Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

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Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Snake Eyes » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:53 am

The Savage Rifts site makes use of the Adventure Deck, which provides some small but significant benefit when played. Novice characters draw one card per quarter; More experienced characters can draw and hold one card per rank (Seasoned is two, Veteran is three, etc.) but can still only play one card per quarter. (You can also buy extra cards with EP or get them by being a Patron - those don't count toward the hold limit and can be played at any time.) Cards may be traded 1 for 1 between characters in the same group. So if your cybernetic techno-warrior draws the "Arcane Inspiration" card, it can be traded to the mage for their "BOOM! Headshot" card.

The deck can be found here (ignore the "Held By" names--those are for the ones people have bought with EP or Patronage):
Adventure Card

Just roll a 1d54 below and look up which card that corresponds to. Be mindful of your draw number; the card numbering is one off from the row numbers in the spreadsheet (Row 2 is Card 1, Row 3 is Card 2, and so on). Go ahead and post which card(s) you drew below. Cards are drawn first come first serve, so if you get a roll that has already been rolled by someone else, just note it and reroll.

New Card Draws will be effective midnight, July 1, the first day of the new quarter.
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Heather Todd
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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Heather Todd » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:54 am

Novice 1 roll

1d54 = 27: 27 - Joker’s Gone Wild: Play this card to swap your initiative card with any Joker drawn for initiative.
Character Tracker
Heather Todd Character Sheet
Parry: 4; Toughness: 14 (6)
ISP: 30/30
Armor: 10/10 PP
Bennies: 4/3
Encumbrance: 28/28 (including pack, 70.75/28, -2 Agility and Strength skills)
Major Psionic: Mind Melters have the Major Psionic Edge and can spend 2 ISP to gain a +1 with any Psionic skill roll, or 4 ISP for a +2 (paid before the roll is made). These effects are doubled when on a ley line.
Mental Resistance/Mentalist: +6 vs Psionic effects, +4 Armor vs Psionic damage, +2 opposed Psionics rolls
Rapid Recharge: 1 ISP/30m
Grenades (carried)
  • 1 High Explosive
  • 1 Fragmentation
  • 2 Plasma
Shard Pistol: 36/36 shots
Fireburst Rifle: 20/20 shots
Adventure Card
  • Let’s Settle This: Play at the beginning of a combat round with no Jokers. No character can soak wounds until a Joker is drawn.

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Joseph Cook
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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Joseph Cook » Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:50 am

1d54 = 9: 9 Spill the beans: "The subject of your questioning tells you everything you want to know, whether by friendly
persuasion, intimidation, or force."
1d54 = 9: 9
1d54 = 30: 30 Revelation: "Your hero finds all the information available when doing research, or realizes critical information when confronting some obstacle such as a monster’s weakness, the answer to a riddle or cipher, etc."

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Gaspard Gillead
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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Gaspard Gillead » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:49 pm

Novice 1d54 = 5: 5

Out of the Frying Pan Play to avoid death, capture, or some other bad situation for your hero or any ally. The situation leads to some new trouble, however, as determined by the GM.
Gaspard Gillead
Seasoned D'Norr Shifter
OOC Comments
Agility d6, Smarts d12, Spirit d10, Strength d4 (d8 in armor), Vigor d6
Pace: 6/d6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 17 (8); Strain: 0; Corruption: 0
Spellcasting d12; Fighting d4; Athletics d4
Academics d8; Research d10; Common Knowledge d6; Occult d8
Persuasion d6 (Free Re-roll, -1 outside Occult circles); Notice d6; Stealth d4
Edges: Charismatic, Horns, Bind the Summoned, Spell Mastery (Interrogation); Ley Line Magic Mastery; Ley Line Phasing; Ley Line Gate; Sense Rifts; Shift Reality; Linguist; Diabolist; Strong-Willed; Psychotically Brave
Hindrances: Quirk (Sweet Tooth); Minor Enemy (Toben Heiros); Code of Honor; Sensitive; Alien Physiology; Disconnected
Powers (Personal): Return From Whence You Came; Mystic Armory; Mana Chill; Authority; Wings of the Demon; Mystic Interrogation; From Darkness Born; Rapid Transit; Expanded Awareness
Powers (Gear, no Modifiers): Nightmode, Magnification, Wall of Flame (May Use Damage Modifier), Universal Translator, Fortify Will (may use Greater Boost Modifier)
Special: Communication Rift; Dimension Sense
Soulguard (+2 Resistance to Corruption/mind control; Fortify Will Power)
Combat Mage Heavy EBA (+6A/+3T, +2 Strength Die-types)
Vibro-Knife (Str + d4 MD, AP 6)
Rift Staff (Str + d6, Parry +1, Manipulate Rifts +2, 2-handed, +2 PPE/rd to do MD)
Branaghan Arms Special Overcoat (+2A/+1T; It Has Pockets!)
Bag of Holding

