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 Jack "BiOden" Tillmun 
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Player Name: Dylan
Google Handle: UberTuber04
Jack “BiOden” Tillmun
Rank: Novice Experience: 05 XP Advances Left: 0
Race: Nightbane
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6/d8
Charisma: 0/-4; Pace: 6/6; Parry: 6/7; Toughness: 5/8 (2)
  • Fighting d8/d10
  • Intimidation d6
  • Knowledge (Conspiracies) d4
  • Lockpicking d8
  • Notice d4
  • Shooting d4
  • Stealth d8
  • Streetwise d4

Racial Specials
  • Call to Action: Something in the Nightbane causes them to be unable to stand by and do nothing in the face of evil. The Nightbane is compelled to oppose supernatural evil in the form of Vampires, Demons, or Devils.
  • Demonic Aversion: Something in their nature causes vampires, demons, and devils to react badly towards the Nightbane. They suffer -4 charisma when dealing with all three groups of monsters. In addition all Nightbane are actively hunted by the Nightlord’s forces in a system that only allows Join or die options.
  • Hunted by Evil: Due to their inherent fight against evil, supernatural evil beings are subconsciously drawn to the Nightbane. As a result supernatural enemies will always target Nightbane in combat.
  • Morphus Form: The character must transform to use any Morphus form abilities. This transformation requires a concentration action for 1 full turn. However the character can make a Spirit Roll at -2 (6 on the die) to transform as a single action. If the character rolls a raise (10 on the die) the transformation is a free action.
  • Vulnerable to Darkblades: The character takes +4 Damage from magical weapons crafted with demonic magic. In addition, the character has trouble healing wounds inflicted by evil weapons and suffers a -2 to Vigor rolls when wounded by Darkblades.
  • Dark Sight: Supernatural awareness allows the Nightbane to ignore dim and dark lighting penalties in either form
  • Immortality: Nightbane do not age again after their first transformation, called becoming.
  • Mirror Wall: By taking a full minute of concentration while staring into a reflective surface, Nightbane are able to enter the Shadowlands. This ability costs the Nightbane 1 PPE to transfer himself. The character may take others across with him for 3 PPE each (used for calculating Spirit penalty). Each Passenger crossing with the Nightbane must make a Vigor roll or suffer 1 level of fatigue.
  • Sense Nightbane: The Nightbane can automatically sense others with Arcane Background: Dark Talents within Smarts x2 inches. If the Nightbane is using conceal arcana the two Nightbane roll a contest between power skill and notice.
  • Regeneration: Nightbane regenerate quickly in either form. It may make a natural healing roll once per day (rather than once per week). Whenever the Nightbane gains a permanent injury, it may make a natural healing roll once recovered from the Incapacitation which caused the injury. On a success, the injury heals after 1d6 days.
  • Supernatural Becoming: The Nightbane has the ability to turn into their Morphus form by concentrating for one full round doing nothing else. While in their Morphus form the character gains the following abilities:
    • Arcane Background: Dark Talents
    • Dark Champion: Nightbane are natural enemies with the forces of darkness and gain +2 damage when attacking supernaturally evil creatures, and have +2 Toughness when suffering damage from supernaturally evil sources, including arcane powers and the weapons, claws, teeth, etc., of such creatures
    • Inhuman Shape: The Morphus form is a horrific expression expression of the Nightbane’s subconscious. The Nightbane is uniquely inhuman and may take an additional 8 points of abilities from the Nightbane Racial Abilities table. However all such abilities must be representative of physical changing in their anatomy.
    • Natural Combat Ability: While in Morphus form the Nightbane benefits from d6 Fighting (or a die increase in fighting over their facade, whichever is higher) and the Martial Arts Edge. If the character already has Martial Arts, then it is increased to Improved Martial Arts.
    • Supernatural Physical Form: The Morphus form is supernaturally powerful. They gain +1 die type in Vigor.
    • Supernatural Toughness: The Morphus form has +2 Toughness and Combat Reflexes.
    • Unique Nature: All Nightbane begin with two unique racial edges of choice.

