Aos Theay Half-Elven Psi-Druid

A team of the Legions rising stars is sent on an odyssey to find the origin of some mysterious technology.
GM: Imperator
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Aos Theay Half-Elven Psi-Druid

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Aos Theay
Legion's 21st set
Rank: Seasoned Advances: 5
Race: Half-Elven
Iconic Framework: Psi-Druid
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6,
Pace: 6 Run: d6; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 10 (4); Strain: 6
  • • Athletics (Ag) - d8
    • Battle (Sm) - d4
    • Common Knowledge (Sm) - d8
    • Fighting (Ag) - d8
    • Healing (Sm) - d8+2
    • Language (Sm) - Native d8
    • Notice (Sm) - d10
    • Occult (Sm) - d4
    • Persuasion (Sp) - d4
    • Psionics (Sm) - d10
    • Research (Sm) - d4
    • Shooting (Ag) - d6
    • Science -Forensics (Sm) - d4
    • Stealth (Ag) - d8+2
    • Survival (Sm) - d10+2
    Jack-Of-All-Trades: (d4/d6)
    • Intimidation- d6
  • • Heroic (Major): The character always helps those in need.
    • Loyal (Minor): The hero is loyal to his friends and allies.
    • Phobia (Minor): Skelebots! The character is afraid of something, and subtracts –1/–2 from all Trait rolls in its presence.
    • Outsider (Minor): Half-elves are never quite comfortable in human or elven society, They subtract -2 from Persuasion rolls with all but others of their kind.
Racial Abilities
  • • Light Vision: Half-elves ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Illumination.
Edges and Iconic Abilities
  • • Edge: Arcane Background- Psionics
    • Edge: Racial Edge: Major Psionic
    • Edge: Hinderance Edge: Master Psionic
    • Edge: Strong Willed: +2 to resist Smarts or Spirit-based Tests.
    • Edge: Nerves of Steel: Ignore one level of Wound penalties.
    • Edge: New Powers (object read, telekinesis)
    • Edge: Woodsman: +2 to Survival and Stealth in the wilds.
    • Edge: Beastmaster: Animals like your hero and he has a pet of some sort. Blood Hawk Raptor, bird of prey.
    • Edge: Healer: +2 to Healing rolls, magical or otherwise.
    • Edge: Elan: +2 when spending a Benny to reroll a Trait roll.
    • Edge: Jack-of-all-Trades: Gain d4 in a skill (or d6 with a raise) until replaced.
    • Edge: Rapid Recharge: Recover 10 Power Points per hour.
    • Edge: New Powers (protection, sloth/speed)
    • Edge: Field Intel:
    (pg. 34 EoH)
    free reroll versus Surprise and +2 on Notice or Electronics rolls made to detect location, activity, concealment, disposition, combat effectiveness, and movement of opposing forces. When checking to conceal forces or set ambushes, this Edge gives a +2 bonus to Electronics, Stealth, and Survival rolls. She also gains a +2 on Notice or Electronics rolls to encrypt/decrypt signals, find valuable documents, and glean data from enemy remains, equipment, or transmissions.
    • Edge: Common Bond
    • Edge: Brave:
    OOC Comments
    Those with this Edge have learned to master
    their fear, or have dealt with so many horrors
    they’ve become jaded. These valiant explorers
    add +2 to Fear checks and subtract 2 from
    Fear Table results (see page 124).
    • Edge: New Powers (Beast Friend, Elemental Manipulation)

    As hard as Aos may try to blend in and go un-noticed, he always seems to stand out in a typical crowd. Maybe it is his physique. Tallish, broad shoulders, with angled, tone features. His complexion is rusty and earthen. Perhaps it's the obvious Native American Human traits in his ancestry or the elongated ears of his Elven bloodline. It must be the raw scent around him; mossy soil, blood and sweat and a hint of jasmine. River-green eyes dart back and forth in cunning, focused perception of his surroundings, intense and primal. All the while his expression remaining pursed and reflective. It is like being watched by a caged animal, whose leash has ben removed. Ponchos and dusty frontiersman garb cover weatherd survivalist armor and a mix of modern heavy weapons clamor among more traditional survivalist equipment, a walking campsite. Neat and organized, everything in it's place, accounted for, and necessary. Ready for anything.
    But, honestly, it is probably more noticeable and un-nerving when without notice the unusual man before all witnesses, with a warping and altering of the very physical substances that are form itself; transforms, gear and all into the inner beast always present, and assumes animal form. Natural. Primal. Fierce. A wolf beneath the flesh, or a bear, or hawk, any and all of the animal kingdom are his clothes. That is most likely what it is that keeps Aos at a distance from others, but always in the corner of their eyes.
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid

