Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

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Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

Post by Pender Lumkiss »

A little recap on players choices in the Promise

Hans: Horrific ripping no complication: 1 success
Flint: Welcome!, resisted the Plague of Death, seductive whisper with ease their burden complication: 1 success
Carlos: Seductive whisper, no complication: 1 success
Jude: the ripping with optional complication: Fail!
Samson: Horrifying ripping with complication: 1 success ( it should be a -6 not 5)... You still need to choose a table and roll for a HJ roll.
Alecto: Seductive Whisper no complication: 1 success
Markus: Fail

The murky darkness makes the thrum of the drums coming from the west eerie and disconcerting. With no stars and a swirling darkness all around the thrum of the drums seem to echo all around. The blown up ATVs and crushed mystic knight disappear beyond the darkness now dead and lifeless. The specter of the Queen of Promise dissipates as bolt of electricity arcs over her ethereal body. A successful knowledge arcana roll would reveal while "gone" she may not be destroyed. The pitter-patter of footsteps and angry snarls nearby would indicate the battle at the front gate may have drawn more murder wraith patrols, and yet without their captain to lead them they give a wide berth to the heroes. Two glistening swords lie near the heroes, both near the augmented mystic Tesse. One is lodged in her stomach having been thrusted between her shoulder blades, and the other near her bloodied body standing upright having pierced the earth. Tesse while wounded struggles to get up as does Crystal Clad. Herr Klaus is quick to assist them both as it would seem this battle took a lot from the two ladies.

Passing the wreckage of ATVs the lifeless mystic knight whose body had been crushed by Flint moments before chortles after you as you enter the tower, " You are too late Heroes. My master's undead army is unleashed!! If you hurry to the top you can meet your demise!". Indeed from the sound of the drums and thunder of feet an army has been unleashed. If it is coming towards you or to the gate is unknown, perhaps both places. The mystic knights gleaming sword lies on the ground awaiting a heroes hand. With the three cool swords in hand, a bloodied glitter boy suite etched with runes and a evicerated body of the former pilot still in the cockpit the heroes breech the looming doors and enter the tower.
The tower is primarly a large entry room made of black rock and a massive stair case that just goes up and up. The stair case is most unusual, and it in itself is most challenging. To some it seems a daunting vertical climb. Others see it as a crumbling rocky case that is falling apart. Then some see it as a challanging riddle, ripe with many moving parts. Still some will see as a fearsome set of stairs that for some reason due to its inspiring beauty or horrific countance gives one pause to proceed. A very few will see these stairs as a mind bending naussea inducing set of towering stairs. Regardless of how a hero takes the long stair case falling into its trap will leave one fatigued.
Player directions
Players must make a roll with their lowest attribute score to over come not being fatigued by the tower. Immune to fatigue? No roll needed. Players may earn a benny by posting a picture of what the stairwell looks like to their character.
The top of the stairs lies a wide open set of double doors. Scara's voice can be heard yelling, " You promised! You lidless bastard! " Silience... Scara's rattled voice continues, " Your ring? Its Geists now! Bound to her, for all good it will do! No I will not give it to you, or her!" Silence... As you enter you see Scara holding a softball sized orb. Anyone attuned to the psionics or magics of the world gets a feeling of dread when they glimpse the orb.
Feeling of dread, what magic users see
Behind Scara is Ben lying lifless on the floor. His squid body seems charred as if electrified. A dias is off to one side with a ring sitting gently on a red pillow. All arround the ring with outstretched lifeless clawed hands are iterations of the individual known as Cade(he was supposed to be protecting Ben and Diamond clad). Each version of Cade has a slightly more lifeless twisted smile and gleem in its eye.
The room is filled with books and wonders from accross the megaverse. It is an unusual bright and cheery place that seems out of place in this dark gloomy realm.
IMG_0256.JPG (109.11 KiB) Viewed 1947 times
Scara shakes the orb and yells, " No, No. I know you are not Cade! I am beseeched by all on every side. Heroes at my doorstep, Geist will not come, Cade the temporal wizard killed 20 times, and you... you promised to save my Ben!! Demon!!" with such anger she tosses the cryatal ball threw a window out of her Library. She shakes her head realizing for the first time she is not alone. Her eyes and mouth radiate the sadness and loss of her one time husband. It would seem that perhaps she tried to even save Ben at some point her hands are bloodied and a knife is on the floor near Ben. Or perhaps the blood is due to a failed ritual.
Her voice is hollow and defeated," She will not answer me... Geist has abandoned me." She looks at the dias with dead bodies of Cade, " Cade... I knew whim once, he seemed gentle. He would not stop trying to get the ring. I told him it would kill him. Each time he came back, he changed... He said more nasty things, or his eyes looked less like the man I knew... He could not get the ring."

