Terra Silver Forge’s work shop (RP area to make purchases for enchanted and TW items)

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Terra Silver Forge’s work shop (RP area to make purchases for enchanted and TW items)

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In the TL castle’s main throughfare is a small store front decked out in a steampunk’s wet dream. Copper pipimg Edison light bulbs, technowizardry crystals of all sorts adorned the store front. A young red headed man, whose eyes betrayed a sense of experience beyond his years manned the counter. Talyer Thomas, red headed, and freckled faced with a pair of glasses smiled at one who came up. He of course was especially friendly with his pal 42, and a bit shy if and when Lulu approached.

His standard well practiced greeting got things rolling and set expectations for the shop prices, “Welcome to Silverforge’s shop. Our wares meet expectations in the vampire kimgdoms to the south, and can meet your expectations as well. Our prices are just about the best you will find, and everything is of course built Forge Tough... Ahem only a 15% markup for the TL members here, 30% if you need Tera to put a personal touch only legendary technowizards have learned.”

Feel free to RP as you will and purchase any TW item with a small markup or wven build one with a small markup. If it requires a legendary TW, there is a slightly larger markup.
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Re: Terra Silver Forge’s work shop (RP area to make purchases for enchanted and TW items)

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Networking roll for weapon mods
Modifiers: Scene -4
Persuasion [dice:2l9ujmeq]61617:0[/dice:2l9ujmeq]
Wild [dice:2l9ujmeq]61617:1[/dice:2l9ujmeq] Ace! [dice:2l9ujmeq]61617:2[/dice:2l9ujmeq] Ace [dice:2l9ujmeq]61617:3[/dice:2l9ujmeq]
Looking to buy a supped up Desert Eagle leads Aggelos to the Castles TW shop. Inside she is surprised to find the clerk she met in the armory the day she met Forty-Two. "Hey, tech-ner.. um Ty..ler was it... Glad you got out from under that shitbird Peete. Total fucking tosser, am I right? Anyway, we just got back from that little mission and I'm looking for a custom piece of gear." The DE she already owns slips out of her shoulder holster and floats to the counter. The slightly nebish clerk flinches at the sudden drawing of a weapon. "Relax kid, I'm not robbing you."

He does so a bit, but still has a touch of alarm in his eyes. "O-ok. Sorry some guy punched out Quartermaster Peete a few months ago and got away with it. Don't want that happening on my watch." She notices that the lads hand was straying towards a drawer, whether it contained a panic button or a weapon was anyone's guess, but maybe the kid did have some stones.

"Anyway, I need a gun like this and someone who can do some mundane adjustments to it. Adjust it for my grip, add counterweights. Something like that. I mean if you have micro G fields and an Altess nano combat-AI that's be best but," She looks around the lab saddly. "I doubt you have that stuff here."

The young man looks perplexed a moment then seems to recall something, or actually someone. "I... don't even know what those last two things are, but if you need mundane mods I know a guy who might be able to help. Angis Hammerstill, down in the motor pool."
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