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Arcane Background: Master Psionics

(1)detect/conceal arcana (2)heal (3)boost/lower trait (4)entangle (5)shape change (6)object read (7)telekinesis (8)protection (9)sloth/speed (10)Beast Friend (11)Elemental Manipulation

ISP: 30 (20,10) - Recovery: Rapid 10/hour

"Subtle senses" - detect/conceal arcana
  • Page: p158
    Power Points: 1
    Range: Self
    Duration: 5 (detect)/1 hour (conceal)
    Summary: Detects magic for Duration 5 or conceals it for one hour.
    Detect arcana allows the recipient of the power
    to see and detect all supernatural persons,
    objects, or effects in sight for five rounds.
    This includes invisible foes, enchantments on
    people or items, weird science devices, and so
    on. With a raise, the caster knows the general
    type of enchantment as well—harmful,
    obscurement, magic, miracles, etc.
    Detect arcana also allows a character to ignore
    up to 4 points of penalties when attacking foes
    hidden by magical darkness, invisibility, or
    similar abilities (or all penalties with a raise).
    Conceal arcana prevents detection of arcane
    energies on one being or item of Normal Scale
    for one hour (see the Size Table page 179).
    Detect vs. Conceal: Detecting arcana against
    someone or something that’s been concealed is
    an opposed roll of arcane skills (roll each time
    it’s attempted, but no more than once per
    turn). If the concealment wins, the character
    cannot see through the ruse with this casting,
    but may terminate this instance and try again.
    Limitations: Self

    AREA OF EFFECT (+1/+2): The power affects everything in a sphere the size of a Medium Blast Template for +1 points, or a Large Blast Template for +2.
    STRONG (+1): Conceal only. Detection rolls to see through the concealment are made at −2.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    EXALTED DETECT ARCANA (+2): Detect arcana is greatly enhanced, giving it expanded analytical effects. With a successful Arcane Skill check on a particular magical effect or supernatural entity or phenomena. See Text
    EXALTED CONCEAL ARCANA (+2): The recipient is −2 (or −4 with a raise) to be seen or found with detect arcana, divination, and other arcane abilities; may not be used in combination with the power’s Strong modifier.
    PRESENCE SENSE (+1): The caster is able to sense the presence and exact location of living beings within range like a radar; detect arcana activated with Presence Sense no longer requires line of sight to locate living beings.

" life force" - heal
  • Page: p162
    Power Points: 2
    Range: Touch
    Duration: Instant
    Summary: Restores Wounds.
    Healing removes Wounds less than an hour
    old. A success removes one Wound, and
    a raise removes two. The power may be
    cast additional times to remove additional
    Wounds within that hour and as long as the
    healer has enough Power Points.
    For Extras, the GM must first determine
    if the ally is still alive (see Aftermath, page
    96). If so, a successful arcane skill roll returns
    the ally to action (Shaken if it matters.)
    Limitations: Healing

    GREATER HEALING (+10): Greater healing can restore any Wound, including those more than an hour old.
    CRIPPLING INJURIES (+20): The power can heal a permanent Crippling Injury (see Incapacitation, page 95). This requires an hour of preparation and only one casting is permitted per injury. If it fails, this caster cannot heal that particular injury (but someone else may try). If successful, the subject is Exhausted for 24 hours.
    NEUTRALIZE POISON OR DISEASE (+1): A successful healing roll negates any poison or disease. If the poison or disease has a bonus or penalty associated with it, the modifier applies to the arcane skill roll as well.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    MASS HEALING (+2/+3): For +2 Power Points, healing affects all allies within a Medium Blast Template centered on the caster (or a Large Blast Template for +3). Ignore individual wound penalties of the treated and apply a flat −2 instead.

"primal essence" - boost/lower trait
  • Page: p156
    I.S.P.: 2
    Range: Smarts
    Duration: 5 for boost/Instant for lower
    Summary: Increases or decreases a skill or attribute.
    This power allows a character to increase or
    decrease a target’s Trait (attribute or skill).
    Boosting an ally’s Trait increases the selected
    Trait one die type, or two with a raise, for five
    Lowering an enemy’s Trait has a Duration
    of Instant and lowers the selected attribute
    or skill a die type with success, or two
    with a raise (to a minimum of d4). A victim
    automatically tries to shake off the effect
    with a Spirit roll as a free action at the end
    of his following turns. Success improves the
    effect one die type, and a raise removes the
    effect entirely.
    Additional castings don’t stack on a single
    Trait (take the highest), but may affect
    different Traits.

    ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    STRONG (+1): The Spirit roll to shake off the effect is made at −2.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    GREATER BOOST/LOWER TRAIT (+2): The power’s effects are enhanced. With success, the selected Trait gains a free reroll once per round, or once per action with a raise. For lower Trait the target applies a −2 penalty to the rolls.

"binding forces" - entangle
  • Page: p161
    I.S.P.: 2
    Range: Smarts
    Duration: Instant
    Summary: Bind or Entangle foes.
    Entangle allows the caster to restrain a target
    with ice, bands of energy, or other vine-like
    Trappings (Hardness 5). If successful, the
    target is Entangled. With a raise, he’s Bound.
    Victims may break free on their turn as
    detailed under Bound & Entangled on page

    AREA OF EFFECT (+2/+3): For +2 points the power affects everyone in a Medium Blast Template. For +3 points the area of effect is increased to a Large Blast Template.
    STRONG (+2): The entangling material is particularly resilient. Rolls to break free are made at −2 and its Toughness increases to 7.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    GREATER ENTANGLE (+4): Rolls to break free are made at −4 and the entangling material’s Hardness increases to 10.

"alter form" - shape change
  • Page: p167
    I.S.P.: Special
    Range: Self
    Duration: 5
    Summary: Caster takes on the form of various beings.
    Many cultures have legends of shamans or
    wizards who take on the shape of animals.
    This power does just that, allowing the caster
    to take the form of any animal (including
    fantastic creatures such as dragons and
    hippogriffs if they exist in that setting, but
    not humanoids, undead, etc).
    What a character can change into depends
    on his Rank: ISP 3, Novice - Size –4 to Size –1
    ISP 5, Seasoned - Size 0,
    With a raise on the roll, the character
    transforms into a particularly large version
    of its type—increase its Strength and Vigor
    by one die type each.
    Weapons and other personal effects are
    assumed into the animal’s form and reappear
    when the power ends, but other objects are
    While transformed, the character retains his
    own Smarts, Spirit, Hindrances, Edges, and
    linked skills (though he may not be able to use
    some or all of them depending on the form—
    GM’s call). He gains the animal’s Agility,
    Strength, Vigor, and linked skills and cannot
    use devices that require humanoid form. He
    has no capacity for speech and cannot activate
    powers, though he may continue to maintain
    powers previously activated.
    A creature’s natural abilities inherent to
    its form are conferred, but magical ones
    aren’t. A dragon can fly and breathe fire in
    a traditional fantasy setting, for example, so
    a character who shape changes into one may
    do so as well. If dragons also cast spells in
    that world, however, shape change would not
    grant that ability because it’s not inherent to
    the physical form.
    Size: The caster does not inherit extra
    Wounds when transforming into creatures
    of Large or Huge Scale (page 179).

    SPEECH (+1): The recipient retains the power of speech (but still cannot activate powers
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    EXTENDED CHANGE (+1): The power’s Duration is measured in minutes instead of rounds.
    GREATER SHAPE CHANGE (+2): The caster can take on the form of any type of creature

" meta-tactile senses" - object read
  • Page:p165
    Summary: Reveals last five years of an object’s history (100years with a raise).
    Object reading is the ability to see the past of
    an inanimate object, discovering who held
    it, where it’s been, and what it might have
    been used for. The object has no sentience
    of its own—the caster simply sees and
    hears visions of the past that took place in
    its presence.
    Success allows the character to see events
    that occurred within 10 yards up to about five
    years past. A raise increases this to 100 years
    and 20 yards. The caster can “fast forward”
    and “rewind” as desired, skimming about
    10 years of history per minute of real time.
    When watching an actual event, it occurs in
    real time, just as if watching a digital video.

    AUDIBLE HISTORY (+2): The caster can now hear sounds and conversations as well.
    Mega Power Modifiers: DEEP READING (+2): The character can see anything that occurred within line of sight of the object.
    PSYCHOMETRIC PROJECTION (+2): Thecaster may broadcast the vision, projecting it outinto a space the size of a small room. Anyonepresent may see and hear the events and examinethe projection from all angles.

