Part 2: Final War on Geist

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Part 2: Final War on Geist

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:10 pm

All players of the BC and 13th receive +1 benny for the outstanding job, artwork, and role play.
No Fatigue check vs the cold is required

Spoon Fed Video Recap

How the first Round goes (Recap):
  • THE SKY GROWS darker than dark as Duriel feasts on the psychic energy released by wanton death and destruction. Great white balls of fire descend onto the city blistering and blasting its sky scrapers and hovel homes alike.
    Duriels Attack
    Duriel's Attack.jpg
    It truly seems like the apocalypse is upon this realm. But before he can move into the realm a great musical cacophony known as Drei Marbles Left plays a gig of their life at the nearby snow filled amphitheater. However they got there and were able to play in despite the torrid cold was a boon to all. There rock techno German blend fills the allies with hope and the enemies with terror. Gods, supernatural old ones, and beings of untold power rift in not wanting to miss out on another galactic concert. These beings fling themselves against the red drawn night sky sending Duriel back to what ever hell dimension he belong too. This bad bad demon lord will have to find a different opportunity to plague the Megaverse.

    The tide turns for good or ill. Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes to hours. The cold of this icy realm has seeped into those armors normally able to withstand it. The allied troops ill prepared find themselves slowly freezing to death. For every order Caravello gives he realizes it is countered on the other side. He finds his adversary unlike none he has seen before and knows that if it were not through the individual efforts of his team mates a stalemate would be all but ensured. However, in what will be known as Vello's Gambit, Geist is dealt a crippling blow as the glitter boys lay waste to the Megaversal Legion, Ceals, and Martian death-walkers. Thousands of enemies perish in wave after wave of sonic booms!
    The Tide Turns
    Good Fortune!
    • Fortune and the luck gods have favored the heroes and their troops. A sky boat carrying the gods of luck skitters to and fro. It cannot help but bring a warm smile to those that need it most. Somehow, someway unknown to all, the CS renegade company led by Captain Lyboc found time during the battle to scrounge up tomatoes and warm fires to cook up enough batches to make some of his, or rather his wife's infamous tomato soup. The roughnecks swarm the field bringing a hot bowl or thermostat of soup that staves off the bitter cold for the time being.
    The Frozen Dead arise!
    • There are just too many civilians to save out in the frozen lake, and more are arriving from the old bones of Chicago by the second seeking a way out from the fiery harm that will surely descend on them. It is perhaps not the smartest move to try to cross an ice covered lake with a battle being waged, but its either that or face the white hot meteors of death. Sadly, the sheer numbers simply overwhelm the forces of good and many perish out in the frozen tundra.

      Something good happens out in the lake, the thousands of innocent civilians that had been trapped and freezing to death are given a new lease on life. As Isis, the maternal goddess of the Egyptians rises high into the air to meet the demon wreathed in flame her shadow cast upon the ground grows wide encircling those that have been frozen to death. The dead stir and groan, becoming what they once were in life. While still not completely out of the blistering cold, the trapped civilians in harms way try to scramble out of the snow and into the arms of the Allied gloom forces.
    Bad, Bad Tiamat
    • One of the downsides to bringing a dragon god to the fight could be that it might want to claim this blistering cold world for its own. Tiamat has some second thoughts during the fight vs the demon lord Duriel. He seizes an opportunity to cause confusion and chaos in the allied forces ranks by taking the leaders of each company out during a brief powwow.

      One moment the heroes see them and then in the next, several all you hear are cries for help followed by Alex's hover bike's rail guns Blam Blam Blam... After a minute or 2 you hear over the radio Alex's voice,"Top Dog? Frak its dark down here. All the leaders are ok, I think... It looks like we are in some kind of pit, a deep well maybe... Kshhh... I think I see a way out. Common everyone move!"
      • Without their commanders, the troops need to be reigned in with strong direction. For those of you in the 13th at the start of your turn make a spirit, persuasion, taunt, intimidation check at -4 to get the troops under your command. Fail this and your combat roll to help add to the kn battle roll is made at an extra -2 penalty.
    Tales of the Annihilating battle
    Years later a book came out, published by an unknown hand, it has within it some rather interesting glimpses into how the members of the controversial Black Company were viewed. Turns out they were all heroes after all.

    The martians work to push back the Justicars with mighty blasts from their alien weaponry.
    • Tale from the Annihilating Battle: Highway man Peter Mislap, a good man by all accounts. Finds himself slightly separated from Sammy and the rest of the "fallen" knights. His jaw is set grimly, he sees a family in need out on the ice. He looks at his hands, still unable to summon his blade, he grips his vibro sword closely and races out faster than man should. He makes it to the car and slices off the passenger door freeing the 3 kids trapped inside. He glances at the driver, a woman... Head cracked open. The kids shout, and Peter looks behind him. What did that FBI guy call them? Martian Spindle Walkers. Peter has seen them take out a few glitter boys with a single shot, they had some kind of death ray. How quaint. Peter grimaces as the walker draws closer its rays melt the engine block, time is not on his side. " Don't worry kids, I'll get you out." Its doubtful that his words would ring true, say for the well timed noisy blast by the furry feline cat. Peter catches the cat out the corner of his eye, he tips his head a silent nod for a life saved as he grabs the kids out of the car.
    The Ceals swarm the frost Giants aiming to bring down the biggest threat.
    • Tale from the Annihilating Battle: Vanguard Warrior, Brok Iclick, the smallest warrior in the company of frost giants, and yet a head taller than the tallest of cyborgs. While fighting next to Alecto he was tossed aside into a L-series Phaeton, its white wall tires trapped in the ice covered over. Brok smiles as the Ceals descend upon him trying to touch their annihilating swords to his skin. He had seen what they do to his fellow Giants. His clan mate Chargro had met a gruesome demise, nothing was left. Brok maybe was not strong but he was smart enough. He could hear the car's radio still transmitting the atrocities of the day. He tumbled over the curved lines of the car and put it between him and the charging Ceals... Sadly Brok does not see the pair of Ceals creeping up on his rear. Before they get half a meter closer a glistening blade slashes them in twain, they fall to the side dead. The jet black hair lady scurries onward leading the troops. Some call her Alecto, others just call her hero.
    The mighty boom guns beat back the Martians on the west side of the lake with thunder.
    • Tale from the Annihlating battle: Only fools have never heard of Humble the avatar of war. Only the foolish try to immolate his deity. Inspired by Humble's penchant for war, a crazy known as Doc Hensel scurried across the frozen lake, to the icy west river. The Martians we all over despite the destruction wrote by the boom guns on the allies side. The crazy dodged ray after ray of their heavy artillery, Doc Hensel kept going laughing all the way. He wanted to be just like his idol, Humble! A car careened out of nowhere into the river and Doc knew he had a choice. Really it was no choice at all and he dashed to save the family but a misstep on a cylindrical martian grenade would surely spell his doom. Kaboom! Doc Hensel opens his closed shut eyes to only see himself lifted by one hand high above the grenade, while another meat claw smoldering covers the blast. The figure doing the work of hero Humbly smiles. Its a good day to have an Avatar of war on your side.
    The Megaversal Legion pushes the mages from Dewomere to their limit.
    • From the tales of the Annihilating battle One of the towering mages, folks called him Stork. A lumbering man six no seven feet tall stood out in the front line battling power armored soldier one after another. A skilled shot from a so called Lieutenant of the Megaversal Legion gave the towering man enough pause to find himself cornered. Never before had the being known as Stork needed help in such a bad way. The surrounding snow drift fell apart as the Iron mage strode into sight. There it was Stork met one who outclassed even himself. The megaversal soldiers vaporized in a howling screams into the ice. Nothing was left except their silent horror. The Ironmage towered even above the mighty Stork.
    1000 screaming juicers destroy Geist's house.
    • From the Tale's of the Annihilating battle: Among the juicers was a small quick flex boy, maybe 18 years of age, so old enough to be a man, but had the look and smile of a young lad. His fellow juicer peers called him Quick Tic, and he certainly lived up to the name. Some say he was the fastest even faster than the famous Iron Tic. It was not until he was chrono-accelerated by the wizard Hans the true meaning of his name was revealed. Quick Tic led the charge of 1000 screaming juicers all accelerated by the greatest dwarf who ever lived. Not only did they demolish Geist's manor, but they rebuilt it in memory of the one called Hans! "Hans Lives Here" the sign now reads.
    A regal man flanked by Victoria Geist (the future brigade leader) strode through the field of battle making their way deep into the city
    • From the tales of the annihilating battle: I once told him he wasn't good enough and that he was a drunkard. I once slapped him and threatened to end him if he did not do the right thing. I once saw him match wits with Victoria Geist, the chief architect of The Sorcerers Revenge. A brilliant tactical mind, what I thought was a once in a generation mind. Turns out on a Wednesday, in a place colder than it has a right to be, she met her equal and perhaps more. I never told Caravello I was proud of him, that I was proud of who he became. Being the so called leader of the cyber knights comes with its fair share of regrets. Lost loves, battles never fought, and people never saved. I am sorry I never got a chance to call him friend.

Round Two! The Battle continues and a call for help!
  • MEANWHILE, Geist, with what troops she has left, mounts an all out assault. Cry Havoc and Release the dogs of war! Indeed Geist unveils something truly horrific, as the remaining waves of undead cybernetically arcane enhanced lifeforms give way to beasts that can only haunt the dark recesses of your dreams. Even the few martian destroyers give pause as this new threat is unleashed.

    The Megaversal Legion troops that have survived this far too look back and to the sky in time to exhort the new weapon Geist brings forth! From the chimney stacks of Geist's foul annihilating factories that spew of rock, ash, and fire belches forth giving birth to Living Fire Rocks that come hurtling down with unerring accuracy.
    Living fire rock
    Living Fire Rock.jpg
    Annihilator Hounds
    Annilation Dogs.jpg
    The gates of the factories open and countless 20ft tall mutated dogs come growling forth to the front lines seeking to do nothing but deliver the hurt on the allies of gloom. The CEALs, mystic knights, mind-melters, martians, and megaversal legion redouble their efforts not wanting the all out attack to be for not.
    13th Massive Battle
    After last song is played you realize your deficit allies have done their Job and stopped Duriel the lord of vengeance. In your minds as he vanishes you hear, This is not over mortals!! I know thee twice!!
    The outside amphitheater is being over run despite the best efforts of the heroes in this realm. With so many ceals crawling over place annihilating your would be protectors you have no choice but to abandon the theater. Isis before she leaves waves a hand and your music instruments disappear before you abandon the snow covered venue.

