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Dovian: Grifter

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:46 pm
by Dovian



Re: M.A.R.S. Snake Oil Salesman

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:35 pm
by Dovian
Snake Oil Man
Player: Mike
Rank: Seasoned Advances Left: 0
Race: Elf
Iconic Framework: MARS High Magus
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace: 0; Parry: 4; Toughness: 12 (5); Strain: 0
  • Athletics d6 (d4, +1 points)
  • Common Knowledge d8 (d4, +2 points)
  • Fighting d4 (+1 points)
  • Notice d8+2/+4 (d4, +2 points)
  • Occult d8 (d6 iconic, +1 points)
  • Performance d10 +2/+4 free reroll (d6, +1 points, +2 points)
  • Persuasion d10 +2/+4/+6 free reroll (d4, +2 dt MARS, +2 points)
  • Repair d8 (d6 iconic, +1 point)
  • Spellcasting d8 (d6 iconic, +1 points)
  • Stealth d8 /+1 (d4, +2 points)
  • Thievery d8+1 (+3 HJ points)
  • Arrogant (Major): It really is a shame to have to deal with so many inferiors
  • Greedy (Minor): In this world you are the player or the one being played. So make sure you get what's yours.
  • Quirk: Always dresses nicely (Minor): Fine clothes are befitting a man of his station
Racial Abilities (Elf)
  • D-Bee (Minor): The initial Reactions to Elves typically start at Uncooperative, or Unfriendly for human supremacists. Those with Unfriendly or lower Reactions will refuse to sell wares or provide services such as healing, repairs, etc. Failed social checks with Hostile parties often result in violence.
  • Enchantingly Beautiful: Almost all other humanoid races find elves to be beautiful, though with the prevalence of slaving on Rifts Earth this is not always an advantageous trait (elves are frequently nabbed first because they fetch the best price at slave markets). Elves gain +1 to Performance and Persuasion rolls with all races and peoples, except human supremacists.
  • Driven: Elves have the Driven (Minor) Hindrance.
  • Impudent: Elven culture is often insular and elitist. All elves have the Quirk (Minor—Culturally Superior) Hindrance.
  • Low Light Vision: Elves ignore Illumination penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Near-Human Physiology: Those unfamiliar with elven physiology suffer only a −1 penalty to Healing skill rolls and cybernetics checks.
  • Physical and Mental Prowess: Elves start with d6 Agility and d6 Smarts; increase Trait maximums accordingly.
  • Racial Animosity: Ancient enemies, dwarves and elves are still coming to terms with their new circumstances on Rifts Earth (where they should be natural allies, as they were in eons past). Old habits die hard, though, especially for such long-lived races. Elves suffer −2 on Persuasion checks when dealing with dwarves.
Edges and Iconic Abilities
  • Iconic: Begin with Occult d6, Spellcasting d6, Arcane Background (Magic), 10 PPE, use the Ley Line Walker’s spell list and begin with three powers.
  • Iconic: Begin with the Magi of Dweomer Edge. (Guild obligations, and Master of Magic)
  • Iconic: Begin with the Artificer, Minor Item Creation, and Major Item Creation Edges as well as the Repair skill at d6.
  • MARS Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or gain two rolls on the Hero’s Journey tables of your choice.
  • - Gregarious and Resourceful: Begin with the Charismatic and I Know a Guy Edges.
  • - - Charismatic: Free reroll on persuasion rolls
  • - - I Know a Guy: Once per session, the player can invoke this Edge to effectively have the Connections Edge. Make a Smarts roll at −2 (or an opposed Smarts roll for powerful contacts) to see if they can be leveraged or convinced to help in any way.
  • MARS A Bard's Tale: Add two die types to Performance, begin with the Fame Edge, and gain a free reroll when using Performance. Begin with a set of performance gear.
  • - Fame: She makes double the normal fee when performing for pay (see Performance, page 32).
  • Hero’s Journey Experience & Wisdom (10 –11): Some experiences take a person back to the beginning, reconnecting her to her foundations. Select one Background Edge, regardless of requirements, so long as it makes sense and the GM agrees with it.
  • - Alertness: +2 to notice Checks. You have been burned a time or two learning your skill, and now know how to keep an eye out.
  • Hero’s Journey Magic & Mysticism (12 –13): Some arcane wielders learn how to use certain spells as almost second nature. Choose one power your hero knows; if she casts it successfully, she automatically gains the raise effect.
  • Hero’s Journey Underworld & Black Ops (11–13): Your character is inherently gifted at larceny, possessing the Thief Edge without concern for requirements. He also gains +1 Skill Point to spend on Athletics, Stealth, or Thievery as he chooses.
  • Very Attractive (Hindrance): receives +2 to Performance and Persuasion rolls.
  • Famous (Hindrance): She makes 5 × the normal fee when performing and adds +2 to Persuasion rolls when influencing friendly individuals who know who she is.
  • Streetwise (Novice 1): +2 to Networking rolls, and +2 to Common Knowledge related to the disreputable activities.
  • Danger Sense (Novice 2): Notice roll at +2 to sense ambushes or similar events. After getting burned too many times you have learned to keep your eyes wide open for those high risk situations.
  • Power Points (Novice 3): Power Points raised to 15.
  • Power Points (Seasoned 1): Power Points raised to 20.
  • New Powers (Seasoned 2): the character gains two new powers of Seasoned of less.

Re: M.A.R.S. Snake Oil Salesman

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:32 am
by Dovian

Stuff and then stuff. But when stuff happened it was stuff.

Re: M.A.R.S. Snake Oil Salesman

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:33 am
by Dovian
NG-S2 Survival Pack (20 lb)
• Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
• Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
• Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
• Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
• First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
• Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
• Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
• Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
• Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
• Survival Knife
• Wooden Cross
• Mallet and wooden stakes
• 1 set extra clothes

Ley Line Walker Medium Armor (TW)
The Armor used by the High Magi is customized; the helmet has insect-like eyes and an odd curtain of beads around the mouth, giving it an appearance unique to the Brotherhood of Creation.
  • Armor: +5 Toughness: +2
  • Weight: 8 lbs (Min Str: d4)
  • Notes: +4 vs disease and poison.
  • Rarity: -3; Cost: 12,000

TW Shock Pistol
  • Range: 10/20/40
  • Dmg: 3d6, AP: 3
  • ROF: 1
  • Shots: 10
  • Weight: 2 lbs. (Min Str: d4)
  • Rarity: +1 Cost: 52,000
  • Notes: Targets hit must make a Vigor roll at –2 (–4 with a raise) or be Stunned.; –2 to Notice when the pistol is concealed.

[dice:6xsdj7go]63205:0[/dice:6xsdj7go] Universal Credits, and [dice:6xsdj7go]63205:1[/dice:6xsdj7go] credits worth of gear or valuables


Re: M.A.R.S. Snake Oil Salesman

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:37 am
by Dovian
Arcane Background: (Magic)
PPE: 20 - Recovery: 5/hour

Boost/Lower Trait
Invisibility (gets raise effect)

Re: Dovian: Grifter

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:01 am
by Snake Eyes
Looks like he checks out. Clearly a Rob character since Mike would never voluntarily choose a non human.