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 1.3 Arrival at Fort Hope 
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Date: September 4, 109 PA
Time: 0408
Weather: Normal for season (warm); light wind, heavy rain
Location: Fort Hope (Omaha, NE)
Ley Line: Very Large (three quarters mile wide, 2000 feet tall, 75 miles long), stretches 75 miles north of the fort (Whiting, IA)
Scene modifiers:
  • Light: Dim -1 (ley line is quite bright)
  • Visibility: -2 from the rain

Round 1


The remainder of the trip upriver was relatively uneventful. Night fell a couple hours after leaving the village. The mercenaries and civilians settled down for the night, though the mercenaries, of course, set up sentries on their barges. The tow crew settled into their bunks as well, except for the pilot and a lone gunner up top on watch. Our heroes could set their watch, or not, as they wished.

After hours of travel, on the horizon could be seen the distinctive bright blue glow of a ley line on the west bank of the river. Captain Norris came up on the deck of the towboat and roused his crew as they approached what looked to be a jetty built out into the river near an earthworks fortification.

Suddenly from out of the darkness, shapes materialize out of thin air and a gruff voice yells a war cry as brodkil suddenly appear, or rise from the tall grass, attacking the barges and the earthworks. Laserfire lances out in the darkness from the demons and the soldiers in the fort, and the mercenaries and boat crew scramble for their arms. Several brodkill leap onto the barges in the midst of the civilians. Others fire at the barges from the shore, taking advantage of the complete lack of cover on the river vehicle, and others attack the fort.

This will be a hybrid Quick Combat/Mass Battle.
Quick Combat rules:
  • Scene modifier: -5 (-2 surprise, -2 caught in the open, +2 superior numbers, -1 illumination, -2 rain)
  • Target: 17 Successes=Wounds
  • Pick your favorite combat skill or Knowledge (Battle), add in the modifier and include Wounds and Fatigue. The modifier can be mitigated by your own skills, equipment, and edges. (HJ staff bonus, cybernetics bonuses, marksmanship, etc.). The GM will roll for allied participants in the combat (Extras, by group) after players have gone.
    • Special Edges: Danger Sense, Sixth Sense, Quick, Level Headed, and Improved Level Headed each give +1 to your roll.
  • For every success you come up short, I will roll 4d6 Wounds and assign a wound to a random character (PCs, Allies, and Extras). Soaking is permitted as normal once wounds are assigned. Coming up short in the combat also means you get to go another round.
  • Damage is not being tracked here for the enemy. It's a straight number of successes task, so don't bother with damage rolls. Resources, however, will be tracked.
    • A critical failure means you were not able to help the group succeed. In fact, your bungling cost them one success!
    • On a failure, you use up 3d6 power points spent or charges from your weapon, as appropriate.
    • Success, you did a good job, maybe not a legendary victory, but you did what was required to save the day. You spent 2d6 ammo or power points.
    • Success with raise, your contribution is legendary. You spent 1d6 ammo or power points. Take a benny and narrate your awesomeness!
    • No matter what you roll, please leave something for everyone else to do.


Combat Notes

Karsk (Quick)
Charlemagne (Cyberkinetic -2)
Nazo (Danger Sense, Sixth Sense, Quick)

8 Brodkil
6 Cyber-brodkil
1 Brodkil leader WC

Allies and Extras:
Bill Sandyman (WC) and family (5 Extras, Civilian stats)
Daniel Cazier (WC)
Zacra Daeli (WC)
Liz Urzenski (WC)
William Norris (WC)
Charlize WC (Danger Sense, Quick)
10 Barge Crew (Bandit stats, Extras)
30 Mercenaries (Soldier stats, Extras)
60 Laborers (Civilian stats, Extras)



GM Notes
GM Bennies: 7/7

Fort Hope GM Info

GM Bennies: 7/7
Charlize Bennies: 2/2

Character Accounts: JJude Maverick, Ashlyn Alvarez, Kim Black, Angis Ironheart, Delilah Carter, Hope Monaghan, Sierra Mackenzie, Reiko Tanaka, Heather Todd, Sig, Anarik Ebonlocke, Vivian Parker

Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:44 am
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Brodkill... I should have told someone they were nearby... The spirits of these lands speak in funny little sing song voices and are hard for me to sometimes understand. It was not until they were screaming, in an ever rising crescendo, Brodkill that it hit me: we were about to be attacked. What little time I had prior I spent making sure the children and families near me were well tended and getting dressed. Master Kittito once had the unfortatue experience of fighting of 2 warlord’s borg battle bots while in his kimono... Watashi wa fuku o kimasu.

