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 A.R.E.S. Psi-Killer 
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HJ Rolls
Psionics 1d20 (18) 18: Many psionics develop a powerful presence that aids them in influencing and
unnerving others. Your hero gains +2 on all Intimidation and Persuasion checks.
As well, if he has the fear power, he gains +2 when using it.

Training 1d20 (3) 3: After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time,
your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be
spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination.

Training 1d20 (8) 8: While the cities of Savage Rifts® are deadly in their own right, your hero understands
the dangers of the wilderness in ways few ever grasp. He has the Woodsman Edge
and gains a one die type increase in Survival and Tracking

Psionics 1d20 (15) 15: Overcoming the will of others is something many psionics strive to perfect. Your
hero is a master of such techniques, granting her the Mentalist Edge.

Race: Human
Framework: A.R.E.S.

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d6

Skills: Climbing d6
Fighting d8 (2 pts free from HJ)
Lockpicking d6 (I.F.)
Notice d8 (2 pts)
Stealth d10 (I.F.) (2 pts)
Streetwise d6
Psionics 10 (4 pts)
Shooting 6 (2 pts, free from HJ)
Intimidation 8 (3 pts)
Survival 6 (2 pts)
Tracking 6 (2 pts)
Throwing 4 (1 pt free from HJ)

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A.R.E.S.- Master of your destiny

Origin- Laboratory Manipulation
. Psychic Transformation: Whether a part of the Coalition's Scream Factory, or the more extreme methods that arose from it, or the extreme training methods used by the NGR, or any of a number of other governments or private facilities, or whether you were simply trained by the greatest psychic forces from Psyscape, forces which are no longer human in outlook. Whatever the case, you are probably no longer working for them (and if you are then you will have significant loyalty related Hindrances to replace some of these hindrances).

Psi-Nullifier: You gain Arcane Background (Psionics), the Major Psionic, Psionic Null Field and Extended Psionic Null Field edges, 20 ISP, and three powers from the Mind Melter List.

Power and Greatness 5: Shadow Unseen
5: Shadow: You gain the ability to turn yourself invisible at-will. The character and all his gear become cloaked and difficult to see. Invisible beings leave some tell-tale trace of their presence, whether it’s a shimmer, a smell, footsteps, etc., so foes get a Notice roll at –4 to detect them if given some reason to do so, or if the invisible character closes within 5” (10 yards). If the invisible character does something obvious like attack or stand in the rain, the penalty to attack is halved and no Notice roll is necessary to detect their presence. Attacks made against invisible characters suffer a –4 penalty. You also gain the Thief and Extraction Edges, as well as a d8 in Stealth. A Shadow that gets any cybernetics installed will find they will eliminate their Invisibility ability.

You are a Ghost. You can go Intangible. The modifier to Notice or attack you is increased to -6 and you gain a d6 in Lockpicking.
Intangibility makes the character unable to affect or be affected by physical and energy attacks or objects. The super can walk through walls or other barriers but cannot affect the physical world while intangible. Turning intangibility on or off requires a Spirit roll and is an action. While intangible, any items the character carries also become intangible and do not function. Other beings carried by the character do not become intangible and are dropped.
If the hero becomes corporeal “inside” someone or something, both she and her victim suffer damage. A hand causes 1 wound to each, an arm causes 2 wounds, both arms causes 3 wounds, and the whole body causes 4 wounds.
Vulnerabilities: Heat and Electricity attacks do half damage while intangible. The character experiences a -4 to all actions while in contact with hot substances, or while an electrical current is running through them. Further, Magic and Psionic attacks do full damage.

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