Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Adventures of the Legion's 32nd Special Exploratory Team.
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Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Pursuit »

Bizarre Bazaar
It’s an empty, nondescript looking stall in what is an otherwise outlandish marketplace, where a thousand booths scattered haphazardly throughout the plaza sell everything from textiles to food and drink to household items to objects of immense magical power. Merchants offer city tours, custom suits, physical and spiritual healing, and vehicular repair adjacent to each other without any order or consistency.

The din is both physical and psychic, as merchants shout about the quality of their wares with their voices and, oftentimes, with their minds, too.

It can be difficult to hear yourself think, and it gets even harder as you get close to a little stall under a red and blue awning selling knick-knacks of various levels of kitsch. The buzzing of your own thoughts in your head grows in intensity with every step closer, a hornets’ nest of firing neurons kicked into a frenzy. It would be so much easier to look away, to keep walking, to do anything but get closer to that little stall.

As you try not to look away, a young girl of perhaps ten rushes past you and into the stall, as if to set up behind the counter and start selling. Instead, though, she begins to fade away, slowly disappearing from view, and no one notices. You notice only because you are looking so hard right at her, but the strain makes your eyes ache.

At the last possible moment, she notices you, and her eyes go wide. But before either of you can say anything, she is gone, and the crowd of the bazaar begins to buffet you from behind.

Results of Your Investigation
After several days pass, you are summoned to appear again, this time before Judge Rr Iidu alone. The unassuming D’Norr man gives you a friendly smile and invites you to sit.

”My friends, your presence here in town has caused quite a stir. Quite a stir, indeed. Why, we certainly did not expect to hear of a bright pink glitterboy being paraded around the city when we invited you in! I hope it was not too much trouble, leaving the boom gun behind, yes?”

After some polite chit-chat, he listens very intently to what you all have to report.

Hedge’s information on the disaffected is surprisingly detailed, and Iidu says as much. ”We knew, of course, that there would be some of the citizenry who opposed our current course. There is always opposition in free thought, and this is a city that, in some cases quite literally, is built on free thought. I never would’ve guessed it went so deep, though.”

Billy’s contribution of a location gives you somewhere to narrow your search, and the couple of nuggets Dazzle managed to pick up from passers-by give a bit more direction.

Castle is too taken with the many historical
mysteries the city offers to truly focus on the task at hand, but he does learn that Psyscape has been on earth at least a dozen times in some way, shape or form. Linear time and the Astral Plane make odd bedfellows.

Squidge’s family network puts the icing on the cake, though, and
7 successes prorated for 2 characters not posting is 7/6, or one more than required. Well done!

”It would seem,” says the judge, ”that someone has set up a dimensional door, of sorts, right in our bazaar. The power it must take to create and maintain such a thing is unthinkable, I should think. That must be where Nxla’s minions are hiding, but how they managed it right under our noses is beyond me. Our City Guard and Psi-Warriors are above reproach, of course, but perhaps we could convince you all to dig a little deeper, as they say? Figure out where they’re going and how on earth they are doing it without our notice, and apprehend them if at all possible.”

This will be a three-round dramatic task.

In the first round you will have two primary objectives: set a watch on that stall without being caught (surveillance) and figure out how their “dimensional door,” as Iiru called it, works (arcane research).

For the surveillance task, you may roll Stealth, Electronics (for electronic surveillance, natch), Performance to blend in with the crowd and observe unseen, Arcane Skill (if you have a power that would make sense), Notice to keep an eye on things, or another Skill so long as it makes sense. Thanks to whatever it is that’s causing the stall to be hard to focus on, and thanks to the counter surveillance efforts of the stall’s owner, any rolls made on the surveillance task must be made at -2, before any complications. The team may collect up to 4 success tokens at the surveillance task, with each success and raise earning one token.

For the arcane research task, you may roll Arcana, Research, Academics (for history), Arcane Skill (if you have a power that would apply, like detect arcana), or any other skill that makes sense. Because of the lengths the party who set all this up went to, all rolls on the arcane research task must be made at -2, before any complications. The team may collect up to 4 success tokens at the arcane research task, with each success and raise earning one token.