    Upon arriving at the command tent of the allied forces you are greeted by a man who flashes some kind of badge, "Elliot Ness, FBI. I just loaned some fancy snow mobiles made by the x division to those creepers called the black company. The got a call, and headed out into the city." The man dressed in a suite, tie, and fur parka shrugs drinking some warm tomato soup pulls out a chair and sits down. He points at a detailed battle plan that Caravello must have been working on. " That guy Vello, might be a creeper, but he knew what he was talking about. I have led a raid or two in my time, but jeeze he was on another level. Looks like the enemy just launched some kind of fire ball, and hounds from hell... We got the civilians holed up in these caves yonder. I have been listening to the radio chatter and it seems like your Gloom forces are leaderless, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I guess you guys are in charge now, good luck Creepers.". Elliot lights up a cigarette and takes a long drag looking at the members of the 13th.

    There is a sophisticated radio station inside the command tent capable of handling a vast amount of comm traffic, and indeed without a strong central voice a constant frantic stream of Orders, sir what our our orders?, Or, where is Helena? Does anyone read me...etc, is coming unfiltered over the comm channel. It would seem the 13th has their work cut out. As the battle is renewed with extra vigor, the man known as Elliot Ness look at the 13th, Jude in particular, " So pretty boy, are you the new commander?"

    13th SET has the Massive Battle!

    Geist has 9 tokens and players have 9 tokens (each token lost is about 3 tokens or 3k worth of personnel)
    • Players Action: The time is now, narrate what you are doing during the battle. Do you stand with the Gloomers and try to take out as many Martian walkers as possible? Do you charge into the main ranks of the undead Ceals going hand to hand leading a contingent of cyberknights? Maybe you hangout with Captain Lyboc of the CS and protect the rear flank from a surprise maneuver of mystic knights. Really go wild and go crazy!
    Step 1: Resolve the below complication
    • Leaderless Complication: As stated above the various units have lost their platoon commanders. The heroes of the 13th will have to rally them. Give the chaos the Tiamat has wrought by making them disappear gaining the troops confidence and focus is even harder than normal.
      • Make a successful Persuasion, Taunt, Intimidation, Spirit roll at -4
      • Fail: add a -2 to your contributing roll!
    Step 2: Make your combat roll and narrate it appropriately
    • Make a combat roll(fighting, shooting, arcane skill roll) at -0 if you failed the above complication make it a -2!
      • Players add +1 per each rank above novice
    • Result: Damage Bypasses all armor!! Players can still spend a Benny to soak! We are going to try it this way... Thoughts on Sci Fi Mass Battle
      • Failure: suffers 4d6 MD damage
      • Success: +1 to the kn battle roll, suffers 3d6 MD damage
      • Raise: +2 to the kn battle roll, suffers 2d6 MD damage
      • Two raises: +2 to kn battle roll and emerges unscathed!
    Step 3: Jude only!
    • Make a Kn Battle Roll Jude will be making this roll: +4 for heavy artillery and light air support, -2 for the cold and icy terrain=+2 to kn battle roll off the bat. A creative battle plan using each unit to their strength can also add a bonus. You also get to add any bonuses garnered through the individual efforts of fellow heroes.
      • Note if Jude wants to also participate that is fine, just keep track of any wounds and apply them prior to the kn battle roll.
    List of Allies:
    • A Great host of Glitter Boys
    • Magi and automatons from the City of Brass
    • Mystics and Cyber knights of New Alamo
    • Fallen Cyber Knights, Justicars, law men
    • Gloom's own city defenders
    • Dewomer's defense force
    • Sky Pirates
    • Juicer Liberation Army
    • The remnants of the Arcane Company
    • CS rouge squadron: the roughnecks
    • Frost Giants of another dimension!!
      Black Company has the Dramatic Scene

      Dramatic Task Post for Black Company or Part Two of Mass Battle

      A ill timed radio transmission, at the command tent, draws your attention to a tall old fashioned hotel in the middle of Chicago.

      "Black Company, this is Lord Coake...Ksssshhhh..." Slight static and the sound of screaming. "Victoria and I... Blackwell we are at the Hotel.... Ksshhhh. Overrun by Ceals .... Civilians need help. Capone will not listen to....Ksshhh." More static and more screams... "Black Company there is bomb..."

      FBI Agent Elliot Ness, in the command tent, looks at Caravello, "For years, I have suspected that hotel is somehow responsible for the eternal night you see above. A bomb going off... Sounds like it might spread the darkness even farther. Truth be told, if the eternal night hanging over Chicago were to spend farther we would be in a world of hurt. Lots of folks live and work in that area. I got a few snow mobiles from the X Division right behind the rocks over there. It sounds like you Creepers are needed else where."

      Getting to the Hotel is surprisingly not a problem, the snow mobiles lent to you, while outdated, are sufficient. Even getting into the lobby is a piece of cake. Men dressed in slick suits holding onto archaic barrelled weapons give you nods as you enter. It seems they have been made aware of your arrival. Inside, at the lobby is a whole different matter. Bodies of wiseguys, mobsters, shim-sham men lie dead with various body parts vaporized. Lord Coake rushes towards you, his eyes are wild, and his hands are drenched with blood. His vaunted Psi-sword is not out, he instead has a laser pistol and vibro blade in hand.

      "My friends, thank you for coming. Time is not on our side. The Ceals have taken Victoria Geist hostage. She is crucial to the survival of her world, and ours. The future brigade will perish without her, and the time wizards will run rampant undoing everything good we have built. She has been taken down below, I suspect the blood of that thug Al Capone..."

      A man walks over, slickly suited, a red scar on his cheek. He straightens his tie: "Who you calling a thug Coakey? I am respectable heh."

      He reaches across to shake your hands, "The name is Al, and damn right I ain't going to open no door, for no reason. Its bad enough you twos begged me to open it once, and look whadda happened. Undead coke-fiends running around with death sticks whacking my men."

      Al Capone points down the hallway where gun fire and screaming can be heard, as well as a loud dragon roar. Al shudders, "Dragons, heh. You ask me and my men to hold the sunfire ballroom, all I's can say is I got no men left and it sounds like youz Blackeye friend is getting the business end of a shotgun in his gut. If the undead, Cealies get out into the streets, my people, the people of Chicago are going to pay Coakey and I cannot have that."

      Lord Coake, grips his vibro blade tightly, looking down the hallway to the ballroom Al had pointed to. Coake seems exhausted and grimly says, "We are spread thin... Victoria and I were only looking for a Bomb, and after we checked the basement we checked the top floor... Its always either in the bottom or the top. It was in the top of the hotel, room 808, presidential suite... we were not able to disarm it, and in our haste we must have let evil gain a foothold when..."

      Al puts up his hands in shock and interrupts Coake. "Woa, Coakey you diddna say anything about a bomb. The entire hotel is built out of a special martian rock... It blows, who knows what happens, you come from a different world, but I bet if this tower goes it takes your Earth too Coakey. This is the last building weda want to blow capeche. You bedda stop this, I'm thinking it might be time to vamoose."

      Lord Coake nods, "I should not have stepped into this battle, my... I am of little use in such a bloody battle. The Black Company was formed to safeguard the ideals of the Tomorrow Legion, and the Future Brigade. If what Al says is true, those ideals are in jeopardy as we speak. Black Company, I need you to disarm the bomb in the top of the tower, and stop the Ceals from making it onto the streets, and if you can convince Mr. Copone to go down and unlock the basement door, that would be great... so we can save Victoria."

      He looks at each of you, his fatigue threatening to get the better of him and whispers, "I know there is a war going on, and without you there to affect it, Geist might win. I don't know what will happen, but I do know what happens here, at this hotel, without your aid. I had to chance it, calling you here to stop this. If this plays out right, we will save the worlds, and be stronger in our fight against Giest.". It looks like the exaughsted knight has more to say but a loud dragon roar punctuates the need for a quick decision to be made.

      Direction to Players
      There are 3 scenes, and 3 success must be made at each scene for a successful outcome to be had. Scene modifiers are a -4.
      Directions: it is advised the players discuss a little bit and allocate their resources to where it is best suited.
      • Step 1 choose your scene, only one scene can be chosen, see Blaze of Glory option.
      • Step 2 make your roll at -4 using 1 of the listed traits.
      • step 3 narate your results
        • Critfail: increases the scene success total needed by 1.
        • Fail: roll 3d6 and on a 6 something horrible happens.
        • (4)Success: roll 2d6 and on a 6 something bad happens.
        • (8)Raise: roll 2d6 and on a 6 something good happens.
        • (12)Two raises: roll 3d6 and on a 6 something awesome happens.
        • (16)Three raises: add +1 success to any scene of your choice as your efforts have carried the day
      • Blaze of Glory: this is a special option that any chacter can take for this scene. In addition to the normal effects add 1 success to any scene. Your character does not survive.
      SCENE ONE Persuasion, Intimidation, taunt, strength
      1- Convince Copone to aid you, get him to take you down to the basement and open a black vault door with his blood. There you find Victoria Geist about to be sacrificed to some dark god by some ceals. Capone is adamantly resistant to going down. Something either has him spooked or he is in on the plan. In an important moment you must by smooth talking, sheer intimidation, a rude taunt, or brute force coerce his help.

