X-SET: Savage Rifts Play Test, PBP style

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X-SET: Savage Rifts Play Test, PBP style

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:55 pm

Hey folks,

If anyone is up for play-testing the play-test document and future Swade Savage Rifts stuff sign up here (I’ll take the first six (bleys and Michael already got a spot))
  • Note: you will need SWADE to complete a character
Its a great chance to try out something you think is broken, or something you are wondering if is too good to be true. Try to limit your ideas to the TLPG, and the races in there.

A couple of changes to the (yes I realize more changes will come, but the changes below seem to ones Sean has already said were coming) :
  • Rich/very rich: will not get you a PA/RA. I can be talked into a third edge: Crazy Rich (background) which will get you an extra 100k starting funds or your choice of a PA/RA.

    Mystic: no longer are forbidden to taking master psionic and start with major psionic

    Crazy: have disguise as a power (self only)

    Humans: your adapatable edge is effected by born a hero meaning you can take a legendary edge.
Hangout: https://hangouts.google.com/group/jZmfvoD9ASZx8yNt6

Forum: currently waiting for one to be created in the castle refuge section. Players can post characters there and then join combat. Here is a taste of the story:

Serina Stargazer looked at those assembled in the grand hall. The hall itself was far too large a space to meet and yet she asked you to meet anyways. Her voice was a bit sing song, as if she was carrying a tune while she spoke. “ Legionnaires, I called you today in the hopes you could be persuaded to locate, find, and bring back Darwin Nethios.” She paused looking for recognition in the name, “ He was one who had answered the call for heroes in Africa a and drove back the darkness there, and now it is critical we bring him in. It appears he is leading a radical cult called The Doomsayers. After much meditation I know he is around the ruins of Tolkeen. Erin Tarin our friend, has asked this of us. We are forming a special designation X SET, off the books. Step forward if you wish to answer the call…. You must bring him back alive. I have seen the signs, he has information we need to stop something terrible.”
Field Team Six Bennies

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