Chapter 6: Walk Through the Valley

Adventures of the Legion's 32nd Special Exploratory Team.
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Re: Chapter 6: Walk Through the Valley

Post by Hedge »

Fear 1d10!! / 1d6!!: [9]+[3] = 12
by the presence of deevils in their midst Hedge turns his attention to saving everyone...and hopefully in doing so saving himself. He
Athletics 1d8!! / 1d6!!: [15!!]+[4] = 19
from the rooftop lands atop the mountaineer then leaps down and, with stone cold savagery, begins to run down the his next quarry. As he runs he allows his rage to emanate out from his soul shrouding him in
Psionics (Deflection, Innate) 1d8!! / 1d6!!: [7]+[2] = 9 , -2 to be hit.
. Reaching a pair of foes he lashes out with
Fighting Multi-Action 1d8!!-2 / 1d6!!-2 | 1d8!!-2 / 1d6!!-2: [7]-2+[2]-2+[3]-2+[13!!]-2 = 17 = 5 (miss), 11 (hit with raise). Benny fighting roll 1 1d8!!-2 / 1d6!!-2: [6]-2+[10!!]-2 = 12 = 8, hit
at each of them.

His psi-sword glows white hot as it
Damage (Champion, Weakness) 1 2d6!!+2d10!!+6 AP 16: [9!!, 7!!]+[7, 1]+6 = 30 Damage 2 (Champion, Weakness, Raise) 3d6!!+2d10!!+6: [5, 2, 8!!]+[2, 5]+6 = 28
(30 AP 16, 28 AP 16).

Hearing more hooved feet approaching he looks up, his face light flint, sword raised to take on all comers. Hedge has gone and Sir Victor Agathon, a man once lost, has entered the fray!

Status: Deflection (-2 to be hit), Counterattack.

Hindrances: Driven (Major): Wants to redeem himself for his previous failure. Death Wish.
Victor "Hedge" Agathon (Cyber Knight)
Bennies 3/3
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Re: Chapter 6: Walk Through the Valley

Post by Dazzle »

Spirit vs Intimidation 7
Spirit 1d8!!: [7] = 7
Wild 1d6!!: [1] = 1
Spirit vs Fear 5
Spirit 1d8!!: [5] = 5
Wild 1d6!!: [2] = 2
Shooting K20 4
+1 boom gun
Shooting 1d4!!+1: [3]+1 = 4
Wild 1d6!!+1: [2]+1 = 3
Damage 28 AP 25
5d10!!+5: [4, 5, 2, 7, 5]+5 = 28
Sonic Boom
P19 needs to make a Vigor roll at –2. On a failure, the victim is Shaken and Hard of Hearing (Major) for 3d6 minutes—may not cause a Wound. On a Critical Failure the victim is Stunned instead of Shaken.
Recover from lowered Vigor 5; recovers
Spirit 1d8!!: [5] = 5
Wild 1d6!!: [4] = 4
Recover from lowered Shooting 7; Recovers 1 die type
Spirit 1d8!!: [7] = 7
Wild 1d6!!: [1] = 1
Village near Psyscape
Round 2

Dazzle felt a weakness in her body, and her vision waver a bit, her hands unsteady on her firing controls. One of the deevils rushed up, yelling something she didn’t understand. Dazzle just flipped him off. She had no fear of the creatures. Having taken several of their shots, they didn’t seem able to penetrate her armor.

Others weren’t so lucky, however, and Dazzle noted that Vincent got hit hard,. though he managed to remain standing.

"You ok in there Dazzle? Need some assistance?" Billy asked.

“They hit me with some magic whammy jammy, but I’m okay,” Dazzle said. “They can’t get through the armor. Just keep yourselves safe. If they’re trying to get me, they aren’t trying to get you.”

That said, Dazzle aimed her boom gun again, this time at the deevil on the roof of the house she had just blown a hole through (K20). Nothing behind it she needed to worry about, though her hands on the controls still shook a bit, though she watched with satisfaction as she hit her target.

Dazzle took a moment to take a deep breath and felt a lot better, her hands more steady.


Dug in: Can’t move, can only shoot 180 degrees, attack rolls at +2 against her
Lowered Shooting d6 (Spirit to shake off)
Current Loadout
Party Loot
TW Longsword
Black market light body armor x2
Vibro-knife x2
Laser pistol x2
Character Tracker
Dazzle Character Sheet
Pace: 14; Run d8 (60 mph); Swim 6/6; Run d6; Parry: 6 (GG 7); Toughness: 40 (25 MDC)/11 (5)
Bennies: 4/3
Conviction: Y
Credits: d6 (19,000)
Boom Gun: 98/100; 2 reloads (100 each)
Ghost Blades: 1/24 hours
Pistol: 24/24; 2 reloads (24 each)
Rifle: 20/20
Encumbrance: 53/40 (33/40 without pack)
First aid kit: 3/3
Laser Resistant (Armor): Half damage and AP from lasers
Quick: Redraw initiative 5 and under.
Fame: Make double pay with Performance
Hindrances: Impulsive, Driven, Loyal
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White Castle
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Re: Chapter 6: Walk Through the Valley

Post by White Castle »

Castle was not out of range, though his best efforts to be less of target, had done just that. It wasn't that he was a coward, just that combat and fighting were not his thing. Now if these Deevils had been inside a building, Castle would have been using walls and ceilings and corners and floors to work the Deevils ragged. Outside, in the open, Castle was out of his element.