  • Death Wish (Minor): He must Avenge the death of his family (by him), but punishing whatever secret government experiment he thinks created the Nightbane. Afterwards he will destroy himself, for he will eventually grow disattached and consume without mercy.
  • Delusion (Minor): All of the supernatural creatures and beings originate from a handful of government experiment.
  • Dependency (Biomatter): Must consume 10 lbs biomatter from living creatures at least once a day. If he doesn’t have the required contact, he suffers Fatigue each day until incapacitated. A day after that, he perishes.
  • Wanted (Minor): He is wanted for the (accidental) murder of his family and friends, though it has been some time since the incident. If any cops went looking in recent cold cases they would find my name near the top.

  • Martial Artist: Never treated as an Unarmed Defender, and has +d4 to Damage
  • Gruesome Morphus: The Nightbanes Morphus includes components of a guresome or horrific nature. The character gains access to Blood, Razors, or other Gruesome trappings as manifested on their body. In addition character gains +2 Nightbane Racial Abilities to help represent the form and gains +1 to Bolt, Blast, and Burst if the power has the appropriate Gruesomely related Trapping.
  • Immortal Potential: +2 Nightbane Racial Abilities.
  • Improved Regeneration: Natural Healing roll once per hour. Whenever the creature gains a permanent injury, it may make a natural healing roll once recovered from the Incapacitation which caused the injury. On a success, the injury heals in 3d6 hours. Even on a failure the character may roll again after 1 week, until the permanent injury is healed.

Bennies 4
3 to start
+1 for posting in open roleplay

Golden Bennies
1 for posting an interlude prior to July 13th

File comment: Façade Form
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File comment: Morphus Form
mZE9f45.png [ 341.12 KiB | Viewed 16 times ]
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:11 pm
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Morphus Form Abilities
Moldable Biomass [Altered Form] (3 points) [1 level, includes +3 “Replenish” modifier]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trapping: Jack’s biomass down to the skeleten converts to a thick and solid suit of stone-like exoskeletal armor, which can be reconverted at his will to any shape he desires.
  • Effect: The hero can stretch or contort his body into basic shapes, raising or lowering his effective Size by 3. This isn’t actual mass, however, so he doesn’t gain or lose Toughness. Altered heroes have no vital organs (or they’re very resistant, protected, or hidden). Called shots have no effect on them. They also take only half damage from falling or collisions, both of which can only Incapacitate—not kill them. If the hero consumes a substantial amount of biomatter he may spend an Action to make a Vigor roll. A success heals a wound, or two with a raise.

Exoskeleton [Armor] (1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: Jack’s exoskeletal armor is very difficult to penetrate, seeming to be made of stone.
  • Effect: +2 Armor. Armor covers the entire body and protects against all attacks, including area effect attacks. The power does not stack with regular armor, such as chain mail or Kevlar. The character takes the highest value instead.

Re-adjustable Muscle [Leaper] (1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: Jack’s muscles may be re-positioned however he wishes, allowing all of them to contribute to jumping should he wish it.
  • Effect: Doubles the hero’s jump height, and adds +1d6” from a successful Strength roll.

Horrific Shape [Monstrous] (1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: As his exoskeleton is covered in razor sharp edges and spikes.
  • Effect: Charisma down to -4 or current Charisma -2 depending on which is lower, and Opponents must make Fear Checks upon first sight.

Adaptive Biomatter Blades [Natural Weaponry] (3 points) [2 levels, includes +1 GM Fiat “Adaptable” modifier]
  • Range: Melee
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: Anything from wicked knife-like claws to a longsword fused directly with his arm, Jack can reconfigure his biomatter with ease to generate all sorts of attached blades
  • Effect: +d6 and 2 AP on Damage when fighting “Unarmed”, Through GM Fiat I can trap the damage as any physical type. This includes Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing, etc.

Always on Guard [No Fine Manipulation] (-1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: Jack’s natural state is to be fully armored with razor claws for hands, he has slightly more trouble opening doors as someone in a straight-jacket
  • Effect: The hero lacks fine manipulations and cannot perform any task requiring it, such as operating electronics or turning door knobs.

Spiked Soles [Wall Walker] (1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trappings: Jack generates hooked spikes from the soles of his feet, piercing the wall or ceiling and suspending him there.
  • Effect: The hero may walk on vertical surfaces at normal pace, and inverted surfaces at half pace.