" ectoplasmic controll" - telekinesis
  • Page:p169
    Range:Smarts x2
    Summary: Moves items withStrength of d10 (d12 with araise).
    Telekinesis is the ability to move objects or
    creatures (including oneself) with arcane will.
    It has a Strength of d10, or d12 with a raise.
    Unwilling opponents resist the caster’s
    arcane skill with an opposed Spirit roll when
    targeted and at the start of each of their turns
    afterward until they’re released. They can be
    moved up to the caster’s Smarts per turn in
    any direction, and can be bashed into walls,
    ceilings, or other obstacles for Str+d6 damage.
    Dropped creatures suffer falling damage
    as usual.
    Telekinetic Tools: A caster can wield tools
    (including weapons) with telekinesis as an
    action. Use the caster’s relevant skill when
    attacking in this way (not his arcane skill).

    Mega Power Modifiers:
    EXALTED TELEKINESIS (+3): The Strength oftelekinesis is d12, +2 Strength for each raise.Consult the Super Strength Table (on page 69) to determine how much the caster can lift and manipulate. Note that objects weighing 1,000pounds or more automatically deal Mega Damage when used as weapons.

"amorphic defense" - protection
  • Page:p165-166
    Summary: Grants Armor +2/+4.
    Protection creates a field of energy or armor
    around a character, giving him 2 points of
    Armor, or +4 with a raise.
    Whether the protection is visible or not
    depends on the Trapping—this is entirely
    up to the caster.
    Protection stacks with all other armor, natural
    or worn, and is negated by AP as usual.

    ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect additional targets at a cost of 1 PowerPoint each.
    MORE ARMOR (+1): Success grants 4 points of Armor (+6 with a raise).
    TOUGHNESS (+2): Protection provides Toughness instead of Armor and is not affected by AP (magical or otherwise). This means it stacks with natural or worn armor.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    GREATER PROTECTION (+3): Protection provides 6 points of MDC Armor (+8 with a raise),which stacks with all other armor, natural or worn. May be combined with the Toughness Power Modifier, but not More Armor.

"kinetic drain/surge" - sloth/speed
  • Page:p167
    Duration:Instant (sloth)/5(speed)
    Summary: Increases or decreases movement.
    Sloth lessens celerity and coordination while
    speed increases it. It halves the target’s total
    movement each round (round up). With a
    raise, movement is also an action. The target
    automatically attempts to shake off the effects
    of sloth at the end of each of his next turns by
    making a Spirit roll.
    Success with speed doubles the target’s
    movement (basic Pace and running). With
    a raise the character also ignores the −2
    running penalty.

    ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): Speed only.The power may affect more than one target for 1additional Power Point each.
    AREA OF EFFECT (+2/+3): Sloth only. For +2points the power affects everyone in a Medium Blast Template. For +3 points the area of effect is increased to a Large Blast Template.
    QUICKNESS (+2): Speed only. The character’ s total Multi-Action penalty each turn is reduced by2 (she can do two actions at no penalty or three at−2 each).
    STRONG (+1): Sloth only. The Spirit roll to shake off sloth’s effects is made at −2.
    Mega Power Modifiers:
    EXALTED QUICKNESS (+4): Speed only. The recipient suffers no Multi-Action penalties.
    GREATER SLOTH (+2): Sloth only. The target cannot run, and with a raise is Vulnerable.
    GREATER SPEED (+2): Speed only. The recipient’s Run dice are not rolled, instead gaining the maximum dice result possible. With a raise the recipient is also Nimble (see page 68)
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid (in creation)

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Creation Sheet

Racial Ability:

HERITAGE: Half-elves may retain
the grace of their elven parent or the
adaptability of their human ancestry.

A half-elf starts with a
free Novice Edge of his choice

ignore penalties for Dim and
Dark Illumination.

OUTSIDER (Minor): Half-elves
are never quite comfortable in human
or elven society, having a foot in both
worlds but never fully standing in either.
They subtract 2 from Persuasion rolls with all but
others of their kind.
„„Begin with Psionics d6 Arcane
Background (Psionics), 10 ISP, use
the Mystic’s Miracles or Psionics lists

begin with three powers as well
as detect/conceal arcana, healing.
all powers are psionic and use ISP.

Begin with the Beast Master, Healer,
and Woodsman Edges.

Begin with Healing d6 and Survival d6

Begin with standard Starting Gear substituting Adventure
Survival Light Armor.
Heroes Journey
Hero’s Journey (3 rolls-MARS, 2 rolls-BDH).

