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Table Rules

Post by Stoic » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:15 am

(Please note that these are stolen from RFT with permission)

Bennies - Spend Them as You Like
Like a more powerful version of Common Bond all wild cards may spend their bennies however they like for themselves or others.

Command Edges
Command Edges work as normal within 5" and 10" respectively, but also gain the following.
If you have effective communication and observation, you can use Command Edges on Spirit/2 people.
If you have Command Presence this increases to Spirit in people.

Casual Power Use
As per the casual use of skills, as per page 23 of SWD, players may use minor non-combat uses of their existing powers. This can include floating things around with telekinesis, using bolt to light a candle, warming or cooling a drink, etc. There is no need to roll the arcane skill, nor expend any power points. GM approval is needed to use this setting rule. To use this setting rule, the character should have their arcane skill of at least a d6. It has a range of Smarts.

Training Opportunities
A character that has been actively training a skill in the game with an instructor who has at least d8 or better in the skill can learn that skill at d4 as if raising a skill below the linked attribute. To take advantage of this opportunity the character must include a minimum of 2 in character post each discussing intent or action.
GM Bennies 9/9
Wild Card Bennies ?

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