Q4 2019 GM POLL

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Q4 2019 GM POLL

Post by KahlessNestor » Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:22 am

GM Poll 2nd Quarter 2019

KahlessNestor, Game Master (GM)

How to “rate” the GM, their Duties:
• Post Rate
• Notify Players via Hangouts of new posts.
• Be available to Players

☞ Maintain a GM post rate at a minimum of one adventure post per week.
☞ Have the IM contact info of each player in their group.
☞ Notify all players in the group via IM or PM of new GM posts, and other important updates.
☞ Be available for IM chat at least one day a week.

Note: The above is used to “rate” the GM. I hope that I succeeded you all in the mission of being your GM. Additionally, I hope that I presented a fun game.
Thank you.

GM Rating Reward Table
Earn 5 EP
Earn 4 EP
Earn 3 EP
Earn 2 EP
Earn 1 EP
Fired 0 EP

If you give a mediocre or low rating provide feedback on what elements you felt were missing or what improvements you believe are needed.
GM Notes
101st GM Bennies: 8/8
Whiskey Pete 4/2
Mia 4/2

Rising Stars GM Bennies 8/8

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Re: Q4 2019 GM POLL

Post by Ndreare » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:46 am

Keeping it going, and I like the many opportunities for Role Play.
Benny Counter
Phase World - The Remorseless Game Master Bennies 5; Mission: Get Revenge on Durrack
  • +6 Players
    +1 Sidekicks (Not counting Rust Bucket who is temporary out of play)
    -2 Benny for Special Ritual & Extra Effect
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    +1 Joker again
    -1 reroll not to fly away
    -1 Reroll to hit Sa'Maku in vengeance
    -1 Reroll to damage Sa'Maku in vengeance
    -1 New Card for Debrek to go before Thissok
Captain Durrack 0 (WG Improved Level Headed, Spirit, Strength, Fighting, & Athletics Ex boosted +1 DT, WG improved Counter Attack, Arcane Protection +/-4)
Parry: 7; Toughness: 22 (4) MDC
  • 2 baseline Wild Card NPC
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    -2 Failed rerolls to bash Sam
    +1 Joker again
    -3 Rerolls for a whole 1 card increase.
    -1 reroll not to fly away
Debrek 1 (Ex DA+Pres Sense rng x3, Ex Protection +6 toughness, Ex Deflection -4, Ex Quickness, Force Mult x7)
Parry: 6; Toughness: 14 (6) / 20 (6) MDC
  • 2 baseline Wild Card NPC
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    -2 Rerolls on Force Multiplication
    +1 Joker again
    -1 +5 PPE
    -1 Reroll damage on 3d12 Blast
Essense 2 (Ex Detect Arcana + Presence Sense, WG Improved Level Headed)
Parry: 5; Toughness: 15 (4)
  • 2 baseline Wild Card NPC
    -1 To Resist Hacking
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    +1 Joker again
    -2 New cards for Debrek
Power 3 (WG Improved Level Headed)
  • 2 baseline Wild Card NPC
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    -2 Reroll Self Healing in turn 1
    +1 Joker again
Angelus 0, Murdered by Home Invaders
Parry: 7; Toughness: 26 (10) MDC
  • 2 baseline Wild Card NPC
    +2 Jokers in turn 1 of Big Battle
    -1 Resist Fear
    -3 Soak Sa'Maku's volley of blows. Took 3 wounds

Peacemaker Crew 41
  • 41 Baseline
The 99's Game Master Bennies 9, Mission: Investigate Corruption at Refuge
  • +7 Players
    +2 Sidekicks

    Demon Prince of Corruption 2
    Parry 15 Toughness 45 (20)
    • 2 NPC Wild Card
Nightbane Game Master Bennies 1, Mission None

Initiative Copy and Paste

Code: Select all

[b][color=#BF0000]Initiative without rerolls.
I will roll 1d56 for each of your initiative cards. I do not reroll duplicates, instead there are 2 extra Joker positions.
[list][*][b]Quick rerolls 16 or less[/b]
[*][b]Quickness with a Raise rerolls 24 or less[/b]
[*]53, 54, 55, 56 are considered Jokers
[*]Cards divisible by 4 are considered Clubs for hindrances affected by Clubs (excepting 56 which is a joker).[/list][/color][/b]

Dynamic Backlash Table
  • 2D6 EFFECT
    2 Catastrophe: Something goes terribly wrong. The GM must decide what, but some ideas are a new and permanent Minor Hindrance, the inability to use powers for several days, or an explosion of some sort. The backlash should be thematic if possible. If the hero tampers with dark forces for his abilities, for example, he might become corrupted or summon something sinister into the world. If he’s a weird scientist the device might explode for 3d6 damage in a Medium Blast Template, or he might develop a Quirk, Phobia, or other “madness.”

    3 Backfire: The power succeeds as with a raise but affects a different target with the worst possible results. A bolt hits a random friend, boost Trait increases an enemy’s skill or attribute, etc. If there’s no likely target, he’s Stunned instead. If the power has a Duration other than Instant, it lasts its full term and can only be negated by dispel (the caster can’t voluntarily end it herself).

    4–5 Short Circuit: The power fails but the Power Points allocated to it are spent, along with an additional 1d6 Power Points.

    6–8 Stunned: The caster is Stunned (see page 106). She subtracts 2 from arcane skill rolls for the rest of the encounter (the penalty remains –2 even if she gets this result again).

    9–10 Overload: The character’s synapses crackle and overload with power. He takes 2d6 damage plus the cost of the power in Power Points, including any Power Modifiers the player declared.

    11 Fatigue: The character suffers Fatigue.

    12 Overcharge: The power draws ambient energy from the air, automatically succeeding against the target with a raise and costing the caster no Power Points!
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Rob Towell

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