(Super Science) GAW Particle Beam Accelerator P-1 for Joe Smith

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(Super Science) GAW Particle Beam Accelerator P-1 for Joe Smith

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GAW Particle Accelerator P-1
A golden age particle beam weapon in devlopment before everything went to hell in a hand basket. It features a pulse function which makes it easier to land more damaging shots by quickly sending more particles downrange. Focused beams allow this prototype to shred armor more easily, and an onboard AI assists the user to find weak spots on larger, more durable targets.
GAW_Particle_Accelerator_Prototype_5_300x200.jpg (7.37 KiB) Viewed 144 times
  • • Range: 12/24/48
    • Dmg: 3d8+1d10 (Deadeye Bonus), AP: 8/12 (TED Bonus)
    • ROF: 1
    • Shots: 15
    • Weight: 5 lbs. (Min Str: d6)
    • Notes:
    If a target without MDC armor is Wounded by the weapon (may Soak normally), the victim determines Injury per the Gritty Damage Setting Rule and rolls Vigor; failure combined with a limb hit completely disintegrates the limb, failure combined with a head or torso hit causes an immediate roll on the Death & Defeat table.
    Deals Mega Damage, and does +2d4 damage on a raise.
    May use +1 Shots per action for +1 to hit and +1 to Damage.
    +1d6 damage against size 3 or larger targets.
    Particle beams ignore the Recoil penalty.

    • Rarity: -8 Cost: 295,000
(Base item:
12/24/48; 3d8; Rof 1; AP 4; Shots 15; Str d6; 5 lbs; -3 R; 35k
Minor: +2 AP
Minor: +2 AP
Major: Edge - Double Tap
Major: Edge - Giant Killer
Joe Smith, Luckster Survivalist Mega-Super
Pace: 6(d6); Parry: 8(1); Toughness: 16(7)
Notes: Ranged attacks are at -2 to hit Joe, he ignores the -2 penalty to Agility for Evasion attempts, and Joe gets to make an Evasion attempt at -2 for any applicable attack he would normally not get to roll Evasion for.
  • Free Soak roll using Focus when Wounded (Relevant Edges apply). For each wound soaked, gain one token which can: Add +1d6 per token to any damage roll (max three per damage roll), Increase Toughness by +1 per token until the end of the encounter, or be used exactly like a Benny to perform a Power Stunt.

    Ignore -2 points in penalties to attack a target (created by that target). This does not affect Joe's attack penalties / environmental penalties / the target's Parry.

    Joe gains the is awarded a Benny each time his power goes out of control due to a Critical Failure. Additionally, if he uses a power in a risky manner (GM's call), the GM can award a Benny and say it went a bit wild, complicating the situation. For example, a heat ray sets the room on fire or radar sense is detected by enemy sensors.
    Even the most powerful supers lose control of their abilities from time to time. Those with this Hindrance cause more mayhem than most.
    Whether from lack of control, reckless abandon, or carelessness, anytime the character Critically Fails a roll to activate or use a power, it goes wildly out of control. It affects the wrong target, has the converse effect, or causes massive collateral damage. The exact effect is up to the GM based on the situation, but it should be memorable and potentially disastrous!
    A super must have powers that require an activation roll to take this Hindrance.

    Comic Book Combat
    Using coping techniques and physical conditioning, this character has learned to push her body to its limits. She gains a +2 bonus to rolls made to resist interrogation (social checks made to elicit information from the character) and ignores 1 point of Fatigue penalties.

    Environmental Weakness (Temporal Type)
    This adventurer has more lives than a herd of cats. He may ignore his Wound penalties when making Vigor rolls to avoid Bleeding Out (see page 95).
    He is also tougher to kill than Rasputin. If he is ever "killed," roll a die. On an odd result, he's dead as usual. On an even roll, he's Incapacitated but somehow escapes death. He may be captured, stripped of all his belongings, or mistakenly left for dead, but he somehow survives.

    The hero can shrug off even extreme blows. He adds +2 to Soak rolls and Vigor rolls to avoid Knockout Blows (see page 100).

    Anyone who fails an action that affects him, including area effect attacks, Tests, etc., becomes Vulnerable. On a Critical Failure, they’re Shaken or Stunned, player's choice, as well (in addition to any other effects).
    This might represent a related incident—a thug’s bullet ricochets off a wall and hits another; or a completely unrelated event occurs—a pot falls from a high window and smashes on a thug’s head just as he’s about to shoot. The GM should feel free to get creative in describing the bad luck that befalls those who tangle with this “black cat."

    Power Negation (Rabbits/Rabbit's Feet)

Wounds: 0/3; Fatigue: 0/2; PPE (Aviator Shades): 10/10
Bennies: 4/5(+1Z); Conviction: 1/1
Transmutation Tokens: 0
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Re: (Super Science) GAW Particle Beam Accelerator P-1 for Joe Smith

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Damn. That’s average. Kidding. I like it. Approved for the Black Company game.

GAW. Those guys. I tell ya. They know their stuff.
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