Action Cards:
Hedge: Ace of Hearts
Dazzle (Quick): Five of Clubs
Sis: Eight of Clubs
Billy (Quick): Six of Spades
Castle: Five of Hearts
Vincent: Four of Spades
Goswin: Two of Spades
Squidge: Two of Diamonds

You may post in whatever order you choose. Anyone who got a club has encountered a complication and must make their roll at an additional -2.

Good luck!

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by White Castle »

Castle had been so distracted with the various Earth architecture scattered throughout The 'Scape that he had not been back to his room. Having finally worn himself out, he staggered back to his room after a three day acrchitecture bender. One could get a lot done with 72 hours. He fell asleep on his bed until someone from the team came and woke him for the meeting with the Judge Rr lidu.

Having been aroused, Castle moved off the bed which creaked just as much as his armor did. He undessed out of his armor and went to the adjoining bathroom and showered. As he was coming out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, he noticed that there was something stuck in the subtle creases in his armor. Walking over to the armor he bent down an found a plastic card and a plastiform brochure. Apparently the two had been on his bed when he had returned and had gotten wedged into his armor while he was recovering.

Castle set the card and the brochure on the desk and got himself dressed. Before putting on his armor he set down and looked over the plastic card and the brochure. The card was non-descript and had no markings or writing. No help there.

Setting the card down, he picked up the brochure. The plastiform warmed to his touch and then a message relayed to his mind.
From Judge Iasus wrote: Master Castle, the council feels it best to not reveal your true name. We have provided you this access card for the Academy. As you are not psychic or arcane inclined, this card will provide the appropriate individuals with the necessary biometric identifiers.

The message pauses for a moment, then continues.

This brochure has the listing of all professors and instructors at the Academy. Also included is their lecture schedules. Thanks again for your interest in and service to Psyscape.
Castle's eyes focus on the brochure and he begins filtering through the names of lectures and the speakers. Combing through it, several times, Castle is about to give up on anything of interest, when his eyes settle on the name Doctor Raymond Stantz. Being a New Yorker and having survived several years amongst the ruins of the city before finding the White Castle Organization, Castle knew only one person by that name.

With the current state of New York City, many had brushed off the possibility that anyone was actually capable of catching ghosts. Considered by many to be an urban legend, The Ghostbusters, were in Castle's mind New York's own version of superheroes. Castle even recalled his near mint edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghosbusters comic book. That was a serious a score.

Heading to his personal effects, specifically the saddle bags from his hovercycle, Castle codes in the security code on the left bag and unlocks the case. Down in the lower reaches of the case he pulls out a vaccuum and hard plastic sealed container holding his copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghosbusters comic book. If this is the same Doctor Stantz, you better believe I am going to that lecture.

Another notification that the team was meeting and he needed to finish getting ready, brought him out of his memories. Quickly suiting up, he stored the comic book in his backpack, slung the back over his shoulders and sealed and locked up the saddle bag case.

After the meeting with Judge Rr lidu, CAstle excused himself as he headed towards the Academy, seriously intent on not missing a minute of Dr. Stantz's lecture. After leaving the team, he broke out into a flat out run, weaving his way between buildings and past Psyscape citizenry.
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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Squidge »

Squidge came from a long line of psionic spies, and keeping an eye on the area was something she was well suited for. Her natural abilities to disappear through walls and even the street under her to move without being seen, to sense people and supernatural effects mentally, and to easily monitor the thoughts or alter the perceptions of people in her vicinity meant it was hard to evade her notice. Even harder, arguably, to realize she was doing it.

Rolls (Surveillance): Psionics 9, 2 bennies spent
Psionics 1d10!!: [1] = 1 Wild 1d6!!: [4] = 4
Bleh, forgot the Benny!
Psionics 1d10!!-2: [3]-2 = 1 Wild 1d6!!-2: [2]-2 = 0
Use 'em or lose 'em I guess...
Psionics 1d10!!-2: [5]-2 = 3 Wild 1d6!!-2: [9!!]-2 = 7

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by White Castle »

Castle bounded up the steps of the Academy and was met at the front door by a tall stone man. Stepping away from the wall, the stone statue suddenly became a very life like individual. Not the first time Castle had seen such things, this one did surprise him as it was more life like and real. Not an Automaton this was an Amaki Stone Man. Castle paused for a moment but the Stone Man said nothing. Then Castle remembered the ID card and pulled it from a pocket in his armor, along with the brochure.

