Alfie Macklin, (ex-)Coalition(?) Crazy, Defender of the Emprah, Killer of Corrupt Cyber-Knights, Slayer of Pirates, Esq.

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Alfie Macklin, (ex-)Coalition(?) Crazy, Defender of the Emprah, Killer of Corrupt Cyber-Knights, Slayer of Pirates, Esq.

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Alfie Macklin, Coalition (?) Crazy
(Super) Human

Agility d12, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d10

Losing It: As Berserker, Innate Action, +2d Strength and Agility, Fearless
Getting It Together:
Bio-Regeneration: Natural healing roll every 24 hours, recover from permanent injuries.
Enhanced attributes:
Enhanced Endurance: Nerves of Steel, half normal amount of sleep and +4 to resist Fatigue from sleep deprivation
Enhanced Speed: Double base Pace and jump twice as far
Heightened Senses: +2 Notice and Survival (tracking), ignore two points of Range penalties
Minor Psionic: AB: Psionics (boost trait**, detect/conceal arcana*, healing
Quick: Quick Edge
Uncanny Reflexes: -2 to hit and +2 on Evasion rolls
Distinctive Appearance:
No Magic:
Needs Action:
Unstable Psyche: Gains Impulsive and [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:2[/dice:cthjxf1o] Mania (Major) (Schizophrenic and hears voices)

18 pts
Athletics d4-->d8 (2)
Common Knowledge d4
Fighting d12 (5)
Notice d4-->d8 (2)
Performance d4 (1)
Persuasion d4
Psionics d6-->d8 (1)
Shooting d8 (3)
Stealth d4-->d8 (2)
Survival d4 (1)
Thievery d4 (1)

HJ Rolls, both on Training:
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:0[/dice:cthjxf1o]: Choose Result - Combat Edge: Frenzy
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:1[/dice:cthjxf1o]: +3 Skill Points for Athletics/Fighting/Shooting

Hindrances: Can't Swim (m), Delusional (m): Created to defend the Emperor, Heroic (M)

Human: Off the Handle
H1: +1d Smarts
H2: Split the Seconds
N1: Rich - traded for a (pink) Deathbringer Sword

Use 'Gun Bunny' EP option to snag:
Cache of grenades option ([dice:cthjxf1o]59547:3[/dice:cthjxf1o] Armor Piercing; [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:4[/dice:cthjxf1o] Fragmentation; [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:5[/dice:cthjxf1o] High Explosive; [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:6[/dice:cthjxf1o] Plasma)
Body Armor: Arzno Exterminator EBA with second roll for +2 Armor

Patron: Get the Armored Duster and NG Equalizer
Signature Item: "Pirate Scalp"/Oni Scalp: Enchanted Item (Danger Sense, Power: disguise (self-only); 5 PPE; +1 Persuasion)

Bonus stuff from Pender: Enemy (M): Dragon ; +4 HJ Rolls; x5 starting creds; Rifter 9 1/2 (4 Advances and either Enemy (M) or Wanted (M), plus a d16 roll)

Custom Heroes Journey Table
Drawn from Body Armor, Psionics, Ranged Weapons, Training and Undercover & Black Ops
  • 1 - Trade starting armor for any other body armor of choice (Body Armor 1-4)
    2 - Extra High-Density Plating: +2 Armor to suit of body armor (Body Armor 5-6)
    3 - Camouflaged Armor: +2 Stealth to suit of body armor (Body Armor 9-10)
    4 - Gain the Power Points Edge (Psionics 4-5)
    5-6 - Gain the Channeling Edge (Psionics 6-7)
    7-8 - Gain the New Powers Edge or 1 power from the Mind Melter list (Psionics 8-11)
    9 - Choose a power and gain the Raise effect automatically when successful (Psionics 12)
    10 - Gain a personal ranged weapon of choice (Ranged Weapons 1-3)
    11 - Grenades! and more grenades! (Ranged Weapons 4)
    12 - Military training gives +3 skill points for Athletics/Fighting/Shooting (Training 1-3)
    13-14 - Professional Edge of choice (Training 6-7)
    15 - Experienced climber gains +1d to Athletics and +2 when climbing (Training 12-13)
    16-17 - Combat Edge of choice (Training 15-16)
    18 - Thief Edge and +1 skill point for Athletics, Stealth of Thievery (Underworld 11-13)
    19 - Undercover pro: +1 to related Persuasion, Research, Stealth, +2 to CK (Underworld 14)
    20 - Assassin Edge (Underworld 18)
4 Rolls on Custom HJ Table above:
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:7[/dice:cthjxf1o] = New Powers or 1 MM power - Smite
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:8[/dice:cthjxf1o] = Ranged Weapon -- WI-23 Mini-Missile Launcher
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:9[/dice:cthjxf1o] = New Powers or 1 MM power - Protection
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:10[/dice:cthjxf1o] = Ranged Weapon -- P-Beam Rifle

d16 Roll for Rifter 9 1/2: [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:11[/dice:cthjxf1o]

