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kidemonas (SWADE) - Ready for review

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:00 pm
by Kidemonas
Rank: Seasoned 3 Advances Left: 0
Race: Great Horned Dragon
Iconic Framework: Great Horned Dragon
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d12+5, Vigor d8
Pace: 6/12; Parry: 10 (2); Toughness: 42 (22) / 18 (8)
  • Athletics d8 (1, +adv)
  • Common Knowledge d4
  • Fighting d12 (+2 unarmed) (8)
  • Notice d4
  • Occult d4 (1)
  • Persuasion d4
  • Psionics d4 (0)
  • Spellcasting d8 (2, +adv)
  • Stealth d4

  • Heroic (Major): Feels he is a true hero, of course the best hero, and will always help those in need.
    Greedy (Minor): All dragons should have a hoard and Kidemónas sees no reason for that not to include him.
    Center of Attention (Minor): You would do anything to be the most beautiful, most admired, center of everyone’s attention. It greatly bothers you to be overlooked. You would never do anything to risk compromising your charm and beauty, such as crossing muddy swamps or dressing like a beggar. As a Minor Hindrance, your selfish behavior does not threaten those around you; you may be selfish and stubborn, but can still be coerced to performing a task.

These cousins to the Flame Wind dragons tend to be more intellectually developed and possess greater arcane potential than most hatchlings. Great Horned dragons, of course, grow impressive horns and have a thick hide, even for a dragon. Their hides are typically light to dark browns and other earthy colors.
  • Armored Hide*: Great Horneds have +22 MDC Armor and +6 Toughness in dragon form, in addition to Size bonuses..
  • Bite/Claws*: Dragons can naturally attack with massive teeth and talons dealing Str+3d4 Mega Damage, AP equal to Size, see Natural Weapons in Savage Worlds. In addition, their bite has Reach equal to the additional Wounds granted by Size.
  • Expanded Awareness: Dragons have the detect arcana power as an Innate Ability (see page 70) with the reduced Power Points cost from both the Range (Self) and Aspect limitations (see Trappings in Savage Worlds). They may also sense supernatural beings within line of sight with a Notice check.
  • Fear*: Hatchlings are terrifying creatures and cause Fear checks to all who see them.
  • Flame Breath*†: A Great Horned Hatchling in its natural form can breathe flame in a Cone Template dealing 3d6 Mega Damage (4d6 with a raise). This may be Evaded as normal (see Breath Weapons in Savage Worlds).
  • Flight*: The Hatchling has a Flying Pace of 12" and may "run" for extra movement as usual. Flight is usable in another form if it has wings.
  • Horned: True to their namesake, these dragons have massive horns on their skull which deal the same damage as their Claw/Bite as a Natural Weapon, and +4 damage and +4 AP at the end of one Fighting action in which they Run, move at least 5″ (10 yards), and successfully hit.
  • Infravision: Dragons halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking targets that radiate warmth.
  • Inherently Magical: Great Horneds know no magic spells, but have a natural pool of 15 PPE and can use Techno-Wizardry gear. Those who take an Arcane Background add this starting PPE to any gained from the Edge. Additionally, whenever they take the Power Points Edge, they gain +10 PPE instead of +5.
  • Limited Metamorphosis: A dragon begins life able to adopt a single human or humanoid form for a limited amount of time each day. He can maintain this form for a number of hours equal to his Spirit die before needing at least six hours of rest. The dragon gains no special properties of what he mimics, only the size and appearance, but he retains all of his own abilities except those only usable in dragon form (marked with an *). Weapons and other personal effects (up to Body Armor) are assumed into the dragon’s form and reappear when returning to humanoid form. Any other objects are dropped. The process does not work in reverse; all gear carried by the dragon is dropped when transforming into humanoid form.
  • Major Psionic: In addition to the standard Dragon Hatchling minor psionic abilities, Great Horneds begin play with the Major Psionic Edge; increase their ISP to 20 as normal. - Double ISP and Before attempting a Psionics skill roll, Major and Master Psionics may spend 2 ISP to gain +1 to the roll, or 4 ISP for +2.
  • Mighty†: Even Hatchlings are incredibly strong and resilient, Great Horned hatchlings
  • are mighty in both body and intellect. Begin with Strength d12+4, Vigor d8, and Smarts d6. Neither strength nor vigor attribute has a maximum limit.
  • Minor Psionic: Dragons begin with Arcane Background (Psionics), 20 ISP, Psionics d4, speak language and two other powers chosen from the standard psionic power list on page 122.
  • Nigh-Immortality: Dragons are supernatural creatures thought to be as old as the cosmos itself. Hatchlings mature around 600 years of age and, unless killed, can live up to 12,000 years. They are sustained by passively and effortlessly absorbing ambient magic energy, eating and drinking simply for pleasure. Dragons are immune to the Hazards of cold, heat, hunger, thirst, disease, poison, drowning, electricity, and radiation; see Hazards in Savage Worlds.
  • Resistant to Fire and Cold†: Take − 4 damage from heat and cold attacks.
  • Size 6 (Large)*: In their natural forms, Dragon Hatchlings are usually 15 –20 feet from snout to tail-tip and weigh up to 7 tons. This means Hatchlings gain a fourth Wound level and, when not using their Metamorphosis abilities, +6 Toughness (in addition to the Armored Hide bonus).
  • Slow Regeneration: Dragons make a natural healing roll once per day. Permanent injuries may be recovered once all Wounds are regenerated; treat each injury as an additional Wound for purposes of recovery.
  • Tail Lash*: A Hatchling in dragon form can attack all opponents adjacent to its rear or side as an action. The Hatchling uses its Athletics skill and ignores Scale penalties for this particular attack, which may be Evaded. Those who fail suffer Str+d8 Mega Damage.