The Stone Man touched the plastiform card and paused for a brief moment. Blinking as if suddenly staring into bright sunlight, it steps aside. "The lecture halls are in the right wing past the Atrium." With that it steps back into line with the other entryway sentinels and leaves Castle by himself once more.

Heading forward down a long hallway of stone arches (Castle not having an Arcane Background, sees none of the other adjoining rooms) Castle heads towards the large indoor forest the Stone Man mentioned. It seemed like several minutes of walking (Castle was unfamiliar with Astral space) but Castle found himself at the Atrium in short order.

Being the largest indoor forest/gardens he had ever seen, it again seemed like several minutes for him to find his way right into the right wing of the Academy.

Starting down the hallway, Castle realized that there were no doors or doorways. He hadn't met or come across anyone either. He wondered if someone was trying to get him lost, confused, or frustrated. Honestly he was beginning to feel all of those but he kept walking down the hallway. It was several minutes when he came upon a dooway framed on either side by two large pictures. One picture was of a pre-rifts car with a license plate ECTO 1A. In the back ground could be seen a large white figure behind several tall buildings. On the other side of the door was a shop sign that read Ray's Occult Books. Castle stopped and stared. Unbelieveable.

Castle entered the doorway, quite certain he had found what he had been looking for. The room he entered was small able to comfortably seat twenty in a semi circle around a semi circle platform. There were a few others arleady seated comfortably and Castle quickly found himself a seat.

A figure that Castle assumed was Doctor Stantz arrived and took a place on stage. His lecture was the parapsychological connections between entities and creations of those entities. The Doctor referenced psychic energies related to specific structures and certain entities. He drew the conclusion that the energy infused at a monumental creation could be replicated elsewhere and in other times as long as the exact cunstruction was mirrored. The lecture concluded and the attending guests each met with the Doctor and thanked him for his insights. Castle waited till last.

Doctor Stantz actually looked up and greeted Castle first, "I knew a White Castle once. Fancy little joint for sliders. What can I do for you?"

Castle stutters a bit, "Uh, uh, uh, I always believed you and the Ghosbusters were real. I have seen signs of you throughout the remains of New York."

Stantz smiled, "Our psychic impressions were very strong but you aren't gifted with that kind of sight are you?"

Castle shakes his head, "Living in the ruins of New York I learned to live with the entities that haunted there. They were able to point out things from the past. Your psychic impressions were in a lot places. Lots of old places."

"Me being here is actually many sided. One I am a fan. Two I am in need of some direction. Three I am amazed that you are here."

Pulling out the comic book he shows it to Stantz. "When did you join Psyscape?"

Stantz waves a hand, "That can wait. What kind of direction are you needing?"
Pursuit wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:59 pm
”It would seem,” says the judge, ”that someone has set up a dimensional door, of sorts, right in our bazaar. The power it must take to create and maintain such a thing is unthinkable, I should think. That must be where Nxla’s minions are hiding, but how they managed it right under our noses is beyond me. Our City Guard and Psi-Warriors are above reproach, of course, but perhaps we could convince you all to dig a little deeper, as they say? Figure out where they’re going and how on earth they are doing it without our notice, and apprehend them if at all possible.”
Stantz nods his head, "
Academics 1d10!!+2: [5]+2 = 7 Wild 1d6!!+2: [4]+2 = 6
Academics 7, 1 token
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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Hedge »

While Castle looks into the books, Hedge uses his inner sight to monitor and learn more about the dimensional door. It's presence is unsettling, both from the way it is hidden in plain sight, but also that it has gone undetected for this long. Scanning the door he tries to take in its aura, as well as watching the auras of anyone who approaches.