She kneels at Ben and sobs, " I lost my mind, Ben! Ben!! Jude, I have seen through Tesse's eyes and she still has feelings for you. I have also seen how you look at Crystal. She points to a silver bowl sitting at a desk, it has a dagger next to it. Those that made it to Rene in the red vault suspect its purpose having seen its sister bowl in action. " A long time ago, Rene gave me that bowl. I can use it, to save Crystal or Tesse. One will die to save the other. Spill their blood into the bowl and have them drink... Or spill mine, and perhaps you can have the blood of their creator save them both." Both Crystal and Tesse seem too weak from their ordeal to offer any resistance and leave the choice up to the assult team.

The tower shakes and the thrum of drums gets louder. Scara manicaclly laughs, " Geist's war is almost upon us. I have lost control of the army gained... The army of Urukiah, or orcs... A undead gift from a middling realm. They are lead by Geist's son." She laughs again and looks down at the squid man she holds in her hands. Quietly she continues, " Ben believed we could do good here on Earth. I beleived that too, long ago... I was wrong Ben, so wrong, can you forgive me?" She raises her hand high and a hard glow emits from around the ring the heroes seek on the dias, and also from the eastern section of the library. In the eastern section, a wall melts away revealing several cages filled with folks that had been taken from gloom. The folks seem fatigued, suffering from a lack of food and water, but otherwise ok. She also sweeps her hand pointing to a nearby desk with 8 glowing vials.
" The spell arround the ring has been vanquished, take it and the folks from gloom yet transformed into a Ceal. The defenses of this tower were well made, if they brought you any harm drink a vial and recover some lifeforce, even you robot." She glances at Alecto breifly in wonder and recognition. " The doors to the Library can be sealed, and the path way on my balcony can hurdle you towards the entry gate. The gate was designed to endure, but as you may have figured out it needs a control rod to function. Take the control rod out and it will seal the army in this realm." From her window, a flash of light erupts at where the gate would be presumably located. " The balcony path is precarious to say the least, and I..." She holds a hand out to Caravello, " The waltz on Sandis Prime, elegant in its simplicity, and yet takes great grace to perform. It is the key.". If 'Vello is so willing she dysplays the waltz. Tears are streaming down her face while she dances. She stops and sobbing lies next to Ben, " Go now take the high road, it maybe unstable, narrow, and require a certain level of agility or brains, but it will get you the gate before the bulk of the army arrives. Probably scouts or Conner, Geist's son activated it. Beware, Conner he is well trained, nearly the match for his father, Lord Coake." The tower shakes again. " You must make your desicion now. The orcs are in the caves below dystroying the morring supports for my tower. Once dystroyed the tower will fall and anyone in it will be destroyed. Taking those from Gloom will only complicate your passage over the bridge. You must make many choices now with little time. Will you save Tesse or Crystal? Or perhaps kill me to save them both? Will you take the 30 souls with you or leave them to die? Who umong you will have the courage to stay behind and remove the control rod from the gate?" She cries into Ben's dead body, " I do not envy you."

Herr Klaus who had been silient moves the two women to the bowl and readies them for the assult teams decision. In his german accent he pointedly says, " I will remove the choice of who stays behind. I will do it. You must go on and make sure Geist is stopped. We cannot leave anything to chance. Markus, you still have my letter no? See that it gets to where it needs to go." He hefts his hammer and straightens his uniform a bit more.
Greed strikes
. Anyone would find this is an awesome place. So many cool toys, weapons, and devices from accross the megaverse are collected here. Each player has a cool opertunity to grab a sweet peice of gear from the mega verse. Greedy( as in it is on your character sheet) players receive a -2 complication(-4 if major) to your roll to go across the bridge as you find it so hard to leave and only do so at the last moment as the tower is crumbling.
  • Pick up a heroic level item, or add 3 modifications to existing gear. Post it here for approval Post here
welcome to your new armor. It is pretty bloddied. It becomes clear the spirit now vacated wounded the body in it to cast magics. Perhaps you can find a more benevolent spirit to allow the casting of magics without killing you. Until you do, you are technically closed off...Seriously there is a spirit in gloom that will help you out!