Starting Money (x5 included):
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:14[/dice:cthjxf1o]x500 = 6,500
[dice:cthjxf1o]59547:15[/dice:cthjxf1o] [dice:cthjxf1o]59547:12[/dice:cthjxf1o]x2500 = 20,000
+15,000 cr from Rich
TOTAL: 41,500
Snag an integrated Multi-Optics Helmet, extra power (Warrior's Gift?) in armor, maybe some ammo

Edges to get later
NOVICE: Adept, First Strike, Power Points, Fleet-Footed, Healer, Trademark Weapon, ability + skill advances
SEASONED: Level-Headed, Major Psionic, Dodge
VETERAN: Imp. Frenzy, Giant Killer, Sublime Chaos

Convinced he was created and trained by the Coalition to defend the Emperor, but was mistaken for an assassin sent to kill the Emperor.

Has a Deathbringer Sword named Jerry, with a red bandanna wrapped around the hilt and a set of truck nuts hanging from the pommel. Sometimes calls it Jerry Bruckheimer, sometimes Jerry Garcia, sometimes Jerry Maguire. Rarely the same last name twice.

“I ... (deep breath) yam the very model of a modern Major General. An inflammation regular and animal and genital …"

“There’s always mutiny. Just kidding. Woah! I feel like I’m co-existing on two separate planes of existences. In one you start to laugh and in the other I have to kill you.”

“I love ninjas with all of my body (including my peepee).”

"Things were easier in the old days - drinking, whoring, the occasional bout of fisticuffs or the clap. Ever since I mistook that sergeant's hovercycle for a latrine, it's been nothing but marching and shining shoes, interrupted by interludes of show-tunes and cutting people's heads off.

For the first 23 years of his life, Alfie Macklin was just another drunk stumbling through the shadows of the Chi-Town 'burbs - albeit one with a higher tolerance than most for booze and beatings. But after a night of particular excess involving a rabbit, a cross-dressing Grackle Tooth and copious amounts of rotgut, young Alfie found himself facing a choice: spend the next 20 years in the clink or submit his body to science and the service of the Coalition States.
The M.O.M conversion went off without a hitch, leaving Alfie with the strength and reflexes of a ninja wildcat and the attention span of a meth-addicted housefly. Thanks to a mis-spliced wire and a poorly-formatted computer drive, he also has a near-encylopoedic knowledge of mid-20th century Top 40 pop tunes. He can still take a beating (and often does), but also gets to put on black pajamas and sneak around, killing evil-bad-stuff in exciting and messy ways.

Alfie's most immediate goal is to convince the thrice-blasted CS quartermaster that he needs a pair of vibroswords, a .50-caliber autopistol, C-5 pump pistol, 7 (not 6, not 8) plasma grenades, 3 purple markers and a carton of peppermint chewing gum if he's ever going to be able to perform the functions he was created to do.
Beyond that, he's always interested in acquiring more sharp and shooty things and is especially intrigued by stories he's heard about flaming swords created by evil-magic-techno-whatsits. Sure, the Coalition wouldn't approve, but they don't think grenade-juggling is an appropriate bed-time activity, either. Killjoys.
Alfie also would like to track down the bastard Grackle Tooth dancer that stole his rabbit and got him into this mess in the first place, but he hasn't the faintest idea where to start looking even if the CO would allow him outside the compound without restraints.
He's content with his lot for the time being, but really has no great loyalty to the Coalition and its pro-human agenda. Back when he was still slobbering his way happily through the 'Burbs, Alfie had plenty of D-bee friends, who were mostly pretty swell — certain Grackle Teeths excluded. The Coalition's attitude of 'Save humanity by killing everyone else' just doesn't sit well. Somewhere deep in Alfie's heart-of-hearts (below all the weirdness, flashing lights and strange urges) what he really wants is to feel a part of something good, whether that means protecting the innocent, fighting back against oppression, or just killing some really wicked-huge beasties from the rifts.
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Re: Alfie Macklin, (ex-)Coalition(?) Crazy, Defender of the Emprah, Killer of Corrupt Cyber-Knights, Slayer of Pirates,

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As a heads up, your second HJ roll of a 10 has the incorrect result listed.
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