Dice check

Adventures of the Legion's 1st Special Exploratory Team.
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Dice check

Post by Venatus Vinco » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:35 am

1d6 = 6: 6
Didn't have a signature but wanted the 1 EP for using OOC tags!

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Re: Dice check

Post by Sinder » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:29 am

1d4 = 3: 3 for Mods
Sinder Baron: Burster (Master Psi)
Nicknames: Little Hotfoot, Phoenix,
OOC Comments
Appearance: 6’2” 180 lbs, medium Red Hair, Blue green eyes, hefty, scruffy beard and moustache, not to muscular.
ISP:50/50 Spent 8 Left 42
Active Psi Power:Armor, Flight

Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d4 +1 due to necklace
Charisma: +1 with Bracers, Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 8; Strain: 5

Bennys: 2 for EP, +2 from play, Quarter 3
Cards: Can be played at any time

5 Out of the Frying Pan
31 Flesh Wound EP
46 Renown EP Used Battle of Albuquerque

New Cards 4th quarter

3d52 = 99: 35, 30, 34

Seize the Day The character acts as if he had
drawn a Joker this combat round

Revelation Your hero finds all the information
available when doing research, or
realizes critical information when
confronting some obstacle such as
a monster’s weakness, the answer
to a riddle or cipher, etc.

Cutting In Line Draw 3 initiative cards and keep the highest.

In hand:
NG-33 Laser Pistol
for gun above
15/30/60, Damage 2d4+1, ROF 1, AP 2, Weight 4, Ammo: 20/20

On belt:
NG Super Laser Pistol
15/30/60, Damage 2d6+2, ROF 1, AP 2, Weight 8, Ammo: 20/20
AP Grenade 18/36/72, Damage 3d8, ROF 1, AP 2, Weight .25, Ammo: 6/8
15/30/60, Damage 2d6+2, ROF 1, AP 2, Weight 8, Ammo: 20/20
Frag Grenade 18/36/72, Damage 3d6, ROF 1, AP 2, Weight .25, Ammo: 6/8

Buffalo Spirit Fetish
  • Type of Item: An animal hide pouch containing a buffalo knuckle bone, hair, and sinew. The outside of the pouch has a tribal painted herd of buffalo.
  • Enchantments (One Major): Common Bond
  • P.P.E.: 0
  • Trait: Always on.
  • Trappings: Anyone wearing a Buffalo Spirit Fetish may give her bennies to any other character who is also wearing one. If the wearers cannot communicate with one another then they cannot share bennies.
Necklace of Greater Slumber
Major, Greater Slumber Minor#1, +5PP recharges on Leyline Minor #2, +1 to Vigor

Guantlet of the Demon Slayer
Character must have Smite before using this blade. looks like a normal Knights Guantlet. but when player activates Smite on it various powers can come forth.
Major: Psi Blade Edge Strength and Spirit damage, AP 6, Smite +4 or with a raise +8 Damage and choose a trapping
Major: Florentine Edge (wield two weapons, adds+1to fighting roll-1 to thoose gang up.)
Major: Power Warriors Gift/ Greater Warriors Gift (4/8. Warriors edge one level lower or two at same level)
Major: Power Banish/Banish the Horde (3/6 One or Large Burst area)

Minor: +5 PP
Minor: +5 PP


Armor Via Powers
FA +6 3 MDC+GA+5/10=11/16 +4

Physical Armor
TW Cannonball Armor
Powers: speed, quickness, intangibility
Super Lightweight Composite: ½ weight, d4 strength requirement when powered
Extra Armor: +6 Armor, +1 toughness (+3, +0 when unpowered)
Activation Cost: 1 ISP/hour
Weight: 7 lbs powered (14 lbs, d6 Min Str when unpowered)
PPE Storage: 10

Plastic Man +4+4
in storage

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