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 Re: Part 2: New Del Rio (archive) 
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Pender Lumkiss wrote:
Two days later on the road to...
The group has a chance to stop at a small leyline rolling through the area. Perfect to top off the zone ranger, and rest and relax for a while. There is a hamburger hut, called the glowing white hut that uses the leyline to power its tw enhanced grilling machines and deep fryers. The propietor is a nice friendly elf named Slyn. For a few credits he serves up the group some tasty burgers and fries. Rest assured the pasture and orchard he has outside ensures these ingrediants are fresh and legit. He will also offer you each 150,000 credits for all the excess equipment you have ammased so far.
He smiles at the group, " Rest easy here at the Glowing White Hut." While other tw vehicles are parked out front and the place seems busy enough there is a table large enough for the party and semi seculded to encourage free speech and recollection of how you left New Del Rio. A small white fluffy dog seems to follow the heroes around while at this hut. It was sitting on the front stoop, and when you guys entered it wagged its tail and followed you in. If you let it, it will hope up on your lap and sit contently while you scratch it behind the ears.
Rob can you include in your post a couple pictures of the white dog?

OOC Comments
=common knowledge vehicles outside the hut] If you are from arround these parts a successful common knowledge would reveal one lf the junker vehicles parked outside is the fabled Failure's Luck beater. Some say it has survived since the pre rift times. Forutne has smiled on it throughout the centuries... Passengers not so much.

This is where we will do an interlude. You can choose your own direction and narrative spin. Players have full narative control over the npcs and the city of new del rio. But the interlude should be a story about how you left new del rio, and in the comfort of some tastey food you are regallimg the tale. My natural assumption is that you are heading to El Paso to meet up with a contact there whom can reportedly get you to the rangers. If you want to do something else, now would be the time to discuss it in character(and out if need be in the hangout chat). Please take a benny after concluding the interlude. Or if someone wants to trade the benny in for the white dog that is acceptable. It eats a lot!

OOC Comments
The group would have amassed quiet a bit of railguns, vibro swords, plasma ejectors from the brodkill. In an effort to help you not do so much book keeping Slyn will buy them off you for 150.000 credits.
Magical and unique items would not be included in this sale. I still need to stat them up fully, 2 magic swords taken from the Mystic Knight Morgoth( one sword will have a draining ppe effect, the other probably a fatigue effect), an energy whip off of Draygis, a battle fury blade off of Draygis's bed, the name of the blade is Durendel. The blade is slightly different than normal, the 4ppe effect has been exchanged for the focus ability(ignores inanimate armor, but you cannot move for 3 rounds.).

Sorry for not posting this in a seperate area and for the general disconnect it caused. I will move already posted diner posts to this section. If you already stated your interlude just copy and paste it here in some occ tags as the story you shared.

Notice 4 and Common Knowledge 3
-1 to both rolls in Sunlight, Worn armor and Body Armor are not enough to separate from the supernatural effects of the sun.
Notice 1d8 (5)
Notice Wild Die 1d6 (5)

Common Knowledge
Smarts 1d8 (2)
Smarts Wild Die 1d6 (4)

The knock on the window caused Ndreare to jump. “Hey, you can’t sleep here dude, customers only.” The attractive grey skinned girl said. He didn’t recognize her race, but she looked pretty good whatever it was.
Apologizing and getting out of the car he explained a little of his situation. “I am sorry, I was running hard from some monsters last night.
“Do you have showers for roadies here?” Seeing her nod, he settle up a payment he grabbed his gear and went in to clean up. Once he was feeling better he went in to the attached diner and checked out the menu and ordered up some food. These cows they kept tasted pretty good and are high enough in fat to provide energy for active traveling. After eating he head out to the truck to see what he can do with it.
No Fixing That Truck
No fixing that.jpg
No fixing that.jpg [ 214.81 KiB | Viewed 283 times ]