Fractured Psyche
Damage 36
Armor/Toughness 11
Remaining Damage 25
Number of Wounds (Remaining Damage 25/4) 6 (Wound Cap 4)

Vigor to Soak (d6)
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [3] = 3 Wild 1d6!!: [4] = 4

1 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [5] = 5 Wild 1d6!!: [3] = 3

2 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [5] = 5 Wild 1d6!!: [5] = 5

3 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [8!!] = 8 Wild 1d6!!: [10!!] = 10

Castle Soaks 2 wounds and takes 2 Wounds (-2 on future rolls)
Follies of a Misspent Youth
4 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [5] = 5 Wild 1d6!!: [3] = 3

5 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [2] = 2 Wild 1d6!!: [4] = 4

6 of 6 Bennies
Soak Vigor 1d6!!: [1] = 1 Wild 1d6!!: [5] = 5
The White Castle crashes and burns. His hovercycle twisted around his body, like a mechanical cacoon.
Clutching the controls of the hovercycle, Castle sucks ina labored breath and feels his body writhe under the pain. Over the public speaker, he unconsciously blurts out, "You know that hurt, right?"

Castle Only Fears the Reaper
2 Wounds -2
Fear Check Spirit 1d6

Fear Spirit 1d6!!-2: [5]-2 = 3 Wild 1d6!!-2: [4]-2 = 2

Fear 1d20: [9] = 9

Castle is also VULNERABLE.
Reaching over his right, Castle pulls out his NG-P7 ParticleBeam Rifle. Sigting in on the Deevil on the roof east of him, he fires of a shot.

I Got Winged and It Fouled My Shot
Wound -2
Shooting 1d6

Shooting 1d6!!-2: [4]-2 = 2 Wild 1d6!!-2: [2]-2 = 0
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Re: Chapter 6: Walk Through the Valley

Post by Sis »

Sis slides down the back of the Mountaineer, feet slamming into the ground and kicking up dust. Yes, she could do more damage from inside the ATV firing that massive gun on top, but that was not what the group needed now. They could do plenty of damage, if they could survive long enough to do so.

So instead, Sis couches low and makes toward Dazzle. She attempts nullify the demonic energies interfering with Dazzle's mental state, but the boom from Dazzles gun shakes a storm of leaves from the nearby tree, distorting Sis's vision. Without site on a target, the null energies she was about to unleash implode within Sis.

Staggered only for a moment by the turn of events, Sis raises her Revolver toward the Deevil by the house (Y16 - not that it matters...). She laces her weapon will Null energy and a purple blast bursts from the barrel of the gun. Distracted by the recently backlash of energy, the shot goes wide. Sis hopes it is enough to draw the attention to her.

Even as she tries to draw some heat from Dazzle, Sis watches the Deevils in combat with others. If any prepare to unleash another blast of magic firepower at anyone other than herself or Dazzle, Sis attempts to dispel it.

Note: All spells attacks against Sis are at -8 and do -8 damage

Dispel - on Dazzle - Crit Fail
1d10!! 1d6!!: [1]+[1] = 2 = Crit Fail

Sis takes a point of fatigue
Dispel for first bolt fired - 6
1d10!! 1d6!!: [7]+[2] = 9
Dispel for second bolt fired - 8
1d10!! 1d6!!: [9]+[4] = 13
Dispel for third bolt fired - 4
1d10!! 1d6!!: [2]+[5] = 7
Dispel for 4th bolt fired - 3
1d10!! 1d6!!: [3]+[3] = 6
Smite 18 - +4 damge +1 AP
1d8!! 1d6!!: [18!!]+[11!!] = 29 = 18 RAISE
Shooting - 3 - miss despite 2 bennies
1d8!!-2 1d6!!-2: [4]-2+[1]-2 = 1 4-3 = 1
1d8!! 1d6!!: [6]+[1] = 7 6-3 = 3
Bennie Again
1d8!!-3 1d6!!-3: [6]-3+[3]-3 = 3
Sis - Nega Psychic
Bennies: 2/3
+1 go browns!
-2 to keep missing stupid Deevil

Conviction: Yes

ISP: 6/20
Wounds: 0/4
Fatigue: 1/3
Parry: 5
Pace: 6
Toughness: 15 (6)

Active Powers:

Active Effects:

Notable Edges:
Alertness: +2 to Notice rolls
Attractive: +1 to Performance and Persuasion
Brave: +2 to Fear checks
Strong Willed: +2 to resist Tests
Command: +1 to alles to unshake

Notable Hindrances:
Bad Rep: (Racial) Uncooperative reaction of known to be altara
Blind (Racial): Can’t read or see purely visual info
Instilled Ignorance (Racial): No core Common Knowledge, plus -2 to CK rolls
Storm Fouled Senses (Racial): Inclement weather (Sand Storms, Fires with lots of smoke) -2 to notice, fighting, shooting, etc

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