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Item Creation Rules: Experimental Super Technology Items


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Item Creation Rules: Experimental Super Technology Items

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New Edge:
Super Scientist [Professional Edge]
Prerequisite: Seasoned, Gadgeteer or Tinkerer, Knowledge (Engineering) and at least one other scientific Knowledge d10+, Repair d10+
These inventors can go well beyond the normal bounds of the technology of the day and create truly amazing, if somewhat quirky, devices. Your character may utilize the SuperTech rules to create permanent technological items that break the rules of normal technology.

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[b]Super Scientist[/b]: The limits of technology are simply problems to overcome for you. You may make use of the [url=insert]SuperTech construction rules[/url]. 
New Creation Rules:
Item Creation: Experimental Super Technology Items
Rifts, by Sean Patrick Fannon’s definition, is an over the top kitchen sink setting. As a result we have multiple worlds and genres mashed together to create a setting where anything is possible. In addition to elements of magic and fantasy we also have science fiction - robots, power armor, laser weapons and more. Thus, occasionally, advanced alien races, Coalition Researchers, Triax facilities, or just a genius kid in her parents basement uncover the ability to create technological items that go well beyond the limit of current standards.

These rules provide a process for creating super advanced technology items. They are completely based in science and stand apart from Techno-Wizardry or Enchanted item construction rules. Most notably, these items do not make use of I.S.P. or P.P.E. and are not considered in anyway “arcane”. They also stand apart from the Tinkerer modification rules because all items modified by this must be scratch built expressly for this purpose - even if they are based on existing technology. Super Scientists can build these amazing items.
  • Build Roll: The Super-Scientist makes a roll using the lower of Knowledge (Science), Knowledge (Engineering), or the Repair skill; this is the standard roll for Super-tech Item design and is called a Build roll. A Weird Scientist or Psionic Operator may substitute their Arcane skill for either of the two Knowledge skills. On a failure, the time and parts are wasted, but on a success the Super-tech item is complete. If the Scientist gets a raise, he may add one Minor Upgrade (see below).
All items made with Super-Tech are subject to Technical Difficulties, have their weight reduced by 25% and are -2 to be repaired

Creation Process
Choose a base item to upgrade using Super Science. Extra parts and cost are required to make it function at a higher level.
  • Preparation: The Super-Scientist needs parts costing 150% of the item’s initial (list) price. The procedure takes 3d12 hours for personal weapons or gear, or 1d6 weeks for larger installations, such as furniture, vehicles, siege gear, or building parts (such as SuperTech doors for the base armory).
Literally Super Tech
Since they are not “magical” super-tech weapons are not powered by PPE or ISP. Instead they are considered device built using abilities found in the Super Powers Companion. These points can be used to purchase powers, edges, and skill increases as if the item granted super powers with the “device” limitation. Maximum amount that can purchased is two levels in any single super power. Points cannot be used to increase damage dice for ranged or melee weapons. As with all rules of these type, you may only create items at your rank or below.

  • Novice: 2 points
    Seasoned: 4 points
    Veteran: 6 points
    Heroic: 8 points
    Legendary: 10 points
Installing Upgrade
Every 2 points added to a super-tech item costs 10,000 credits in parts and requires 3d12 hours (cumulative). Super-tech items are limited to a number of points based on the super-scientist's rank, shown in the chart above. As above, a failure wastes the time and materials, a success installs the upgrade, and a raise grants an additional point (provided the device can take another point). The Super-Scientists makes a Build roll (lowest of Knowledge (Electronics), Knowledge (Engineering), or Repair skill) but at −1 for each rank of the device. Generic (SPC, page 18) and Unique Modifiers (below) can be used to reduce/increase point costs.

Devices linked to a skill (like Fighting or Shooting) activate with that skill. Those that normally activate with Smarts or Spirit will use Knowledge (Electronics) instead. Passive powers, like edges or armor will function as long as a device is powered up.

Banned SPC Powers and Modifications List
  • Invent
    Stackable (Option for Attack, Melee)
    Super Sorcery
Cautionary SPC Powers
  • Armor Piercing
    Extra Actions
    Extra Limbs
Given the nature of the Savage Rifts setting an increase in AP is effectively an increase in damage. While it may make sense in some circumstances it should be closely reviewed.
Extra Action and Extra Limbs can create some truly broken builds. GMs are encouraged to limit the impact of such items to no more than 2 total extra actions from any of a variety of sources. Further any hero with an Arcane Background getting Extra Actions via SuperTech should be scrutinized closely. Game breaking consequences are plausible.