Player directions:

Choice Choices Choices. Ok so...
  • Step 1 you must overcome the stairwell with your lowest attribute score. Fail roll =1 fatigue
    • Benny oppertunity to describe what kind of stair you see and a pic to boot! Do it and gain a Benny!
  • Step two decide who dies between Crystal, Tesse, Scara. Killing Scara will save them both. Kill Tesse will save Crystal, kill Crystal will save Tesse. No roll needed. Looks like Alecto killed Scara using the ritual dagger and spilling her blood into the basin. This will save Crystal and Tesse.
  • Step three decide if you will be bringing along those gloomers in cages, if doing so they add a -2 complication to the below roll.
  • Step four, agility or smarts roll at -2 to dance across the bridge and beat the horde to the gate in the nick of time. Taking the 30 some odd gloomers with you will make this roll a -4. Fail and you take a wound and 1d6 gloomers fall to their deaths. Looks like Flint has chosen to take all the gloomers with, so please make this roll at a -4.
  • step five, decide who stays behind. Herr Klaus will stay behind. He will and cannot be talked out of it. If you want to knock him out and do some other plan or have someone else stay behind that is fine. Having either Klaus or another player stay behind and make a sacrifice is the only way to truely make sure the army cannot get through.
  • Please end your narrative with your character going through the gate, and yes it would appear someone went through the gate ahead of you.
Other GM notes: Each player can gain back a wound or recover a fatigue level by drinking a potion. This is open rp area as well as you have a couple of minutes before the tower collapses. Feel free to talk discuss, ask a question or two. The tower mission will rap up by next wednesday, and the 1st post of the mass battle will be March 9th or 10thAlso someone needs to grab the ring!!
Field Team Six Bennies

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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

Post by Damien »

Stairwell Success 5
[dice]2[/dice], Ace [dice]0[/dice]
Picking up the Mystic Knights Sword, Flint listens to the dying mans last words with a stoic look on his old face. Shaking his head, Flint stabs the blade into the rotten man’s open mouth, plunging the dark blade deep into the damned Knights stomach. With just the hilt now visible, jutting up and out of the man’s speared mouth, Flint hrumps and kicks the man backwards into his back. Dead.

Looking to the stairs, the ex-CS Zapper sighs.

Crack. Pop. Old bones move, Flint moves on towards the start of the stairs. Inwardly he thinks, Reminds me of the lowest level of the burbs. A hell unto its own. The downtrodden and all too often, the damned, wishing to ascend to greater social heights. Leaving the dark blade behind in the gutted damned knight, he makes his way up the dark stairwell. Hating every step he finally arrives in the tower with the rest of the assault team.

As the members of the assault team assemble in the tower, listening to Scara speak, Flint cringes at the mention of Coake’s son, Conner Coake. Likely Conner hasn’t aged a day outwardly... I got old. I was something like 26 when my squad was nearly obliterated by Con. The damned traitor!

”If there is a way to save both your friends, Crystal and Tesse, I say we hurry up and finish this crazy witch.”
If the assault team all agree Flint will fry Scara using triple bolts of lightning. If not, he shrugs and looks after the captured people, freeing them.
The Bridge and Save Gloomers Success 5
Smarts roll to carefully Dance Across the bridge roll at -4 due to saving the caged folk.
Flint moves through Scara’s Tower with a sense of wonder. The entire room is littered with things that shouldn’t exist. Doing his best to ignore all the knickknacks that are scattered about from across the Megaverse Flint makes his way carefully to the caged people, captured innocence from Gloom. Picking the locks on the cages the former peacekeeper urges the Gloomers to make their way quickly across the bridge.

Looking around once more, Flint reflects that the majority of these items belong in the CS’s black vault. Locked away forever. One particular item stops the old man in his tracks. Continuing to urge the others to move, and waving them on, Flint stairs at the object before him. Slowly, almost mesmerized, the former peacekeeper reaches out and picks up a small blackish wooden box with the silver skull and lightning design. Distinctly, a CS designed logo adorns the mahogany box. Almost in a trance the old man reaches out and grabs the mahogany box with his gnarled fingers. Quickly and without even opening the mahogany box Flint pockets it and then moves to follow those they have recently rescued. Stopping he looks down at Scara.

Taking her hand into his, Flint rips the ring off her finger.

Turning he heads for the exit portal, although he doesn’t go through until he is sure everyone else has gone. Looking at Herr Klaus the former CS Peacekeeper nods a thank you to the little guy before following the others out.

