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Chapter Five: Running Man

Exploits of Adventure Incorporated!
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Re: Chapter Five: Running Man

Post by Mars »

1d4: [4] = 4
Trek: A hardship the party overcame on their trip: the tragic death of a favored Extra, spoiled or lost supplies, a mechanical breakdown, abysmal weather, and so on.
Mars or Lace, Depending on Which Personality is in Control
Parry: 7, 8 w/Wilks Backup Pistol (Notes: -2 to incoming attacks for Uncanny Reflexes [effective Parry of 9, or 10 w/Wilks Backup Pistol])
Toughness: 17(7) w/o tactical plates |20(9) w/tactical plates | 22(9) when Losing It (Notes: add +2 Armor vs arcane powers and effects AND reduce damage from arcane powers and effects by 2)
Edges/Notes: Arcane Resistance; Quick; Vulnerable after Wild Attacks (when in Losing It state), Multiple Personalities
Mars Character Sheet
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Tiny Tim
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Re: Chapter Five: Running Man

Post by Tiny Tim »

Trek Interlude
1d4: [3] = 3 - Diamonds
  • How the group found something that helped them along the way, such as an oasis, minor treasure, ammo, food, friendly locals, etc.
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Tiny Tim
Main: Tiny Tim
Active: Growler, Tony Vreski
Retired: Merlaggon, Hans Greuber
ISP: 3/30
PPE: 9/10
Pace: 12 (d12) in Dragon Form, 10 (d10) in Human Form. Usually Ignores Difficult Terrain.
Toughness: 33 (18) in Dragon Form, 19 (10) in Human Form
Parry: 5
Size: Normal
  • +3 in Dragon Form, -1 in Human Form
Claws: 3d4 AP3 MDC
Combat Feats and Other Notes:
  • Dragon Form
    • Nimble (From Dragon Celerity)
  • Human Form
    • +2 Notice, Alertness, Danger Sense, Sixth Sense
Active Powers:

Bennies: 0/3
Base Amount
  • ***+1 due Inspiring GM with result for Shadow Lord*** Carried Over
  • -1 due Reroll on Notice to Assist.
  • +1 due Mars's Joker vs. Worms
  • -1 due Reroll on Vigor vs. Worms
  • -1 due Reroll on Attack on Giant Worm
  • -2 due Damage Reroll on Giant Worm
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Re: Chapter Five: Running Man

Post by Erebus Caine »

Interlude: 1d4: [4] = 4 - Clubs
Trek: A hardship the party overcame on their trip: the tragic death of a favored Extra, spoiled or lost supplies, a mechanical breakdown, abysmal weather, and so on.

CS Occupied Minnesota/East of the Mississippi
Round 0

Erebus Caine ranged ahead of the Mammoth as they passed over the open terrain of the upper plains of the Dakotas. He eyed the horizon warily, where clouds dark as pitch were starting to pile up on the horizon, broken by lightning. Soon the rain started, a torrential downpour that made it hard for him to see more than five feet ahead. Low ground was starting to turn into a morass of mud and water.

