Additional Setting Rules for the 77th CIT

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Additional Setting Rules for the 77th CIT

Post by Koshnek » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:37 pm

Each player who joins the 77th will gain a few benefits for their character in addition to what is usually granted by Savage Rifts and This should represent the unique nature of your character as a member of the 77th CIT/Trouble Shooters:
  • Your character may begin play with a free d6 in any relevant knowledge or technical skill of your choice.
  • Your character gains one Roll on the Black Ops HJ Table.
  • Your character gains one Roll on one of Pender's three Legendary Tables: the Legendary Journey; Mythic Rifter; or Saboteur, Architect, Commando, Agent.
Legendary Tables
The legendary jouney: roll 1d12
This table represents what it takes and feels like to be a true legend on rifts earth. You are a larger than life character that has stories sung in bars, and parents tell their children bed time stories about how you held back a demon horde with nothing but a crow bar and some chewing gum.
  • 1)Weapon of Legend: The sword makes the man, or weapon rather. Folks will talk about your weapon long after you are dead and gone. Add two major and 2 minor modifications off the tw list or any 4 HJ gear related table to a weapon of your choice that can be used by your character. The character gets a +1 bonus to hit with it.
    2)Bad Ass Family: You mark the first in a great line of heroes. You represent sheer awesomeness and it caries down your bloodline. You and your descendants gain +2 ability pts to spend at character creation(Players can spend it now going beyond attribute limitations).
    3)The myth is true: Legends that live are impressive to be sure, just standing in ones presence can send even the most stout hearted into knee jerking I am not worthy mantra. As an action the character can reveal themselves as a true hero and legend of greatness. This works just like a fear check at -2 using the fright table but more for awe. If they already have fear as a natural ability increase the modifier by 2.
    4) Berserk Button: Your ability to hulk out makes it onto the nightly bard's tale across all the lands. You are a thing of beauty when the rage inside takes control. You gain the Beserk edge and as a free action when first beserking you can use the growth power once and it lasts until the end of your berserk. Use spirit as the casting roll. If you already have the beserk edge increase damage to +4. Your growth is locked in on a success at a 1d6+2.
    5) Arm and a Leg: Few are as hardy as yourself. Your ability to shrug off damage is truly impressive. +1 toughness and Once per session ignore the damage from one attack.
    6) After the end: When the end is neigh for your hero you just keep on ticking. Even when there is nothing left your spirit wills you onward. The amount of wounds it takes to incapacitate your character is equal to your spirit die type. However if at the end of the scene your character has not received immidate healing and he has over 3 wounds he perishes as his physical body can no longer maintain his legendary spirit.
    7) Cursed with awesome: Fate most of the time makes sure you come through in a big way. You can reroll a 1 on the wild die( unless it is a crit fail). Once per session you can declare an awesome moment and before rolling decide to add your wild die to your trait roll.
    8) A fate worse than death: Legends say when you try to take out your hero you best not miss because your hero can give as good as he can get. Missing your hero with an attack is worse because he has the ability redirect it right back at you! Chose, throwing, shooting, your arcane background skill, or fighting. Your receive the benefits of the counter attack edge appropriate to the skill chosen and a range that is appropriate for the one being used against you. If you already have counter attack and you choose fighting a second time gain one more use of the edge per round.
    9) There is no kill like overkill: Indeed the legends of your ferocity in combat will be told long after your blade becomes too heavy to lift and your rail-gun rusts over. Raise damage is increased by +1d6. Once per session declare an overkill moment and for each raise achieved add another +1d6 damage.
    10) World of Badass: Folks to this day still talk about what made you a badass. Your wild die is always a d8.
    11) You know what to do: Your even keel and decision making is the stuff lesser mortals dream about. During the first round of combat you gain and extra card draw and +2 to your trait rolls, +2 damage, +2 pace ( stacks with a joker).
    12) Things you were not meant to know: You know what? You know and have seen all that lurks in the dark. You can look the deep dark abyss right in its oily face and laugh as you tear its heart out. You gain +4 vs fear checks and on a successful save act as though you are under the effects of an adrenaline surge.
Mythic Rifter: roll 1d12
Rifts Earth is chalk full of the truely awesome. Your character is the embodyment of what makes rifts special and unique. Erin Tarin herself probably is working on a book describing your exploits and how you fit into the grand scheme of the post post apocalypse.
