Amulet of Etherealness -- Signature Item Proposal: Eric

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Amulet of Etherealness -- Signature Item Proposal: Eric

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Amulet of Etherealness (could be circlet but I never got use my amulet png I made for a previous character so it's an amulet now. So if you're wondering why the image looks familiar, there ya go)

Crafted from blue Benitoite and the extraordinarily rare Transparent Grandidierite and housed in platinum and silver, this amulet has been enchanted by powerful psychics to pursue the goal of transcending the physical world.

Its powers are activated by Spirit rolls. In addition to the power costs, the amulet costs one ISP per hour to function.

Base item: 20,000 credits (rare and otherworldly metal and gemstones) + 3d12 hours

Major Enchantments:
+1D to the wearer's Spirit 10,000 credits
Power: Intangibility 20,000 credits (limitation: self/wearer)
Power modifier: Greater (duration = minutes) 20,000 credits

Minor Enchantments:
+2 to wearer's Spirit rolls 5000 credits x2
5 ISP embedded in the amulet 5000 credits
Dweomer Shard Amulet.png
Dweomer Shard Amulet.png (222.23 KiB) Viewed 38 times
Total costs: 85,000 credits and 3d6 days +3d12 hours + 6d6 hours
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