Nazo leaped from once family to the next, from one father, one mother, one brother... Too many, too many injured, too many dying... The spirits call to me in their voice rising up louder than before. I am missing something... Ahh the pitter patter of rain... Soft and light, then it comes in a wet dagger drove... The heavens cry blinding me further. Master Kittito told me it would be hard out in the world, he told me incliment weather would not be my friend. He was right.

Nazo finally stood her arms akimbo, and her armor sinched with hat well covering her face. She paused next to Bill Sandyman who along with the rest of the Sandyman clan had grabbed a couple spare laser rifles to do battle with the Brodkill. Nazo leaped behind the bulkhead of the barge just in time to avoid the rail gun fire from the brodkill known as Dead Meat. Its large bulbous red head was covered in gore of soldiers and other unfortunate victims. It snarled unloading its massive 200 pound rail gun pooring hot lead into the Sandman clan.

Boom goes the head shot. Bill’s head was ripped in half. His crying wife’s spleen chucked out onto the wet deck wriggling at my feet. His brother, well he just jumped over board seeking to save his own skin. The kids... I could barely make them out in the jagged pericing rain. They were wailing for their perants and stopped abruptly when a 1000 rounds of hot metal ripped them in half. What was I suppose to do against such carnage, what could I do? I could bring them back, I could bring them all back from the place between the living and dead. That is just what I did!
15 Psionics, 3 successes, 7 ISP spent
Psionics, +3( from danger, sixth, and quick) (Her armor cancels out the illumination, she also sees via radar) so the -5 becomes -1, and spending extra ppts she gets a +4 to her psionics roll via leyline and major psionics 1d8+3 = 9 (6) Benny for EF 1d6+2 = 6 (4)Wild 1d6+3 = 5 (2)
1d6 (3) ppts

Twice now, Thrice, four times brought back only to be butchered by the skill of Dead Meat... Even in my land his handy work is known. I can only keep this up for so long, and yet I dare not leave these people alone. This particularly ugly Brodkill is not the only one out here. Perhaps the man who can help me is the same as the one who knows my secret. Where is Vik, blast this rain! Dead Meat comes barrling down on the terrified Sandyman clan once more with a fresh railgun round casister slapped into place. The bulbous red demon whispers something that is lost into the pitter patter of the down pour. Nazo cries out moments before his railgun flashes hot with round after round of little pellets of death...”Vik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Fear: Spirit +2, 1d6+2 = 3 (1) wild 1d6+2 = 8 (6)

Combat Info
Toughness: 16(8), Parry: 7, Pace: 8
Active Edges: Sixth Sense, Brave, Elan, quick
Active Powers:

Bennies: 5/3
+1 post rate
+1 interlude

Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:04 pm
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Combat! - Total 3 Successes
Fighting at -4 (racial low light vision negates illumination penalty - add back in if incorrect)
1d12-4 = 5 (9)

Benny EE Fighting with prior and Elan
1d6+11 = 16 (5) -- keystroke error - this should have been +7, not +11 (looked at prior die roll, not final result) total of 12

WD Fighting
1d6-4 = -3 (1)

Forgot Fear check first
1d10 (9)

WD Spirit
1d6 (2)

ISP spent: 1d6 (6)

Charlemagne rarely went anywhere that he didn't fly. Dismounting from the barge was no exception. As such, he was aloft when the brodkil began their attacks. Spotting the various emplacements of their demonic foes, he calls out enemy troop positions and fire assignments. The mercenaries on the barges respond well to his commands, mowing down numerous brodkil. As the battle hits a rhythm, Charlemagne dives down into a large cluster of brodkil, twin psi-swords blazing. Parrying and feinting one way, slashing and hacking the other, the Lyn-Srial looks like a tasmanian devil-style whirlwind of wings and energy blades. No matter how close they get, or how many of them surround him, their vibroswords, chainswords, and laser rifles simply can't find a bead on the cyber-knight. Even the odd slash that lands simply glances off the knight's formidable armor.

Finally, a large group clusters around him, beginning to hem him in. He adopts a more defensive stance, drawing even more of them closer. Even the strength of his armor and his amazing avoidance of all things technological can't save him. That's when he calls in a barrage on his position, using the flailing psi-swords as a marker. The mercenaries open up with a heavy volley, pelting the area in a shower of violence and destruction. Charlemagne, however, manages to beat his wings at the right moment, finding a foothold on the shoulders of one of the larger brodkil specimens, then using the demonic perch to catapult himself into the air, out of reach of the blades of the demons. A heartbeat later, the same brodkil is cut down by a burst of railgun rounds, along with several of his cohorts.