Psionics 1d8!! Wild 1d6!!: [5]+[16!!] = 21 16-2=14
Victor "Hedge" Agathon (Cyber Knight)
Bennies 3/3

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by White Castle »

"Without seeing the structure myself, I would have to guess that it is actually constructed after an earlier time period."

"Say Spice Trade Route, Babylonian, or maybe early Egyptian."

"I am guessing of course but the stall you described would likely fit in any of those eras. It would be plain enough to go unnoticed in the sprawl of the Psyscape bizzare."

Castle stands in Stantz's presence and has to nearly pinch himself at the simplicity of the explanation of the situation.

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Billy »

Minus two circumstance
Stealth: 1d8: [3] = 3
Wild: 1d6: [6] = 6
Ace: 1d6+6: [2]+6 = 8

Billy spends a little time looking over the area and locates a convenient location where he can observe the comings and goings of the alley way as well as look out for anyone trying to tail him. After a some time he does note a vague pattern to how often people go in or come out but is unsure what to make of it. Instead he just notes it and makes sure to report his findings.
Billy Kid
Parry: 7
Toughness: 12(5)
Size: +1

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Sis »

When she leads the crew from Gatestown into through whatever it is that protect Psyscape from intrusion, the group is quickly surrounded by some very perplexed and very concerned guards.

Luckily, Dazzle manages through their suspicions enough to get them to send a runner to validate their identies, and without much ado, they are admitted into the city.

Sis is less awed than the rest of the party has been, but that is likely due to the fact that her radar's limited range can't express the size and scope of the city to her at all once. Instead she is confined to viewing only 60 feet of the city at a time, which is none-the-less impressive.

While the others are shown their short term quarters, a man in a formal robe whisks Sis away to a large, ornate chamber where Atlanta Iasus stands waiting.

"Ah, there she is." Iasus says, back to Sis as she approaches. "There is no mistaking that...voided of an aura that surrounds you. It's the same that I felt 2 days ago as I was deep in meditation, reaching out in search of some sign of Nyxla' supporters." Iasus turns around and looks at Sis, locking directly onto her vizored eyes. "Instead I felt you, with the unmistakable impression that you would be instrumental in our efforts to stop Nyxla. And then, the very next day, you waltz right on up to Psyscape like we didn't have millennia old wards protecting us from intrusion. Care to explain?"

Sis hesitates a moment unsure of how much to share. But Hedge and Squige were from Psyscape, and that experience with the Orb had led her here, where she knew she needed to be. So she explains it all, the siege at gatestown, experience with the orb and the impression that led her to Psyscape with perfect confidence she could find it.

"Ah, that make sense. Iasus says, though Sis doesnt see how her story would clarify anything. Iasus pauses a moment, pondering something, and Sis stands patiently waiting for him to come to a conclusion on whatever decision he needs to make.

"I'd like to formally invite you to join us here as Psyscape. It won't require you to leave the Legion, but it would require you to make certain pledges of loyalty, but we could train you to...

"No." Sis says, not allowing the Judge to continue under the false hope of swaying her. "I've been a puppet for far to long. I've sworn off my previous masters, and the Legion allows its soldier to serve at their will, requiring no more of their loyalty or service than they are willing to give. My life is my own to do with what I please, and I'll not accept new masters, not matter how benevolent they may be."

If Iasus is shocked, he hides it well. He silently takes in Sis's interruption and, upon her completion, says only, "Very well then. We do demand absolute loyalty of our followers, but will compel none to take up the vow who are not completely willing." Iasus walks past Sis toward the doorway she entered through. As he reaches the doorway he turns to add. "Make no mistake though. You are going to face Nyxla's supporters, and play a crucial roll in end of this. I look forward to seeing how, and hope when that time comes you don't regret refusing my offer"

Sis sets her self up at a small stand a few stalls away from the one where the odd gateway exists. Its a food service one, so it isnt unusual for diners to spend a couple of hours at a table. She orders a meal and pulls out an unusual puzzle game the denizens of Psyscape are fond of. It dates to pre-rifts times, and involves a pattern of squares in which every row column and grouping must all add up to the same number. She has intentionally picked a difficult one, to give her a reason for spending extra time at the table, and wave of anyone's suspicions on her lack of progress on the puzzle.

