Calling all Tesla Rangers! -Full!!

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Calling all Tesla Rangers! -Full!!

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Mon May 27, 2019 12:49 pm

Welcome to Fort Ohm, one of the last saloon infested, card shark ran, and boozing towns this side of the Mississippi. Electric lamp posts line the city dirt streets and made the city glow like an orange spark fly in the dark. A sense of hustle and bustle filled the city as people walked to and fro on the wooden sidewalks or clompped through the streets via horseback. Smack dab in the city center was a three story building filled with copper lamps and blue electric doodads said to do remarkable feats. The sign of this building read, Tesla Rangers.
Gus’ picture
At the front desk of the Tesla Ranger building was an older white hombre with a few whiskers more than most. Behind him was a large portrait of another old white man. The man at the desk tipped his hat as you entered. His steel blue eyes bored directly into your soul. Gus he was called by most, and a tale talker to boot. Everyone who came in got an earful about how all this came to be. Fortunately or sadly you were not spared this experience. Perhaps the saving grace was Gus also asked a bit about you and your experience, and in the end he inquired if you were up for a ride into the Uncanny Valley.
Gus’ tale and history of the setting
” You’ve heard no doubt about the robot wars, or otherwise you be the dumbest dub I’ve ever met.” Gus chuckled and struck a match lighting up a pipe. ” Most say it started with the death of John Henry after his showdown against a steel-driving, tunneling robot. Other folks think it was sabotage by a shadowy cabal of nefarious scientists.” Gus shrugged his shoulders and took a long draw on his ivory handled pipe. ”The rest say it was bound to happen no matter what. Whatever the cause, humanity was not prepared for the cost when the robots that once stood as a symbol of America's bright new future, turned instead into a raving horde of rampaging automatons. “ His striking blue eyes gaze off into the distance as if remembering another life, ”It was 1871, and a war-weary America was unprepared for a robot uprising that spread across the country like wildfire. Common townsfolk found it impossible to mount effective resistance against the bulletproof horde of fearless automatons. By the winter of ‘73, using heavy cannons and armor-piercing Gatling guns, humanity managed to push the robots west across the Mississippi.” Gus pointed a long crooked index finger up to the wall where a pair of large gattling guns hung. A small plackarge beneath them read, In Case.

He blew out a thick black smoke and continued in a slight drawl, ”For 11 years humanity has held that line. The east banks of the Mississippi have become a line of cannon-studded fortifications, while everything west of the Mississippi was ceded to the automatons. Life in the east struggles to survive in cramped confines. The people's hope dwindles.” Out side a small ruckus is going on, a street performer in a white lab coat has gather a group of people for a demonstration, Gus swear, ” Fracking Hawking... One crackpot inventor after another hawks his surefire way to disable the robots for good—only to fail miserably.” Gus turns and taps the large portrait humg behind the desk. His voice raised like he was selling you somethin’ fierce, ” But now in 1883, one such scientist, Nicola Tesla, offers a real solution to stem that tide of despair. Fresh to our shores, Tesla has a load of experimental devices and a government contract to outfit a voluntary expeditionary force, cross the ol' Miss, and head deep into No Man's Land.”
After his tale was told Gus refreshed his pipe tapping the smoldering embers onto a metallic tray. He holds up a telegram that had been sitting on the counter, ” Just got word from A township, Uncanny Valley, 3 days ride. The men ther’ caught a Cog...” Gus rubbed his side unconsciously, ” Bot Masterson... Shootist Cog if there ever was one on either side of the ‘sippi. They say Masterson can make a man do his worst without thinking twice. By your looks you might have heard of e’m. Tessla needs some folks to ride out and bring him back for study.” If you were a betting man you might think Gus had other designs than study. ” Before you accept partner, tell me a bit about yourself and experiences... We just don’t let any volunteer become a tesla ranger.” He chuckled slightly because in fact they have never denied an applicant.

Join our hangout:
Ok Partners mount up. I would like to run the published adventure in the Tesla Ranger setting.

No EP cost to play (VV approved), I would expect it to run through January. A great chance to experience swade.

As you sound off and express your interest, character name, concept. Include a little RP in character of a time Bot Masterson did you wrong, or perhaps someone you know. Strike that connection and you get to start this ride at seasoned. Everyone else... Novice.

What happens after Jan? I do not have any designs to run it past the published adventure... But who knows what the future holds.

Note: this game may progress at a slightly slower pace. I am expecting GM posts that advance the story every other week.

