2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Adventures in the Dinosaur Swamp. Rawr!
GM: Pursuit
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2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Pursuit » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:28 am

As always, please post a reply to this topic and roll 1d54 for each adventure card your character can carry and check the results on this spreadhseet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Be careful to use the number in the second column as your reference.

You can copy and paste the following code, and edit your result to match.

Code: Select all

Adventure Card Invalid dice code!

 - Place cards description here.
We'll do this on a first come, first serve basis; if you get a card someone else on this thread has already rolled, please roll again.

By way of reminder, Novice characters may carry 1 card per quarter, Seasoned may carry 2, and Veterans may carry 3. Regardless of how many cards you carry, you may only play one.

Happy rolling!

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Pender Lumkiss
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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:35 am

2d54 = 91: 44, 47
Forgot he is veteran 1d54 = 53: 53

53- riled up, "Play after your hero sustains at
least one wound. His attacks
cause +2 damage for the
remainder of the scene."

47- epiphany. "Something you never understood
before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a
d6 in any skill you previously did
not have for the remainder of this
game session."

44- Boom Head Shot, You may ignore any Called Shot penalty on your next ranged attack.
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Deezy Klatta
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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Deezy Klatta » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:37 pm

2d54 = 81: 44, 37
"Play to make an opposing Wild Card lose his next action by gloating or talking about his master plan."

Rerolling the 44: 1d54 = 50: 50
It’s one of those “inspiring music movie moments” when the heroes get their second wind! You and all allies who can see your signal or hear your voice (walkie-talkies count) recover automatically from Shaken status and any Fear effects, due to your inspiring words.
OOC Comments
Player Name: Salmon Max
Google Handle: samminmax@gmail.com

Character Name: [urk=http://savagerifts.com/sr/viewtopic.php ... =167#p1803]Dorothy Zane “DZ” Klatta[/url]
Rank:Novice Experience: 10 (7/30/17) Advances Left: 0
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: Techno-Wizard
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Charisma: -1; Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 12 (6); PPE: 20
Knowledge: Arcana d10
Knowledge: Engineering d10 (+1)
Knowledge: Science d6
Knowledge: Electronics d10 (+1)
Repair d10 (+2 Edge, +4 armor (inc TW bonus))
Investigate d6 (+2)
Techno-Wizardry d10
Shooting d6 (+3 w/revolver)

Overconfident (Major): Never give up...NEVER SURRENDER!
Greedy (Minor): Building something like this is going to take a load of bread to capitalize...where’m I gonna get the money?!
Habit (Minor): Too hyperactive!

Edge: Master of Magic (mega-magic ENGAGE)
Edge: Extra PPE (+5 PPE)
Edge: Mr Fixit (+2 Repair, halve time required on raise)
Edge: Investigator (+2 to Investigate, Streetwise, and Notice to sort through evidence)
Edge: Improved Recharge (recover 1 PPE/.5 hour)

Gizmos (spells):
AEGIS (Active ElectroGravitational Interception System)
Armor (2PPE, +2 armor/+4 on raise, duration 3 (+1/rnd), touch)
Greater Armor (5PPE, +5 MDC armor/+10 on raise, duration 3 (+1/rnd) touch)

Bolt (1PPE/2d6 missile (up to 3), 2PPE/3d6 missile, 12/24/48)
Onslaught (2PPE/3d6MD missile (up to 4), 4PPE/6d6MD missile, 18/36/72)

TIAMAT (Thaumic Imaging And Magical Ambiance Testing)
Detect/Conceal Arcana (2PPE, sense supernatural creatures, objects or effects)
Exalted Detect/Conceal Arcana (4PPE, gain more info, 2PPE to analyze creature)

ROCKET BOOTS (No acronym; just rockets in boots)
Flight (3PPE, fly at Pace; 6PPE, 2x Pace, duration 3 (+1/rnd), touch)
Swift Flight (8PPE, 4x Pace and -1 to be hit; 10PPE 8x Pace and -2 to be hit, duration 3 (+1/rnd) touch)

Triax T-13 Field Mechanic
Armor 6, +1 Toughness, Full environment, 18lbs
Laser Torch, 3d6MD, RoF 1, AP 3, 4/8/16
Extensible Manipulator: Reach 1, Str 1d6, 1d6+1d4 dmg in melee w/laser finger
Optical Enhancements; 10x mag, thermal vision, spectrographic scanner, +2 Repair
10 mile communication, nightvision, loudspeaker, laser rangefinder

TW Revolver
2d6+2 dmg, RoF 1, AP 4, 6 shots, 12/24/48
+1 Shooting skill (Minor TW Augmentation)
2PPE to charge, 2PPE to make Mega-damage

TechnoWizard Specialized Toolkit
I use it for techno things that also involve wizardry.

