Tiny Tim

This custom unique piece of gear could be an enchanted, TW, or Weird Science Super tech item that grants a benefit fitting with your character concept. This will be created using the TW creation rules or the Major Object Creation edge in discussion with your GM. For power level use a Heroic level as a guide for modifier limits and rank restrictions. Limit one per character.
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Tiny Tim
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Tiny Tim

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Tiny Tim spent 11 EP for Bennies, because his new toy needs to at least hurt the target in its first round shooting. I put 1 in under the Bennies one and this is the other 10 EP.
Tiny Tim
Main: Tiny Tim
Active: Growler, Tony Vreski
Retired: Merlaggon, Hans Greuber
ISP: 22/30
PPE: 10/10
Pace: 12 (d12) in Dragon Form, 10 (d10) in Human Form. Usually Ignores Difficult Terrain.
Toughness: 33 (18) in Dragon Form, 19 (10) in Human Form
Parry: 5

Wounds: 0

Size: Normal
  • +3 in Dragon Form, -1 in Human Form
Claws: 3d4 AP3 MDC
Combat Feats and Other Notes:
  • Dragon Form
    • Nimble (From Dragon Celerity)
  • Human Form
    • +2 Notice, Alertness, Danger Sense, Sixth Sense
Active Powers:
Speed (Quickness)

Bennies: 0/3
  • Base Amount
    • -1 to Soak Phantom Wolf
      -1 to Reroll Notice on Phantom Wolves
      -1 to Reroll Athletics for Breath Weapon on Phantom Wolves
      +1 for William's Joker
      -1 to Reroll Fear vs. Greater Elemental
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