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 Warlock Iconic Framework 
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Notes wrote:
Maybe for potential use on a blog. General feedback is welcome along with ideas for iconic edges or unique trappings.


A Warlock draws her magic powers from a supernatural, Elemental Intelligence from an elemental plane (earth, air, fire, or water). Like the Mystic and the Witch, there is no true knowledge of the mystic arts, instead the Warlock, through her link with the Supernatural Intelligence, intuitively knows certain Elemental spells.

Warlocks are not spiritualists, like the Druids of England or Native American Shamans who try to live in harmony with their environment, instead, they function on a more primeval level. A level concerned with power, change, and anarchy. For that is their vision of nature. Their world view is a picture of seething, unrestrained force, freedom, and change. As such, a Warlock binds himself to no man nor god, he is a free spirit to wander the universe to observe and instigate change.

Warlocks gain three rolls on any of the following tables: Enchanted Items & Mystic
Gadgets, Education, Experience & Wisdom, and Magic & Mysticism. They also get two rolls on any table of their choice, except Psionics

A warlock must select an elemental life sign from either Air, Earth, Fire or Water. His elemental life sign determines the nature of his bond and which trappings are available to the character. The character is required to apply the trapping effect of his life sign to his power, however he can freely change from one to the other within his life sign with each use of his power.

As conduits of elemental energy, Warlocks have Arcane Background (Miracles), and
their power list is as follows: armor, banish, barrier, beast friend, blind, bolt, boost/lower
Trait, burrow, burst, clairvoyance, conceal arcana, confusion, darksight, deflection, dispel, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fear, fly, greater healing, havoc, healing, intangibility, invisibility, light/obscure, pummel, quickness, shape change, slow, slumber, smite, speak language, speed, stun, succor, summon ally, wall walker, and warrior’s gift.

They can choose only Trappings for their powers related to their life sign (earth, wind, air, fire). They also gain access to a few special Trappings listed here:

    Primal Aura (All): When displaying the raw power of the elements, a warlock is a sight to behold. A beneficial power with a duration, cast by the Warlock on herself, grants her +2 Charisma and +2 on Intimidation checks, as she is surrounded by a primeval aura of her life sign. The glow makes her easier to see and target, giving foes +2 to attack and Notice rolls against her.

    Protection (All): For a beneficial power with a duration cast on someone, the caster foregoes the usual raise effect in place of granting Environmental Resistance for the duration. This provides a +4 bonus to resist a negative environmental effect from his chosen life sign. This also counts as Armor against attacks based on that element.

    Elemental Transformation (All): When using the shape change power the Warlock can transform into an elemental of their life sign.

    Plasma (Fire): Offensive powers with a plasma trapping cost 2 additional PPE to cast but hits a target all-at-once, engulfing the target and affecting the least-armored area on the body. This means anyone not in fully sealed armor is in serious trouble. Second, plasma tends to ignite targets (usually 1 in 6 chance), doing 1d10 continuous damage until it’s doused. Finally, powers with the plasma trappings all do Mega Damage

    Lava (Fire): Molten lava sticks to the target and continues to burn, doing one less die of damage on the caster’s next action unless counteracted in some way.

    Desiccation (Water): Rapidly dehydrating the target causes severe physical damage to humanoid targets. For direct damage powers, increase the base cost by 2 PPE to ignore all physical armor (including power and robot armor), but targets add half their Vigor to Toughness when determining the damage effect.

    Erosion (Water): Streaming and seeping water grants offensive powers with this Trapping a +4 AP value for an extra 2 PPE.

    Stone Skin (Earth): Fortified by the strength of stone, the warlock can harden his skin against attack. Beneficial powers grant +2 to Toughness for an additional 2 PPE.

    Earth Shaker (Earth): For an extra 2 PPE, powers with this trapping cause the earth to shake and shudder when cast. Every target in the a medium burst template around the target must make an Agility roll or be Shaken (including friendly characters).

    Breathe Without Air (Air): When used on beneficial powers with a duration the warlock doesn’t breathe. She isn’t affected by inhaled toxins, can’t drown, and doesn’t suffocate in vacuum (this doesn’t protect her from the cold of a vacuum).

    Breath of Life (Air): +2 to Elementalism roll for healing or greater healing but gain a Fatigue level which can only be restored with an hour of rest (succor cannot restore).

Arcane Background (Miracles): Warlocks begin with four starting powers (from the list above) and 15 PPE. They also have the Elementalism skill at d8 (which counts as Faith for all other Edge requirements).

Master of Magic: Warlocks have the Master of Magic Edge, gaining Mega Powers for all their known powers. They also have the Rapid Recharge Edge.

Elemental Protection: The warlock receives a +4 bonus to resist a negative environmental effect from his chosen life sign. This also counts as Armor against attacks based on that element. Warlocks can use environmental protection and elemental manipulation at will, with no PPE cost, as a free action (manipulation is limited to their life sign).

