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 PEG Forums Return! 
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The Pinnacle Entertainment Group forums have returned and are better than ever with a nice new style and modern technology that is mobile compatible. They have even added a Savage Rifts FAQ and a dedicated area for discussion of Savage Rifts.


Character Summary
Kidemónas a Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling
Active effects: Boosted Vigor to d12 also raises Toughness to 36(16)
Parry: 5 (+2 to normal sized attackers rolls to hit me)
Toughness: 34(16) / 11(4) in humanoid form
Notable Edges: Danger Sense, Strong Will
Skills: Fighting d6, Knowledge (Arcane) d6, Magic d6, Notice d4, Psionics d6, Tracking d4, Shooting d4, and Stealth d4.
Innate Abilities: Fire Breath (shooting for 4d6, or place cone for 2d10), Infravision (half lighting penalty), Tail Lash (d12+d8+5 to a 2" by 4" area), Claws/Bit (d12+3d6+5 AP4), and Fear.
Spells: Arcane Infusion and Disruption (Boost/Lower Trait), Undue (Healing), and Arcane Sustenance (Succor).
Psionics: Doubt (Confusion), Mist Walk (Intangibility), and Force of Will (Puppet).
Equipment of Note: Light Generic LLW Styled Armor, Bracers of the Arcane (10 PPE, Deflection, Master of Magic, changes shape with me).
Charisma: -2 (Socially Awkward Youth)
Wounds: 0/4 | Fatigue: 0/2 | ISP: 10/10 | PPE: 18/20
Bracers PPE: 3/5 Deflection & 3/5 Shrinking
Action Cards: 2; Extra Effort, & Parley
Bennies: 2
    -1 Spent on damage roll versus Brodkil Leader in Garnet Town 2

Ndreare, currently playing.
    Echo a Living Spell inspired by the Nightbane Shapers from Between The Shadows. Currently playing in: Joker's Jokers
    Kidemónas a young dragon, who desires to be the hero his friend told him he could be. Currently playing in: 3rd Set The Losers
    Leben Nicholas a True Atlantean Priest of Light and lover of life. Currently playing in: Chronicles of the Vampire Kingdoms

GM Quick Reference

Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:15 am
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And for the old archived forums for everything before the new forums, please visit:

Character Summary
Dog Boy Crazy
Active effects: None
Parry: 6 (plus Uncanny Reflexes -2); Toughness: 17(7) [Triax T-11 Enhanced Armor]
Weapon in hand: Chain Long Sword, Vibrosword or Wilk’s 447 Laser Rifle
Edges: Jack-of-all-Trades, Major Psionic, Quick, Sublime Chaos
Powers: Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Healing, Smite
Charisma: -2 (0 with Dog Boys)
ISP: 20/20
Bennies: 3/3

Currently playing in: 3rd Set The Losers

Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:27 am
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