What do you need to play in the game?
  • Copy of SWADE
  • Setting description of Tesla Rangers would not hurt. Page 27 in the mini settings.
  • Bottle of wiskey
  • Spirit of a desperado.
Game starts? June 15th, or July 1st.

Players 6.
1. SGT/ Crankshaft - Galvanic Engineer w/ Journeyman Tinkerer
2.Steven/ Bull Tough bruiser.
3.Grandpa / Octogenarian and the fastest gunslinger and of his generation
4.VV/ Sir Andrew Cross British hunter
5.Timmy, shooter
6.Matthew Saloon Scout
Setting info

Setting rules:
Fast Healing
Heroes Never Die
High Adventure
Chewing Gum & Willpower
  • Sometimes a Ranger doesn't have the time to Repair things the right way. Player characters can spend a Benny to ignore the long repair time devices normally require, and make a “temporary Repair” roll as a action. Doing so returns the item to operation for the remainder of the scene, or until the durn fool operator rolls a 1 on their skill die to use the device, at which point it stops functioning again.

No doubting Thomas

Riding and shooting are core

No arcane backgrounds or gadgeteer.

Gadgeteer was replaced with Journeyman Tinker
Weird Science replaced with Galvanic Engineer
Field Team Six Bennies

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Re: Calling all Tesla Rangers!

Post by Pursuit » Mon May 27, 2019 3:11 pm

I will be monitoring this closely and may swoop in before the game starts if there are still slots open. Looks super fun, @Pender Lumkiss!

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Re: Calling all Tesla Rangers!

Post by Crankshaft » Mon May 27, 2019 5:19 pm

"The name is Crankshaft and I hear this the frontline for new technology."

Crank looks out at the poor fool peddling his wares in the white lab coat. Reduced to a street vendor.

"I prefer in field testing for my gadgets and gizmos."

Crank stands up from a folding chair which he collapses and stows into a pocket in his pack. He whistles and one can hear what sounds like a tea kettle bubbling. In a few minutes an arm extends from the pack and hands Crank a cup of coffee.

Sipping the coffee, his face twists up a bit. "There are always kinks to be worked out. Will have to log this one as 'After Binge Drinking'. Wow that is really strong. Kind of like Turkish coffee."

Finishing his steaming cup quickly. Bristling through the entire thing. Crank reaches across his chest and taps the side of his back. The hand appears, takes the cup and the folded chair pops out and into Crank's hands. He unfolds the chair and sits down.

"Let me know when we are ready to get down to business."

Crankshaft - Galvanic Engineer w/ Journeyman Tinkerer

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Re: Calling all Tesla Rangers!

Post by Hans Greuber » Mon May 27, 2019 5:29 pm

A shadow blocks the sun, and you worry for a second before you look and notice it is a just a man.... a giant of a man almost 7 feet tall... but a man all the same. It looks like he has seen more than a few fights, and they have left their marks all over his face.

"Name is Billy, but everyone calls me Bull. I guess it because a couple years ago, our ox took ill, and for a week, Pa just hooked me up to the plow for plantin. I probably would've still be there helping on the farm, but a local 'gent' and a couple friends tried to have their way with my little sister, and Pa said that even though they should pull through the thrashin I gave them, they have lots of guns and other friends over there and I should make myself scarce. Pa said I was to go and join you Tesla Rangers, for what those Cogs did to our kin... especially my cousin Peggy. Pa also said that he heard that Bot Masterson was the one that led the raid and shot up our kin. D'ya think we will get to see that Bot Masterson so I can introduce myself to him and show him my appr… appre… that I can wup his tin a$$?"
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Hans Greuber
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Combat Edges:
Level Headed
OOC Comments
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Armor: Dwarven Technosmith (TW) H-1 Combat Armor
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[*]4 PPE per Hour to Charge
[*]Strength d12+2[/list]

Commonly Used Weapons:
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    • Damage: 3d8+5 AP6 MD.
    • Shots: 40/40
    • RoF: 1
    • Sound (Deafness) Trapping
    • +2 to Shooting
  • "Dreamtime" (TW Revolver)
    • Damage: 2d6+2 AP4
    • Shots: 6/6, Can Fan the Hammer
    • +2 to Shooting
    • Trapping (Temporal Thought; Smarts Roll on Hit or Fatigue)
    • Power - Slumber with Temporal Thought Trapping)
    • +1 Die Shooting
Bennies: 1 / 3 + 1 Red (d8) Bennie
Base Amount
+2 for Hindrances (Loyal and Doesn't Swim)
+1 for RP
-1 to Soak Rocket
-1 for Extra Effort vs. Maelstorm Maker Dramatic Task
-1 for Extra Effort in Quick Combat vs. the Hammers
-1 for Extra Effort in First Round of Mystery in Lord of Hammer
-1 for Re-Roll on Lord of Hammer Closing the Rift

Toughness: 21 (11); Parry: 4; Pace: 7 / (5) ... =signature

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Re: Calling all Tesla Rangers!