NG-S2 Survival Pack
2 person tent, +20% water supplies
Sleeping bag
Flashlight w/knife; solar
Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
Short range (5 mile) radio
First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
Three ‘saw wires’
Fire starter
Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
4 signal flares
Climbing kit w/30 rope
Soap and washcloth
2 weeks rations

Credits: 2000

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Toshiro 'Cybermonk'
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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Toshiro 'Cybermonk' » Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:27 am

Last Stand
- Your hero and any adjacent allies gain +2 Parry and Toughness. Allies who move into contact after the card is played gain the bonus as well. The effect ends when a Joker is dealt.

Adventure Card 1d54 = 16: 16
- "Your hero somehow convinces orbribes a minor foe to perform a small favor—such as helping the hero escape, revealing the location of the “boss,” etc."
OOC Comments
Toshiro's Character Sheet
Wounds: 0/4; Fatigue: 0/3; [/size]

Parry: 5 (+4 from chip and sword)[/size]
Toughness: 23(12 MDC)[/size]
Active Effects
Chips: +3DT Fighting +1DT Electronics
Sword: +2 DT Fighting, Absorption (Metal and Kinetic), +2 DT Strength [/size]

Notable Edges: Woodsman, Quick, Brawny, I know a Guy, Nerves of Steel, Danger Sense, Improved Arcane Resistance, Ace, Combat Ace, Elan[/size]

Bennies: 4/3 [/size]
+1 for hinderance - spiderbot phobia
+1 for slow GM :)
-1 for shooting Clayman

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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Conrad » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:43 am

As I never remember my cards, not keeping any of them

1d54 = 27: 27

Joker's Gone Wild Play this card to swap your initiative card with any Joker drawn for initiative.

1d54 = 13: 13

13 Speedy Gonzales Expend this card to gain +2 to your Pace for the rest of the scene.

1d54 = 20: 20

Last Stand "Your hero and any adjacent allies
gain +2 Parry and Toughness.
Allies who move into contact after
the card is played gain the bonus
as well. The effect ends when a
Joker is dealt."

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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Tyraxas » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:43 am

Keeping 39 - Noble Sacrifice

Rolling new card: 1d54 = 21: 21 - Second Wind: Play on your hero to automatically remove all wounds sustained in this combat (but not crippling injuries). If Shaken, he is un-Shaken now as well.
Current Status Post
Current Status: Dragon form
Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
PPE: 20 / 20
ISP: 0 / 0
Active Effects: None
Parry: 5
Toughness: 35 (16) MDC in dragon form
Toughness: 16 (6) in human form with deadboy armor and duster
Pertinent Edges: Quick
Adventure Cards:
  • Second Wind: insert desc here
    Noble Sacrifice: insert desc here
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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Kuikku » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:46 pm

Roll: 1d54 = 44: 44 Reroll: 1d54 = 23: 23
Rally "Play to cause all allies in sight and/or hearing to immediately lose their Shaken status."

Roll: 1d54 = 40: 40
That's Crazy Talk Mister "Play this card to cause all non-wild card enemies suffer a -2 MAP as they stop to listen to your jabbering for one round."
Parry: 8
Toughness: 14(6)
Toughness with Cyber-Armor active: 20(8) MDC

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Sierra Mackenzie
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Re: 2019 Q1 Adventure Deck

Post by Sierra Mackenzie » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:29 am

2d54 = 37: 11, 26

Reroll the 16 1d54 = 46: 46

Lucky Break: Play this card to completely negate the damage from one attack.
Renown: Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).
Character Tracker
Sierra Character Sheet
Parry: 5; Toughness: 13(6)
Encumbrance: 25/28
Battle Hardened (armor): +2 to Soak
Combat Reflexes (armor): +2 to Unshake
Danger Sense: Notice to avoid surprise
Improved Nerves of Steel (armor): Ignore 2 points of Wound penalties
Liquid Courage: Vigor d10, Toughness: 8, ignore 1 point of Wounds (1 hour)
Read the Flames
Respect: +2 Charisma bonus when dealing with residents of Avanzada Seca
SLOOT Suit: Armor can become transparent.
ISP: 35/40 (5 locked for armor)
Bennies: 3/3
Adventure Card
  • Tale Teller: Your hero must tell a story of his group’s deeds to an audience of some sort (roleplay this) and make a Persuasion roll. If successful, the listeners become friendly and helpful to the entire party.
  • Parley: All characters cease fighting and listen to the hero speak for at least 30 seconds. Others may only take defensive actions during this time. This has no effect on beasts and other creatures that cannot understand the speaker.

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