The Pahi Oki Collection

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The Pahi Oki Collection

Post by Pahi Oki » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:34 pm

Tomorrow Legion Records
Recorded by White Castle of the 32nd
Following the Jungle Castle Mission

I met Pahi Oki in the swamps of the Everglades a year or so before I joined the TL's 32nd. In this particular part of the Dino Swamp it is always humid and the temperatures are easily 85 degrees, year round. The Everglades should more likely be termed a Jungle as the foliage is thick and dense and sunlight rarely touches the ground. The cypress and sycamore trees form extensive networked canopies across most of the Everglades.

I make a few notes regarding Pahi Oki.

First, while he speaks American, he cannot read nor write in it. Given time, I am certain that he could learn. Reading and Writing however are not something necessary for a member of the First Nations or someone of Pahi Oki's abilities.

Second, as someone of his capabilities are quite rare (only ever encountered one like him), I recommended that he accompany us back to Refuge once the affairs in the Dino Swamp were concluded, namely the clearing of the Jungle Castle.

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