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 The Bronson Orphanage 
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The Bronson Orphanage
Orphanage_for_Girls_Rakowiecka_front_01.JPG [ 1.86 MiB | Viewed 31 times ]

As you approach the old orphanage it has a time worn look about it. Radiating off of the old building is an aura of repressive evil. The brickwork is stained with black as if years of dirt has accrued without anyone caring to clean the building. Even the front entry is filthy, all expect the worn handles of the doors as you approach.

The windows on the lower floor show activity inside in the form of men and women going about their business. While the windows in the upper floor show the occasional child looking out or an occasional adult doing the same.
The building itself is built on a 1.5 acre plot of land surrounded by the city on all side with a brickwork and metal wall surrounding it preserving the safety and privacy of those within. The cameras are all set up to overlap, appearing to be stationary rather than scanning.

L.C., Foxx, or anyone who activates Exalted Detect Arcana
Once you sense it, the reflex to activate your exalted detect arcana is instant.

On a successful Notice -2 rolls you can see a demon on each of the four corners of the roof. You can only can see the upper half of their strange green humanoid bodies, the rest comfortable behind the brickwork walls.

This intelligence cost your 2 PPE/ISP however it will allow you to make a Knowledge (Arcana) roll to identify the particular demon.

OOC Comments
Through questioning you are able to identify the location of the orphanage as well as the following intelligence.
  1. There are lots of kids, normally about 12 per room and two per bed. he does not know an exact number but it sounds like around 50 or so.
  2. There are several adults who work the orphanage:
    - Headmaster (The most powerful magic user in the world)
    - Mr. Powell (the scariest warrior in the world)
    - Mrs. Zwer (she is like a juicer man and can throw tanks and stuff, do not be fooled by her being so short)
    - Cookie (he does not do anything really, he is just always there and talks to people)
    - Mrs. Myer (she is in charge of the kitchen.
    - Lots of people, all the men and women to come to the orphanage that they have to be nice too and show respect.
  3. The top two floors are where the dorms and the special rooms are for the visitors.
  4. The bottom floor is where the kitchens and offices and stuff are
  5. The bottom floor also as a chapel for worshiping the four gods that live there and tell the headmaster what to do.

DANGER: This is in the middle of a heavily populated area. Any ranged attack roll that misses will potentially hit an innocent bystander.
1) An orphan
2) Other unknown innocent
3-4) Locked out

The target will still benefit from obstacle toughness.

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