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 New Rides: The Northern Gun Battle Bikes 
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These speedy little roadsters are highly mobile on flat terrain and fairly heavily armed for what is essentially a two-sidecar motorcycle; a fourth seat, behind the driver, allows for one more passenger. This seat is reversible (this must be done with the Battle Bike is stopped). Meanwhile, the sidecars both have reasonably spacious storage compartments.

Either the rear seat or either sidecar can be modified to accommodate Non-Human Physiology without having to tweak the whole vehicle; thus, such modifications only add an extra 40K Cr. to the cost. Modifying the driver's seat is a more intensive ordeal, and entails doubling the cost of the whole vehicle, other than the weapons.

Both sidecars are equipped with forward-firing fixed light lasers, while a Mini-Railgun rests on the back, for dissuading would-be pursuers. (During a Chase scene, if the Driver has the advantage, he can decide whether to bring the minigun or the lasers to bear on a given opponent.)

Finally, while the electric motors provide a 700-mile range before needing recharging, the Battle Bikes also carry a load of boosters allowing momentary surges of speed. The liquid in the supercharger is fully burned out after half a dozen uses.

Two Battle Bikes have been provided to the Jokers for use in the field.

Dual-Sidecar Motorbikes:
Size 3, Acc/TS 25/55, Toughness 12 (3), Crew 4
2 seats in center (one can be set to rear-facing if desired), plus two sidecars
Base price: 80K
Exposed Crew: ½ Base Price: 40K
Boosters (1): x2 Acc/TS for 1 round, 6 ‘charges’: +30K
Handling (2): +2 Handling: +300K
Speed (3): TS/Acc +15/+30: +90K
Sensor Suite (1): +2 Notice Rolls: +500K
Targeting System (1): Ignore 2 points of Shooting Penalties w/Vehicular Weapons: +300K
Weapons (all Fixed, Total 2 Mods): +445K
  • Forward: 2 Light Lasers (one/Sidecar, can be shot by driver or respective passengers, not linked)
  • Rear: 1 Mini Railgun (can be fired by rear passenger or by driver)
Total Cost: 1.705 Million Cr.

GM Bennies (7th SET, Joker's Jokers): 6/7
GMC Bennies: NONE

Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:15 pm
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