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This mostly complete MDC building sits near a small hill/clearing at the rear of the town.

Unlike the other buildings nearby, this has obviously not been constructed by the locals and stands out like a sore thumb.

More description to follow

GM bennies 6/8

Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:55 am
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Vivian Rose Parker, newest member of the Legion assigned to the 3rd SET, was ordered to report to Garnet Town

The shifter assigned to the town used the nexus to open up a rift to Castle Refuge to allow quick transportation alongside a few more new colonists and some materials

Showing her orders at the gate, Sgt Vasquez, a square jawed woman in heavy armour, ordered Vivian to report to the Command Center.

Upon arrival, she found neither Governor Wise or any of the other members of the SET present, but she did find Lieutenant Nunez, the young Hispanic deputy, in deep conversation with the Town Sheriff, a huge borg that had been a minotaur.

Nunez looks over your orders and gives a wry smile.

"Ah, the new member of the squad. You are positively unassuming compared to most of the squad. Welcome to Garnet Town." he takes the orders and puts them to one side.

"As you can see, Governor Wise is not here, but if you wish to report in, she is over in the vehicle stockade at the moment. Otherwise, there should be a spare bed at the boarding house you can share with our resident Techno Wizard."

OOC Comments
Notice roll
Success - on the side, you can see a portable computer with a new personnel file of what appears to be a Bipedal Unicorn.
Raise - there is something in the way Nunez greets you that seems slightly odd.

GM bennies 6/8

Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:13 am
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Vivian Notice 5
Notice 1d6 (2)
Wild 1d6 (5)

Vivian Common Knowledge 7
Smarts 1d8 (7)
Wild 1d6 (3)


Vivian followed the colonists when she exited from the rift. She would never get used to that. She had her helmet off and hooked to her belt, her pistol on her other hip.. A long black trench coat his much of the high tech black armor beneath it, her vibrosword and rifle on her back.

Asking around, she headed for the glaringly obvious modern building in town and stopped to stare a bit at the massive borg minotaur who was introduced as the sheriff.

“Unassuming is what I do,” Viv said. “Standing out is counterproductive in my business.” She flashed him a pretty smile. “I guess I’ll drop my pack off at my room. Wait, did you say I’m sharing a bed with someone?” She frowned. Glancing to the side, she saw a personnel file for a bipedal unicorn or something.

“Damn. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to all these D-Bees,” Viv muttered. “No offense,” she told Sheriff Nunez. “Just coming from the Burbs, it’s different.”

Hiking up her back, and getting more directions, Viv headed toward the boarding house.


Vivian Character Sheet
Parry: 9; Toughness: 17 (6)
Acrobat: +2 nimbleness Agility rolls
Brawny: Load limit Str x 8
Connections (Black Market)
Elan:+2 on benny rolls
I Know a Guy
Strong Willed: +2 vs Tests of Will
Bennies: 4/4
Pistol Ammo: 20; 2 x 20 reloads
Rifle Ammo: 60; 2 x 60 reloads
Armor: 10/10 PP
Adventure Card:
  • Parley: All characters cease fighting and listen to the hero speak for at least 30 seconds. Others may only take defensive actions during this time. This has no effect on beasts and other creatures that cannot understand the speaker.
  • Bullseye!: Play after damage is rolled to double the total of a successful ranged attack.

Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:45 am
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