      SCENE TWO fighting, shooting, throwing, arcane backgrounds
      2- Bar the exit to prevent Ceals from flooding the streets (possibly rampage through the hotel killing the Ceals).
      • The forces holding the Sunfire Ballroom have given way. 100s of ceals pour out into the central hall and main lobby. Only you and the doors behind you are the only things preventing them from pouring out onto the streets and going on a murderous rampage. During a crucial moment you must either make a fighting, shooting, Vigor, or arcane background roll to hold the line.
      SCENE THREE notice, repair, kn demo/electronics, or smarts
      3-Disarm the bomb.
      • Welcome to room 808, the presidential suite. The device is well hidden and once found, a electronic contraption with enough tnt and copper wires to take out much of the hotel. If what capone said is true that the hotel is made out of some kimd of mystic rock, indeed a powerful blast could rip a hole in the space time continuum demolishing the fabric of reality itself. In a sweaty, intense moment you must make a notice check, repair roll, kn demo/electronics, or smarts roll to diffuse the bomb. The digital timer is counting down the seconds to your destruction.
      OOC Narrative Notes:
      This is the FINAL (Official) POST from the Black Company. Make it good. Have fun with it. Everyone, other than Alecto, is retiring there Characters, Alecto is going to end up separated from the rest and next Q be with the 1st SET. This is the Black Company going out with a bang, hopefully not from the bomb, but the 13th SET will not see you again in Character. The fate of the BC will be unknown, other than Lord Coake will tell the, well a, tail of the epic BC who stopped (we hope) the hotel and worlds from blowing up. As hinted (blatantly) at, Blackwell himself is in this Hotel and you are free to encounter the Black Dragon and work with him. He will offer you a job in the Megaversal Black Company Ranks as members of the Galactic version of the BC. Or you can return to Earth and rebuild the BC there. Maybe, both can be done? Thank you for your stories!
    Field Team Six Bennies

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Hans Greuber » Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:28 pm

    Scene 3 - 19
    Repair at +1 (-4 for Scene, +1 for Machine Maestro, +2 for Mr. Fixit, +2 for TW Tools)
    • Repair: 1d12+1 = 2: 1
      Wild: 1d6+1 = 7: 6
      • Ace: 1d6+7 = 12: 5
      Extra Effort: 1d6+2 = 7: 5 (Elan)
      Result: 19 - Three raises: add +1 success to any scene of your choice as your efforts have carried the day
    "I've got the bomb. The rest of you handle the CEAL's and Capone."

    With that, Hans activates his Wings of Icarus and flies up and in through the window of room 808.

    Explosives. What I wouldn't give to have Thrudh saying how much better he would be at this than me

    The magical senses granted to him by his armor quickly allow him to locate the bomb. Taking out his new Techno-Wizard enhanced tools, Hans quickly disarms the bomb. There is even over 5 full minutes remaining on the countdown.

    No way even Thrudh could have topped that.

    "Got the bomb taken care of. Tell Capone that if he doesn't help, I will come down there and see if I can come up with an alternate way to open the vault door without him, and at that time he becomes useless to us. Then Humble can make him into his Special Friend..."

    That taken care of, Hand sits down in the best chair in the suite, opens a bottle of what must be expensive scotch and pours himself a generous glass of it. Raising his visor, he takes out a long saved cigar, one that Thrudh had given him. Lighting it up, Hans toasts the memories of the fallen members of the Black Company's Premier unit (at least in Hans's mind) as he enjoys the cigar and the scotch.

    Saving the mega-verse has to have some rewards.
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    Hans Greuber
    Main Character: Merlaggon
    PPE: 20 / 50
    • Band of Healing: 2 / 10
      Band of Power: 2 / 10
      Wings of Icharus: 10 / 10
      Dreamtime: 0 / 5
    Active Powers:
    Combat Edges:
    Level Headed
    OOC Comments
    Arcane Machinist Gadgets Left: 7 /7
    Created Gadgets:
    Armor: Dwarven Technosmith (TW) H-1 Combat Armor
    [list][*]Structural Integrity Field (Armor Power; Self Only; Free Action; 3/6 PPE)
    [*]Exceptional Rapid Recharge (1 PPE per 5 Minutes)
    [*]4 PPE per Hour to Charge
    [*]Strength d12+2[/list]

    Commonly Used Weapons:
    • "Satisfaction" (TW P-40 Particle Beam Cannon)
      • Damage: 3d8+5 AP6 MD.
      • Shots: 40/40
      • RoF: 1
      • Sound (Deafness) Trapping
      • +2 to Shooting
    • "Dreamtime" (TW Revolver)
      • Damage: 2d6+2 AP4
      • Shots: 6/6, Can Fan the Hammer
      • +2 to Shooting
      • Trapping (Temporal Thought; Smarts Roll on Hit or Fatigue)
      • Power - Slumber with Temporal Thought Trapping)
      • +1 Die Shooting
    Bennies: 1 / 3 + 1 Red (d8) Bennie
    Base Amount
    +2 for Hindrances (Loyal and Doesn't Swim)
    +1 for RP
    -1 to Soak Rocket
    -1 for Extra Effort vs. Maelstorm Maker Dramatic Task
    -1 for Extra Effort in Quick Combat vs. the Hammers
    -1 for Extra Effort in First Round of Mystery in Lord of Hammer
    -1 for Re-Roll on Lord of Hammer Closing the Rift

    Toughness: 21 (11); Parry: 4; Pace: 7 / (5) ... =signature

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Libertas Magicum » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:39 pm

    Techno-Wizardry 32
    +1 Benny for group award
    +1 Benny for Audio Overlap Racial Hindrance kicking in while trying to address Leaderless Complication

    Base Skill: d4-2 for unskilled Persuasion
    -4 for scene penalty
    -2 for Audio Overlap
    +2 Charisma for Communications Band
    +1 to Persuasion for Communications Band
    Total: d4-3

    Persuasion 1d4-3 = -1: 2
    Wild Persuasion 1d6-3 = 0: 3
    Welp, that's down. -2 to actual Aid roll for battle, due to Leaderless Penalty.

    Mass Battle:
    Techno-Wizardry (of course): 1d12+2
    Seasoned: +1
    Scene Modifier: +0
    Leaderless Complication: -2
    Machine Maestro/Combat: +2
    Net Roll: 1d12+3

    Techno-Wizardry 1d12+3 = 9: 6
    Wild TW 1d6+3 = 9: 6
    ACE Running Total 1d6+9 = 15: 6
    ACE Running Total 1d6+15 = 18: 3
    RED BENNY Extra Effort Running Total 2d6+18 = 27: 6, 3
    ACE Running Total 1d6+27 = 32: 5
    Libertas sees the demoralizing effect the loss of leadership has had upon the assembled horde. He makes an effort to rally the Glitterboy contingent, but between the echoing of the Boom Guns and the constant, overlapping radio chatter, his voice is lost to the background noise. Every time he tries to speak, a dozen sounds cut through his head, making it impossible to finish a sentence coherently.

    Deciding that this is not his forte, he instead decides to play to his strong suit. Brandishing the Staff, he goes forth, and gives commands to one of the great Hellbeasts that Geist has summoned; the pitiful creature is no match for the power of the Staff (especially since they may very well be related at a deeper level); once the fiend is under his control, he turns it on its companions. The surrounding CEALs never stood a chance, torn to shreds by the massive beast. Over the next several hours, this sequence is repeated many times; the tactic is wonderfully effective, forcing them to fight among themselves rather than turn their attentions to the attackers. When more juice is needed, he opens his palm and draws forth the PPE from the fiends themselves, then moves on to the next engagement.

    And, so as to not get a reputation as a one-trick pony, as he gets close enough to the caverns where the gloomies have holed up, he holds aloft his Puzzle Cube, and cranks it, sending out a small horde of soldiers to bolster the ranks of those defending the civilians. Autonomic extensions of his genius made glorious metal wonders, the clockwork wonders perform with devastating effect, helping route the attackers, at least on this front.

    Satisfied, he radios in to Jude. "My cluster's clear, Maverick. I trust everyone else is doing as well."
    Libertas Magicorum
    OOC Comments
    Presci Techno-Wizard (Appears Human)
    Active effects: none
    Parry: 6; Pace: 8/d6; Toughness: 13 (6) [Triax Mechanic]
    Charisma: 0 (-1 if Kleptomania known; +2 if Comm Band is active)
    Edges: Danger Sense, Quick, Level-Headed, Dodge, Imp. Rapid Recharge, Arcane Marksman, Linguist
    Additional Edges: Brawny (Helskor); Thief (Cloak); Assassin (Cloak)
    Hindrances: Bad Eyes (Glasses), Hard of Hearing, Overconfident, Minor Greedy, Minor Habit: Klepto, Stubborn, Vulnerability: Silver, Enemy: Major (Zee Hail)
    Gizmos: Healing, Boost/Lower Trait, Fly, Summon Ally, Pummel, Quickness
    Gear Powers: Invisibility, Fear, Puppet, Greater Healing, Greater Armor (lasers/electric only); Intangibility
    Arcane Machinist Remaining: 6/6
    • Active Arc. Mach. Devices (Remaining PPE):
    PPE: 30/30 + 10 (Staff)
    Bennies: 2/2

    • Q2/19 Adventure Cards:
      Seize the Day - The character acts as if he had drawn a Joker this combat round.
      Lucky Break - Play this card to completely negate the damage from one attack.
      Mechanical Malfunction - A device malfunctions in some way: guns jam, bow strings break, etc. The device can be fixed by a Repair roll at -4 and 10 minutes work.
      Epiphany - Something you never understood before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Jitters » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:57 pm

    Notice 13
    1d6+2 = 8: 6 Ace!
    Notice 1d6+8 = 13: 5
    Wild Die 1d6+2 = 7: 5
    Common Knowledge 5
    1d8-1 = 5: 6
    Wild Die 1d6-1 = 3: 4
    Smarts 10
    1d8-1 = 0: 1
    Wild Die 1d6-1 = 5: 6 Ace!
    Wild Die Ace 1d6+5 = 10: 5
    Taunt -2
    1d4-4 = -2: 2
    Wild Die 1d6-4 = -3: 1
    Fighting 22
    1d12+1 = 7: 6
    Wild Die 1d6+1 = 6: 5
    Spending the Red Benny for Extra Effort 1d6+7 = 13: 6 Ace!
    Red Benny Ace 1d6+13 = 19: 6 Ace!
    Red Benny Double Ace 1d6+19 = 20: 1
    Red Benny Bonus to Fighting 1d6+20 = 22: 2
    Jitters runs to the front and addresses the contingent of former Cyber-Knights, telling them "Why are you standing there like cowards? Get out there and desecrate them!" Jitters then turns and charges the countless CEAL's that are surging their way, leaping into the air and running the squad leader through with a thrust from Paul Bunyan, Vibe, and another Vibro-Sword his tail "found" from a fallen Cyber-Knight as he passed him. Jitters movement ended in a somersault rolling over the squad leader as he brought Paul and Vibe up in two broad swipes to the left and right as the tail tossed the eviscerated body of the squad leader over his head and stabbing at the next CEAL in front of him with his tail. Leaping from spot to spot, coming down like a set blades from a blender without container to contain the chaos and fury. Few melee attacks ever managed to find their marks on Jitters, and those few that did, never were able to penetrate the armor. The CEAL's had better luck shooting him when he was jumping around, like some apocalyptic form for skeet shooting, but their shot also never managed to pierce his armor. While he was on the ground, it was even harder to shoot him, causing the CEAL's to kill more of their own men from friendly fire than Jitters did himself. But it still wasn't enough.