Notes to other Players and GM
1. I did Not take any of the three Swords. Someone else can take them if they like. Flint is a weapon and doesn’t really want to carry a sword around.
2. I did take the ring.
3. Flint thinks killing Scara is best. But won’t argue the point and will go with what everyone else wants.
4. Hope you all didn’t mind saving the Gloomers....
5. Pick up a heroic level item, or add 3 modifications to existing gear. Post it. Will do, gotta think on what it is...

Player: Dan

Lars - Game Master CS Disavowed

Damien - Momano (1st SET Far From Home)

Killian Starr - Shifter (Phase World: Remorseless)

Clay - Fighter (Savage Forgotten Realms)

Dred - Mega Juicer (Rifts Legends: Death Seekers)

Ash - Burster (Rifts 24 COT)

Sergio - Gunman (Deadlands)

Monza Lena - Altara Warrior (No Group)

Discord: Daniel (Lars)

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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

Post by Icosa »

Staircase: 5 (success)
Smarts: [dice]0[/dice] or [dice]1[/dice]
Alecto listens to Scara's ranting, assesses the situation as Vello resolves whatever his intentions towards Scara are, then moves to the silver bowl and picks up the dagger lying next to it. There were still a lot of questions to ask. A lot of unknowns. Why was Ben here? What had motivated Scara to do these terrible things? Would she continue to support Giest?

Too many questions, too little time. The army was out of control. The portal was vulnerable. Gloom hung in the balance.

There was still a mission to accomplish.

"Thank you for your cooperation," she informs Scara...and with inhuman speed and strength drives the knife into her heart, taking hold of her as she does so that the dread necromancer doesn't just collapse onto the floor.

Then she positions Scara's body over the bowl, and punctures her throat once with the same dagger, allowing blood to flow into it. As this happens, Alecto meeds Jude's eyes and motions with her head towards Crystal and Tesse.

"Secure the captives and the ring," is what she says to the others.

Once the grim task is done, Alecto moves quickly to open cages, leaving Scara's ring to Flint for the time being. There's only one thing that gives her pause in the process. Her armor's communications array picks up a faint signal when she moves past a chest to get to one of the cages. After releasing the prisoner within, Alecto takes a moment to pry the chest open. Inside is a smooth, somewhat oblong metal shape with similar coloring and material as her armor. Her suit pings the device, and the IFF codes it green on the return handshake.

It was...part of it.

Carefully Alecto lifted it out. It was fairly heavy for its size, but nothing difficult for her augmented strength. The underside was largely flat, though had a subtle curve to it that seemed to echo the curvature of the back of the suit. There was no time to unsuit and install it...she'd have to improvise. She braced it against a globe, then settled back against it gently and reached back to find where it matched hardpoints on her suit. Once those spots were properly aligned...


The seals closed automatically, and a new set of information flooded into her through the link to the suit's onboard co-processors. The unit was still in a sort of cold storage mode, and would take several minutes to re-active fully.

A pity, given that the only way out of here was that terrible bridge...

She hung back as the team evacuated, alert for any final opposition. When none came, she hurried after them, out of Scara's tower and away from the bloodshed that had finally claimed its owner.
Bridge: 4 (success with -4 penalty)
Agility [dice]2[/dice] or [dice]3[/dice]
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OOC Comments
Bennies: 4/4 Red Bennies: 1
Toughness: 21 (9 armor), Parry 9
Notice: 1d8 (+2 visual)

Character Name: Alecto
Rank: Seasoned Experience: 45 Advances Left: 0
Race: Android
Iconic Framework: MARS Techno Warrior
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10 (d12+2), Vigor d8
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6 (8); Parry: 6 (9); Toughness: 11 (+2 in armor, and +7 armor)

Race Package:
Adaptable (2)
Construct (8)

Outsider (-1) (Applies when true robotic nature is revealed)
Distinctive (Concealable; a Wound reveals) (-1)
Restricted Path (No ISP/PPE) (-2)
Wanted (Major) (-2) (CS, Federation would destroy immediately; also mysterious creating faction hasn't forgotten her)
Dependency (Power) (-2)

Skills: 15 (5 fight/shoot/throw)
Shooting 1d10
Fighting 1d8 (1d12+2)
Investigation 1d6
Persuasion 1d6
Stealth 1d8
Streetwise 1d8
Notice 1d8

Clueless (Major - Is rebuilding knowledge of the world after having suffered near-total memory loss)
Stubborn (Minor - Has great confidence in ability to calculate outcomes; tends to reject counterarguments)
Cautious (Minor - Always wants to plan for every contingency; cover every angle)

