Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

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Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Wed Dec 25, 2019 7:40 pm

With a quick smile Chuck Jones adjusts his armor and slumg his rifle behind him. Of course all his gear was NGR made as if he was a poster child of what the best gear the NGR has to offer. He might look merc, but he is all sales man, “Friend, come check out the newest shipment from the NGR. Need some armor we got it... Need a rifle, or vibroblade we got you covered.” He sweeps his hand behind him at the many crates, ”Just remember if you buy NGR, you’ll get one of the most durable and reliable pieces of equipment you ever bought... Only a 10% markup for you Legionnaires so it is a steal of a deal!”

He pauses for a moment pulling out from behind him with a slick grin like he was selling you a best friend, “I even got three packs of the Tomorrow Legion’s wave one trading cards. First come first serve, 5k each.”

All NGR Personal equipment and weapons are available at a 10% increase of what is listed. Common equipment or personal tech equipment without a manufacture designation can be purchased as a “NGR” brand. For the more hi tech equipment make common kn roll at -1. Most likely basic weapons and armor will fall under this, but use their rarity modifiers instead of the hi tech modifier listed above. For a 3k donation into the NGR Children against gargoyles fund you can gain a +2 bonus. Success he has it in stock. Fail nothing at the moment. If you are buying bunch of similar equipment just roll once and use the worse modifier.

For Savage Rifts weapons and armor of the NGR verity, make a networking roll at the items own modifier. Success he has it in stock at a 10% increase of what is listed. Fail, he does not have it in stock. Roll for each item.
  • Northern Gun and Wellington Industries: The Upper Peninsula's manufacturers are known for producing durable, reliable equipment. A Critical Failure when using NG or WI manufactured gear allows the user to make an immediate Common Knowledge roll as a free action. A success avoids any Technical Difficulty.
Trading Card game, rolls go here.
This is a place to make any purchases or sell gear.

Jane: 1d6: 5
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Re: Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by Aggelos » Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:04 pm

Streetwise 4
Modifiers -1
Streetwise 1d4-1 = 2: 3
Wild 1d6-1 = 4: 5
Aggelos strolls into the NG office and looks over their wares a moment before approaching the sales rep. After the wonders of technology she was accustomed to seeing from her aunt and uncle it was... underwhelming, but they could do some necessary basic systems. Plonking her helmet on the counter she cuts thru the sales pitch the clerk was building up to. "Multi optics suite. And one of those comm systems."
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Re: Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by Ophelia Monk » Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:45 pm

Networking 4
Vibro Short-sword (0)
Persuasion 1d6: 4
Wild Persuasion 1d6: 2
Ophelia enters, the old woman smiling amiably as the man goes into his pitch. "For now, I simply need a little something for self-defense in the field. What do you have by way of vibro-weapons? While I'm aware they don't need much strength to actually wield, I would want something light enough that this old body of mine can carry it in the field, without too much fatigue."

After a few moments of discussion, and testing the heft of different v-blades, Chuck happily sends her off with an NGR-brand Vibro Short-Sword for a mere 9,900 Credits, leaving her with another 100 Credits off her 'bonus' for the Lumpkiss job.
Ophelia Monk
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Athletics d6; Stealth d6; Notice d8
Battle d8; Common Knowledge d8
Performance d6; Persuasion d6; Intimidation d6
Psionics d10 (Free Re-roll, Opposed +2); Fighting d6; Shooting d6
Edges: Mentalist, Channeling, Concentration; Master Psionics
Hindrances: Elderly; Obligation (Psi-Ghost clan); Poverty; Quirk; Minor Mutant; Major Vow; Major Wanted/Enemy (CS & True Federation)
ISP: 30
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Wilk’s 320 “Classic” Laser Pistol (15/30/60, 3d6 AP 2, 20 Shots; +1 Shooting)
NGR Brand Vibro Shortsword (Str+d8 MD; Common Knowledge roll to prevent Tech Difficulty)
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Re: Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by LuLu » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:04 pm

Lulu is a little hesitant when she walks in. She's never had to worry about buying equipment before. But after all the awkward misteps and mistakes she made on the trip to and through the Murderthon, Lulu decided she needed a few things. First and foremost, a better helmet. This one looked like a cyborg and she could barely hear though it. After explaining her needs to Chuck, he thinks he has what she was looking for.

Soon her medic armor is outfitted with a Multi-optics helmet that lets her see almost anywhere and communicate with the rest of the team. She's so tickled with the new helmet, she spends the first hour walking all over Refuge scanning all the dark passageways and flashing different sensor lights in her own face.

Later, alone in her quarters, she removes the suit and finds a bright orange sticker on the back of her helmet. "On Hold" is printed at the top and "Lumpkiss" and a date almost four months ago is scrawled in the blank space beneath in black marker. She tries to pull it off, but it's been on there too long and she just ends up peeling bits of neon orange sticker off. Finally she gives up and and goes to bed, orange paper and sticky residue still decorating the back of her shiny new helm.

Common Knowledge 6
Multi-Optics Helmet
common knowledge: 1d6-1 = 1: 2
Wild: 1d6-1 = 5: 6
Ace! 1d6+6 = 7: 1--oops. should have been =5. Total is 6.

Price with 10% mark up and integration upcharge: 28,050 Add multi optics helm to armor
Lulu Borland__
Lulu Borland - Human Medic for Field Team Six

Pace: 6 Parry:5 Toughness: 5 (7 in Armor) Armor: 13/6
Wounds: None
PP: 7/15
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Combat Edges: Luck, Quick, Combat Lifesaver
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Re: Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by 74Z3 Jane Doe » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:57 pm

"Chuck. Chuck Jones. May I call you Charles?"

"Anyway Charles, I hear your weapons and armor are the best around."

"Now you may be asking yourself, 'What does she need?' Well, I am going to tell you."

"First, I have this lightly used Vibro-Shortsword and one of your own NG-56 Light Ion Pistols."

Jane takes off her helmet and sets it on the counter in front of her. She watches Chuck as he visibly colors at the sight of her being Altaran. "Yes. Yes I am Altaran. If I had left my helmet on you would have had no idea who you are dealing with."

Networking SELL Vibro-Shortsword
Cost: 9000
Altaran: -2
[*] Persuassion (1d6) 1d6: 1
[*] Wild (1d6) 1d6: 4
Networking SELL NG-56
Cost: 5000
Altaran: -2
[*] Persuassion (1d6) 1d6: 1
[*] Wild (1d6) 1d6: 1
Networking BUY NG-57
Cost: 18,000
Altaran: -2
[*] Persuassion (1d6) 1d6: 1
[*] Wild (1d6) 1d6: 1
Networking BUY Heavy Juicer Plate
Cost: 55,000
Rarity: -2
Altaran: -2
[*] Persuassion (1d6) 1d6: 3
[*] Wild (1d6) 1d6: 2
The exchange goes poorly. Though she manages to convey what it is she wants and proves that the weapons are in better working order than most of Chuck's other equipment, something still sets him off. Maybe it was her sightless eyes that stare at nothing and follow nothing as well. Maybe it was that she was far more attractive than he was accustomed to. Or maybe it was that she kept slipping in Chuck's phrases and terms in his own voice. Regardless, she paid the man 36,000 credits for the NG-57 Heavy Ion Blaster before he closed up shop.

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Re: Chuck Jones NGR Sales Rep

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:49 pm

Chuck Jones frowns after business is done and closes his shop. Time to fill out a requisition for new items from the home land. He pus out a sign that reads, Closed for Resupply, will be back soon little Lionaires.
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