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Players & GM can use this thread to populate the setting with ideas, factions, conflicts and other stuff that helps bring the world to life.

Players can earn a bonus of 1 XP per quarter for making contributions. A second bonus of 1 XP and a Benny will be awarded when your idea appears in out story!


Rough Timeline

Blissful, destructive selves

  • Sudden, violent
    World Response
    Government and coordination
    Desperation and defeat
    First 12 months of conflict
  • The X-Files become A List
    Finding heroes
    Fighting heroes
    Next 12-24 months of the conflict
  • Alien Slowdown
    After about 36 months of conflict
  • Celebration to mourning
    Shattered cities
    World Government
    Aegis Authority
    Change of tone
    18 months post retreat
  • Heroes are now hunted
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Post by Chance »

An insidious influence is stirring conspiracy theories among the poorer, less enfranchised socioeconomic classes that the Sarpah 'invasion' was actually a peaceful mission to aid and enlighten humanity...cast as a hostile takeover by politicians and cultural elites who feared they would lose power in a world that had been uplifted. This basic conflict is sometimes cast in religious terms (Sarpah being angels or even 'seraphs' and Earthly forces being agents of the Adversary) sometimes in secular, but the central theme is always the same...the Sarpah would have freed the poor and miserable from their chains with technology and benelovence, but they were stopped by the greed and paranoia of those in power.

Those who are open to these conspiracy theories sufficiently may be guided to one of many slowly-accreting 'action groups' being organized for purposes as yet unclear.

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Post by Probe »

If they have the ability. it seems likely that the Seraph would try to undermine resistance by the use of Psychically Implanted propaganda. People who are already dis-satisfied with the current government might be particularly vulnerable.

(Note: Dovetails with the previous suggestion.)

As a side question: What if the propaganda is TRUE, that the Seraph did intend to raise up humanity but those in power realized that would never keep control. (Anyone here ever read the book Ultra-Violet? In that, technology was kept from the people so that the elite could stay in power.)
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Post by Hexx »

At the other end of the religious spectrum, a number of small doomsday cults have sprung up. These cast the Sarpah not as guiding angels, but rather as the opening agents of the Retribution--sometimes they are seen as angels of wrath (this is more common among those who never encountered them, personally); other times they are cast as devils permitted to enter Earth because of our sinful ways. Like Jonestown and the comet cultists of pre-invasion lore, these groups are mostly dangerous to themselves (and, more tragically, to their children)--the leaders preach that the only way to be spared the Tribulation (or whatever term the group uses) is to commit a ritual, mass suicide as a demonstration of faith. Three such incidents have occurred--rumors are that there have actually been more, but that they were either covered up by Aegis, or, in the age of the internet, occurred as a simultaneous but remote action--the rumor states that online cults are able to commit actual waves of coordinated suicides.

There's even one group (they have no name for themselves, but Aegis has started referring to them as "The Despondent") who have no religious affiliation whatsoever, but who believe that, in essence, the 'wrong side' won the war--that it would be better for the rest of the universe if humanity had been wiped out. This cult is much, much more dangerous to outsiders, actively attempting to speed the end of the world by whatever means they can arrange.
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Post by Walker »

A question that kept coming up during the invasion was why. From an economic standpoint it doesn't make sense there are too many resources in the solar system, in any solar system really, that can be harvested without consequence.
Within our own solar system earth really has no special or precious resource other than mankind itself. Precious metals and semi-precious gems can be found in abundance in the asteroid belt on the other side of Mars. Gases necessary for water and many other elements that are lighter can be found in equal abundance on Jupiter. Likewise any elements on Earth that can be envisioned can more easily be harvested from places outside of Earth without having to fight defending forces.
Because of this many people suspect what they were really looking for was a new place to stay a home to replace the one that was destroyed or taken from them. This is why it took so long for them to leave when there was resistance and this is why many people suspect that they could be still here hidden among us.

The question we have to ask ourselves is if they were chased off of their planet and out of their solar system who did it and when will they come for us?

No of course I don't have proof. It's not like they're willing to chat with us. But it's the only thing that really makes sense.
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