades versus interrupt

Shaintar Game Master Bennies 8
    +8 Players

Nightbane Game Master Bennies 6
    +6 Players

Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:55 am
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