Adaptable: Attractive
Brawny (+1 Toughness, 8x Str carrying)
Brave (+2 vs fear)
Ambidextrous (ignore offhand penalty)
Rich (5000creds at start, 2 rolls on gear tables)
Filthy Rich (20,000 at start, 3 more rolls)
Quick Draw (draw weapon as free action, +2 to Agility to fast-draw)
Two-Fisted (ignore multi-action penalty for using off hand)
Level-headed (draw two initiative cards and use best)
Sweep (Make single Fighting attack and apply to all adjacent targets at -2)
Rock and Roll (Ignore recoil penalties on full-auto shots)
Strong Willed (+2 to Taunt and Intimidate; +2 on Tests of Wills)
Elan (+2 on rolls resulting from using a Benny)
Improved Sweep (Fighting attacks made with Sweep suffer no penalty)

Upgrades (Cybernetics): (Max Strain: 12)
Core Electronics (1)
* Interface jack: +4 Repair or Common knowledge for linked equipment, 20 mile radio
Optics Package (1)
* +2 sight Notice, IR/Nightsight, 50x distance/20x macro, +2 vs blinding, record images
Reinforced Frame 2 (2)
* +4 Toughness
Enhanced Vigor 1 (1)
* +1d Vigor
Cyber-Wired Reflexes 1 (1)
* +1d Agility
Wired Chip Port (1)
* 4d skill chip (Fighting)
Targeting Eye (1)
* +2 Shooting on calibrated weapons
Nano-Repair System (2)
* Heal 1 Wound/day, +4 vs Bleeding Out
Built in Weaponry (1)
* 1 Vibroblade (purchased: 13,500)

Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol (2d6+1, AP4, RoF 1, 16eclip, 15/30/60, semiauto)
JA-11 Laser Rifle (3d6 laser or 3d6+1 ion, AP2, RoF 1, 60eclip, 30/60/120, can do MD for 10x shot power +snapfire, reduces range penalties by 2)
Vibro-Sword (Str+1d10 MD)
NG-E4 Plasma Ejector (3d10 MD, no AP, RoF 1, 12eclip, 24/48/96, snapfire, affects least-armored location, can ignite)
NE-85 Personal Rail Gun
Range: 70/140/280
Damage: 2d10+4
RoF: 3
AP: 4
Shots: 20
Weight: 60 lbs
Cost: 75,000
Notes: Mega Damage, no Snapfire penalty. Shots listed are number of full bursts.
SFD Huntsman Armor (+3 armor mod)

The Fury - Signature Item
Exoskeleton Body Armor
+2 toughness, +9 armor
Pace +2
Str 1d12+2
Full environment
Loudspeaker, 10 mile radio, laser rangefinder, nightvision
Min str d8
96 hours operation on full charge

NG-S2 Survival Pack
2 person tent, +20% water supplies
Sleeping bag
Flashlight w/knife; solar
Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
Short range (5 mile) radio
First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
Three ‘saw wires’
Fire starter
Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
4 signal flares
Climbing kit w/30 rope
Soap and washcloth
2 weeks rations

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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

Post by Jude Maverick »

Notice 3 Fail
Notice [dice]0[/dice]
Wild [dice]1[/dice]

Jude forced himself to his feet, staggering over to Tesse, slowly easing the sword out of her abdomen. Herr Klaus came over to help her and Crystal. “Thank you,” Jude told the little fey creature. “We’ll get you fixed up, Tesse,” Jude promised.
OOC Comments
If it would help, Jude will use the Healing Stone on Tesse.
They made their way after the others into the tower. Inside, Jude looked up. And up. And up. He groaned and sagged against the wall. He was too exhausted for another dangerous climb! The stairs were practically vertical!
There wasn’t anything to be done about it, though, so Jude made sure his gear was secure and started climbing.
Climbing 10 Raise
Climbing [dice]2[/dice]
Ace [dice]4[/dice]
Wild [dice]3[/dice]
Ace [dice]5[/dice]
The climb didn’t turn out to be as bad as Jude had expected, however. He had plenty of motivation, as Tesse and Crystal struggled next to him, Alecto’s firm posterior just ahead of him as he climbed. He wasn’t even winded when he reached the top.

At the top was a set of double doors, and Jude could hear yelling inside, and mention of the ring they were there to retrieve. Jude readied his rifle, ready for a fight. “Stay back,” he warned Crystal and Tesse as they entered and saw Scara holding some kind of orb.