    Then Humble entered the fray. Jitters saw him and made his way over to his comrade from the Black Company and shouted above the fray "Spin by my tail and throw me!" Humble looked at the man like he was crazy, until he remembered that he is a Crazy, and took Jitters by the tail as he tossed the vibro-sword back into the scabbard of the Cyber-Knight he "acquired" it from, and started spinning him around by the tail like a weight on the end of a piece of rope, the Crazy mowing down all who were unfortunate to get with in five feet of him, bouncing off of walls and other hard objects like a pinball. He even made pinball machine like noises as he did so, maniacally laughing the entire time.
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    Pace: 16; Parry: 11; Toughness: 22 (11); Strain: 1(?)

    Weapon in Hand: Chain Longsword (Str+2d8 MD, AP 2, 15 lbs., aka Paul Bunyan), Vibro-Sword (Str+d10 MD, AP 4, 9 lb, aka Vibe), Vibro-Sword (Str+d10 MD, AP 4, 9 lb, aka Rator)
    Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol (15/30/60, 2d6+1 dmg, RoF 1, AP 2, 16 shots, 3 lbs, Semi-Auto)
    JA-11 Energy Rifle (30/60/120, 3d6, RoF 1, AP 2, Shots 60, 7 lbs, Special)
    • As an action, switch to Ion Beam (12/24/48, 1-3d6+1, RoF 1, 0 AP, 10 Shots), or have laser do Mega-Damage (uses 10x the ammo and applies snap fire penalty). Integrated scope offsets up to either -2 points of penalties due to range or lighting (or the lack there of).
    Armor Worn: C&S Crusader Heavy Combat Armor (+11 Armor, + 2 Toughness, +1 Pace, d10 Str min, 24 lbs), Tough Clothes (+1 Toughness), Bandito Arms Branaghan Overcoat (+1 Toughness)
    ISP: 20/30
    Bennies: 3 Red 5 Regular

    Encumberance: 56 lbs/84 lbs

    Alts: Pvt. Logan Wright, CS Fightin' Joes
    Temp Stats
    Adventure Card
    Your hero sees an old friend or acquaintance who might help him in his current quest somehow. Of course, he may also ask for a favor in return.
    Play at the beginning of the game session. A villain of the GM's choice becomes your character's sworn enemy and you may not soak wounds caused directly by him. Starting Now, you draw an extra Adventure Card each game session until the enemy is "retired".
    Better You Than Me
    Play when your hero has been hit by an attack and there is an adjacent character. The other character suffers the attack instead. This may be played on friend or foe.

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Cantrell » Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:13 pm

    Persuasion 18, Shooting 27
    Persuasion d8+3 (guessing she's known to this bunch) -4 scene modifier
    Persuasion 1d8-1 = 6: 7
    Wild 1d6-1 = 3: 4
    Benny for Extra Effort + Elan 1d6+8 = 14: 6
    Ace! 1d6+14 = 18: 4

    Shooting is 1d12+4, +2 from armor
    Shooting 1d12+6 = 16: 10
    Wild 1d6+6 = 9: 3

    Forgot +2 from rank, so 18

    Spending a Red Benny for Extra Effort + Elan = 2d6+20 = 27: 3, 4
    As the final chords of the concert echo over the frozen city, the sounds of battle draw Cantrell out of the trance she'd fallen into during the show. Setting aside the humming guitar, she grabs her gear and heads toward the front. They'd agreed to put Jude in the hot seat as far as deployment and high-level maneuvers due to the officer training he'd received before going AWOL from the Coalition. Secretly, Cantrell hoped the second chance at command would boost his confidence. If not, they'd all be dead anyway.

    Planning to fall in with the local troops from Gloom, she finds the volunteer soldiers in disarray, their leaders missing after the lightshow in the heavens. Cantrell moves quickly to restore order, moving from unit to unit and broadcasting each interaction over her radio.

    <<Heads up, heroes of Gloom! There are assholes and douchebags on the other side of that ridge, and those rifles you're carrying are loaded with the only asshole-repellent on this plane of existence!" she jokes, trying to lighten the mood as black snow falls on the troops. "This bitch Geist came and made a mess in your city, so let's return the favor! If anybody's got any flaming bags of shit, follow me to the front!>>

    Soon enough, she finds herself at the head of a charging army, regular men and women who have found themselves face-to-face with death and decided to spit and throw up a middle finger.

    With a little encouragement and the right direction, that'll level a city just as well as an annihilation spell, she thinks as her armor carries her crashing into the ranks of Geist's soldiers and infernal allies.

    Conscious thought dissolves into the strike and counter-strike of combat. Acquire target, fire, target destroyed. Acquire target, fire, target destroyed. She uses all of her grenades blasting martian death-walkers, then switches to her plasma cannon. Soon that's dry, too, and she picks up a discarded railgun to tear through the annihilator hounds Geist has released for the final showdown.

    When the living fire rock's begin to fall from the sky, she uses the temporal lodestone embedded in her enchanted gauntlet to channel the cold of the timeless void into her rifle, the otherworldly chill of the laser blasts carving holes in the creatures that smoke and spread until the rocks are cold and lifeless once again.

    Eventually, the Gloom forces link up with the remnants of the cyber-knights and mystics from New Alamo, and the last few survivors of the Arcane Company. Wounds bleed, comrades lie dying, but the faces around her tell Cantrell all she needs to know: Show us the next hell, and we'll follow.

    Slapping her last e-clip into her rifle, Cantrell raises a fist and opens up the channel on her radio, broadcasting to all within range.

    <<Alright folks, listen up. I don't know about you, but I'm about ready for a beer and something to eat, and I know a great little place back in Gloom that serves both. So what do you say we show these fucks what the end of the world looks like, then go back home and order a couple of rounds?>>

    Without another word she turns and lets the well-oiled servos in her armor launch her over the final hill, the rifle in her hands spitting death as the free men and women behind her turn their faces toward Geist, spit and grin.
    Nadya Cantrell
    Quick Stats
    Human MARS Mercenary Soldier (Former CS Military Specialist)
    Bennies: 3/4
    Attributes: Agility d10 (d12), Smarts d8, Spirit d12, Strength d6 (d8) (d12+2), Vigor d10
    Charisma: 2 (3 if known); Pace: 8 (10) (1d10) or Flight Pace 30, Climb 1; Parry: 9; Toughness: 24 (10); Strain: 11/16
    Hindrances: Cautious; Code of Honor; Wanted (Coalition-Minor); Delusional (Minor-Thinks she's immune to temporal magic).
    Notice d12+4, Intimidation d10+2, Persuasion d10+2
    Edges and Abilities of Note: Brave (+2 to fear tests); Danger Sense (Notice roll at -2 to detect surprise attack or ambush); Dodge (Attackers are -1 to hit with ranged attacks unless Nadya is surprised, +1 to Agility rolls to evade area effects); Imp. Level Headed (Draw three cards for initiative); Quick Draw (free action to ready weapon); Marksman (Gain the benefits of Aiming when don’t move); Nano-Repair System (Heals one wound per day; +4 to resist Bleeding Out; 50 percent chance to reject poison or disease); Fortune Favors the Bold (+1 Benny per session); Strong Willed (+2 to resist Tests of Will); She Who Fights Monsters (+1d6 damage vs supernatural evil and has The Drop on first round of combat, +1 bonus to resist powers and are more difficult for them to hit by that bonus); Crapsack World (Roll an extra Wild Die, don't roll triple 1s)
    Adventure Cards:
    Current Effects: Adrenal system activated

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Samson Malach » Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:13 pm

    Holding the Door
    Spending Benny to use Spirit in place of Persuasion: -4 for scene, +2 for Charisma, +2 for Persuasion Bonus, +2 for Spirit, +2 for Elan, net +4
    1d12+4 = 10: 6

    WD Spirit/Persuasion
    1d6+4 = 5: 1

    This is being redacted to read Fighting/Shooting and at a net zero bonus: d12+2 Spirit, +2 Elan, -4 scene
    I am spending a benny for a reroll of Spirit
    1d12 = 2: 2

    WD Spirit
    1d6 = 4: 4

    I don't have Rob's luck, so I'm spending a benny for a final reroll
    1d12 = 10: 10

    WD Spirit
    1d6 = 5: 5

    Total successes: 2

    Something good happens?
    2d6 = 7: 5, 2
    Samson nods as Coake relays his desperate plea. "If that's what's gotta be done, then the Black Company's gonna do it." The massive Iron Mage power armor turns to Alecto. "Commander, I figure I'm best at the doors. If they're getting out, they're going through me, and they'll pay a heavy price."

    Samson moves quickly towards the lobby and takes up a position where, between the Shriek Gun and his very large swords, not much will get by him without a fight. He glances down at the glittering, enchanted sword in one hand, and the controls of the Shriek Gun in the other. Time to be a big damn hero, Samson. Save the world. Save all the worlds.

    The sound of the screaming CEALs streaming towards the front door reaches his ears before the sight does.

    Hundreds of them. Like cockroaches. There are so many. Behind the mask of the armor, Samson's eyes go wide. That's...a lot of bad guys. He thinks, for a moment, about breaking and running. There's no way any of them survive this anyway, so why die here?
    He looks over at Alecto, preparing herself for the assault. Nope. If she's sticking around, then I'm not going anywhere. He glances again at the supernatural glittering of the sword of ice in his hand. A relic from another world. The sword of a hero. The greatest hero. A voice echoes in his head. I will not run, and neither will you. That was in his head, right?

    What the actual...Cess'thul. How do I even know that name?

    Samson's resolve steeled, he grits his teeth and glares down the barrel of the Shriek Gun. SSSSSSHHHHRAAAAAAAAAK! The first blast from the Shriek Gun shreds a dozen CEALs. Obliterates. Turns them into a fine mist. Unidentifiable matter. The sound is deafening, and would scare anyone else out of their wits immediately.

    The CEALs keep coming.

    The Shriek Gun fires again. And again. Down one hall. Then the other. Blast after blast, shattering the windows in the lobby and shaking the foundations of the building, echoing down the halls, eviscerating countless undead hordes. But the damned creatures keep coming.

    The sword glitters in his hand.