Connection to Elemental Plane: Warlocks can sense elemental beings (of any element), and environmental effects related to their life sign, with a Notice check, anywhere within of Spirit times 10 inches. They also begin play with a d8 in Survival and gain a +2 bonus with checks related to their life sign.

Elemental Kinship: Elemental beings have a natural affinity with Warlocks and won’t attack them unless attacked first or they are enraged for some reason. This elemental kinship is so great Warlocks also gain a loyal elemental essence of some sort. This is typically a water sprite, fire spark or similar. The essence is an Extra (not a Wild Card). If it should be killed, the hero finds a replacement in 2d6 days.

Summon Elementals: All Warlocks gain the summon ally power, as it relates to their chosen elemental force, automatically, and the duration for them is 5 minutes (1/5 minutes). This duration extends to the Mega Power version, force multiplication.

Elemental Manipulation: Over a Large Burst Template centered anywhere within 12", the Warlock can control her chosen element (air, earth fire, water). She can create minor environmental effects as a free action with no roll. As an action, she can create environmental effects that impose a −2 to Trait rolls (−4 with a raise). For any Trait rolls, use the Elementalism skill. None of these effects cost PPE.

Cybernetics: Warlocks suffer the same penalties from cybernetics as any other arcane character (page 108).

Enemies: Warlocks are hated in the Coalition and the True Federation of Magic distrusts these mystical anarchists.

Free the Spirits: Most Warlocks are extremely diligent in their efforts not to allow any Elemental that they have summoned to die. If a summoned elemental dies the Warlock suffers a -2 to his Elementalism rolls for one week. Pointlessly sacrificing an elemental may result in the complete loss of powers until atonement can be made. Further, Warlocks will always try to free elemental enslaved against their will.

The Code: Despite the lack of a supreme leader or formal laws or doctrine, Warlocks all share the same basic philosophy and all show great respect and courtesy to each other. Even Warlocks who are deadly rivals will first have a polite meeting to discuss the situation and to proclaim each other's intentions. Warlocks who violate the code may find themselves in a world of hurt.



Cold Fire
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8, Life Sign Fire
A Warlock who knows the secret to cold fire gains access to cold trappings. The character may select one power per rank beginning with Seasoned. That power can now be used either with its normal trapping or with Cold. Each time deciding at the time the power is used.

Elemental Focus
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6
Your warlock’s connection to his chosen life sign is so strong she can channel elemental forces more easily. Each raise a warlock gets on her Elementalism roll reduces the cost of the spell by 1 PPE.

Improved Elemental Focus
Requirements: Elemental Focus, Seasoned, Spirit d8
Increase environmental resistance to take ½ damage from chosen life sign and stacks with their starting elemental resistance.

Twin Signs
Requirements: Warlock, Novice, Can only be taken at creation.
The Warlock with this edge has a second life sign. The character gain access to a second life sign as well as all the trappings available to both life signs.

This edge can only be taken at character creation and the character begins with 1 fewer powers. However he gains the additional skills of both life signs, and his elementals powers apply fully to both life signs.

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Primordial Weapon
Requirements: Seasoned, smite
A powerful manifestation of a warlock’s connection to the elemental plane, the primordial weapon allows the elementalist to call forth a weapon made purely of her life sign (e.g. flaming whip, ice sword, stone maul, etc.) that does Strength + Spirit melee damage (i.e., roll Strength and Spirit dice for damage). The weapon is AP 6 and does Mega Damage. The warlock simply activates her smite power, summoning the elemental weapon instead of putting the power on another weapon or set of ammunition (the smite bonus adds directly to the primordial weapon’s base damage). This Edge can be used with exalted smite, as well.

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I dig it, VV, really nice work.

Some iconic edges for the other elements (water, earth, air) would be cool, to go along with Coldfire. Just riffing here ...
  • Water - "Fluid Form" - an Edge that gives a bonus to Soak wounds, maybe let's them use PPE to soak instead of requiring a Benny? Essentially, when struck, body turns to water?
  • Earth - "Rooting" - can't be moved against their will? Or perhaps an Edge that lets them spend PPE to boost powers in a similar manner to Major Psionic whenever they're standing on raw earth/stone?
  • Air - "Zephyr" - Natural flight pace and boost to the fly power if they have it?

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Wed May 09, 2018 11:40 am
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What a great Iconic framework.

This could even be published it is so perfect.

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I thought you could approximate this IF with a MARS package.

Wilderness Scout variant
[*]Add one die type to Spirit.
[*]Begin with Notice d6, Survival d8, and Elementalism d8.
[*]Begin with the AB Miracles and Master of Magic edges
[*]Begin with the Ley Line Walker's starting gear.

Of course, summon ally and elemental Manipulation/environmental protection would need to be taken and AB Miracles only gets two initial selections. But it can work.


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