Charlemagne swoops again around the battlefield, updating positions and troop strengths, directing the battle to maximize impact and minimize losses. "These heathens shall not carry this day. We will be victorious!"

Bennies: 5 (-1 pre-game contacting, +1 intro RP bonus, +1 friendly fired slumber, -1 EE Persuasion/resource negotiation, +1 taking the incapacitator blast, +1 brainburn error, +1 GM birthday, -1 unshake)
Current Status:
Wounds/Fatigue: 0 / 0
Parry: 8, -2 to hit with technological attacks, -4 to hit from Deflection
Toughness: 20 (8) (cyber armor active)
ISP: 13 / 20
Active Powers: Deflection (with raise, -4 to hit), Boost Fighting (with raise, d12+2, adds +2 Pace), cyber armor, twin psi swords (MD)
Pertinent Edges: Improved Frenzy, Command, Champion, Improved Psi-Sword (Str + 3 x Spirit, AP 8 or AP 4 for double blades), Elan
Adventure Cards:
    Get A Clue: Play this card for a clue from the Game Master for some advice or a hint on how to resolve a current predicament or problem.
Armor: Cyber-Knight Heavy Armor
  • Barrier
  • +8 Armor
  • +2 Toughness
  • Full Environmental Protection
  • Powered by 1 PPE/hour
Weapon(s) in hand:
Psi-Swords (2)
  • Damage: Str + 3x Spirit
  • AP 8 for single blade, AP 4 for double blades
  • MD with 2 ISP
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Shooting 9, Success with a Raise; Spirit 8 vs. Fear
Shooting is 1d8, +2 for armor mods, +2 Machine Maestro, -4 various scene penalties (armor offsets the illumination penalty)

Shooting 1d8 (1)
Wild 1d6 (5)
Benny for Extra Effort 1d6+5 = 9 (4) = Success with a raise. Get the Benny back.
PPE used 1d6 (6) Would this Ace? Gonna say no, but will roll more if needed.

EDIT: Fear check
Spirit 1d8 (3)
Wild 1d6 (1)
Burn a Benny for Extra Effort 1d6+3 = 8 (5) = Success

"Ruddy warble-crackers, can't even land a boat in this country without a buncha buggerin' Hellboy wannabes tryna' eat people like they was bleedin' pasties from a truck," Vik says, motioning for Charlize to stay down. "Stay 'ere, love, before you bust them stitches or somefin' from whatever ol' Naz did to yer insides."

Speaking of Nazo, Vik has only just jumped off the boat with the Vickers in hand when he hears the little roof-jumper calling for help, back toward the front of the boat.

"Bloody hell-nappies, minute I stick a perfect Platoon landing in the muck and now I gotta turnabout and scarper back up the rotting rope-ladder like a daft geezer as left his polished chompers onna nightstand."

Still, he owed Nazo big for saving Charlize, so back it was, climbing over the rail before readying the Vickers again and charging into the sheets of rain toward the bow of the boat. Just then, ol' Naz materializes out of the mist, doing some chop-socky two-step while trying to herd the blond Sandyman tribe out of the way, each one of 'em looking like their clothes had been sent through a meat-grinder and then slapped back on, still steaming with somebody's guts.

"Oy, Naz, what's the marbles ... Hairy shite on biscuits that's an ugly stump-humper," Vik declares, as the brodkil Dead Meat looms out of the rain. "He looks like one a them genital warts they warn you about when your curlies start coming in, like cauliflower all covered in dried curry, or dog sick on bubble wrap or somefin.' Talk about horrorshow. I think I might have to sicked a little in my helmet. Say, has he gotta rail gun?"


There's a spray of telekinetic bolts as Vik unloads the Vickers, reducing old Dead Meat to Ground Chuck.

<<Oy, Tommy, if you ain't run off again, tell Karsk we got some victuals for his Dewback. Leastways hope soup sits okay with him.>>

Vik Donnager
Quick Stats
Human Techno-Wizard
Bennies: 3/3
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6 (1d12+2) , Vigor d6
Charisma: -; Pace: 6 (8) (1d6); Parry: 5; Toughness: 17 (8) or 21 (12) with amulet;
Hindrances: Big Mouth; Device Dependent; Enemies (Coalition and True Federation); Gearhead Geek (Quirk-OCD tapping); Overconfident; Stubborn.
Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Common Knowledge d8
Edges and Abilities of Note: Arcane Background (Weird Science) (Devices malfunction on a roll of 1); Arcane Machinist (Gadgeteer) (four times/session, as an action, create a device with 10 PPE, +5 PPE on a raise, using any TW power, -2 per rank above own); Elan; Machine Maestro (+1 to rolls with electronics and machines, +2 with arcane devices. Doubled out of combat); Master of Magic.
PPE: 20/20
Active Effects:
Adventure Cards: 53 - Riled Up Play after sustaining a wound; your attacks cause +2 damage for the remainder of the scene.

Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:45 pm
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At the scene of chaos they arrived to Ashley felt a sick resignation settle over her, followed by a hot kindling of anger deep at the base of her stomach. Everywhere she turned, demons attacking people. Monsters who thought they had nothing to fear.

The would learn to fear.

She stepped off the barge and ignited. Wreathed in flame, she rose a foot or so off the ground. Then came the rain of fire. Shining meteors that launched from Ashley in rapid succession, leaving greasy black contrails in their wakes and exploding in massive blossoms of orange and yellow. Yet, as fast as the flames lanced skyward they were extinguished, leaving only mangled, burned Brodkil corpses in their wake. Where friendlies were mixing up with the demons, she used precision shots that didn't explode.

Return fire painted lines of laser light through the smoke and dust, scraping over Ashley's flaming body...doing nothing. The demons that tried to rush at her were cut down without mercy. Even those who used their magic to turn invisible were not proof to her now. She had learned her lesson well against the Splugorth...

Rolls: Fright 9, Psionics 14! (success + 2 raises)
Fright check 1d10 (9) or 1d6 (1)

Combat modifier -5; spending 4 ISP for +4 to psionics roll.
Psionics! 1d12-1 = 4 (5) or 1d6-1 = 5 (6)
Ace wild 1d6 (6)
ANOTHER Ace 1d6 (3)

She has Detect/Conceal arcana now. :)
1d6+4 = 5 (1) ISP spent total

Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:26 am
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Fright check 6
OOC Comments
1d8 (6)
1d6 (1)

Karsk was preparing Toad for disembarking when the attack started. Toad had been cooped up on the barge too long and needed to roam free on the plains for a bit.

As the Brodkil launched their attack, Karsk was irritated more than scared.

Not even had time for feast for Lunch yet. More meat for the larder.

Psionics 8 success and 1 raise
OOC Comments
Combat modifier -5; spending 4 ISP for +4 to psionics roll and quick - no modifier

1d10 (6)+2 forgot that Karsk has natural low light vision
wild dice 1d6 (4)

There was no time for subtlety, not that Karsk was a subtle person, but even if he had been, it really wasn't.

The Brodkil leapt onto the barge right next to Karsk and Toad and deemed Karsk the bigger threat. That thought lasted a few seconds as Toad stomped its foot, shaking the barge and sending the two Brodkil on the barge railings flailing into the water.

Toad Strength 10 success and 1 raise
OOC Comments
1d12+1 = 11 (10)

Karsk reached out with his mind as laser blasts flashed over his head. The water in the river churned and a wave of water scooped two of the Brodkil off the shore and into the water.

The four Brodkil underwater found the river fighting their efforts to resurface, so much so that they were unable to surface for air and forced into the silt at the moment, silt pouring into their mouths as they were unable to breathe.

Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:07 pm
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Spellcasting 4 = 1 success
Spellcasting d8+1, scene -5 =d8-4
Spellcasting 1d8-4 = 1 (5)
Wild 1d6-4 = 1 (5)

Extra Effort 1d6+1 = 4 (3)

PPE Spent 2d6 (3, 6)


Thomas sees the monsters coming out of the rain and attacking and immediately looks for a place to hide. Sliding around behind a bench he conceals himself in invisibility and reaches out with his amulets power. Once he seizes control of one of the more powerful broidkil he directs it efforts to disrupt the others, immediately attacks other brodkil until he is killed. Then seeing a large female brodkil covered in cybernetics he repeats the actions securing her aid and asking her to attack her comrades. The whole time he is working Thomas is doing everything he can to stay out of sight.

“The fricking battles. What the hell are we doing out here. I could have stayed safe and only had to risk battle once a year at most in the Castle, what the hell do they want everyone out here getting killed for.” His pessimism comes through as the complains about the situation and again being forced into a battle situation. He starts thinking maybe it is time to learn some healing magic or research something that can help keep him alive like an invulnerability spell. The way Charlemagne is leading this team they will all be dead by the end of the week. Why can't we just run from some of these battles. No need to fight every thing out here.

Charisma +4 (Persuasion d8+4)
Parry 5 (1)
Armor 15 (10)

Wounds: 0
Fatigue: 0

Personal PPE: 31/20
Staff PPE: 10/10
Amulet PPE: 10/10

Active Effects
    Elemental Mastery

Bennies 3
    3 Reset of Quarter
    +1 Post rate
    -1 Extra Effort

Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:53 am
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