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Custom Races & Conversions

Our preference is to begin play using RAW (rules-as-written) including races.

However, thanks to the d-bee creation rules in the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide it is possible to create characters from your favourite Savage settings or other Rifts material not covered in the core books. These will be considered on a case by case basis. As custom races and conversions of other Rifts material are approved we will post them here.

To help maintain character diversity a limited number of custom and conversion races will be available.

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 Alternate Dragons 
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Rather than create a full Iconic Framework for each dragon type, we will instead note any fluff/descriptive changes and then mark the specific abilities changed/replaced.

The template for each dragon will be this:

[b][size=150]Type Dragon[/size][/b]
[i]Flavor text[/i]
[b][u]Initial Abilities[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Ability 1[/b]: Text including range/effect details
[*][b]Ability 2[/b]: Text including range/effect details
[b][u]Abilities available upon advancement[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Ability 1[/b]: Text including range/effect details
[*][b]Ability 2[/b]: Text including range/effect details

Construction Notes
So, to start, there are two initial abilities that are most appropriate to swap out. These are both exactly mappable to SPC powers, and thus I will use them for equivalency.

Fire Breath
Dragon Breath - 9 PP
Swappable (2)
2d6(2), d10s (4), MD (1), Cone Only (0), Instead of Shooting vs Agility, its Agility -2 if under the cone. (0)
4d6 (4), MD (1), 12/24/48 (0)
Impervious to Fire - 10 PP

You might also play with the initial AB (4 PP): Psionics (2) + Psionics d6 (2)

Of the advanced abilities:
Flaming Scales - 2 PP
Damage Field 3d6 (6), MD (1), Duration: Spirit rounds (-2), 10 minute recharge (-2), Not Available at character creation) (-1)

Otherwise, only perhaps size and strength/vigor will be messed with, but those are easy to note the exceptions. I should note that when deciding limitations and abilities, I will default to what a hatchling would know how to do simply by being a dragon. Some things will start out only working in dragon form.

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