For all their power, Dragon Hatchlings begin life with a number of limitations and difficulties.
  • Cybernetics: Dragons cannot take cybernetics at any point. Their bodies reject such foreign implants.
  • Enemies: Dragons are reviled by the Coalition, and hunted with extreme prejudice by CS forces when possible. In addition, many arcane factions seek to control dragons or use their body for the creation of powerful items.
  • Form Limits: If a dragon transforms into a humanoid race with a restriction based on its body type (such as Non-Standard Build, s ee p age 5 7), it suffers the same penalties as that race. The GM makes the final call on what counts as a body type restriction. In their natural form, dragons cannot wear any armor and can only use vehicular weapons specially adapted for their use at four times the normal cost. Most other gear can only be used in humanoid form (again, GM’s call).
  • Hatched: Dragons are born not made. They do not choose a race.
  • Outsider (Major): Dragon Hatchlings understand so little of the world, they inevitably cause socially awkward situations wherever they go, even in humanoid form. All Dragon Hatchlings have the Outsider (Major) Hindrance.
  • Territorial: Dragons tend to dislike their own, at least initially. Dragons are hierarchical and generally treat newcomers as invading their territory unless great care is taken in interactions.
  • Untested: Being so young and without any life experiences, Dragon Hatchlings have not had time to develop moral codes, physical limitations, or foibles. When creating a Dragon Hatchling character, the player selects no Hindrances to start (and, thus, doesn’t get the extra points to spend on character creation). Instead, he selects one Hindrance at the end of each session until he has four points worth of Hindrances. Only when all Hindrances are selected may the player spend the points on his character, working out what is appropriate with the Game Master. This represents imprinting and a “growth spurt” for the Dragon Hatchling.
  • Very Young: Dragon Hatchlings start out very young. They begin play speaking and reading only one language, Dragonese/Elven, and start with only 3 points to adjust their attributes and only 10 skill points. Unlike the Young Hindrance (which they cannot take), this complication does not grant extra Bennies each session.

Edges and Iconic Abilities
Education, Psionics, and Training
  • Hero’s Journey Training (4-5): Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge, or Martial Warrior, if he already had Martial Artist.
  • - Martial Artist: Unarmed Fighting +1, fists and feet count as Natural Weapons, add d4 damage die to unarmed Fighting attacks (or increase die a step if you already have it).
  • Hero’s Journey Training (4-5): Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge, or Martial Warrior, if he already had Martial Artist.
  • - Martial Warrior: Unarmed Fighting +2, increase damage die type a step.
  • Arcane Background (Magic) (Novice 1): Gained Access to magic, 10 PPE and 3 spells.
  • Stronger (Novice 2): Strength Raised to d12+5.
  • Power Points (Novice 3): +10 PPE.
  • Brute (Hindrance): Link Athletics to Strength instead of Agility (including resistance). Short Range of any thrown item increased by +1. Double that for the adjusted Medium Range, and double again for Long Range.
  • Brawler (Hindrance): Toughness +1, add d4 to damage from fists; or increase it a die type if combined with Martial Artist, Claws, or similar abilities.
  • Dragon Sharp Horns† (Seasoned 1): The Great Horned dragons with this Edge add +4 AP to all attacks with their Claws, Horns, and their Tail Lash ability, which now deals the same damage as their Claws. (Total 4d12+5 AP 10 and 1d12+3d4+5 AP 10 respectively: +4 Damage with 5" charge)
  • Skills (Seasoned 2): Raised Athletics and Spellcasting d8
  • Bruiser (Seasoned 3): Toughness raised +1, Damage increased a die type.

