1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

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1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

Post by Lars »

Finish up here: viewtopic.php?f=298&t=5326&p=69481#p69472 then proceed to this post.

A: Topside Watcher, sees above and over the cliff.
B: Watcher
C: Watcher
D: Watcher

The far side is a sheer cliff dropping of roughly 600 feet. Watched by A.

All Watchers/Guards look like large cyborgs or robots of unknown design.

All sides appear to have electronic detection devices.

The trip across the frozen wastes of the South Pole is uneventful and cold as a witches t%t in a steel bra.

From about 600 yards away the Disavowed can stay hidden and out of sight behind mounds of snow and rock.

Orn, the tall D-Bee is true to his word. He guides the group to the Delvers base.

Borrowed transportation behind you, covered by white tarps and the dimensional raider base ahead, the Disavowed CS cell team is able to see what looks like four obvious guards out side the complex.

This old world technological military style base is multitiered and over looks a cliff on one side and a heated pool of water on the other side. How the water is heated is unknown for now: natural or tech based?

Two layers of the building can be seen from outside. Likely there are more levels beneath the frozen ground.

The plan?

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Re: 1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

Post by Shades »

Shades rides shotgun in the team's new ride. Monitoring the communications Shades pipes up over the intercom, "I can survey the facility. If we can find an access that is minimally observed."

"I can gather the details. Maybe they have a portal or something that they use to travel."

Hefting a few homemade devices, "I could disrupt things a bit from the inside."

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Re: 1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

Post by Timothy Hernandez »

Timothy walks up to Reyes, "I say we get some snipers on those four guards. With them out of the way, we would be able to infiltrate. The problem I have is what are we not seeing?" On that note, Timothy switches between all available visual spectrum for any clues of any additional observers not visible to the naked eye.

Notice: 1d4+2!!: [3]+2 = 5
Notice: 1d6+2!!: [4]+2 = 6
Dice rolls
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Re: 1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

Post by Klanker »

"My sensors are active and ready. My Rail Guns aren't exactly finesse weapons, but if things go... sideways... we will be very glad I have them. Orders?"
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Re: 1.5 Operation: Cold Slither. (Scouting out the Delvers base)

Post by Richards »

Looking at the cyborg Richards believes he is right. He is right, a sniper could do all the work that is needed here. "The sniper idea works well. I can hang back and use my curse to enhance the accuracy of the bullets. Then bring both myself and whoever the sniper is to the battle field when needed."

Then looking down he tries to pick up all the information he can, both with his powerful arcane senses and with his optics and human sense.

Notice 1d8!! or 1d6!! +2 to the higher roll: [6]+[5] = 11
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