Ndreare was starting to doubt his decision to come to this planet. A lot of talk in Center was about this place and how contested it was. But Vampires, holy crap the amount of vampires he has encountered in the last week is ridiculous. Last night’s ambush was fast hard and brutal, he ended up having to steal his own truck back from the same vampires that stole it from him to get away, but they filled it with enough laser fire on his escape there is no way he will be able to get it to start again.
A shame that truck was amazing. Sure it's beat up and feels like your ass is on fire while driving it, it's nothing pretty to look at, but damn it's like it never could die and those bastards ruined it. Tinkering on it for a couple hours he feels frustrated at not having luck and decides to go in have some coffee and think on his options for a bit.
Absentmindedly hearing some stories and chatter from the corner where a couple table had been pushed together for a large group of mercenaries when he notices, holy crap they have two True Atlanteans. From their stories he can tell they are more interested in killing monsters than they are in pay so he figures what the hell, may as well go say hi.
Strolling over to the table he smiles and says. “Hi, do you suppose you guys could help me out?” Nodding out the window towards his broken down heap. “I had a run in with some vampires and well after I stole their ride to run away they shot the hell out of it. I don’t want to disrespect this fine establishment so I would like to get it out of site. A couple minutes of your time could help me push it over that dune.” Suddenly he spots the little guy that could not have been seen from the other side of the room.
"Crap, am I in luck, are you a Techno-wizard? If so i would love it if you could help me get the beasts running again. I don't have much, but I could offer 200 credits, you could consider it a challenge."
Ndreare, not wearing armor
Looks like this man, but with a healthy set of pointed elven ears.
Ndreare.jpg [ 14.92 KiB | Viewed 283 times ]

With a directness that hardly fits in most social situations he comes out clearly and simply says what he wants. “Plus I could not help but overhear you guys talking about hunting down those blood suckers and with a couple of Atlanteans I imagine you are good at it. I would like a little revenge and would consider it a second favor if you would test me however you d and let me travel with you.”


Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:07 pm
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Notice 7 Success
Notice 1d6+2 = 6 (4)
Wild 1d6+2 = 7 (5)

Common Knowledge 5 Success
Smarts 1d10 (5)
Wild 1d6 (3)


Ashlyn looked up as a tall, handsome black man approached their table requesting aid with his truck -- and possibly offering assistance in their vampire hunting.

“There can never be too many people killing vampires, amigo, the attractive Latina said with a smile. “I am sure we could try and help you, though you might get more if you sell Fizz that truck for parts.”


  • Twice PPE max from ley line, and full PPE.

Ashlyn Alvarez
Ashlyn Alvarez, Novice Human Mystic
Parry: 8, Toughness: Melee: 18 (9)/Range: 22 (13) + 2 vs supernatural evil
ISP: 10/10
PPE: 15/20
Powers On:
    Detect Arcana
    Mystic Awareness: Notice check detects supernatural beings in line of sight.
    Auto-raise on a successful Banish
Combat Edges:
    Strong-Willed: +2 vs Tests of Will
    Power Surge: When dealth a Joker, recover 2d6 PP
    Danger Sense: Get a Notice roll to avoid surprise
    Nerves of Steel
Bennies: 7/3
Adventure Cards:
    Florence Nightingale: Play this card to gain +2 on heal checks on the current patient. Spend a Benny: Gain +4 on heal checks on the current patient.
    Ace: Play instead of rolling to make a trait test with a single automatic raise.
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All Characters: Jude Maverick, Ashlyn Alvarez, Kim Black, Angis Ironheart, Delilah Carter, Hope Monaghan, Sierra Mackenzie, Reiko Tanaka, Heather Todd, Sig

Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:18 am
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Ashlyn Alvarez wrote:
. “I am sure we could try and help you, though you might get more if you sell Fizz that truck for parts.”

Nodding the the young woman Ndreare returns the smile and says. "I don't think selling it would work. The blast she took where pretty good, but Old Beast has been faithful and I would hate to loose a vehicle so sturdy without a replacement."

OOC Comments
FYI, I had to change to a more traditional race. So while I still want him to look the same, his pointed ears clearly define his as an elf instead of a silhouette.


Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:20 am
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