Archibald Ellsworth (Soldier, Deadlands)

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Archibald Ellsworth (Soldier, Deadlands)

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Name: Archibald 'Archie' Ellsworth
Archetypes: Soldier
Advances: 9
Rank: Veteran

Agility: d6; Smarts: d6; Vigor: d6; Strength: d6; Spirit: d8

Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 5

Worst Nightmare: Headmaster (US; principal) of school Archie attended as a child.

  • Athletics d6
  • Battle d6
  • Common Knowledge d6
  • Fighting d10
  • Language (Native: English) d8
  • Notice d6+2
  • Persuasion d6
  • Repair d6
  • Riding d6
  • Shooting d6
  • Stealth d6
  • Survival d4
  • Alertness
  • Block
  • Command
  • Connections
  • Guts
  • Improved Block
  • Inspire
  • Natural Leader
  • Soldier
  • •Code of Honor - Raised and, as an officer, expected to be a Gentleman.
    •Cautious - The 'ambush' in Africa has seen Archibald become wary and more cautious.
    •Quirk - British mannerisms and actions that would be seen as quirky by Americans.
Weapons / Gear / Dinero / Powers:
  • •Adams Mk.III (Colt Army .44) 12/24/48, 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1
    •Revolver Ammo x20
    •Saber Str+d6
    •Winchester '73 24/48/96, 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2, Min Str d6
    •Rifle Ammo x50
    •Bed roll
    •Mess Kit
    •Watch, standard
    •Gun belt
    •Tobacco, smoking (pouch) x1
  • Born in 1856 in Taunton, Somerset, England.

    Completed his schooling at Taunton Grammar School and enrolled at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich when he turned 15 years of age in 1871. Stayed at Woolwich for a two and a half year long training course, commissioned as a second lieutenant and went to Chatham to continue his training in 1874 for a further two years. He was promoted to full lieutenant in 1877 and dispatched to the British Cape Colony to work as a Survey Officer. His unit was redeployed to the Colony of Natal in December 1878 to assist with preparations for the invasion of the Zulu Kingdom. On the afternoon of 21st January 1879 his unit received orders to head to Isandlwana, where a British force under Lord Chelmsford had set up camp, and within the hour they had set off to take advantage of the remaining daylight.

    By the time dusk started falling, Ellsworth and his men were still a couple of miles from their destination when all of a sudden an attack came out of the twilight gloom. Official reports determine that Ellsworth's force was ambushed by an advanced party of Zulu warriors, though neither Ellsworth or the other surviving member of his unit recall much until they woke up in hospital in Ladysmith a few days later. The incident was overshadowed by the disaster of the British defeat at Isandlwana and quietly swept aside. Ellsworth found himself receiving orders to report to a new posting in Canada, though he was to "proceed at his leisure". His superiors confirmed that he could take an "extended leave" long as he reported to his new posting by the beginning of 1881.

    Archibald spent some time on convalescence pondering what to do next. The prospect of travelling straight from an African summer to a Canadian did not appeal and so he opted to instead tour and winter over in the Confederacy, current poor relations between the Union and Great Britain partially influenced this decision. He made some vague plans about visiting the Maze, then booked passage to Savannah, Georgia. He arrived in September 1879 and spent both the autumn and winter in the Georgian port city, he had enough money to ensure that he had a comfortable stay. He soon grew tired of being invited to various social functions as a "British war hero" and booked a train ticket to New Orleans where he stayed for a short period before continuing on with his trip westwards.
  • • Human: Alertness
    • Hindrance 1: Command
    • Hindrance 2: Soldier
    • Novice 1: Edge: Connections (British Army)
    • Novice 2: Raise Skill: Fighting
    • Novice 3: Raise Skills: Survival/Riding
    • Seasoned 1: Edge: Block
    • Seasoned 2: Raise Skill: Fighting
    • Seasoned 3: Raise Attribute: Spirit
    • Seasoned 4 Advance: Edge: Natural Leader
    • Veteran 1 Advance: Raise Skills: Persuasion/Stealth
    • Veteran 2 Advance: Edge: Guts
    • Veteran 3 Advance: Improved Block
    • Veteran 4 Advance: Inspire
    • Heroic 1 Advance:
    • Heroic 2 Advance:
    • Heroic 3 Advance:
    • Heroic 4 Advance:
    • Legendary 1 Advance:
    • Legendary 2 Advance:
    • Legendary 3 Advance:
    • Legendary 4 Advance:
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Re: Archibald Ellsworth (Soldier, Deadlands)

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We Have The Talent played to increase Fighting to d10, must be taken as my next Advance.

Parry also increases to 8.
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