Post by Hedge » Mon May 27, 2019 6:20 pm

Sir Andrew Cross takes a moment to remove his pith helmet and wipe his brown with a pocket square while politely listening to the colonial, Gus, give him a history lesson. These Americans, their country is barely as old as my grandmother and yet they prattle on so.

"Yes, well. Very good then," Andrew replies. "This Bot Masterson fellow is quiet interesting. I've done some reading up on him you know. In fact, he is what brings me here. Allow me to introduce myself, Sir Andrew Cross, esquire, at your service. I have recently ridden with her Majesty's light horse in South Africa but hunting rebellious colonists and wild game seems nothing to matching one's steel with beasts forged in iron. I am here for the expedition."

Replacing his hat, Cross neatly folds his pocket square before returning into to its assigned place on his khaki battle uniform.

"I do look forward to this, crossing the great divide between man and machine. It really is quite exhilarating to think about."

Sir Andrew Cross
British Aristocrat/Army Officer/Explorer
Victorian era honour code, intensely curious
Quick character sheet:

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Re: Calling all Tesla Rangers!

Post by Grandpa » Tue May 28, 2019 8:10 am

When the story mentions Bot Masterson Granpa looks up a far more interested than only seconds before. But Thinking back he remembers...

Grandpa's favorite daughter Molly helped make hundreds of bots as the supervisor of a manufacturing facility. But her favorite was always Bot Masterson. When he went bad and helped fight in the rebellion Molly (Grandma to her own) was heart broken. Nearly every bot he ever helped build went bad. But she thought at least Bot would have decided to go Cog.

When she was dying she knew her time was limited, all she asked was for just one of her bots to come see her, to change and decide to join the Cogs. She never admitted it, but Grandpa knew she was ashamed of her work. So when Bot did not respond to the letter then sent (Word was the he shot the postman, which kinda makes sense) Grandma asked Grandpa to find all them bots, to find them and gun them down if they won't repent of their ways. Now Grandpa is on the road with Charlotte Molly's only granddaughter and the two of them are gonna set things right before he dies...

Back in the present the old man looks around and nods. These young fellers bout ta be in fer a hurt if they ain't got no one ta be watchin out fer em. He best be going wid em. "I'm in."

Grandpa Masterson
"All a man really needs in life is guns and bullets. The rest is usually free."

Bennies: 6, Conviction 1
3 Start of Q
+1 Interlude
+1 including -2 shooting so i don't hit Bull
+1 Mini story about last time I was in the canyon

Conviction = 1
Grandpa Masterson (Rob T)

Gender: at my age, that stuff just don't matter any more Human

Description: Weathered old man, lathered skin and ready to drop dead any minute.

Rank: Seasoned (4 advancements)
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Skills: Athletics: d6, Common Knowledge: d6, Fighting: d4, Intimidation: d8, Notice: d6, Persuasion: d4, Repair: d6, Riding: d8, Shooting: d10, Stealth: d4, Survival: d4
Pace: 5, Parry: 4, Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Elderly, Hard of Hearing (minor), Mean
Edges: Ambidextrous, Marksman, Quick, Rapid Fire, Steady Hands, Two-Gun Kid
Weapons: Colt Peacemaker (.45) (2d6+1, 12/24/48, ROF 1), Colt Peacemaker (.45) (2d6+1, 12/24/48, ROF 1), Unarmed (Natural Attack, Str-1)
Gear: Backpack (Contains: Blanket, Whetstone, Trail Rations), Boots, Hiking, Bullets, Medium (50), Horse (Contains: Bedroll (sleeping bag; winterized), Saddle, Blanket, Clothing, Casual, Rope, hemp (10”/20 yards), Knife/Dagger)
Language: Native Language (Native)
  1. Edge: Marksman
  2. Edge: Two-Gun Kid
  3. Edge: Steady Hands
  4. Edge: Rapid Fire
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