  • 1) Apocalypse Now: The next apocolypse is always riding on your shoulders. It is always a specter of doom that smiles wide making your enemies unlucky in all kinds of bad ways. You receive +1 benny per session and enemy agents in direct confrontation with you crit fail on 1 or 2, even extras!
    2) Mega Damage: You hit harder than anyone that has come before and anyone that will come after. It is a forgone conclusion your weapon of choice will be long preserved even after you are dead. Old grannies tell how you shreded a CS transport with your bare hands or wilks laser pistol. Choose a weapon of choice, something you would apply the trademark weapon edge too, and increase its Damage by 4 and ap value by 4. Once per session you can ignore the armor of a target and the weapon becomes a MD weapon for that action.
    3) Atonement: Righting wrongs is as natural as drinking coffee with milk. Your character has a special knack for sussing out when, where, and who is doing these wrong things. It is also said when you come accross evil dooers your vengece is mighty indeed. Your wild die for notice, tracking, investigation, and streewise is always a die type higher and if you ever spend a benny on those 4 skills you get a +2 bonus added to your total. Once per session double your damage against an evil doer you know that needs to have a wrong righted.
    4) Badass Clothing: The clothing makes the man, or hero. Folks might not remember your face or even name after you are long gone. They will however cherish your favorite hat, long coat, loin cloth, or pair of shoes. Chose an article of clothing that speaks to your character and give it a combination of a total of 4 upgrades. Choose from either allowable TW modifications or cybernetic upgrades. You can ignore strain.
    5) Big damn hero: Those out in the country remember you big as life, they say the feats you did were taller than the tallest tales arround. Spend a benny and add +2 to the result. For each benny spent this way you add an aditional +2. This stacks with Elan and applies to damage. Example: Your hero wants to spend 3 bennies for extra effort: roll 1d6+6 and add it to the result, if you had elan in the above senario, roll 1d6+8!. You also gain +1 benny each session.
    6)Can't get away: You are known far and wide as a hero that is ruthless in their pursuit for justice. Any time you shake an opponent that opponent actually takes wound. This will take most extras out of play and make wild cards think twice about what ever you got up your sleeve.
    7) Chainsaw of Good: Maybe you are a force for good, or have angels watching your back. Folks talk about your righteous fervor like they talk about a force of nature. Your attacks are treated as if celestial silver, and if they do a shaken or better roll a 6d, on a 6 your foe is vanquished by the almighty light of the celestials. If they already are celestial silver add +4 damage.
    8) Crapsack world: The world is a bad place, pretty much everything is out to get you. Legends tell tale of your exploits that even buck the universal constant. However, most folks also talk about the nasty run of bad luck that got you killed. You always roll an extra wild die and keep the highest roll. Ever crit fail on 1,1,1? Just make a new character because your luck ran out.
    9) He who fights monsters: Monsters know of you, and are afraid of their own shadows when they hear you are around. +1d6 damage vs supernatural evil and you are always considered to have the drop on them the first round of combat. You also gain a +1 bonus to resist their powers and are more difficult for them to hit by that bonus.
    10) Ye Mighty and despair: Mounds of gear? No problem. Folks for miles can remember you hauling piles of equipment without breaking a sweat. They also probably remember you wielding two giant sized vibro blades or a vehicular weapon with ease. Shit folks even claim your mighty feats of strength could make lesser men tremble in droves. Treat your strength as 4 die types higher for encumbrance and treat your size as two steps higher for wielding vehicular weapons. You can also make a test of wills at a whole group of targets in a cone template laid down in front of you.
    11) 24 hour armor: Legends tell of an individual who walks Rift earth with skin tough as plate mail. Calculate your toughness by the full value of vigor instead of half.
    12) when planets align: Fate truly smiles on your hero. Bards across Rifts earth tell tale of a mighty individual whose luck is unparalleled. When the going gets good it gets real good. Any time dice ace for your hero add +4 to the result per ace.
Saboteur, Architect, Commando, Agent: roll a d12
There is skilled, and then there are craftsmen. You don't always take the glory and in fact sometimes working from the shadows is your nom de plume. Through countless hours and will uncounted for your abilities would give any legendary hero a run for their money. Then after the race those would be legends would be found garroted 200 feet before the finish line.
  • 1) Adaptation: You always have a knack for having the right tool to solve the right problem. You can analyze any situation, adapt, and then over come. Gain +4 to the attribute of your choice. You can spend a benny to use an edge until the end of your turn regardless of any requirement except for rank. Multiple bennies can be spent.