Instead of dedicating any real thought to the puzzle,
Notice 1d6!+2: [1]+2 = 3
Wild 1d6!+2: [4]+2 = 6
. She is surprised that even she has a hard time focusing on it, as the disruption seems to be arcane in nature, but the puzzle at least gives her some pretext for appearing to be particularly focused. At least with her radar she doesn't draw attention to herself by starting directly at the stall while she concentrates.
Sis - Nega Psychic
Bennies: 4/3
+1 for Character sheet review

Conviction: Yes

ISP: 15/20
Wounds: 0/4
Fatigue: 0/3
ISP: 20/20
Parry: 5
Pace: 6
Toughness: 15 (7)

Active Powers:

Active Effects:

Notable Edges:
Alertness: +2 to Notice rolls
Attractive: +1 to Performance and Persuasion
Brave: +2 to Fear checks
Strong Willed: +2 to resist Tests
Command: +1 to alles to unshake

Notable Hindrances:
Bad Rep: (Racial) Uncooperative reaction of known to be altara
Blind (Racial): Can’t read or see purely visual info
Instilled Ignorance (Racial): No core Common Knowledge, plus -2 to CK rolls
Storm Fouled Senses (Racial): Inclement weather (Sand Storms, Fires with lots of smoke) -2 to notice, fighting, shooting, etc

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Pursuit »

GM Mini Update:

As the team is observing the stall, you notice that the activity is picking up, and that the people visiting the stall (and often disappearing) seem to be of all walks of life. Urchins and well-dressed business people alike pass you on their way to wherever it is they're going. Perhaps a dozen and a half or so make their way through while you are watching.

You do not seem to have been noticed yet.

Note: The remaining players still have some time to post for the first round of the dramatic task before we head to round two.

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Vincent »

Research 9 (Two tokens)
Research Task
Spellcasting (Detect Arcana) 1d12!!-2: [11]-2 = 9
Wild Die 1d6!!-2: [5]-2 = 3
A bit exhausted from Gatestown, Vincent makes sure to fuel up on food before looking for something to do. He finds the group working on the research task, and uses Detect Arcana liberally to make sure they are headed down the right path.

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Pursuit »

Round One Results

The research team of Hedge, White Castle, and Vincent learned something very, very interesting about the stall in question: it is not of your time, nor is it even of your world.

The stall gives off the energies of a darker dimension, though it is subtle. Once Hedge and Vincent become attuned to it, though, it feels similar in nature to a PPE battery, or perhaps even a ley line, though significantly less powerful.

The energy is clearly malevolent and, unsettlingly, sentient. The closest parallel that comes to mind is the Devil’s Gate, but writ much, much smaller. The stall is similar to (but still somehow not) a permanent rift, but one with a door that opens and shuts on command.

None of you, except perhaps Professor Beckman, whom White Castle consulted, have ever seen its like. This must be how Nxla’s followers have been meeting seemingly in plain sight!
Research Task Results
You got all 4 tokens possible, here, and then a couple extras to boot (6 in total). Well done!
As Billy and Squidge take great pains to stay unobserved while keeping an eye on the stall, Sis tries to act nonchalant while playing with a puzzle and tracking the comers and goers with her radar.

Altara are a rare sight in Psyscape, and she attracts more eyes than she accounts for, but it doesn’t seem as if those using the stall have been tipped off to the team’s presence.
Surveillance Task Results
You got 3 of the 4 tokens possible, but were missing two players entirely. I’m prorating your rolls to account for their lack and saying that you were entirely successful.
As the team stakes out the site, a human woman dressed in the uniform you have come to associate with the Psi-Warriors slips quietly into the stall and fades away. Could it be that one of the city’s defenders has defected to the enemy? Or is it possible that this woman has merely beaten you to the punch and is on her way to contend with Nxla’s followers now?

Round Two!

Now that you have sufficiently scouted the site, it’s time to take action!