Caine went back to the Mammoth to consult with the others. “I can’t see a thing out there. If we keep going, we’ll just end up in a quagmire. We should find high ground and hunker down!” he said over the roaring wind. “We need to be careful about lightning, too!”
Free Action:
2 CP-40 Laser Rifles
Character Info
Pace: 8 (Run d8); Parry: 6 (8 with JA-11); Toughness: 15 (6)
Bennies: 4/3
Rifle Ammo: 36/60
  • 2 x spare long clips 30 each
Pistol Ammo: 29/30
  • 2 x spare short clips 30 each
Armor: 10/10 PP
First Aid Kit: 3/3
IRMSS: 3/4
Medi-Gel: 9/10
Wealth: d10
Encumbrance: 36.75/20 lb
Giant Killer: +1d6 damage when attacking creatures Size 3+
Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point of Wound modifiers
Aim: Spend entire turn aiming. On next turn, ignore up to 4 points of Range, Cover, Called Shot, Scale, or Speed penalties, or add +2 to the roll.
Assassin: They add +2 to damage rolls when foe is Vulnerable or have The Drop.
Danger Sense: When rolling for Surprise, add +2 to Notice roll to act in the first round. With a raise, start the encounter on Hold. In other situations not covered by the Surprise rules (a sniper shot, pit trap, poisoned drink, etc.), Danger Sense gives a Notice roll at −2 (or +2 if a Notice roll is usually allowed) to detect the hazard and take appropriate action. If this was an attack and the hero makes the Notice roll, the foe doesn’t get The Drop against him.
Double Tap: Double Tap can only be used with weapons that have a Rate of Fire of 1 and can fire two shots without needing to manually reload. It adds +1 to hit and damage at the cost of one extra bullet. This is per action, so a shooter can Double Tap more than once if she performs a Multi-Action. Double Tap cannot be combined with Rapid Fire. If used with a weapon capable of Three Round Burst, it adds +2 to Shooting and damage instead of +1 and expends six bullets.
Level Headed: Draw additional Action Card in combat.
Marksman: If don’t move in a turn and fires no more than a ROF 1 as first action, may add +1 to an Athletics (throwing) or Shooting roll, or ignore up to 2 points of penalties from Called Shots, Cover, Range, Scale, or Speed. This is a lesser version of the Aim maneuver and does not stack with it. Marksman doesn’t apply to additional attacks after the first.
Rapid Fire: Increase ROF +1
Steady Hands: Ignore Unstable Platform penalty. Reduce Running penalty to -1.
NG-AT46 Mammoth APC
Size: 8 (Huge)
Handling: +0
Top Speed: 90 MPH
Toughness: 46 (24)
Crew: 5+20
Mods: 0*
Notes: Reinforced Ram, ATV, ECC, STS, MDC Armor, Nuclear-Powered.
Cargo Bay*: Mods 8 configured as Cargo Space, open-air (Exposed Crew), 32 ton carry limit.
Weapons: Medium Rail Gun (Turret), Light Laser (Front Sponson), 2×Anti-Personnel Ion Blasters (Left and Right Sponsons).
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William Rufus
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Re: Chapter Five: Running Man

Post by William Rufus »


1 - Spades
2 - Hearts
3 - Diamonds
4 - Clubs

Suit: 1d4: [3] = 3

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Game Sheet for William Rufus viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4644
Total Used PPE: 24
PPE: 15/ 15 Armor: PPE 5/ 5 Staff PPE: 10/ 10 Sword PPE: 10/ 10 ISP: 20/ 20
Bennies 4/1
OOC Comments
Lt. William Rufus

Guardian Mystic
Young 20, light red brown hair, 6'2"
a Gentleman , tries to help those in need.

Celestial Armor +5 Armor +2 Toughness +2 against environment

Celestial Staff
Damage: Str+d6, Reach 1
Notes: +1 Parry, two handed
Special: 10 PPE, +1 Faith Rolls, +2 PPE to do Mega Damage

Draining Blade Sword 2 PP for +2 damage and on successful hits target rolls Spirit vs the attack roll to resist both lower Trait (Vigor) and sloth; lasts 5 rounds
Damage: Str+d8,
Notes: +1 Parry, two handed
Special: 10 PPE, +1 Faith Rolls, +2 PPE to do Mega Damage

Wilks 320 Laser Pistol
Range: 15/30/60
Dmg: 3d6, AP: 3
ROF: 1
Shots: 20
Weight: 4 lbs. (Min Str: d4)
Notes: +2 Shooting (+1 from Weapon Balance, +1 for being a Wilks)
Rarity: +1 Cost: 11,000
Two E-clips

Celestial Staff
+2 shooting

detect/conceal arcana as an Innate Ability
Alertness +2 notice
Danger Sense +2 notice
Detect concealment on constant
Luck extra Benny
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Re: Chapter Five: Running Man

Post by Ajax »

A difficult obstacle
1d4: [1] = 1
Ajax spends the days since their parting with the CS scientists riding large loops around the mammoth. The sucking bog that resulted from the thunderstorm soon gave way to rocky earth as the terrain spiked upwards; the foothills of a new rocky range soon blocked their clear way forwards. The Mountaineer was put through its paces simply trying to keep all its wheels on the ground. Ajax and @Tiny Tim were put through their paces trying to find a path through. The path around would have been days out of their way. Fortunately, Adventure, Inc.'s scouts are fleet of foot and nimble. Still, Ajax chafed at the confines of the spiny ridges. "A pox upon the storms that slowed our speed across the plains. I could have run there for weeks!"
Ajax, centaur juicer
Current Status Post
Parry: 7 (-2 to be hit by any attack he's aware of, +2 to Evasion)
Toughness: 20 (7)
Pertinent Edges: Quick (Hyperion, redraw 8 and below)
Notes: Internal Repair System charges: 3/3
Weapon(s) in hand: JA-9
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