    "Alright, you hideous bastards. Try this on for size!" Ringil, the sword of a long-lost hero from a far-flung world, almost sings in a voice that chills the already cold forms of the CEALs. It glides effortlessly through the torsos of several CEALs in single swipes. Body parts are trimmed from their hosts as easily as a laser through warm butter. Samson chances to glance to his side at Alecto as she continues mowing down her opposition. She's the type he'd follow into battle any day. He only knew her by reputation, but she's taken on leadership of the Black Company and filled the role admirably. She's not falling here.

    There are just so many. Even between the two of them, it's difficult to compensate for the pure numerical advantage they have. Cut one down and two more spring into its place. Blast ten, there are fifteen more behind them.

    You know what you have to do.

    I know. But I don't want to die.

    There is more to you than just flesh, and more you can do elsewhere. The victory will be well worth the price paid. Come with me.

    Samson's heart beats faster. More CEALs. Alecto is surrounded.

    Time runs short.

    Between slashes from the sword of ice, Samson calls out to his leader. "Commander...we can't hold this position. There's too many. I've got an ace in the hole, but you've gotta get out. What I'm gonna do will rip your spirit from your body. You gotta go now."

    The Black Company's leader replies flatly, effortlessly, between slices at the nearest CEALs. "I am an android. I do not have a spirit."

    The comment catches Samson off guard, and he loses focus for a moment. A well-timed attack from one of the bigger CEALs knocks him to his knees. He returns the attack and manages to fight back to his feet, but the strain is getting to him. "You're...well, now, that's something else." He fires off another blast from the Shriek Gun, obliterating a mass of the undead vermin.

    It must be now.

    Samson sighs, and nods. "Commander Alecto, it was an absolute honor to serve with you. I don't know if there's an other side, but I'm gonna go find out. You gotta do me one favor. My sister, Delilah, is a captive of the CS. She's got intel on top secret CS military operations and weapons, all under some general Beauregard. Get her out. Please. She'll take my place in the BC as payment, and she'll be worth it."

    Samson takes one last swing with Ringil. Several more CEALs fall. "Let's rock and roll." He brings the Shriek Gun to bear, pointing it at his feet. The weapon charges. The last of the CEALs in the ballroom round the corner and charge down the hall towards the pair. The CEALs swarm around the Iron Mage, swinging their vibroswords at the unparalleled suit of armor. The sound of the Shriek Gun charging begins to reverberate through the hotel. In an instant, the charging turns to an otherworldly roar, as it is charging with some other kind of power. Suddenly, as the roar reaches its crescendo, Samson jams the Shriek Gun into the floor and pulls the trigger. A titanic spiritual shockwave erupts from the impact, speeding outwards at otherworldly speeds, accompanied by a shadowy form that a select few would have recognized as the entity Cess'thul. The wave tears the CEALs apart, their screams melding into the sound of the shockwave. In its wake, a small rift opens, and Samson is sucked through, leaving no evidence that he was ever there.
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    Samson Malach
    Samson Malach character sheet
    Bennies: 3 (+2 interlude & dream, +1 post rate, -1 Spirit for Persuasion, -1 EE Persuasion, -1 Spirit for Persuasion, -1 EE Persuasion, +2 assist Vello, -1 EE Scara's Tower, -1 soak Scara's Tower, +1 saving the complications, -1 Spirit for Stealth, -2 Stealth rerolls, +1 murder wraith music, +1 portal / Scara's tower scene, -1 Scara's tower EE notice for loot, +1 for joker, -1 EE Fighting murder wrait, -1 reroll damage, +1 EP spent, -1 EE Mind Control, +1 stairway, -1 EE crossing bridge, +1 Fate's End post, +1 Black Burger, +1 final battle scene, +1 megaversal legion pic, -1 EE smarts, -1 EE shooting, +1 final round)
    Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
    ISP: 40 / 40
    Parry: 6
    Toughness: 29 (18) (Iron Mage Glitter Boy armor)
    Pace: 6
    Pertinent Edges: Improved Rapid Recharge, Quick, Brave, Elan, Telemechanics, Ambidextrous
    Weapon in hand: Ringil
    Weapon in holster: Iceblast Shotgun
    Adventure Cards:
    • Flesh Wound: Play to cause a wounded Extra to rise immediately, un-Shaken and unharmed. The Extra must have been wounded in the current "scene".
      Adrenaline Surge: Your hero gets an additional and immediate turn (including new movement)
      Arcane Inspiration: ***PLAYED***When playing this card, a character with any sort of Arcane Background can either use one of his powers as a free action, or use a power he doesn't have.
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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Z'Anomandir » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:24 am

    Notice 3 Common Knowledge 9
    Notice: 1d6 = 3: 3
    WILD dye: 1d6 = 1: 1

    Common Knowledge: 1d6 = 2: 2
    WILD dye: 1d6 = 6: 6
    -ACE: 1d6 = 3: 3
    Why is Tiamat taking away the squad leaders like that, I wonder? For a moment Zan's heart sinks in dismay as he soars over the battle lines. The realization Tiamat did not show up for strictly altruistic reasons angers him. "You wretched five-headed bitch! If you're not here to help then you shouldn't be here at all," he roars at her, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "And you're embarrassing me in front of my new friends!"

    Recklessly, Z'Anomandir steers toward the ancient draconic demigod as if to attack her. Almost immediately booming, mocking laughter wracks his mind as Tiamat gives him but a taste of her power. It takes great effort for Zan to stay aloft as her voice lances his skull. Foolish welp. You dare challenge me? Oh, little wyrmling! Such stupid bravery! For I am to you as you are to an insect! Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Tiamat's enormous tail lashes out and strikes a vicious blow across Zan's snout.
    Damage 18 shaken - use benny to cancel
    MD damage: 2d6 = 11: 6, 5
    -ACE: 1d6 = 6: 6
    -ACE2: 1d6 = 1: 1
    Stunned, he tumbles out of control and loses several hundred feet in altitude before he is able to finally level off. Again Tiamat's laughter thunders in his brain. You are still pathetically weak, but you amuse me. This battle you inadvertently summoned me to also amuses me. For that, I will let you live today rather than snatching the life out of you as your impudence so richly deserves. Here, I'll even give one of these pathetic creatures back to you for the rest of the battle. If you can catch it, that is... More mocking laughter rattles Zan's brain as in the distance he sees one of the humanoid squad commanders appear from out of nowhere and immediately start plummeting toward the ground.
    Leaderless roll - Spirit 6 success
    Spirit: 1d6-4 = 2: 6
    -ACE: 1d6 = 1: 1
    -Extra Effort -1 benny: 1d6 = 3: 3
    WILD dye: 1d6-4 = 1: 5
    Z'Anomandir tucks his wings in to his body and dives toward the tiny figure falling in the distance. At great risk to himself, he dives faster than he has ever dived before, so anguished is he by the sense of responsibility for Tiamat's treachery. If he isn't careful, he could smash into the ground like the falling commander. Fortunately at the last moment his claws reach out and grasp the plummeting humanoid, a cyberknight commander. As they land amidst his confused troops, the cyberknight commander gives quick and precise orders to his 2nd in command before turning back to Z'Anomandir. "Mighty Wyrm, I give thanks to you for saving my life but I'm afraid the time for pleasantries is short. Without direction, this army risks annihilation and rout. Let me, therefor, ride you into battle. We will range across the lines and dispense direction to our allies and justice to our foes. What say you?" The cyberknight stands upright with his chin raised to look the dragon in his eyes, waiting for Zan's answer.

    Zan grins eagerly and dips his neck low enough for the cyberknight to climb on his back. "You had me at 'Mighty Wyrm'!" ...and I must do something to rectify Tiamat's treachery. As the cyberknight settles in among his icy back scales, Zan suddenly remembers something. "Oh! Did I tell you one of my new friends was promoted to overall command? His name is Pretty Boy Jude - wait, that's ridiculous. The man deserves the title he has earned. I meant to say his name is Commander Pretty Boy Jude. You should call him on your radio and see if he has any orders for us!"
    Shooting 9 raise
    Shooting: 1d8 = 4: 4
    WILD dye: 1d6 = 5: 5
    -Extra Effort -1 benny: 1d6 = 4: 4
    During battle Z'Anomandir flies from place to place at Jude and the cyberknight's urging, blasting disruptive holes in enemy charges or helping to turn a flank with his fearful presence.
    • Leaderless roll - success - used benny for EE
    • Shooting roll - raise - used benny for EE
    • Damage taken - shaken - canceled w/ benny
    • -3 total bennies
    Ice Dragon
    Legendary Table reward: Badass Family: gain 2 attribute points for the character and his descendants (+1 dye type each to Agility, Smarts)
    Bennies: 6/3
    • +1 for following directions during debriefing
    • +1 for including Shalla in interlude
    • -1 to unshake from brainburn due to crit fail psionic roll
    • +1 for Lucky O'Malley post
    • +1 for post-battle breakfast talk

    Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d12+4, Vigor d8
    Charisma: -2; Pace: 6 (Fly 12, Climb 0); Parry: 6; Toughness: 34 (16 MDC); In human form w/ armor on = 13 (6); PPE: 20; ISP: 20
    Notice d6, Common Knowledge d6, K-Arcana d4
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • Outsider(-2 CHA)
    • Large (+2 to be hit)
    • Enemies (CS)
    • Territorial

    Edges and Abilities of Note:
    • AB (Psionic), Major Psionic, AB (Magic)
    • Power Surge: gain 2d6 PP or ISP when dealt a Joker for initiative
    • Icy Breath: 12/24/48 for 4d6 MD or Cone for 2d10 MD
    • Claws/Bite (Iconic): Naturally massive teeth and talons (Str+3d6 AP 4, Mega Damage)
    • Tail Lash (Iconic): Sweep a 2" long by 4" wide rectangle. Fighting attack ignores size penalties, (Str+d8 Mega Damage)
    • Impervious to Cold: Ice and cold do not affect an Ice dragon at all. Non-variable frequency lasers do only half damage due to the reflecting nature of their icy hide.
    • Infravision (Iconic): halve the penalties for dark lighting against living targets
    • Slow Regeneration (Iconic): These creatures can even regenerate lost limbs over time, making a natural healing roll once per day.
    • Fear (Iconic): A dragon is a terrifying creature to most folks, who must make a Fear check when first seeing him.


    Adventure Cards
    -Villanious Verbosity: Play to make an opposing Wild Card lose his next action by gloating or talking about his master plan.
    -Renown: Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).