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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Everett Jackson » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:43 am

Seasoned: 2 Rolls
2d54 = 65: 40, 25

25: Hidden Stash - Your hero scrounges up a generic type of item of your choosing, such as food and water, shelter, a box of ammo, enough money for a room, etc.
40: Thats Crazy Talk Mister - Play this card to cause all non-wild card enemies suffer a -2 MAP as they stop to listen to your jabbering for one round.
Everett Jackson, Titan Juicer
Everett, Human Titan Juicer
Pace: 10(d8); Parry: 7 Toughness: 24(9)
  • Uncanny Reflexes: Juicer reflexes are superhuman, granting them −2 to be hit by any attack they are aware of and +2 on Evasion rolls.
Note: Neither Quick nor Uncanny Reflexes apply on the first round of an unexpected combat/high-stress situation.
Combat-Relevant Edges & Abilities:
  • Ravenous Abandon (Berserk): Per the Berserk Edge, Everett can flip the switch and give partial control over his actions to the Reaver of Essence. This comes at a cost - ending Balitrox's berserking rage is not an option until its hunger has been sated by the blood of a wielder of arcane power
  • Charge: She may ignore the penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack at the end of her movement.
    • Overrun: If he moves at least one inch beyond his normal Pace before making any Fighting attacks, the hero adds +2 to the damage rolls. Any target Shaken by such an attack is knocked prone.
  • Drug-induced Euphoria/Tranquility: In order to keep the Juicer from burning out over a matter of days, the bio-comp constantly supplies a combination of psychotropic drugs and chemical inhibitors to keep him happy and calm. Juicers live in a state somewhere between mildly ecstatic and stoned, which causes −1 to all Smarts or Smarts-linked skill rolls in non-combat or low stress situations. On the first round of an unexpected combat or high-stress situation, the Juicer doesn’t gain the benefits of Uncanny Reflexes or Quick.
  • Frenzy: A character with Frenzy rolls a second Fighting die with any one of his Fighting attacks for the turn. The extra die may be allocated to the same or different targets as he sees fit. Resolve each separately.
  • Internal Repair System: As an action, the Juicer can make a natural healing roll at +2 to heal Wounds; this costs one charge.
  • Multi-Optic Helmet: It includes a targeting sight, magnification, thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, and night optics. The wearer ignores Illumination penalties, gains +2 to sight-based Notice checks or to offset Range penalties, and +1 Shooting with calibrated weapons. The helmet includes a hands-free radio (10-mile range) and megaphone voice-projection system.
  • Quick: Whenever you are dealt an Action Card of Five or lower, you may discard it and draw again until you get a card higher than Five.
  • Size +2
  • Split the Seconds: Juicers and Crazies often find themselves living between the ticks of the clock. This Edge allows them to ignore 2 points of Multi-Action penalties each turn (they can perform two actions at no penalty or three at −2 each).
  • Super Endurance: They require only half the normal amount of sleep and gain +2 on all Fatigue checks.
  • Trademark Weapon: +1 to Fighting with Balitrox and +1 Parry when Balitrox is readied.
Wounds: 0/3; Fatigue: 0/2; Balitrox's PPE: 5/5
Bennies: 5/3; IRMSS: 3/3
Burn: 7/8
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Balitrox speaking into Everett's mind.

