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Basic lore WIP

GM: Padawan_GM1
A Star Wars game set in the time of the Clone Wars.
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Basic lore WIP

Post by Crusor_Peter45 »

Just notes at this point

Majority of the facilities prisoners were released and now live on the moon in the remains of the prison.

Most of the planet are large urban areas where the previous staff ,plus the civilians who provided general goods and services to said staff, would have lived. The prison it’s self covered an area about the size of Russia, then there are large deserts between the two that acted as a buffer zone should prisoners escape. The only reliable ways to cross were rail ways to ensure traffic in an out of the prison complex was controlled. This is still the fastest way across. Finally the poles of the planet due to a tilted axis (and for the sake of terrain variety) are where the majority of the planets moisture collects to form sprawling jungles and swamps before turning into deep oceans at the direct poles

Ideas for factions

Clone police force keeping relative peace
-the somewhat seedy militia volunteers who work under them.

Various illegal corporations trying to exploit the in theory cheap (or sometimes forced) labor of the former prisoners

Gang of some alien who think they’re better than every other race

Gang of former prisoners who are actually trying to correct their previous behavior (there’s not many but they’re there) they mostly do volunteer work and try to patrol the areas clones and militia don’t.

Manhunters who don’t believe the majority of the prisoners who were let go deserve it and are currently hunting down and killing those they can fine who are prisoners

Hutt clan, of course the hutts are here
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