Ben the Squid lay dead on the floor, and several versions of the man Cade they had left behind in Gloom to protect him and Diamond surrounded the ring on its soft, red velvet pillow, each Cade slightly more lifeless and twisted, all dead.

The room was a library, very posh and elegant, but Jude had little thought for it, his focus on Scara. She was a surprisingly beautiful young woman, her hands covered in blood as she stood over Ben’s body, a knife on the floor. Jude recognized the knife. Rene had used something similar in the resurrection ritual in the Red Vault.

Scara knelt beside Ben and sobbed. "I lost my mind, Ben! Ben! Jude, I have seen through Tesse's eyes, and she still has feelings for you. I have also seen how you look at Crystal.” She points to a silver bowl sitting at a desk. It has a dagger next to it. "A long time ago, Rene gave me that bowl. I can use it to save Crystal or Tesse. One will die to save the other. Spill their blood into the bowl and have them drink. Or spill mine, and perhaps you can have the blood of their creator save them both."

Jude saw Flint grab the ring. Fine. Objective cleared. His brain was numb, staring at Crystal and Tesse, forcing him to choose. He looked to Scara, so distraught. How had she gotten herself into this? She didn’t seem evil, not like Geist. Was she an unfortunate pawn, as well? Could he save her, too?

Before Jude could decide, Alecto grabbed the blonde woman and the blade, dragging Scara to the bowl and plunging the knife into her. Jude took a step back in shock as his eyes met Alecto’s. “I...maybe we could have saved her, too…” he said quietly, looking at Scara’s dead body as the robot woman dropped her.

Jude shook himself out of it, looking to Crystal and Tesse. “How do you feel?” he asked. “Go join the others. Get across the bridge.”

As Jude helped the other captives get free, he spotted something interesting on one of the shelves. It was a silver necklace with a purple heart-shaped gem. It was a captivating piece of jewelry. He quickly pocketed it.

Jude then went over to Scara’s body. She took it and gently laid it beside Ben’s body, covering both with a tapestry. He didn’t have time to do much more.

Jude went over to Klaus. “You are sure about this?” he asked the little man. “We can try and think of something else.” He held out his hand. “It has been an honor, Herr Klaus.”

Jude headed to the balcony and across the bridge.
Bridge 6
Smarts [dice]6[/dice]
Wild [dice]7[/dice]
Ace [dice]8[/dice]
Extra Effort [dice]9[/dice]
+2 Elan
Jude made it to the gate, helping Gloomers along. He paused, looking back at the tower. It was starting to lean. He turned to Crystal and Tesse. “I wouldn’t have chosen,” he said. “I would have given my own life first.” Slipping his arms around Tesse and Crystal, he stepped through the gate. This war was only beginning.
OOC Comments
For my Heroic item, I am taking the Silver Tongue Choker that I had worked up as Jude’s Signature Item eventually. Obviously it isn’t Signature anymore, but it should be at Heroic level. ... 617#p23936
Healing Stone: 15/15 PPE
Armor: 15/15 PPE
Necklace: 15/15 PPE
Mission Objectives
Character Tracker
Jude Maverick Character Sheet
Parry: 6; Toughness: 17 (8 natural, +1 duster, 4 armor, 4 personal force field [nonmagical attacks only, ignores AP)
You Know What to Do: During the first round of combat you gain and extra card draw and +2 to your trait rolls, +2 damage, +2 pace (stacks with a joker).
Battle Hardened: +2 Soak
Brave: +2 Fear
Common Bond: Share bennies
Elan: +2 when spending Bennies
Hard to Kill: When making rolls for Incapacitation or death, ignore Wound modifiers
I Know a Guy
Strong Willed: 2 vs. Tests of Will
Trademark Weapon: +1 Shooting with JA-11
Healing Stone: 15/15 PPE
Armor: 15/15 PPE
Necklace: 9/15 PPE
Nike Airs: Teleport/Teleport Others (K. Electronics roll)
Rifle Ammo: 59 (Spare clips: 2 x 20; 1 x 16; 2 x 30; 2 x 60)
Pistol Ammo: 16 (Spare clips: 2 x 16)
Bennies: 4/7
Adventure Cards
  • We Have the Talent: You gain the benefits of an immediate Advance of your choice. You must meet any prerequisites. This benefit (new skill, increased trait, new Edge, etc.) lasts for the remainder of the session; your next actual Advance must be spent on this same benefit.
  • Enemy: Play at the beginning of the game session. A villain of the GM’s choice becomes your character’s sworn enemy and you may not soak wounds caused directly by him. Starting now, you draw an extra Adventure Card each game session until the enemy is “retired.”
  • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
  • Speedy Gonzales: Expend this card to gain +2 to your Pace for the rest of the scene.
  • In the Zone: Gain +1 to Shooting, Fighting, Throwing rolls until the end of the scene.

