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To spend your EP create a Topic or Reply in the appropriate fourm and EP will be deducted automatically. You can share a link to the expenditure post with your GM to make their life easier.

Use this template to format your requests

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  • Good In A Pinch
    Heroes seem to have that little je ne sais quois which allows them to do just the right thing, just in the nick of time. These rewards let your hero temporarily bend fate in their favour.
    • (1 EP) Power Efficiency: Use a power for 1/2 PP costs (one time only)
    • (3 EP) Inspiration: Temporarily use an Edge you qualify for (ignoring Rank) for the duration of the current scene (scene length is defined by GM)
    • (3 EP) MEGA!: Gain the one time ability to cast a Power with a Mega-Power Modifier (Weird Science has no mega modifiers available, so this option does not apply).
    • (3 EP) Expanded Understanding: When taking the New Powers Edge may instead take any one power of current rank or lower chosen from the Mind Melter (Psionics), Mystic (Miracles), or Ley Line Walker (Magic) list, relative to your Arcane Background.
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    Last post Tiny Tim needs to be Brave
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  • Well Fudge
    Sometimes bennies, conviction, and all that just leaves you out to dry. For those times when you just have to succeed, these rewards give you one more kick at the can.
    • (1 EP) Have I Got a Backstory for You: At character creation, your character may make his allotted Hero’s Journey rolls on any table or combination of tables of his choosing (except on tables specifically prohibited by his Iconic Framework, if any). He does not gain extra rolls by purchase of this option.
    • (1 EP) Anyone Got a Bennie? Purchase 1 additional Benny for any character! Site Rule: Useable in any game regardless of other GM restrictions.
    • (5 EP) Deus Ex Machina: Retroactively Spend a Benny to reroll a critical failure, you must still spend the Benny. When used this enacts the Dumb Luck Setting rules.
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    Last post Spending 5 EP for 5 Bennies
    by Tiny Tim View the latest post
  • The Stylish Adventurer
    To really stand out in a crowd you need to customize your look or pick just the right accessories for your character. Use these selections when you simply must have gear or certain results to complete a character concept.
    • (3 EP) Gun Bunny: Select one result from the Body Armor, Close Combat Weapons, or Ranged Weapons tables and apply it to a new or existing piece of equipment (this includes the “Choose Any” results)*. Can only be applied twice, does not stack with previous HJ upgrades.
    • (3 EP) Arcane Accessories: Select any one result from the Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets table or add one minor TW Upgrade or Enchantment to a new or existing piece of equipment (an item may only be upgraded this way 2 times. Already magical items cannot be converted or upgraded in this manner. These items cannot be further upgraded by TWs or Enchanters)
    • (5 EP) The Rob: Choose the result of one roll on a Hero's Journey or the Fortune & Glory table.
    • (10 EP) Gain a Signature Item. This custom unique piece of gear could be an enchanted, TW, or Weird Science Super tech item that grants a benefit fitting with your character concept. This will be created using the TW creation rules or the Major Object Creation edge in discussion with your GM. For power level use a Heroic level as a guide for modifier limits and rank restrictions. Limit one per character.
    *If choosing option 17 on the Ranged Weapons table the Trademark Weapon edge is connected to the item not the character. The edge is lost if the item is lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.
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    Last post The Rob for Murf
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  • Account Unlocks
    Want to play in more games? Unlock additional character accounts by using your EP.
    • (5 EP) Second Character Account
    • (10 EP) Third Character Account
    • (25 EP) Fourth Character Account
    • (15 EP) Per Each Additional Character Account
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    Last post Fourth Character for Murp
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  • Patron Items
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    Last post Clockwork Wolf (Gold; SWADE)
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