    2) The quiet one: Stealth is your virtue and silence is your fortitude. Smoke grenades are your favorite weapon. On a successful stealth roll (an action) gain the invisibility power for 3 rounds with out paying ppts. Once per session you can activate the mega version of this power.
    3) Blackmail: Who doesn't owe you money? Everywhere you go and most people you meet owe your character in some way. +2 on all connection rolls, I know a guy edge( or one more use to it, intimidation can be used in place of persuasion), and and you can use persuasion as a test of wills as you gently remind folk just how much they owe you.
    4) Code Name: Spy masters, secret agents, universal soldiers and super heroes often only go by a special designation and your character is no different. You turn the impossible into merely the improbable. You can ignore 2 pts of multi action penalty and once per session declare your code name moment where you are able to ignore all penalties for 1 turn.
    5) The Faceless: When you walk into a bar no one knows your name. Most folks have trouble even remembering your name let alone you were involved in anything important. You are almost impossible to find in a city with only a handful of people. You always get the drop at the beginning of combat and any attempt to find you using streetwise is at a -8.
    6) Fatal Flaw: You spend countless hours analyzing enemy tactics and are a master of understanding the subtle Nuances of the high tech world. If someone needs to make sure a hi tech competitor goes down in a blazing inferno they know to call you first. As an action and makes a smarts roll, any piece of hi-tech within your Smarts range suffers a technical difficult. This might be due to careful planning or skillful luck. You can also spend a benny to extend this range to the long range of a weapon readied. You also reduce an enemies tokens in a mass battle by 2.
    7) It's Personal: It always is personal. Through sheer force of will you trudge on wards even through a hail of railgun fire. Even when there is no hope, you are always reminded of how much succeeding means you. You can add half your spirit die type to your toughness and once per session roll your spirit die type and add it to any roll.
    8) Interrogation Technique: You are legend among black market enforcers. Word on the street no one has ever been able to with hold information from you, and those that try never get the chance to see their brains splatter. Use either intimidation or persuasion as the skill for telepathy without paying ppts. Once per session gain the mega version of this power. Additionally when you grapple a foe you can choose to do an immediate test of wills on them(free action). The raise effect of this special test of wills, is replaced by a wound instead.
    9) Houdini: Handcuffs, electromagnetic bindings, a room with no way out? Not a problem for your character. He is a master escape artist. Using agility as the skill roll you can go intangible for 3 rounds to get out of a jam, as you find it ridiculous easy to escape being bound or held captive. Once per session you can even switch places with your captor.
    10) Pretty Little headshots: whats better than one head shot? Two or even three of those suckers. You are the #1 speed dial option for those that need decapitations ordered. Head-shots or Vitals are only a -2 location penalty and add +4 damage per raise obtained when going for the head.
    11) Right behind me: You are known in certain circles for being able to get the drop when no one expects it. You also have a knack for popping up in places unexpected. On the first round of combat that your character goes she can choose any spot on the map to start. With a successful stealth roll she also has the drop(first round only).
    12) Stray Shots Strike Nothing: You have been known to stand in a crowded area and open full auto at a whole mess of bad guys. When the blood spray settles only the bad guys were hit, and hit hard. Innocent bystanders are never hit by your full auto attacks and whats more, every successful hit adds the rate of fire to its damage.
Going through hell and surviving is often good enough give each other support.( Makes Sense After the first session)
  • Ties that Bind: Trouble Shooters who fight the good fight against darkness forge bonds that are stronger than the night. Investigators who have ranked up together gain the Common Bond Edge.

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Re: Additional Setting Rules for the 77th CIT

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:34 pm

Table editiquette:

Just as a note regarding narrative do’s and don’ts based on my own rp experience.

—- generally narrating doing stuff to or with other player characters needs to be agreeed upon before hand.
—- Doing stuff to the world is usally ok, but check with the gm if it really does change the narrative drastically. Like I collapse the vault by throwing my dagger at it.
—- Doing stuff to or with NPCs you create is probably ok.
—- Doing stuff to or with NPCs GMs create probably not with out permission.
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