Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

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Re: Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

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The birds dissipate in a cloud of gas and hail of offensive firepower. The gear that was lost has been recovered. The sun that had been setting all to quickly clearing to have reversed itself, holding steady at what would be an early afternoon sun. An eerie quiet settled upon the clearing with the three spires. True to its name, Thunder Valley, a few large boulders floated high above them. The sand that filled the clearing was drenched in plume skin snake entrails and bird blood giving it a reddish hue, and plenty of carcasses. Aggy’s plumed friend had slithered off in the melee.

However, not all was silent for too long. Near 42 a blue skinned Faulurin boy stumbled out of the brush. He looked near death’s door. His feet were bloody, and his wrists torn to the born as if he had skinned himself out of a pair of cuffs. His face was gaunt, and eyes... His eyes were filled with unspoken sorrow. He mumbled something and fell to the ground. At the same time Across on the other side of the clearing, well away from most of the team, a single laser whine could be heard followed by what must have been a yell, “I said stay put!” While heard, this was unseen due to the dense foliage that surrounded the clearing.

Moments later, Near Ophelia a shimmer turned from ghost to man in a blink of an eye. No weapons drawn, the figure while unexpected approached the mind melter as much as a friend could out in the wild. He worse little armor, black fatigues and a blue shirt. Near enough to Ophelia and within ear shot of everyone else this lightly armored man simply said, “Out of my head Ophelia. I remember you from Gloom. Nasty business there all around, damn D-bees. As for your question, Daxon had no confidentiality clause to get the blue skins to him.” He gave a bitter laugh, “Lost my wizard when we killed one accidentally mind you. It was like a mini leyline opened up and fried him... Daxon just specified five, we have six... Heard the ruckus you all started and figured I would check it out.” He glanced back at the rest of the group. His steel blue eyes saw much, and returned resting on Ophelia, “Well I guess we just have five if that Boy buys it. I didn’t peg you as the type that would be working with the winner of the Murder Ball Tourney.” Word of advice, drop them before Widowmaker comes calling.”Well its been nice to catch up... But you know me... Smelly Kelly love his cred. And Time, well thats cred. ” While his stench has yet to sour the immediate area but Smelly Kelly was clearly looking to go back to completing his mission. An interesting development to be sure but was this man friend or foe?
The we he was talking about was his six well trained commandoes corralling the chained Faulurin about 60” away. Four commandoes were visible two others not so much. Anyone who was anyone could tell these commandoes were decked out in top of the line Naruni gear, stealth armor, force fields, and energy weapons. Plus one of them looked to be a combat cyborg with a rail gun. A quick glance through the arcane revealed at least two of them had enchanted items. They way they covered each other, and moved indicated they were very well trained. Kelly’s Super Trooper PA is off to the side of the group.

42 has a special dramatic task he can participate in, to heal the boy. Healing at -2 stabalizes the boy.

I thought about giving you prompts on quick combat or modified dramatic task/networking but I want to see what you all come up with or what you want your characters to do. Please just remember hostile actions will turn this into some kind of combat. I’ll try to make GM rolls as needed and provide updates to any rolls characters do.

Actions, lets just go with what you can do in a turn. Apply any map like you would during conbat. Feel free to talk, approach, rp, or other things as you will.
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Re: Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

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OOC Comments
28 ISP; Fatigue -1
Bennies: 3/3
Two actions, Quickness eliminates MAP
1: Empathy to augment Persuasion roll
2: Persuasion on Smelly Kelly

First action: Empathy (1 ISP, +4 ISP for +2 to Psionics, +2 Empathic Transmission: Total 9 ISP)
Empathy 1d10!!+1: [3]+1 = 4
Wild Psionics 1d6!!+1: [4]+1 = 5
Free Empathy Re-Roll 1d10!!+1: [1]+1 = 2
Wild Reroll 1d6!!+1: [4]+1 = 5
Benny To Reroll
Empathy Re-Roll 1d10!!+1: [7]+1 = 8
Wild Reroll 1d6!!+1: [4]+1 = 5
Standing on the 8: Stinky gets a Spirit roll to resist:
1-4: +4 Persuasion for Ophelia
5-7: +2 Persuasion for Ophelia
8+: No Effect

Persuasion roll vs. SK: Includes IKAG bonus, but not Empathy bonus, if any:
Persuasion Base 1d4!!+1: [5!!]+1 = 6
Wild Persuasion 1d6!!+1: [4]+1 = 5
Thinking faster than thought itself, Ophelia quickly attempts to adapt her approach to everything that Smelly Kelly's aura tells her about the man, seizing, in particular, on the lost spell-caster. To keep things civil and the two of them in accord, she nods vague understanding at the comment about the Murder Bowl, but that's another kettle of fish entirely.

