Savage Rifts House Rule Proposals

The place for proposals for Custom Races, Edges, Hindrances, Trappings, TW Modifications, and Iconic Frame Works

Also See Community Projects.
Forum rules
New Procedures

1. Have all the lead-up discussion and inquiry in the "Community Projects" Forum. If general agreement is reached there, formalize the idea as a proposal.
2. All GMs will vote yay or nay. Administrator has veto rights and also breaks ties.
3. Even proposals that are allowed are subject to editing by the Administrator or GMs.
4. Anyone may comment on a proposed rule.
5. Less is more: Players are reminded that when in doubt, renaming or retrapping is always better than new rules.
6. If the proposal only applies to a very limited case (one PC/player) then take it up with your GM. This forum is for rules which will be adopted site wide. Frame proposals with that in mind.
7. New rule: Disagree but propose an alternative. People work hard to write these things and think them through, it is up to those of us with alternate views to present them with as much consideration.
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