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Page 130 of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Interludes are tales the players tell in-character to roleplay, enhance a long travel scene, or reveal the secrets and backstories they’ve put so much effort into.

Running An Interlude

When you want to give your players a moment to catch their breath and get into character, allow those who want to take part to draw a card from the Action Deck. The suit of the card gives each player three choices: Downtime, Backstory, or Trek. (If a player draws a Joker give everyone an extra Benny and let them choose the suit and category!)
  • DOWNTIME: What the hero does when left alone. A priest might quietly read a holy text while a warrior constantly sharpens his blades.
  • BACKSTORY: A tale of the character’s past, told through her voice and narration.
  • TREK: The story of an obstacle or challenge the party encountered on their trip.
Those players who participate in the Interlude receive a Benny.

Downtime: The character spends time alone in quiet contemplation. What does she do?

Backstory: A great victory or personal triumph.

Trek: A difficult obstacle the group negotiated along the way.

Downtime: The hero practices a skill. What is it?

Backstory: A tale of the hero’s greatest love — lost, found, present, or waiting on her back home.

Trek: How the party endured a trying hardship on the journey.

Downtime: The character studies or works on an object of some sort. What is it?

Backstory: Something your hero wants or already has. It might be a material possession, recognition, a political goal, or even a trip he wishes to take to some amazing destination.

Trek: How the group found something that helped them along the way, such as an oasis, minor treasure, ammo, food, friendly locals, etc.

Downtime: Your hero broods or is angry about something. What is it, and how does she misbehave?

Backstory: A tale of misfortune from your hero’s past, perhaps revealing something of his Hindrances or a dark secret.

Trek: A hardship the party overcame on their trip: the tragic death of a favored Extra, spoiled or lost supplies, a mechanical breakdown, abysmal weather, and so on.

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