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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

Post by Samson Malach »

Lowest attribute: Vigor vs. Fatigue

WD Vigor
Haiku stairs.jpg
Samson's eyes are drawn towards the essentially unoccupied suit of glitter boy armor. "So...don't mind if I do." He moves quickly to withdraw the lifeless body from the suit, then pauses a moment. But only a moment. He shrugs, and clambers into the massive suit.
"Let's see what this sucker's got!" He triggers the seals on the suit, and encloses himself in the metal cocoon.

Not half freaking bad! Gonna have to get Hans to fix the gun on this thing.

On his way towards the stairs, he picks up the twin swords formerly used by the Queen of Promise, and arranges them in their back-sheaths. He then picks up the mystic knight's sword, holding it in his left hand. Ringil, the enchanted ice sword found on the other side of the portal, is held in his right. "Nice tight fit. Must be my size! Anyone want one of these?" He continues to hold on to the swords, though will happily relinquish any but the ice sword.
Falling in after the others, he maneuvers the suit to climb the stairs. Despite being shut off from the outside world, as is typical with power armor, the stairs seem to close in on him. The power armor has no business negotiating a path this steep, this tall, and this narrow. Somehow, though it taxes him to do it, he manages to finish the climb. He arrives at the top of the tower, breathing heavily inside the armor. "How many time-outs do we have?" He pants some more. "Can we take 'em all now?"
Crossing the Bridge
Smarts at scene -4

Benny extra effort with Elan and prior result

WD Smarts
Arriving in the library where Scara rests, bemoaning her lost love, Samson sneers within the armor. Well, jezebel, maybe you shouldn't have been an evil powerhungry wench. Ben might still be alive then. Mercy. Samson, don't ever get married.
He shrugs. "Sorry for your loss. Maybe don't kill your husband next time?"
He follows Flint's lead as he helps the Gloomers move towards the bridge, On the way, he notices a vat of ice. A strange vat of ice. Almost a liquid ice. Hm. Wonder what this does? On a lark, he draws out Ringil, the glittering ice-sword, and plunges it into the vat, hoping to make it bigger, maybe, or more icy? Whatever it did, it did something. Samson can feel the power of the sword grow, even within the sealed cocoon of the glitter boy suit. Hey, that worked out well. Let's try this! He withdraws his recently acquired iceblast shotgun, but before he can thrust it into the vat, reality sets in.
The thrum of the drums and the shaking of the tower jars Samson from his ice-vat experiment. He replaces his weapons in their appropriate sheaths and holsters, then finishes ushering the Gloomers towards the bridge. He begins his own trip on the bridge with little fanfare or hesitation. The bridge seems to shift and sway, but Samson's recall of the Sandis Waltz is impeccable. He directs many of the Gloomers on the corrects steps and saves a few lives on the path.
Arriving on the other side without incident and standing in front of the portal, he turns back to Herr Klaus. "Sorry to see you go, guy. You're my kind, you know? I'll drink one to your health and honor. If I ever have a kid, I'll name him Klaus. If it's a girl...I'm not naming her Klaus. Sorry. But I'll think of something." He gives a salute, then hustles his way through the gate.
Samson Malach
Samson Malach character sheet
Bennies: 3 (+2 interlude & dream, +1 post rate, -1 Spirit for Persuasion, -1 EE Persuasion, -1 Spirit for Persuasion, -1 EE Persuasion, +2 assist Vello, -1 EE Scara's Tower, -1 soak Scara's Tower, +1 saving the complications, -1 Spirit for Stealth, -2 Stealth rerolls, +1 murder wraith music, +1 portal / Scara's tower scene, -1 Scara's tower EE notice for loot, +1 for joker, -1 EE Fighting murder wrait, -1 reroll damage, +1 EP spent, -1 EE Mind Control, +1 stairway, -1 EE crossing bridge, +1 Fate's End post, +1 Black Burger, +1 final battle scene, +1 megaversal legion pic, -1 EE smarts, -1 EE shooting, +1 final round)
Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
ISP: 40 / 40
Parry: 6
Toughness: 29 (18) (Iron Mage Glitter Boy armor)
Pace: 6
Pertinent Edges: Improved Rapid Recharge, Quick, Brave, Elan, Telemechanics, Ambidextrous
Weapon in hand: Ringil
Weapon in holster: Iceblast Shotgun
Adventure Cards:
  • Flesh Wound: Play to cause a wounded Extra to rise immediately, un-Shaken and unharmed. The Extra must have been wounded in the current "scene".
    Adrenaline Surge: Your hero gets an additional and immediate turn (including new movement)
    Arcane Inspiration: ***PLAYED***When playing this card, a character with any sort of Arcane Background can either use one of his powers as a free action, or use a power he doesn't have.
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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

