Operation WRAITH

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Operation WRAITH

Post by stormwell »

HMAS Enbarr
Eastern Coast of Alyeska

Things moved at seemingly breakneck speeds once the Ravener moored at RAF Station Dunfalk and you were quickly ushered into a waiting motorcade of staff cars already containing some senior officers. A brief but thorough debriefing soon followed before you were let loose on the stores and then embarked on another skyship, the light cruiser HMAS Enbarr, before the day was out. Thankfully a few familiar faces from the Ravener came with you like Hawthorne and some of his officers, who were the Enbarr's nominal command crew, and HARE herself.

Your mission; Locate and secure the Ancient skyship, then await a relief force.

Intel suggests that the Skywright's Guild might have dispatched a force of it's own with similar objectives.

Note to Players

New mission is a go, your objective is outlined above.

Feel free to sort through and acquire new Gear if you so wish.
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Re: Operation WRAITH

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HMAS Enbarr/Eastern Coast of Alyeska
Round 0

Penelope sat in her bunk, walled off from the male crew by a blanket, wrapped in her warm flight jacket against the Alyeskan cold. Her hands were wrapped around a hot cup of tea as she studied maps of the continent and possible locations for the Ancient skyship they were searching for. Occasionally she picked up her notebook to jot down a few thoughts for helpful gadgets to design.

Character Tracking
Penelope Lane Character Sheet
Parry: 4; Toughness: 7 (1)
PP: 20/20; Recovery: 5/hour
Bennies: 3/3
Powers: Bolt, Darksight, Entangle, Healing
Rifle Ammo: 10/10
  • Spare ammo: 100
Revolver Ammo: 6/6
  • Spare ammo: 100
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Re: Operation WRAITH

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Manny went in search of a gun. Just a basic one. A pistol. After the last mission, he realized that he couldn't answer all of the problems with his fists, no matter how satisfying that was. Just something basic. Just in case...
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Re: Operation WRAITH

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The debriefing went more-or-less as Gerald expected it to, although it was substantially shorter than he would have guessed. In the type of questioning he was used to, it was generally assumed the interviewee was lying or withholding information. When they set him loose on the armory, he thought back to the recent skirmish in the apartment courtyard. He had never really needed to bring much personal firepower to bear on an enemy, but it seemed like this might be something that he should get used to. He still favored the compact Edwards No. 3 revolver he carried, but after hemming and hawwing like a dandy looking at different neckties, he decided to avail himself of a Lloyds Machine Pistol - still small enough to fit in a cockpit with him, but with the opportunity to put more lead downrange in a hurry. He then set out to familiarize himself with the Enbarr.

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Gerald - Pilot (Frozen Skies)
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