Anyone who approaches the stall will slowly fade out of existence upon reaching it and reappear in a vast void standing, as it were, on nothing. You don’t fall, and the air is breathable, but it is spooky as all hell, and everyone must make a fear check at -2. If you fail, rather than rolling on the Fear Table, take a level of fatigue that can only be cured by a night of sleep back in your home dimension OR by spending 48 hours in this new dimension. If you crit fail, take two levels of fatigue.
As you walk, the “air” supports your weight, though it thrashes wildly around Sis wherever she goes. Sometimes, you may step and find that you are climbing what must be invisible stairs, and sometimes your steps take you downwards, but you never seem to fall (though you might stumble).

You come across the bodies of two humanoids, one an elf and one an orc, floating through the void, their throats cut. Other than the death wounds, you see no sign of struggle on either. Each is wearing generic-looking light body armor and carrying mundane but high-tech weapons (black market light armor, vibro-knives and laser pistols, and the orc has a single plasma grenade).

Moving forward, or at least what feels like forward to you, you see in the distance a room. The room looks like a school classroom, and it is set up with rows of desks like you would expect to see in a high school. The desks are occupied by dozens of beings of assorted races; some are adults, some are children, and all are listening intently as a woman dressed in a blue sweater writes on the chalkboard while lecturing.
The words themselves make little sense to most of you, but anyone who speaks demongogian or has the comprehend languages power may make a Language or Arcane Skill roll to decipher it. If you speak gobblely, you may roll that Language at -2 (or -4 if your card is a Club and you have a complication) to get the gist of what is being said.

As you approach the floating classroom, a massive, horned creature with a shark’s maw, a bat’s wings, and wicked looking claws on almost comically long limbs appears in front of you.

In a jarringly high voice, it says, ”That is quite far enough, I think. I don’t know how you got thissss far, but you will go. No. Farther.” Its eyes narrow and it bears its teeth, rushing the party and screeching.

The people in the classroom seem to take no notice.


This is a straight up combat task. Because of the creature’s fearsome appearance and its comfort-level in this environment, all rolls against it are made at a -2. That said, if your attacks have the holy or silver trapping, you may ignore the -2. For the purposes of this combat, attacks with a Cyber-Knight’s psi-sword or by anyone with the Champion Edge will count as holy. Roll a Combat Skill or Arcane Skill and narrate the results. No need to track ammo or power points for this scene.

Billy (Quick): Ace of Spades
Squidge: Ace of Clubs
Hedge: King of Diamonds
Vincent: Queen of Hearts
Castle: Queen of Clubs
Sis: Seven of Hearts
Dazzle (Quick): Seven of Diamonds
Goswin: Five of Diamonds

Anyone who drew a Club must make their roll at an additional -2 for complications.

The team may amass a total of 8 tokens on this task. You may post in any order you like (the Action Cards were just for determining complications). Good luck, and don’t get eaten!

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Hedge »

Fear 7, success
Fear Spirit 1d10!!-2 / 1d6!!-2: [9]-2+[2]-2 = 7
Walking in the open space is confusing, but the acrobatic cyberknight gets the hang of it after a few moments. As they progress he tests the limits of the artifical atmosphere by lighting a cigarette. Puffing along happyily it nearly falls from his mouth when they spot the classroom. The scene is so bizarre it takes him a moment to process. Cigarette hanging limply from his lip. Unable to understand what is being said or written he tries to uses his empathic abilities to get a feel for the room.

As he does he immediately senses a malevolent presence and a creature sweeps in to threaten them. Seeing the beast come toward them Hedge instinctively activates his psi-sword and brandishes it threateningly - cigarette still hanging from hip lips.

"We do not seek violence, but will defend ourselves."