Dark Talents
Arcane Background: Dark Talents
PP: N/A - Recovery: N/A

Razor Tendril/Spear [Bolt] (-1 per missile) [Novice]
  • Range: 12/24/48
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Tendrils of blood and bone, with spiraling razors all along their lengths swiftly extend from my body and pierce or slash my enemies before rejoining my biomass.
  • Effect: 2d6 Damage per tendril up to 3 tendrils, or 3d6 Damage for the spear

File comment: Adaptable Biomatter Weapons, ignore the farthest right one until I improve this power
Alex-Evolved-w.jpg [ 670.53 KiB | Viewed 14 times ]
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:24 pm
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Jack Tillmun was a completely normal kid, and even a normal teen, until his Awakening on his 18th Birthday. All his family and friends were gathered around celebrating, as any party should be. When all of a sudden Jack froze, as if kicked in the stomach, and then fell to the ground. The partygoers rushed over to him to make sure he was ok when suddenly his skin began to peel off, flipping inside out and smashing together to morph into stonelike plating. When the screaming began his body had been converted almost entirely into armor, All that remained was the flesh under the forming armor, no uncovered matter was left. Suddenly serrated tendrils burst from his body in all directions, impaling the unlucky ones nearby and finally reaching the ones scrambling away near the back only after they all began dialing 911 almost simultaneously. The bodies, clothes and technology included, were dragged back to the source and converted to biomatter instantly, leaving behind a bundle of synthetic material to be spat out from the newly formed armored figures unconscious body.

That was “BiOden”s first introduction to the supernatural, and it has haunted him for the year and a half since. From what he has been able to research, he has come to the conclusion that the supernatural monsters of the world (Were-creatures, Vampires, Nightbane, etc.) all came from government experiments offshooting from a primary first source experiment on Aliens. This first experiment was codenamed ZEUS, and its primary objective was to understand and replicate the biology of captured alien life. The offshoot projects were sick government experiments to enfuse Alien abilities onto Human or animal subjects.

After much testing and enquiry he also finally has an answer to why he could have ever done something like murder all the people he knew and loved, and if this isn’t the answer than he truly is an unlovable monster. He has found that he must regularly convert living creatures into biomatter to fuel his new body, almost like food for calories, and the longer between “feedings” the more hungry and desperate he becomes. When he first awakened his body needed an immense amount of biomatter to convert into his new armored exoskeleton, almost like having gone years in a row without food. Because of the abrupt shift from fine to starving, his bodies instincts just consumed all that was nearby. As much as he hates himself for what happened, if that large an amassment of biomatter wasn’t nearby when the process started he probably would have instantly starved to death, so he must let it go.

Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:26 pm
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  • Backpack: Just your normal, everyday backpack. It is pure black with red accents on the edges. (2 lbs) ($50 based on “Backpack” in SWD)
  • Lockpicking Gear: The complete set of tools required for your various lock picking needs. (1 lb) ($200 based on “Lockpicks” in SWD)
  • Smartphone: It does what a smartphone does. I got in contact with my hacker associate “Signal”, and had him modify it to be untraceable on the call network and get rid of manufacturer controls, whatever that means. (1 lb) ($250 based on “Handheld” in SWD)

Dollars: $0


Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:52 pm
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Please list all Edges and Advances taken for your character here

Starting Attributes
  • Agility: d8 (2)
  • Smarts: d4 (0)
  • Spirit: d6 (1)
  • Strength: d6 (1)
  • Vigor: d6 (1)

Starting Skills:
  • Fighting d8 (3)
  • Intimidation d6 (2)
  • K/Conspiracies d4 (1)
  • Lockpicking d8 (3)
  • Notice d4 (1)
  • Shooting d4 (1)
  • Stealth d8 (3)
  • Streetwise d4 (1)

  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): Strength d8, Immortal Potential Edge
  • Nightbane Racial Edges: Gruesome Morphus Edge, Improved Regeneration Edge
  • Novice 1 Advance: Martial Artist Edge
  • Novice 2 Advance:
  • Novice 3 Advance:
  • Seasoned 1 Advance:
  • Seasoned 2 Advance:
  • Seasoned 3 Advance:
  • Seasoned 4 Advance:
  • Veteran 1 Advance:
  • Veteran 2 Advance:
  • Veteran 3 Advance:
  • Veteran 4 Advance:
  • Heroic 1 Advance:
  • Heroic 2 Advance:
  • Heroic 3 Advance:
  • Heroic 4 Advance:
  • Legendary 1 Advance:
  • Legendary 2 Advance:
  • Legendary 3 Advance:
  • Legendary 4 Advance:

Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:55 pm
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