Chapter Three: Mother of Demons

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Chapter Three: Mother of Demons

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Lee-ave Me Alone
Having saved Mister Lee the team expected him to be more grateful, instead, he was furious with them sending them away and threatening to call the police. Curious about his behaviour Tyler, Simon, and Brandon volunteer to take shifts watching the house. Meanwhile Ken and Renata had to get back to campus before they were drummed out of school. Leaving the awkward trio of Tianshi, Peter, and Luke with not much to do but head back to the Golden Dragon and figure out what to do with what they've discovered so far.

There seems to be a connection between their first escapade against the wolf-monster Cezary, who somehow escaped eternal imprisonment despite being defeated in the 18th century and the appearance of Mister Lee's Hungry Ghost. For they too, can only normally escape the jaws of the underworld at certain times of the year - and this one was definitely out of season.

Then there was Mister Lee's ramblings before he recovered his wits: "Lilith would gather her children, and they spoke about the “others”, “the others”, “others”."

Something, or someone, is upsetting the balance of things and reaching into hell to pull out all manner of Fallen. The question is who, and how do you stop them?
Now's the time for a little patter/leg could look into Mister Lee, investigate what could free beings from eternal prison, open the gates of hell early, etc...Ken and Renata are on a university campus (with computers and a library) and the others are at the Golden Dragon - for now.
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Re: Chapter Three: Mother of Demons

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Peter decided it will not hurt to rehash the obvious, "Someone is calling up hellish creatures, it has to be calling them, or worse yet, just poking holes in the barriers between worlds and letting whatever is there escape."

He seems struck by a thought, "My abilities, I do not really understand exactly how they work, but they seem to rely on asking help from something supernatural. Could it be that I am a wedge being used to crack open the barriers?"

It is mortifying but has a certain hellish logic. Give powers to an innocent that, the more they use them, the more they damage the barriers dividing Earth from Hell. Powers the person will be tempted to use since they have no obvious drawbacks.

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Re: Chapter Three: Mother of Demons

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Persuasion or Performance (whichever is applicable, Ken rolls d8 for both)

Persuasion [dice:22nepxrw]62512:0[/dice:22nepxrw]
Wild [dice:22nepxrw]62512:1[/dice:22nepxrw]
Ken's head jerks up as he barely catches himself from falling over. He had just intended to lean on the bike rack and for a second to catch his breath. How long had he been standing there with his eyes closed? He may have gone a little overboard studying for that Epidemiology exam... but then, thats what you have to do when you only have seen about 1/3 of the online lectures because he was too busy chasing down demond escaped from chains of hell...

I should look into getting reality show or something... Ken thinks, as he snaps on his fake piercings. USC was a huge school with all sorts of school sanctioned organizations. The school couldnt technically discriminate what organizations got funding based on religious affiliation, so that meant there were a number of student organizations focus on a less socially excepted worship figure than Christ, Jehovah, or any of the other mainstream religions.

Ken had asked around and found one that - based on its organization charter - sounded like it was a little closer to the truth Ken had recently discovered than some of its members probably realized. Hopefully that meant that someone there knew something of use.

Ken stepped up to the door of the dorm common room being used for the student group meeting and paused a second.

Need to get into character... Think depressing, satanic thoughts...stealing old ladies pursed....smothering puppies... alright, lets do this

Ken could see his reflection in the glass door. The heave black make up around his eyes washed out his skin, making it look almost white. Black really wasnt his color, but he had managed to scrounge enough dark clothes together to put a presentable costume together. He takes one last deep breath and hits the buzzer.

"Welcome to Satan's Soldie... O wow..." a clean cut, lanky man in glasses and a turtle neck stops short, making little effort to hide the shock on his face.

Ken is just as surprised as he gets ushered in after a few stammered apologies. Everyone else in the room looks incredibly...normal. He had expected a meeting of satanist to be a little more... eccentric at least.

Well its too late now...I'm already committed. Ken thinks as he walks in and starts mingling.

He spends the evening subtly dropping in pieces of information he and the motley crew of misfits castiel had thrown in his path had acquired, fishing for more information about whats been happening in the sub currents of the occult world.
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Re: Chapter Three: Mother of Demons

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Research: [dice:1g0xwevz]62849:0[/dice:1g0xwevz] wild [dice:1g0xwevz]62849:1[/dice:1g0xwevz] ace [dice:1g0xwevz]62849:2[/dice:1g0xwevz]

Who is Mr. Lee and why did my wife contact him?

Back at the Golden Dragon over a bowl of sizzling rice soup Luke stuck his face into his laptop searching the interwebs both dark and normal for any information regarding who, what, where, and why of Mr. Lee. With a last name like Lee it dis not take him too long to find everything.

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