    PPE: 20/20
    Powers: Freeze entangle ; Battle Shards deflection ; Fortify/Sap boost/lower trait
    ISP: 20/20
    Powers: Hibernation slumber ; Cold Snap dispel ; Blizzard Spirit intangibility

    TW Medium Cyberknight Armor: healing

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Jude Maverick » Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:07 am

    Notice 17
    Notice 1d8 = 4: 4
    Wild 1d6 = 6: 6
    Ace 1d6 = 6: 6
    Ace 1d6 = 5: 5

    Whisked from the battlefield, Jude’s head was spinning after the number they had just performed. He hoped he’d made Zieja proud, at least, one last concert with her Wicked guitar.

    And then Jude is dragged into the command tent and shoved in front of a map of the area marked with units.

    “Wait, what? I’m in charge?” Jude blinked in shock, looking around him. Expectant eyes stared at him. “Right. Ehm, okay.”

    Jude took a breath and picked up the radio to make sure all the troops heard. “This isn’t over, everyone. Not by a long shot. But look! We should have been overwhelmed. We took the brunt of Geist’s army, and we stood tall! We didn’t buckle, cave, or route. We took everything she sent at us, and we spit in its face and kicked it right back.

    “We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Chicago, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our people, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender! Today is a good day to die! This. Is. Gloom!

    “He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tiptoe when the day is named, and rouse himself. He that shall live this day, and see old age, will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, and then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars. And say 'These wounds I had on Gloom’s day.' Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot, but he'll remember with advantages what feats he did that day: then shall our names familiar in his mouth as household words be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd. And Gloom’s Day shall ne'er go by, from this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remember'd; we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition. And all people now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us upon this glorious day.”

    Jude raised his voice loudly.

    “We are the Tomorrow Legion!”
    Leaderless Complication 12 2 Raises
    -4 difficulty, +2 Renown
    Persuasion 1d12+6 = 12: 6
    Wild 1d6+6 = 9: 3
    A loud cheer erupted through the lines of the Allied soldiers. Jude took several steadying breaths. He could make a good speech. He had studied the inspiring words and leadership of Emperor Prosek enough during his cadet days. Now he had to remember his tactical classes.

    Oh, why, oh why, Lieutenant Commander Davis, did you have to fill out that uniform so nicely. And why did I pay more attention to lessons than to the length of your skirt or what I saw when you lost two buttons on your blouse.

    “The living fire,” Jude spoke up. “Get that dragon Zan on those with his icy breath. Coordinate with the frost giants. They will be immune to his breath, and should have abilities to cool those fires. Sky pirates, take which ones you can out of the sky before they even get to our forces, if you can, targets of opportunity, but your most important job is to keep me updated tactically. You’re our best eyes.

    “Organize the cyber-knights and the combat Magdalenas against those Annihilation hounds. Those things are clearly unholy. They should have the edge. Send what support Magdalenas you can with them. Federation, Dweomer, and Arcane Company support them. They are likely going to be resistant to non-magical attacks.

    “Glitterboys, I know it’s tough, but you have to handle those Martians. You’ve been doing well. There aren’t many left. Keep it up.

    “Coalition troops, keep that rearguard strong. We can’t afford to get flanked. Everyone else, contain those CEALS.”

    As the battle commenced, Jude kept track of the tactical updates. His eyes scanned the battlefields and consulted Vello’s strategic notes.

    However, not even the command tent was immune to battle, as a CEAL team managed to slip through the lines and lead a kamikaze charge up the hill. Jude grabbed his rifle and flipped to the ion setting for the close quarters, blasting at the undead life forms.
    Mass Combat 18 3 Raises
    +2 targeting, +2 ion setting, +2 Veteran
    Shooting 1d8+6 = 7: 1
    Wild 1d6+6 = 11: 5
    Extra Effort 1d6 = 5: 5
    Elan +2
    Jude blasted apart CEAL after CEAL, their atoms being peeled away by the ion spread. They never reached him, and by the time the local command guard responded, Jude gestured, “Clean that up. They’re distracting me.”
    K Battle 29
    Conditional Roll 29
    +2 start, +2 Jude, +2 Libertas, +2 Jitters, +2 Cantrell, +2 Z’Anomandir, +2 Max, +2 Flint, +? Markus, +? Alex, +2 battle plan
    K Battle 1d4+12 = 15: 3
    Wild 1d6+12 = 18: 6
    Ace 1d6 = 5: 5
    Healing Stone: 15/15 PPE
    Armor: 15/15 PPE
    Necklace: 15/15 PPE
    Last edited by Jude Maverick on Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:08 am, edited 4 times in total.
    Character Tracker
    Jude Maverick Character Sheet
    Parry: 6; Toughness: 17 (8 natural, +1 duster, 4 armor, 4 personal force field [nonmagical attacks only, ignores AP)
    You Know What to Do: During the first round of combat you gain and extra card draw and +2 to your trait rolls, +2 damage, +2 pace (stacks with a joker).
    Battle Hardened: +2 Soak
    Brave: +2 Fear
    Common Bond: Share bennies
    Elan: +2 when spending Bennies
    Hard to Kill: When making rolls for Incapacitation or death, ignore Wound modifiers
    I Know a Guy
    Strong Willed: 2 vs. Tests of Will
    Trademark Weapon: +1 Shooting with JA-11
    Healing Stone: 15/15 PPE
    Armor: 15/15 PPE
    Necklace: 9/15 PPE
    Nike Airs: Teleport/Teleport Others (K. Electronics roll)
    Rifle Ammo: 59 (Spare clips: 2 x 20; 1 x 16; 2 x 30; 2 x 60)
    Pistol Ammo: 16 (Spare clips: 2 x 16)
    Bennies: 4/7
    Adventure Cards
    • We Have the Talent: You gain the benefits of an immediate Advance of your choice. You must meet any prerequisites. This benefit (new skill, increased trait, new Edge, etc.) lasts for the remainder of the session; your next actual Advance must be spent on this same benefit.
    • Enemy: Play at the beginning of the game session. A villain of the GM’s choice becomes your character’s sworn enemy and you may not soak wounds caused directly by him. Starting now, you draw an extra Adventure Card each game session until the enemy is “retired.”
    • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
    • Speedy Gonzales: Expend this card to gain +2 to your Pace for the rest of the scene.
    • In the Zone: Gain +1 to Shooting, Fighting, Throwing rolls until the end of the scene.

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Humble » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:13 am

    Listening to Han’s suggestion Humble did not understand why he would want this guy to be his friend. But if it needs be it needs be.
    Looking down at the chubby little man Humble said. “Open door, or I tear off body parts.”
    Capone was not one to be threatened and smiled. “Your going to tear off my body parts. Okay, let's go open the door.” Then started walking, but before he made it ten steps he spun quickly and shot humble in the face with a plasma pistol. “F*** you you big asshole. Nobody tells Al...” His voice trailed off as the half of Humbles face incinerated by the plasma was fully healed, humble not even falling down.
    The mighty hand reached out and grabbed the mobster. “Open door now.” Humble said his grip firm enough he accidently broke a couple bones in the out of his league mobster shoulder.
    Once the vault door swings open Humble sees Geist about to be sacrificed to some dark god by some ceals. “No more dark gods.” Launching into the ceals Humble sends his hammer through them in mass, their bodies unable to withstand his amazing strength. They were squishy and broke easily as Humble went in and finished them off, whatever ritual they were doing was destroyed as there was no longer a life to fuel it and Humble returned to the Cyber-Knight with the prisoner in tow.
    “What do with evil lady?” Humble asks the Cyber-Knight.

    Fate of Geist TBD (per Pender)

    Returning Humble saw the fight and it was going better than expected. Joining to help Humble looked confused when Jitter’s first asks him for help. Normally this was something he did without permission. But he liked Jitters and figured the guy knew what he wanted.
    26 Capone does what he is damn well told and is grateful about it to boot. 6 Successes
    Strength d12+6 in armor -4 Scene = d12+2
    Strength 1d12+2 = 13: 11
    Strength Wild 1d6+2 = 6: 4

    Benny 1
    Strength 1d12+2 = 4: 2
    Strength Wild 1d6+2 = 5: 3

    Benny 2
    Strength 1d12+2 = 5: 3
    Strength Wild 1d6+2 = 4: 2

    Benny 3
    Strength 1d12+2 = 6: 4
    Strength Wild 1d6+2 = 4: 2

    Red Benny
    Strength 1d12+2 = 14: 12 + Ace 1d12+14 = 21: 7 + Red Benny bonus 1d6 = 5: 5
    Strength Wild 1d6+2 = 7: 5

    Humble (Rob T)
    Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d12+3 (+6 when armored), Vigor d12+2
    Charisma: -2; Pace: 7;
    Skills of Note:
    • Fighting d12
    • Stubbornness (re-trapping of Faith) d6
    • Throwing d6
    Edges of Note
    • Dirty Fighter Edge (HJ):
    • Arcane Background Miracles (HJ): Begins with Boost Trait & Warrior's Gift (His faith is one of War, Humble cannot disobey a superior in martial structures or turn away from a reasonable challenge)
    • Invulnerability (Iconic): Humble is invulnerable to Fear and Death. Regenerating instantly even from burning, beheading and dismemberment.
    • Fast Regeneration (Iconic): May make a Natural Recovery roll every turn at Vigor +2 (d12+4 normally)
    • Behemoth (Novice 1): Size 3, +2 to Grappling & Push rolls
    • Brawny (Novice 1): Size 4
    Current Status
    Parry: 9* (Normal Sized attackers receive +1 to hit Humble)
    Toughness: 28 (8)
    PPE: 15/15
    Wounds: 0/3
    Fatigue: 0/0

    Bennies: 3
    • +3 Quarterly Reset
      +1 Reward for helping GM with poll and post counts
      +0 Wash on EE and bonus benny in bottom of turn one with bone snake
      -3 Failed to hit bone snake monster
      -1 Extra Effort resist Puppet
      +2 Scene Bonus
      +1 Voluntary Fear Check

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Icosa » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:23 am

    "Go, Hans! We'll keep them inside!"

    The CEALs came like a post-human wave. Each was augmented first by the cocktails of super-science drugs and metabolic enhancers, administered by a computer system developed at the height of Old Earth's technological prowess. Any of them could have easily won any Olympic event, one after the other without time to rest in between. Then to that add the powers of undeath and necromantic enhancements concocted by Scara and her sorcery.

    There were hundreds.

    Alecto grabbed her grenade launcher from its mounting clamp on her armor and brought it around. She had only seconds to launch a salvo of grenades into their front line. The explosives were intended for penetrating heavy armor, but still produced a series of blossoming explosions and shrapnel that threw bodies hither and yon. It didn't seem to put much of a dent in their numbers, but each one killed now was one she didn't have to deal with in hand to hand.