"Just one moment more, Kelly, please. I know you usually have a full disclosure clause in your contracts, voiding the client's claim if they withhold important intel. And it seems to me that Daxon left out a crucial bit about magical backlashes--one that will cost you time and cred trying to recruit a new spellslinger. Suppose I could get you a matching price from an outfit that won't screw you over? You'll have to paint it as 'escorting refugees' instead of bringing back captives when you get them there, but I think you can put down any unpleasantness that might've transpired up until now as a language barrier issue. And if you tell them about Daxon, you can be sure that they'll keep him too busy to come after you for breaking the contract."
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OOC Comments
Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace: 5/d6-1; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11 (4 EBA); Strain: 0
Athletics d6; Stealth d6; Notice d8
Battle d8; Common Knowledge d8
Performance d6; Persuasion d6; Intimidation d6
Psionics d10 (Free Re-roll, Opposed +2); Fighting d6; Shooting d6
Edges: Mentalist, Channeling, Concentration; Master Psionics
Hindrances: Elderly; Obligation (Psi-Ghost clan); Poverty; Quirk; Minor Mutant; Major Vow; Major Wanted/Enemy (CS & True Federation)
ISP: 30
Powers: Ghosting, Expanded Awareness, Alter Aura, Thousand Faces, Phatasmagoria, Psychic Touch, Psychic Intrusion, Psychic Theft, Psychic Dominion, Psychometry, Enervation, Adrenal Surge; Bound Sleep
Plastic Man Light EBA (+4A/+1T)
Wilk’s 320 “Classic” Laser Pistol (15/30/60, 3d6 AP 2, 20 Shots; +1 Shooting)
NGR Brand Vibro Shortsword (Str+d8 MD; Common Knowledge roll to prevent Tech Difficulty)
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Re: Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

Post by Forty-Two »

Forty Two sees the young boy and instantly recognizes someone needing help. Flying to the injured Faulurin Forty Two covers them both in an illusion of bushes and shrubbery to keep them from being seen. Then as swiftly as possible he reaches out with his mind to @LuLu. 'I need your help! There is a Faulurin child, injured, and I do not know much about healing! We are under an illusion of a rock'

The Forty Two calms the boy as he tries his best to work with him, and use his minor psionic powers to heal and stabilize the child until Lulu could arrive to heal him. Providing Lulu with through the link with knowledge of where they are. The struggle to help the boy was something Forty Two enjoyed and he knew that Lulu was the best healer ever and she would be able to save the child if anyone could.

Support Healing 10, for +2 to Lulu's roll making it a straight roll
Support Healing Psionics 1d6!! or Wild 1d6!!: [8!!]+[10!!] = 18
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Re: Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

Post by LuLu »

Forty-Two wrote: Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:17 pm Forty Two sees the young boy and instantly recognizes someone needing help. Flying to the injured Faulurin Forty Two covers them both in an illusion of bushes and shrubbery to keep them from being seen. Then as swiftly as possible he reaches out with his mind to LuLu. 'I need your help! There is a Faulurin child, injured, and I do not know much about healing! We are under an illusion of a rock'
Lulu had already started sidling toward the wounded child as soon as he appeared. She wouldn't have been able to stop herself if she tried. She'd kept her eyes on the Not Ghost that was haranguing Ophelia and tried to move slowly enough to not draw attention to herself. She wondered why 42 had bothered to obscure him and the child when everyone had watched them shimmer away behind the magic. But she'd long ago stopped trying to figure out 42. She thinks hard at a reply to 42 'On my way!'

Lulu stuck her hand into her pack as she quick stepped the last few feet and fell to her knees behind the illusionary rock. Murmuring in a soft voice, she tries to reassure the scared child as she sits him down and dresses his wounds. She's careful to position herself between him and the slaver in case he decides to take a shot at the illusionary rock.

"You're a great help 42. Here, hold this. Yes and can you.. exactly."

Heal check success with raise
Situational modifier -2, Healer edge +2, Tirax T12 armor +2, 42's support +2 = total +4. Body Fixer=free reroll
Healing 1d8!!+4: [4]+4 = 8
wild heal 1d6!!+4: [4]+4 = 8
1 first aid kit charge expended.
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Wounds: None
PP: 1/15
First Aid kit: 2/3
Combat Edges: Luck, Quick, Combat Lifesaver
Bennies: 4/3
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Re: Episode 4: Find Captian Claude... Again??

Post by Aggelos »

With her usual lack of subtlety Aggy positions herself between the mercs and the escapee being tended to by her friends. While she does slowly holster the pistols in her hands, the Son of a Gun continues to hang in the air still shimmering with telekinetic power and not quite pointing at Kelly. Slipping her helmet on and lighting up the optics she then openly looks the slavers pawns over. "I can see how working with winners may confuse you. Take her offer and give it a try. Sure the pay sucks but the likelihood of getting backstabbed goes way down."
persuasion to support Ophelia
Persuasion 1d4!!: [3] = 3
Wild 1d6!!: [2] = 2
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Bennies: 3/3

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