Re: kidemonas (SWADE) - Ready for review

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:01 pm
by Kidemonas
Arcane Background: (Psionics)
PPE/ISP: 20 - Recovery: 5/hour

Comprehension [Speak Languages] (ISP Cost: 1) [Novice]
  • Range: Self Only (-1 cost)
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Trapping: Psionic Imprinting from parents
  • Effect: This power allows a character to speak, read, and write a sapient language other than his own. A raise on the arcane skill roll allows the user to appropriately use and understand slang and dialect as well.

Arcane Denial [Arcane Protection] (ISP Cost: 1) [Novice]
  • Range: Self Only (-1 cost)
  • Duration: 5
  • Trapping: Psionic Filtering
  • Effect: Success with arcane protection means hostile powers suffer a −2 penalty (−4 with a raise) to affect this character. If the power causes harm, damage is also reduced a like amount.

Molecular Rearrangement [Protection] (ISP Cost: 1) [Novice]
  • Range: Self Only (-1 cost)
  • Duration: 5
  • Trapping: Psionic reinforcement
  • Effect: Protection creates a field of energy or armor around a character, giving him 2 points of Armor, or +4 with a raise. Whether the protection is visible or not depends on the Trapping—this is entirely up to the caster. Protection stacks with all other armor, natural or worn, and is negated by AP as usual.
  • Modifiers:
    • ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect additional targets at a cost of 1 Power Point each.
    • MORE ARMOR (+1): Success grants 4 points of Armor (+6 with a raise).
    • TOUGHNESS (+1): Protection provides Toughness instead of Armor and is not affected by AP (magical or otherwise).

Arcane Background: (Magic)
PPE/ISP: 35 - Recovery: 5/hour

Arcane Infusion/Diffusion [Boost/Lower trait] (PPE Cost 2) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: 5 (boost) / Instant (lower)
  • Trapping: Telekinesis
  • Effect: This power allows a character to increase or decrease a target’s Trait (attribute or skill). Boosting an ally’s Trait increases the selected Trait one die type, or two with a raise, for five rounds. Lowering an enemy’s Trait has a Duration of Instant and lowers the selected attribute or skill a die type with success, or two with a raise (to a minimum of d4). A victim automatically tries to shake off the effect with a Spirit roll as a free action at the end of his following turns. Success improves the effect one die type, and a raise removes the effect entirely. Additional castings don’t stack on a single Trait (take the highest), but may affect different Traits..
  • Modifiers:
    • ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    • STRONG (+1): Lower Trait only. The Spirit roll to shake off the effect is made at −2.

Grasp Prey [Entangle] (PPE Cost 2) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Telekinesis
  • Effect: Entangle allows the caster to restrain a target with ice, bands of energy, or other vine-like Trappings (Hardness 5). If successful, the target is Entangled. With a raise, he’s Bound. Victims may break free on their turn as detailed under Bound & Entangled on page 98.
  • Modifiers:
    • AREA OF EFFECT (+2/+3): For +2 points the power affects everyone in a Medium Blast Template. For +3 points the area of effect is increased to a Large Blast Template.
    • STRONG (+2): The entangling material is particularly resilient. Rolls to break free are made at −2 and its Hardness increases to 7.

Call on Heritage [Healing] (PPE Cost 3) [Novice]
  • Range: Touch
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Draconic Regeneration
  • Effect: Healing removes Wounds less than an hour old. A success removes one Wound, and a raise removes two. The power may be cast additional times to remove additional Wounds within that hour and as long as the healer has enough Power Points. For Extras, the GM must first determine if the ally is still alive (see Aftermath, page 96). If so, a successful arcane skill roll returns the ally to action (Shaken if it matters.)
  • Modifiers:
    • GREATER HEALING (+10): Greater healing can restore any Wound, including those more than an hour old.
    • CRIPPLING INJURIES (+20): The power can heal a permanent Crippling Injury (see Incapacitation, page 95). This requires an hour of preparation and only one casting is permitted per injury. If it fails, this caster cannot heal that particular injury (but someone else may try). If successful, the subject is Exhausted for 24 hours.
    • NEUTRALIZE POISON OR DISEASE (+1): A successful healing roll negates any poison or disease. If the poison or disease has a bonus or penalty associated with it, the modifier applies to the arcane skill roll as well.