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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:03 am

Alex: 2d54 = 46: 11, 35
Lucky Break
"Play this card to completely negate
the damage from one attack."

Seize the Day
"The character acts as if he had
drawn a Joker this combat round."
Field Team Six Bennies

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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Gill » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:42 am

2d54 = 26: 5, 21
Reroll 1d54 = 1: 1

Contact Your hero sees an old friend or acquaintance who might help him in his current quest somehow. Of course, he may also ask for a favor in return.

Second Wind Play on your hero to automatically remove all wounds sustained in this combat (but not crippling injuries). If Shaken, he is un-Shaken now as well.
Gill Chaos Master
Gill Chaos Master
Rank: Seasoned 2 (MARS + Site = 5) Advances Left: 0
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: MARS Vagabond
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace: 6 (d6 running); Parry: 5; Toughness: 12 (4); Strain: 0
Skills: North American d8 (Native), Notice (Smarts) d10 [/color] All Others d6[/list]

Gill's Resources
Bennies: 7
  • +5 Quarter Begins + Great Luck
    +2 Review of other Character

    Wounds: 0 of 3
    Fatigue: 0 of 2
    Focus Pool: 25/25
    Magic PPE: 10 of 10
    Miracles PPE: 10 of 10
    Psionic ISP: 10 of 10
    Techno Pool: 15 of 15

    Active Effects:
    Awesomeness +9,000
Curatrix - Avatar of The Chaos
Curatrix - Avatar of The Chaos
Rank: Novice 0 Advances Left: 0
Race: Avatar of The Earth
Iconic Framework: Intelligent Construct
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d12+10, Vigor d12+2
Pace: 0; Parry: 8 / 11 (3); Toughness: 42 (20); Size: 3 (10' tall 1,100 lbs)
Skills: Athletics d12, Common Knowledge d4, Fighting d12, Focus d6, Notice d6, Persuasion, Shooting d8, Stealth d4

Curatrix' Resources
Bennies: 2
  • +2 Quarter Begins

    Wounds: 0 of 5 (Ignores all Wound Penalties)
    Fatigue: 0 of 2
    Focus Pool: 15/15
Active Effects:
Awesomeness +9,000

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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Missouri » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:09 pm

1d54 = 17: 17:
Tale Teller Your hero must tell a story of his group’s deeds to an audience of some sort (roleplay this) and make a Persuasion roll. If successful, the listeners become friendly and helpful to the entire party.
Missouri Smith
Character Summary
D'Norr A.R.E.S. Archaeologist

Special: -2 vs Fear; Can get irritable/impatient during periods of low activity (requires a Spirit Roll or gets -2 Charisma and -1 to Trait rolls)

Active effects: Quickness (with raise so redraw Initiative lower than 8); +2 Pace, +1 die Agility.
TK Machinegun - Serious Problem: The device or gear applies a –2 to all Trait rolls where it’s used, or its applicable bonus is reduced by 2.


Parry: 7; Toughness: 21(11)
Weapons: TK Machinegun; Shard Pistol; TW Energy Whip

Edges: AB Magic, Attractive, Rapid Recharge, Strong Willed, Wizard

Charisma: +3 (-4 w/Coalition)

Bennies: 4

PPE: 25/20
Powers: Armor, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Quickness, Slumber

Adventure Cards:
  • Ace: Play instead of rolling to make a trait test with a single automatic raise.
Currently playing in: Tomorrow Legion: 12th AAT - The Dirty Dozen

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Xero X Kelvin
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Re: Adventure Deck - Q3 2018

Post by Xero X Kelvin » Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:59 pm

Novice: 1d54 = 46: 46

Reknown: Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).
Xero X Kalvin
Xero X Kalvin Novice Psi-Stalker Chiller
Parry: 4 || Toughness: 4
ISP: 20/20
Combat Edge: None
Bennies: 3/3
Adventure Card(s):
  • Cutting In Line: Draw 3 initiative cards and keep the highest..

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