In this archive lies the much honored characters and concepts that have served us through the first incarnation of Savage Worlds. Never Forgotten!
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Creation follows the standard rules found in the Tomorrow Legion Player’s guide. Copy and paste the “Character Sheet Template” into a new post in the “Recruitment” forum. Build your character, choose an iconic framework, and have fun. All dice rolls for background tables and other creation events should be done with the onsite dice roller and recorded on your Advancement Tracker. Hold on to this checklist to track your advances as your character gains experience points. Background and equipment templates should be done as a reply to your original post. Thus a finished character has five parts: Your dice rolls, Character Sheet, Background, Gear, and Advancements. Here's a sample sheet for Nathan Foxwood.

To help keep track of everything during creation, we've put the Character Sheet, Background sheet, Gear sheet, and Advancement Tracker in a single Google doc here: Blank Savage Rifts Character Sheet (Google Doc)

If you prefer working in BB code directly:
Here is a text file with the code tags.

We recommend the Add-On for Google Docs to convert the final product to BB Code. It's pretty nifty.

Bonus! Because advancement is slower in PBP all initial characters start with an extra 5 experience points that can be used to purchase an additional starting advance.
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Post by RichardWells » Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:22 am

Ah, no they are not the same thing at all.

Null Field is like the Cyber-Knight ability/edges, but focused at scr888 arcane powers. I could be persuaded to make these Power Edges instead of Weird Edges, but I think that's all the changes necessary.

Automatic Psi-Nullification is basically the retrapped dispel version of First Strike and works the same. It's self only until the third edge in the tree. I also put Psi-Null Field as a prerequisite for that version. It should have been in there all along.

BTW AWESOME! If you need a playtester for that, lemme know. I have Hero Lab :D I'd love to work with you to create a BB code or google doc file output if possible. Not sure what is there that is available.

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