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Stairs 4 - Success
Spirit [dice]0[/dice]
Wild [dice]1[/dice]
The stairs spiral upward like a chapel near his home in Lone Star. His mother told him it was a miracle, today it felt like a nightmare. Each step up the winding staircase causes Carlos to have flashbacks to intense moments of his life: his childhood in Lone Star, the death of his mother, indoctrination with the CS, the village fire, the destruction of Gloom, and so many more. High and higher he ascends, his memories becoming more vivid and intense. Finally, he reach the top and the illusion fades leaving him face to face with Scara in the library...offering to dance?

"Alright lady. Let's tango."

Then everything goes wacky as people die, people are saved, more people need rescuing. It's a complicated mess. So complicated Vello can't even take the time to assess all the cool toys in the library. There is just too much to focus on, particularly his dance moves. Getting away and stopping the army from following seems paramount now, especially with Herr Klaus offering to sacrifice himself. Pretty noble for a d-bee, Carlos notes to himself. Maybe they weren't all bad.

Gathering up the survivors the mercenary gets ready to leave, this world is just too weird for him.
Agility 1 - Fail
Agility [dice]2[/dice]
Wild [dice]3[/dice]

Character Information
Carlos Caravello
Armored Stats: Strength d12+2; Pace: 8; Toughness: 20 (7), +2 Ranged Attacks, +2 Stealth (wilderness)
Bennies 4/4

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Re: Scara's Tower Part 3: Behind the Stacks

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Agility to climb stairs

WD Agility
Hans climbs some really nasty stairs.
Smarts -2 for scene, -2 for Gloom prisoners, -2 for Minor Greedy hindrance, +1 for Smarts d12+1: Net -5

Hans spends a benny for Extra Effort with Elan

WD Smarts
Hans crosses the bridge just as the whole place collapses because he's greedy.
Hans Greuber
Main Character: Merlaggon
PPE: 20 / 50
  • Band of Healing: 2 / 10
    Band of Power: 2 / 10
    Wings of Icharus: 10 / 10
    Dreamtime: 0 / 5
Active Powers:
Combat Edges:
Level Headed
OOC Comments
Arcane Machinist Gadgets Left: 7 /7
Created Gadgets:
Armor: Dwarven Technosmith (TW) H-1 Combat Armor
[list][*]Structural Integrity Field (Armor Power; Self Only; Free Action; 3/6 PPE)
[*]Exceptional Rapid Recharge (1 PPE per 5 Minutes)
[*]4 PPE per Hour to Charge
[*]Strength d12+2[/list]

Commonly Used Weapons:
  • "Satisfaction" (TW P-40 Particle Beam Cannon)
    • Damage: 3d8+5 AP6 MD.
    • Shots: 40/40
    • RoF: 1
    • Sound (Deafness) Trapping
    • +2 to Shooting
  • "Dreamtime" (TW Revolver)
    • Damage: 2d6+2 AP4
    • Shots: 6/6, Can Fan the Hammer
    • +2 to Shooting
    • Trapping (Temporal Thought; Smarts Roll on Hit or Fatigue)
    • Power - Slumber with Temporal Thought Trapping)
    • +1 Die Shooting
Bennies: 1 / 3 + 1 Red (d8) Bennie
Base Amount
+2 for Hindrances (Loyal and Doesn't Swim)
+1 for RP
-1 to Soak Rocket
-1 for Extra Effort vs. Maelstorm Maker Dramatic Task
-1 for Extra Effort in Quick Combat vs. the Hammers
-1 for Extra Effort in First Round of Mystery in Lord of Hammer
-1 for Re-Roll on Lord of Hammer Closing the Rift

Toughness: 21 (11); Parry: 4; Pace: 7 / (5) ... =signature

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