    Then they were on her. She drew the black runeblade she'd taken from the gauntleted fist of one of the mystic knights guarding Scara's tower. The runes lit up with power as she invoked the magic of the blade. The CEALs weren't the only ones who could split the seconds now. With her exoskeletal armor boosting her strength, and the enchanted sword increasing her speed, she could fight these creatures on more equal terms. Except for numbers, of course, but Alecto had anticipated a situation like this.

    Her vibroblade extended from her left wrist with a snap and a high-pitched whining noise.

    What followed was hard to follow for someone who couldn't see the scene in slow motion. Alecto activated the camouflage functions of her armor, which couldn't make her invisible by themselves, but did make her outline very hard to make out against the background. Then she was moving, constantly a blur of half-glimpsed motion as she spun and vaulted...never letting the CEALs pin her down. And where that smudge went, CEALs died. Broad slashing arcs, trailing green-blue witchlight from the runeblade in one hand, or exploding in sparks as the vibroblade struck armor, sometimes leaving two or three CEALs at a time in their wake. The supersoldiers were skilled at evasion, but there were just too MANY of them. Alecto quickly learned to attack clumps of them...using her unearthly mobility to take them by surprise, kill a handful, then escape before they could organize a coordinated response.

    But always the objective interfered. She wasn't there explicitly to kill targets, but to protect the door. Several nearly got out once, forcing Alecto to use her jetpack to barrel through a formation of undead soldiers, knocking them flying as she intercepted the near-escapees to cut them down.

    There were too many! If she had to stay near the door, they'd be able to pin her down at some point, and then it would all be over. Her armor, her armored chassis, was no match for their superhuman strength if they had time and leverage to exert it effectively.

    Fortunately, Alecto wasn't fighting alone.
    Rolls: Fighting 11
    Fighting at -4 1d12-2 = 7: 9 or 1d6-2 = 0: 2
    Benny to go for the gold: 1d12-2 = 2: 4 or 1d6-2 = 3: 5
    Not gold yet! 1d12-2 = 9: 11 or 1d6-2 = -1: 1
    STILL NOT GOLD 1d12-2 = 3: 5 or 1d6-2 = 2: 4
    STAY ON TARGET 1d12-2 = 10: 12 or 1d6-2 = -1: 1
    There it is, on my last benny no less; Ace 1d12 = 1: 1 is pain. Welp, 11 it is!

    Something good? 2d6 = 3: 1, 2
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    OOC Comments
    Bennies: 4/4 Red Bennies: 1
    Toughness: 21 (9 armor), Parry 9
    Notice: 1d8 (+2 visual)

    Character Name: Alecto
    Rank: Seasoned Experience: 45 Advances Left: 0
    Race: Android
    Iconic Framework: MARS Techno Warrior
    Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10 (d12+2), Vigor d8
    Charisma: +2; Pace: 6 (8); Parry: 6 (9); Toughness: 11 (+2 in armor, and +7 armor)

    Race Package:
    Adaptable (2)
    Construct (8)

    Outsider (-1) (Applies when true robotic nature is revealed)
    Distinctive (Concealable; a Wound reveals) (-1)
    Restricted Path (No ISP/PPE) (-2)
    Wanted (Major) (-2) (CS, Federation would destroy immediately; also mysterious creating faction hasn't forgotten her)
    Dependency (Power) (-2)

    Skills: 15 (5 fight/shoot/throw)
    Shooting 1d10
    Fighting 1d8 (1d12+2)
    Investigation 1d6
    Persuasion 1d6
    Stealth 1d8
    Streetwise 1d8
    Notice 1d8

    Clueless (Major - Is rebuilding knowledge of the world after having suffered near-total memory loss)
    Stubborn (Minor - Has great confidence in ability to calculate outcomes; tends to reject counterarguments)
    Cautious (Minor - Always wants to plan for every contingency; cover every angle)

    Adaptable: Attractive
    Brawny (+1 Toughness, 8x Str carrying)
    Brave (+2 vs fear)
    Ambidextrous (ignore offhand penalty)
    Rich (5000creds at start, 2 rolls on gear tables)
    Filthy Rich (20,000 at start, 3 more rolls)
    Quick Draw (draw weapon as free action, +2 to Agility to fast-draw)
    Two-Fisted (ignore multi-action penalty for using off hand)
    Level-headed (draw two initiative cards and use best)
    Sweep (Make single Fighting attack and apply to all adjacent targets at -2)
    Rock and Roll (Ignore recoil penalties on full-auto shots)
    Strong Willed (+2 to Taunt and Intimidate; +2 on Tests of Wills)
    Elan (+2 on rolls resulting from using a Benny)
    Improved Sweep (Fighting attacks made with Sweep suffer no penalty)

    Upgrades (Cybernetics): (Max Strain: 12)
    Core Electronics (1)
    * Interface jack: +4 Repair or Common knowledge for linked equipment, 20 mile radio
    Optics Package (1)
    * +2 sight Notice, IR/Nightsight, 50x distance/20x macro, +2 vs blinding, record images
    Reinforced Frame 2 (2)
    * +4 Toughness
    Enhanced Vigor 1 (1)
    * +1d Vigor
    Cyber-Wired Reflexes 1 (1)
    * +1d Agility
    Wired Chip Port (1)
    * 4d skill chip (Fighting)
    Targeting Eye (1)
    * +2 Shooting on calibrated weapons
    Nano-Repair System (2)
    * Heal 1 Wound/day, +4 vs Bleeding Out
    Built in Weaponry (1)
    * 1 Vibroblade (purchased: 13,500)

    Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol (2d6+1, AP4, RoF 1, 16eclip, 15/30/60, semiauto)
    JA-11 Laser Rifle (3d6 laser or 3d6+1 ion, AP2, RoF 1, 60eclip, 30/60/120, can do MD for 10x shot power +snapfire, reduces range penalties by 2)
    Vibro-Sword (Str+1d10 MD)
    NG-E4 Plasma Ejector (3d10 MD, no AP, RoF 1, 12eclip, 24/48/96, snapfire, affects least-armored location, can ignite)
    NE-85 Personal Rail Gun
    Range: 70/140/280
    Damage: 2d10+4
    RoF: 3
    AP: 4
    Shots: 20
    Weight: 60 lbs
    Cost: 75,000
    Notes: Mega Damage, no Snapfire penalty. Shots listed are number of full bursts.
    SFD Huntsman Armor (+3 armor mod)

    The Fury - Signature Item
    Exoskeleton Body Armor
    +2 toughness, +9 armor
    Pace +2
    Str 1d12+2
    Full environment
    Loudspeaker, 10 mile radio, laser rangefinder, nightvision
    Min str d8
    96 hours operation on full charge

    NG-S2 Survival Pack
    2 person tent, +20% water supplies
    Sleeping bag
    Flashlight w/knife; solar
    Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
    Short range (5 mile) radio
    First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
    Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
    Three ‘saw wires’
    Fire starter
    Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
    4 signal flares
    Climbing kit w/30 rope
    Soap and washcloth
    2 weeks rations

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Maximilian » Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:55 am

    Rabid Dog behind the controls of a Titan TR-001 - 23, +5 successes
    Spirit roll vs. Leaderless Complication
    1d8-4 = 1: 5

    Benny for EE with Elan and prior = success
    1d6+3 = 6: 3

    WD Spirit
    1d6-4 = 0: 4

    Fighting/Shooting roll at +2 for Veteran rank
    1d10+2 = 8: 6

    WD Fighting/Shooting roll
    1d6+2 = 4: 2

    Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 12: 8

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 8: 4

    Just for fun, 2nd Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 10: 6

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 10: 6

    Ace WD with prior
    1d6+10 = 16: 6

    2nd Ace WD with prior
    1d6+16 = 19: 3

    Gotta beat Cantrell's score: 3rd Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 5: 1

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 7: 3

    That'll never do: 4th Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 7: 3

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 9: 5

    Come on, Ace! 5th Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 14: 10

    Ace Combat with prior - Final Tally
    1d10+14 = 23: 9

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 8: 4

    Last one, just because: 6th Benny to reroll Fighting/Shooting at +2 for Veteran and Elan
    1d10+4 = 7: 3

    WD Reroll Fighting/Shooting
    1d6+4 = 10: 6

    Ace WD with prior
    1d6+10 = 16: 6

    2nd Ace WD with prior
    1d6+16 = 19: 3
    Max finishes his drum outro and hammers the final beat of the drums. The instruments disappear, and CEALs are overrunning the venue. He races with the rest of the 13th back to the command tent, where Nadine is waiting. "Hello, beautiful. Did you miss me?"

    Taking quick stock of the disastrous, leaderless situation, he scrambles into the Titan. "Feels like I haven't been at these controls for weeks. I wonder if I still remember how this thing works..." He clicks a trigger and fires off a railgun salvo, striking several of the Martian death walkers in vital locations. "Oh yeah, THAT'S how that goes!" He lets out a menacing laugh / growl over the loudspeaker, and immediately goes to work. The massive armor strides forth into the fight, the plasma axe Good Night swinging back and forth, dissecting anything in its path. The *DAKKA DAKKA* of the railgun lays waste to several CEAL squads. Lasers drill into random foes, and missile volleys take out entrenched enemies. The Titan makes herself a giant target, but no piece of artillery manages to find a bead on the armored beast.

