Chapter 7: To Kill a Nightingale

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Chapter 7: To Kill a Nightingale

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On Thin Ice

Alone on the icy waters the team delves into their thoughts, the snow on the landscapes muffles sound, making everything seem eerily quiet. The sound of water lapping the ships hull breaks the silence. Who know how long it's been since anyone moved through these lands. There are no signs of life. It is empty, barren, frozen.

Soon, Palach struggles to navigate as large ice flows float in the river. What pokes above the surface belies the jagged ice below. The hull scrapes a few times until finally the ship can go no further. The river is frozen and the way blocked. The silence persists but not the sense of emptiness. Something is out there. Watching. Waiting.

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Re: Chapter 7: To Kill a Nightingale

Post by Palach »

Palach moves from the conn to the deck to make sure he has maximum visibility,

Notice: 1d4!!+4: [5!!]+4 = 9
WD Notice: 1d6!!+4: [2]+4 = 6
more than the equipment on the boat. "Is something there." His hand moves idly towards his particle beam rifle, unsure of what was out on the frozen water.
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Re: Chapter 7: To Kill a Nightingale

Post by hobo joe »

As the boat slows to a halt, Tary walks to the bow and peers into the ice ahead. He is honestly bored. Being a passenger on someone else's vehicle, on a river, no real choices or decisions. So as ominous as this new development was, Tary had hopes of excitement.

Even a supernatural monster lurking in the dark was better than sitting around wondering about your life choices and how you wound up on a barge in friggin' Russia.

He leaned on the gunwale and stared off into the dark.

DB-B1 on the other hand spent the river cruise relaxed. It maintained order on the boat. Kept things "ship shape" and maintained order amongst the passengers and crew on the ship. Icy decks were no concern, which was a secret joy it had every time one of the organic beings slipped or lost footing.

The rest of Tary's little band mostly cavorted around bother-helping the crew. Thankfully Tary was normally there when things got more bother than help.

Tary Notice 1d8!!: [4] = 4 Tary Notice Wild 1d6!!: [7!!] = 7 (Tary does have low-light vision)

DB-B1 Notice 1d8+2!!: [8]+2 = 10 DB-B1 Notice Wild 1d6!!: [3] = 3
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Re: Chapter 7: To Kill a Nightingale

Post by steelbrok »

The cyborg looks ahead, seeing the ice closing in, choking the river. Looks like it will be time to take to Shank's Pony. Well, the Boat's been a decent base but nothing lasts forever.

He makes a circuit of the deck, scanning for any signs of, well,

Notice 1d6!!+4: [4]+4 = 8
Wild die 1d6!!+4: [3]+4 = 7
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