Allowed Modifiers
Contingent (-1/-2)
Device (-1/-2)
Integrated Weapon (+2*)
Limitation (-1/-2)
Power Source (-1/-2)
Projectile (+1)
Ranged Touch Attack (+2)
Requires Activation (-1)
Slow to Activate (-1)
Switchable (+2)
Weapon Trapping (+1)
  • Exclusive Modifier - Implanted Weapons.
    For personal weapons, PP Cost is 2 +1 for every 100 pounds after the first 100 (round up) but no weapon with a Mod greater than the character’s Size can be implanted. Multiply cost by 1.5 to get the implanted version cost.
    Exclusive Modifier - Power Sources.
    Super science items do not use power points. Nor are they required to use external power sources. In general, they are considered to have some regenerative energy source that is more or less unlimited. It can be used as trappings for a Technical Difficulty result.. Alternately, the Scientist making the item can use an external power source to give them just a bit more juice - at the expense of needing to be recharged or replaced.

    Power Source modifiers can apply to a specific ability (a suit of armor with a gun in the wrist that works on a separate E-Clip) or the whole device. In the latter case, this allows more points in the device to give additional abilities.
    • E-Clips. Generally use e-clips with 20 shots. Each shot works for 1 use of an offensive power or 10 minutes for the use of a non-offensive ability. As long as the clip is not empty any associated super-tech functions will continue to work. When the device is unpowered the item will not work and its abilities are unavailable. This is a 2 point Limitation.

      E-Canisters/Batteries. Some items (especially armor) have a battery of some sort with a listed duration (e.g. armored exoskeleton like the NG Gladius). The battery is restricted to 96 hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged (taking 2 hours at any power source). When the battery is drained any associated super-tech will not work either. This is a 1 point Limitation.
    Exclusive Modifier - Weapon Trappings
    A Scientist may add one of the following weapon trappings. Note, all Trappings are exclusive, but multiple modes may be assigned different trappings.
    • 1 PP: Vibro-Blades - Increases the added die of the base melee weapon by one step and adds AP 4 and the Mega-Damage quality. If the base item is a Vibro-Weapon from TLPG, then it is considered to have this trapping. This cannot be applied to the Attack, Melee power. Use that power's built in modifiers instead.
    • 2 PP: Chain Weapons - Doubles the added die of the base melee weapon (so Str+d8 becomes Str+2d8) and adds AP 2 and the Mega-Damage quality. If the base item is a Chain Weapon from TLPG, then it is considered to have this trapping. This cannot be applied to the Attack, Melee power. Use that power's built in modifiers instead.
    • 1 PP: Explosive Weapons - Explosive Weapons such as Rockets and Grenades do Mega-Damage.
    • 1 or 2 PP: BigBore Munitions - The ultimate in riot control munitions, these weapons do the damage and effectslisted here. Revolver style rounds are 1 PP, Shotgun rounds are 2 PP. This can be combined with other effects, except damage.
    • 1 PP: Ion Weapons - Personal ion guns follow the same rules as shotguns in Savage Worlds. They grant +2 Shooting due to the spread effect of the ion stream, but they lose one die of damage at Medium Range, and two dice at Long. They must do 3 dice of damage at short range.
    • 0 PP: Laser Weapons - In the futuristic setting of Rifts, lasers are the standard by which all other weapons are measured. This modifies the weapon by 0 points as it is the assumed damage type for ranged weapons.
    • 1 PP: Particle beam - Particle beam weapons are based on a variant form of lasers. They have considerably shorter ranges, but pack a heavier punch. Reduce range by a least a third, but increase damage by one die type.
    • 1 or 2 PP: Plasma Weapons - Firing what amounts to a tiny comet of superheated gas, plasma weapons are heavy, bulky affairs, causing them all to have a minimum strength rating (d8 to d12, depending on the item). Some also have the Snapfire quality (−2 if the firer moves on the same round), though not all (the second PP rating applies to those plasma weapons without Snapfire penalties). They have some distinct advantages, though.
      First, plasma hits a target all-at-once, engulfing the target and affecting the least-armored area on the body. This means anyone not in fully sealed armor is in serious trouble. Second, plasma tends to ignite targets (usually 1 in 6 chance), doing 1d10 continuous damage until it’s doused. Finally, plasma weapons all do Mega Damage.
    Exclusive Modifier - Weight Reduction.
    Reduce the base item's weight by 50% for 1 PP, 75% for 2 PP. 1 PP reduces Minimum Strength by one die step, and 2 PP reduces them by two die steps. If the Minimum Strength is reduced to d4, it is eliminated.
  • Q. How does Born a Hero interface with these rules? Can I create a Legendary item at Novice, like I can cast the Legendary version of Summon Ally?
    A. No. Born a Hero does not affect these rules, much like they do not affect Techno-wizard and Enchanting creation rules. When you take the edge granting access has no bearing on your character's rank, which is referred to in these rules.
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Re: Item Creation Rules: Experimental Super Technology Items

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5 for, 1 abstain. Any other votes?
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