    As the fight wears on, he notices several automatons from the City of Brass standing lifeless, surrounded and cut off from pilots by the annihilator hounds. Howling over the loudspeaker, the enraged dog boy pilot piles into the cluster, cutting apart anything that gets close. "COME ON! Get these giants back into the fight! Follow me!" Emboldened by the appearance of the robot, the automaton pilots find their way back into the seats of their magical walking tanks and join Max and Nadine in pushing the lines back. The annihilator hounds yelp with unholy noises as they are beaten and bloodied, driven back towards the cages they came from. "You dogs may be big, but I'm the alpha in this pack!" A mighty swing of the plasma axe immolates one of the massive hounds. "Looks like hot dogs are on the menu tonight! WAAAAAHHHHOOOOOO!!"
    Maximilian character sheet
    Alex - Allied Extra character sheet
    Bennies: 5 (+1 omission from debrief, +1 roommate interlude, -1 EE search for wand, +1 no armor, -1 soak, -1 EE resist fear, -1 EE shooting, +1 showering, +1 RP lunch area, +1 intercepted radio, -1 reroll Piloting, +1 Mikey Danger)
    Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
    Parry: 7
    Toughness: 22 (9) (Enchanted Berserker Plate Armor, Tough Breed)
    Pace: 6/8 in armor
    Edges: Robot Armor Jock, Ace, Combat Ace, Ambidextrous, Quick, Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Charismatic, I Know A Guy, Elan, Battle Hardened
    Weapon in hand: none
    Weapon in holster: Vibroswords (2)
    Wilk's 227 Pulse Laser
    • Range: 18/36/72
      Damage 2d6+1, AP 2
      ROF 2, Payload 24, Semi auto, 3RB
    2 spare e-clips
    Standard out-of-robot gear from NG-S2: flashlight, compass, radio, first aid kit, fire starter, wooden cross, 1 flare, 30 feet rope
    Adventure Cards
    • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly "clicks." You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
      Boom! Head Shot: You may ignore any Called Shot penalties on your next ranged attack.
      Rally: Play to cause all allies in sight/hearing to immediately lose their Shaken status.
    Titan TR-001 Combat Robot
    Size: 8
    Crew: 1+2
    Toughness: 44 (22)
    Pace: 10
    • Medium Rail Gun
      • Range: 100/200/400
        Damage: 3d10+4, AP 14
        ROF 3, shots 60
      Medium Missile Launchers (2)
      • Range: 200/400/800
        Damage: 8d6, AP 15, MBT
        ROF 1, shots 4
      Mini Missile Launchers (2)
      • Range: 100/200/400
        Damage: 5d6, AP 6, SBT
        ROF 1, shots 12
      Medium Laser
      • Range: 150/300/600
        Damage: 3d10, AP 10
        ROF 1
      Dino Bladder Water Cannon
      • Range: cone
        Damage: 3d10
        5 bursts
      Good Night
      • Melee damage: Str + 2d10 MD Plasma
        Plasma Ejector damage:
        • 2d6 plasma & heat (vigor -2 or suffer level of fatigue
        • 3d6 using 2 shots
        • 6d6 using 4 shots
        Payload: 10 shots unless hooked to permanent power supply
        ROF: 3
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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:39 am

    OOC Comments
    Gm Geist roll 1d12+8 = 13: 5 ( scholar, art of war, +2 medium artilary, martians, +2 plan). She used her cry havok edge( 1 extra token lost if she wins the opposed roll) wild 1d6+8 = 11: 3 gm benny to reroll 1d12+8 = 15: 7 wild 1d6+8 = 9: 1 end of the quad last gm benny spent 1d12+8 = 16: 8 wild 1d6+8 = 9: 1
    Field Team Six Bennies

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Carlos Caravello » Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:46 pm

    Fighting 5
    1d10 = 9: 9
    Scene Modifier:-4
    Total: 5
    Wild 1d6 = 3: 3
    As CEALS pour out of the ballroom Carlos laughs. The salty mercenary realizes that if those CEALS leave the hotel the entire city will be overrun. Drawing his new sword he runs straight toward the ball room, grim determination on his face. This is all about willingness to do violence for the side of good. No hallway fighting, no tactics, just a mad rampage toward the source of the CEALS. Cutting a swath through them he takes advantage of the huge disruptions in their ranks caused by his teammates, Man the Black can bring the hurt. With precious time to admire their capacity for violence he presses forward, decapitating a CEAL as he presses forward.

    The doors to the ballroom are wide open as CEALs pour out like booze in Vello's basement. Unable to press forward against the teeming mass of undead super soldiers, Carlos activates his anti-gravity pack and flies along over their heads, slashing and swinging his sword as he goes by for good measure. Careening into the ballroom an errant blast hits his pack, dropping him into the swarm of monsters. Completely surrounded he smiles and starts fighting as many as he can. Unfortunately, there are too many and soon he finds himself pinned down while others stomp on him and and gnash at him.

    Swinging wildly he tries to protect himself and suddenly becomes aware of an alarm in his ear. The grav pack's micro fusion reactor has been damaged and is leaking fuel. Laughing like a fool he exerts all his strength to break free from the vice like grip of the CEALs, shrugging off his jet pack like a kid shrugs off his coat to escape the grip of a bully. Without thinking he turns around and snap fires his plasma cannon at the pack, still tightly gripped in the hands of a CEAL.

    As he pulls the trigger he realizes with macabre irony that they are standing on a dance floor, "Let's dance!"

    When the plasma burst slams into the grav pack it initiates a massive chain reaction in the damaged fusion reactor and Carlos howls wildly. The massive detonation rocks the whole hotel but the blast is adsorbed but the bodies of hundreds of CEALS, ripping them apart and sending a massive shock wave through the ballroom. Consumed by his own blast, Carlos catches a glimpse of the destruction he has wrought and goes to meet his maker with a smile on his face, but badly in need of a drink.
    Character Information
    Carlos Caravello
    Armored Stats: Strength d12+2; Pace: 8; Toughness: 20 (7), +2 Ranged Attacks, +2 Stealth (wilderness)
    Bennies 4/4

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Z'Anomandir » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:03 am

    Cmdr. Pretty Boy Jude wrote:“Get that dragon Zan on those with his icy breath. Coordinate with the frost giants. They will be immune to his breath, and should have abilities to cool those fires."
    Z'Anomandir exults when Jude's orders are relayed to him. Orders for me! Now is my time to show them what I can do! To the cyberknight on his back Zan declares, "Tell them we're on our way! Hold on!"

    The ice dragon banks hard in a 180 degree turn to aid the frost giants.
    Ice Dragon
    Legendary Table reward: Badass Family: gain 2 attribute points for the character and his descendants (+1 dye type each to Agility, Smarts)
    Bennies: 6/3
    • +1 for following directions during debriefing
    • +1 for including Shalla in interlude
    • -1 to unshake from brainburn due to crit fail psionic roll
    • +1 for Lucky O'Malley post
    • +1 for post-battle breakfast talk

    Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d12+4, Vigor d8
    Charisma: -2; Pace: 6 (Fly 12, Climb 0); Parry: 6; Toughness: 34 (16 MDC); In human form w/ armor on = 13 (6); PPE: 20; ISP: 20
    Notice d6, Common Knowledge d6, K-Arcana d4
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • Outsider(-2 CHA)
    • Large (+2 to be hit)
    • Enemies (CS)
    • Territorial

    Edges and Abilities of Note:
    • AB (Psionic), Major Psionic, AB (Magic)
    • Power Surge: gain 2d6 PP or ISP when dealt a Joker for initiative
    • Icy Breath: 12/24/48 for 4d6 MD or Cone for 2d10 MD
    • Claws/Bite (Iconic): Naturally massive teeth and talons (Str+3d6 AP 4, Mega Damage)
    • Tail Lash (Iconic): Sweep a 2" long by 4" wide rectangle. Fighting attack ignores size penalties, (Str+d8 Mega Damage)
    • Impervious to Cold: Ice and cold do not affect an Ice dragon at all. Non-variable frequency lasers do only half damage due to the reflecting nature of their icy hide.
    • Infravision (Iconic): halve the penalties for dark lighting against living targets
    • Slow Regeneration (Iconic): These creatures can even regenerate lost limbs over time, making a natural healing roll once per day.
    • Fear (Iconic): A dragon is a terrifying creature to most folks, who must make a Fear check when first seeing him.


    Adventure Cards
    -Villanious Verbosity: Play to make an opposing Wild Card lose his next action by gloating or talking about his master plan.
    -Renown: Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).

    PPE: 20/20
    Powers: Freeze entangle ; Battle Shards deflection ; Fortify/Sap boost/lower trait
    ISP: 20/20
    Powers: Hibernation slumber ; Cold Snap dispel ; Blizzard Spirit intangibility

    TW Medium Cyberknight Armor: healing

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    Re: Part 2: Final War on Geist

    Post by Damien » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:58 pm

    Spirit 5
    Spirit Roll 1d10-4 = 5: 9
    WD 1d6-4 = 1: 5
    Combat Roll 19
    Psionics Roll for Mass Battle +2 from Rank.
    1d12+2 = 11: 9
    Using the earned bennie to EF 1d6 = 6: 6, Aced Roll
    WD 1d6+2 = 7: 5
    • Mass Battle

      The gates of the factories open and countless 20ft tall mutated dogs come growling forth to the front lines seeking to do nothing but deliver the hurt on the allies of Gloom, CEALs, mystic knights, mind-melters, martians, and megaversal legion redouble their efforts to destroy Giest’s enemies.

      Major René Cote, aka Flint, marveled at the mass of enemies. After decades of fighting inhuman monsters that threatened the CS, Flint took stock of the charging horde and started running numbers, Combat Stats and scenarios quickly filtered through his mind as he both rubbed at the pain in his knee and looked around at those assembled. Mages. Juicers. A few CS. Cyber Knights. Other ruffians who called Gloom home. Picking out a handful of allies Flint called them aside and addressed his plan with them. Surprised, they all agreed to the plan. A frontal attack lancing right into the enemy. What some would have called a suicidal attack.

      Massive bolts of electricity mixed with flames cascaded across the CEALs, Martians and Monsters of Giest’s army. Every triple bolt erupted into 40 foot explosions lanced and charred with flames. The cooked meat of the dead, and re-dead, waifed across the field of battle as the cadre of warriors and mages with Flint spearheaded into the enemy, fearless and without a care in the world for their own safety.

      Surrounded by the fallen, which littered the field, those that survived the charged assault with Flint looked around at the destruction they had wrought. A Mage from The Federation, removed his black hood and looked at the old retired CS Zapper/Burster, ”I see how Tolkeen could have fallen to the CS now. My respect and fear of the CS has grown today.” Turning the Shifter moves on leaving Flint and one other standing there amongst the killed. The D-Bee red skinned Mechanic from Gloom nods at Flint. ”Thank you Sir for helping Gloom.” The young D-Bee heads towards others he knows.

      Flint, surprised to have lived, looks around for others of the 13th. Seeing Jude, he grunts as his knee aches and crackles as he walks to rejoin the SET. Didn’t do it for Gloom. Did it for Earth. Thought I was going to die here. Of course I survived. Again. Sometimes those that deserve to win and live don’t get to and those of us, old arrogant bastards, like me, we survive. Life isn’t fair. Looking down at the dead heroes that joined Flint, as he walks past them, back to the SET, Flint looks sad, then just tired.

      ”We....won. I guess.”
    Lars / Damien / Ash

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