Angis Hammerstill get your items modified.

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Angis Hammerstill get your items modified.

Post by Pender Lumkiss »

If you can manage to track down the legions best kept secret you’ll find Angis Hammerstill down in the motor pool workimg on his favorite Mountaineer or out in the nearby second facilities workimg on some kimd of secret project for the mayor. Either way if you found him the stout steely eyed dwarf gives you a three fingered salute because that it all the digits he has left, “Wadda ya wanta? Got somptun special fer me to modify? Nadda problem, leave the creds and gear downa der and comback in ada few days. Oh if you can make a small donnation to the orphans of gloom charity inda main hall Idda ppriciate it. Justa 10% in addition to what ya dropped derr shoulda help those poor children.”

Networking roll -4 to find him
1d4 days for the modification
Use TL rules for payment, plus an additional 10% donated to the oprhans of gloom charity. He will know if you made that charitable contribution.

I personally feel modifications can abuse the system, so an item can be either enchanted, modifed, or Twchnowizard.
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Re: Angis Hammerstill get your items modified.

Post by Aggelos »

Aggy finds the dwarven smith and while he is able to approximate what she's looking for it does require a couple hours of her squeezing foam to get accurate hand imprints, doing some test shooting to dial in her muscular ticks while firing and several other tests. Some of which the you woman suspects were just to amuse the dwarf. When dropping off the donation afterwards she notes that the new gun, upgrades and donations are leaving her with a paltry 100 credits left from the job.

Eh screw it She drops that last 100 into the box as well and heads to the messhall.
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Re: Angis Hammerstill get your items modified.

Post by Forty-Two »

Forty Two does not need anything modified. But he would be honored if the old dwarf would let 42 help him out.
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