On cue, the creature sweeps in for an attack - moving comfortably in the disorienting surroundings. Hedge barely sidesteps the charge then strikes down hard with his sword landing a satisfying blow sending the thing screeching away. He steadies himself as he readies for it to make another pass giving the others time to get organized.
Fighting 1d8!! / 1d6!!: [4]+[3] = 7

Benny Fighting 1d8!! / 1d6!!: [7]+[4] = 11
Victor "Hedge" Agathon (Cyber Knight)
Bennies 3/3

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by White Castle »

Demongogian 1d6!!: [5] = 5 Wild 1d6!!: [1] = 1

Gobblely 1d6!!-2: [5]-2 = 3 Wild 1d6!!-2: [2]-2 = 0

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Re: Chapter 3: Cloaks, Daggers, and Psychics

Post by Dazzle »

Persuasion, if needed 8
+1 Glitter Boy, +2 Very attractive, +1 Fame
Persuasion 1d6!!+4: [3]+4 = 7
Wild 1d6!!+4: [4]+4 = 8
Fear check 5
-2 difficulty
Spirit 1d8!!-2: [7]-2 = 5
Wild 1d6!!-2: [4]-2 = 2
Shooting 5; 1 success
+1 3RB
Shooting 1d8!!+1: [2]+1 = 3
Wild 1d6!!+1: [2]+1 = 3
Benny to reroll
Shooting 1d8!!+1: [4]+1 = 5
Wild 1d6!!+1: [1]+1 = 2
Round 0

Dazzle went with the others in front of Judge Rr Iidu with what they had found in the bazaar. Then they were tasked with running surveillance on the booth before initiating an incursion.

Before they left the audience, Dazzle precociously spoke up. “Say, since we’re doing this little thing for you, think we could get some help while we’re working? My armor needs some repairs, and we’ve got a few things we’ve picked up on the way that need fixing, if we could get the parts.”


Dazzle prepared for going through the dimensional gate. Her Glitter Grrl wasn’t going to fit, so she pulled on her pink and purple Mark II Battlefield Light Armor. She holstered her Wilk’s 227 and vibroknife on her hips, and slung her new Wilk’s 447 on her back. She needed to get some extra e-clips for that. Finally, she slung her field repair kit on her back and attached the two frag grenades they had picked up in Gatestown.

Dazzle was a bit surprised and disoriented when they stepped into literally nothing, just blank, black space all around them. She felt her heart rate increase and took several deep breaths to calm herself from the fear. She was standing on...something, at the very least.

They made their way through the space, occasionally finding stairs up and down that they couldn’t see and had to be careful about. They came on an orc and an elf, dead, throats cut. Dazzle took a moment to retrieve their gear. They could hopefully sell and, and the good Lord knew she needed the credits lately with all the trouble she’d been having with the Grrl.

Then came the odd classroom. Dazzle couldn’t understand what the woman was saying, but she didn’t have much time to consider it because that is when the shark-bat-demon thing attacked!

Drawing her pistol, Dazzle quickly laid down fire on the monstrosity, striking it in the flank.


Current: Pace 6, Toughness 11 (5)

Technical Difficulties: Serious Problem: -2 when using the audio equipment in the armor. Repair -2. 20% cost in parts. (250k)
Current Loadout
Wilk’s 447 Laser Rifle
Wilk’s 227 Laser Pulse Pistol
Mark II Battlefield Light EBA Armor
Field Repair Kit
2 frag grenades
Plasma grenade
Party Loot
Badly damaged Combat Mage Armor (Serious Problem, -2 Repair roll, 4 hours, 50k credits)
Heavy Enchanted Armor (Glitch, Repair -1, 30 minutes)
TW Longsword
Black market light body armor x2
Vibro-knife x2
Laser pistol x2
Character Tracker
Dazzle Character Sheet
Pace: 14; Run d8 (60 mph); Swim 6/6; Run d6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 40 (25 MDC)/11 (5)
Bennies: 3/3
Conviction: Y
Credits: d6 (19,000)
Boom Gun: 100/100; 2 reloads (100 each)
Pistol: 24/24; 2 reloads (24 each)
Rifle: 20/20
Encumbrance: 53/40 (33/40 without pack)
First aid kit: 3/3
Laser Resistant (Armor): Half damage and AP from lasers
Quick: Redraw initiative 5 and under.
Fame: Make double pay with Performance
Hindrances: Impulsive, Driven, Loyal

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