Re: kidemonas (SWADE) - Ready for review

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:01 pm
by Kidemonas
Kidemónas’ hatched in a sunken bank where his egg was left in an abandoned vault. The psychic impressions imparted from his mother when she imprinted the skills needed for survival included feelings of extreme duress and being hunted. Kidemónas does not know what happened to her, but when he searched out to explore there was no-one and nothing living in the area. Without anyone to interact with Kidemónas soon departed trying to learn more of this world he was in.
Unfortunately, Kidemónas’ first encounter with living people was with a Coalition mechanized patrol. After approaching the humans to learn from them, Kidemónas instead learned he was not invincible Kidemónas was forced to flee. Encounter after encounter Kidemónas discovered that beings attacked him or fled from him in almost every situation until he met an Atlantean mystic named Nicholas. Nicholas was not only friendly towards him, he invited them to travel together.
Kidemónas spent two weeks traveling with Nicholas, who helped him and taught him many things he would need to know, abut the Tomorrow Legion, and how to care for others. Unfortunately, good things do not always last. While Nicholas and Kidemónas where traveling to Castle refuge they stopped on the way to help a town dealing with an evil shifter, in the attempt to stop the shifter from his efforts to destroy the town, both Nicholas and the shifter fell through a rift.
Kidemónas was crushed the only human consistently kind to him had disappeared and despite his efforts he did not yet have the arcane skill required to open his own rift to join his friend. Deciding he would continue helping people in need and travel to Castle Refuge to see if he could join the Tomorrow Legion Kidemónas moved on.

Kidemónas is driven by a strange combination of a dragons brutal method of dealing with problems, compassion to help people, and a childlike curiosity. Because of his youth he sometimes has trouble controlling his impatience and temper which can get him in trouble. He still wonders if he will ever meet Nicholas again or if he will ever find out what caused his mother so much fear when she hid his egg. After all an adult dragon should be invincible even if he is not.

Re: kidemonas (SWADE) - Ready for review

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:01 pm
by Kidemonas
Credits: 27,320

Giant Treasure Box
Made by Freya this is a truck bed sized box for carrying cool treasure and starting his hoard. Contents to date include...
  • Plasma Ejector: NG-E15 Pulse Ejector, Accidentally swallowed when he ate a powerful brodkil.
  • Vibrosword : Giant one taken form dead brodkil.
  • UAR1 Head: Torn from the first robot he defeated.
  • UAR1 Large laser: Taken with help from Freya from the same UAR1. She may be able to get it working for him.

NG-S2 Survival Pack (20 lb)
• Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
• Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
• Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
• Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
• First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
• Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
• Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
• Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
• Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
• Survival Knife
• Wooden Cross
• Mallet and wooden stakes
• 1 set extra clothes

KLS Triarius Heavy Armor (Patron Item) - Accessible and worn in human form only
  • +8 M.D.C. Armor and +2 Toughness
    Grants the wearer d12+2 Strength and +2 Pace
    While powered, ignores the d8 Strength Minimum for physical actions but not arcane skill rolls.
    The suit is restricted to 96 hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged (taking 2 hours at any power source)
    d8 Strength Minimum. (25 lb)
  • • Full Environmental Protection
    • Built-in mini-computers for basic functions
    • Communications system with a 10 mile range
    • Public-address loudspeakers
    • Integrated Multi-Optics suite with night and thermal vision mode for vision. It also can act as a pair of binoculars with a two-mile range. This digitally enhanced optic system provides infrared overlays, crosshair targeting, and real-time digital output of distance and estimated travel times to targeted locations. It also provides +2 on all ranged attacks.
    • Voice-controlled Computer Integrated Management & Security System (CIMSS): CIMSS is a simple AI which obeys and responds to all user requests and controls the suit's various systems, allowing them to be controlled as a free action.
    • Arm shield is modular; can be equipped on either upper arm.
    • •It adds +2 Armor and +2 toughness vs ranged attacks instead of +2 Armor.
    • •The shield's large size effectively gives a -1 to be hit ( as if from light cover and this stacks with other cover bonuses). Positioning the shield in this manner is a free action due to the Voice-controlled Computer Integrated Management & Security System (CIMSS).

NG LPO Elite Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item) - Accessible and worn in human form only
• 12 attachment points
• Characters wearing this coat treat their Strength as one die type higher when determining Encumbrance (SWADE page 67). This stacks with Brawny.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (3 lbs.)
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (TLPG, p.88)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Blue Diamond, creates walls of blue lightning. 10 PPE
• Attachment: Black Diamond, allows telekinesis 10 ISP
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Re: kidemonas (SWADE) - Ready for review

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:53 am
by Ndreare
Wishlist: Needs to buy Vibro-vambraces for melee combat.

Advancement Plans - These can always change, but they help keep things in perspective.
Seasoned 4: Frenzy
Veteran 1: Improved Frenzy
Veteran 2: Two Fisted
Veteran 3: Ambidexterity
Veteran 4: Vigor
Heroic 1: Fast Regeneration