• Psionics : New Power Edge: (telekinesis, sloth/speed)
• Training: Combat Training: (+3 Skill points Athletics, Shooting, Fighting)
• Experience and Wisdom: Elan Edge

• Psionics: Rapid Recharge Edge
• Training: Professional Edge - Jack-of-all-Trades

Fortune & Glory (2rolls-MARS)
• (2): Spiritual and Determined: Add one die to Spirit and begin with Strong Willed.
• (3): Vigorous and Tough: Add one die to Vigor and begin with the Nerves of Steel Edge.
Begin with 4 advances, starting at Seasoned rank
Big Damn Heroes:
Heroic Journey rolls +2
Starting wealth x2
Advances +1
  • (2pts) Add Edge: Master Psionic
    (2pt) Raise Attribute: Spirit +1d
Agility: d4 (d8 pt2) (d8)
Smarts: d4 (d10 pt3) (d10)
Spirit: d4 (d6 FG, d8 Adv3) (d8)
Strength: d4 (d6 Adv1) (d6)
Vigor: d4 (d6 FG) (d6)
Skill progression base to current: (0/15) Points
• Academics (Sm) -
• Athletics (Ag) - (d4 base; d6 HJ training 1pt; d8 Novice 2 advance) (d8)
• Battle (Sm)
• Boating (Ag)
• Common Knowledge (Sm) - (d4 base; d8 skill 2pt) (d8)
• Driving (Ag)
• Electronics (Sm)
• Fighting (Ag) - (d4 HJ training 1pt; d8 skill 2pt) (d8)
• Focus (Sp)
• Gambling (Sm)
• Hacking (Sm)
• Healing (Sm) - (d6 IF; d8 Novice 2 advance) (d8)
• Intimidation (Sp)
• Language (Sm)
• Notice (Sm) - (d4 base; d10 skill 3pt) (d10)
• Occult (Sm) - (d4 skill 1pt) (d4)
• Performance (sp)
• Persuasion (Sp) - (d4 base) (d4)
• Piloting (Ag)
• Psionics (Sm) - (d6 IF; d10 skill 3pt) (d10)
• Repair (Sm)
• Research (Sm) - (d4 Seasoned 3 Advance) (d4)
• Riding (Ag) -
• Science (Sm)
• Shooting (Ag) - (d4 HJ training 1pt; d6 skill 1pt) (d6)
• Spellcasting (Sm)
• Stealth (Ag) - (d4 base; d8 skill 2pt) (d8)
• Survival (Sm) - (d6 IF; d10 skill 2pt) (d10)
• Taunt (Sp)
• Thievery (Ag)
• Weird Science (Sm)
• Initial: (Bonus from Hindrances): Edge: Master Psionics, Increase Attribute Spirit +1d
• Edge(s) granted by Racial Features: Heritage Edge: Major Psionics
• Psi-Druid Edges: Beast Master, Healer, Woodsman

• Novice 1 Advance: Increase Attribute Strength +1d
• Novice 2 Advance: : Skill increase Healing +1d, Athletics +1d
• Novice 3 Advance: : Edge: Power Points (10)
• Seasoned 4 Advance: Edge New Powers (protection, entangle)
•Seasoned 5 Big Damn Hero Advance: Edge: Field Intel
• Seasoned 6 Play By Post Forum Rules Advance: Skill increase: Research +1d, Science- Forensics +1d
Roleplay Experience: Choose a skill Gain a die type- Battle, gain the Edge: Common Bond, Gain a Heroes Journey roll: Experience and Wisdom- Professional Edge: Brave, 75k credits salavage

• Veteran 7 Advance:
• Veteran 8 Advance:
• Veteran 9 Advance:
• Veteran 10 Advance:
• Heroic 1 Advance:
• Heroic 2 Advance:
• Heroic 3 Advance:
• Heroic 4 Advance:
• Legendary 1 Advance:
• Legendary 2 Advance:
• Legendary 3 Advance:
• Legendary 4 Advance:
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Re: Half-Elven Psi-Druid

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Adventure Survival Light Armor (TW).
+2 VS. all Hazards, 1 ISP activation
  • • Armor: +4 Toughness: +1
    • Weight: 5 lbs (Min Str: d4)
    • Rarity: -1; Cost: 10,500

  • JA-9 Variable Laser Rifle (Range ‪30/60/120‬, Damage 4d6, ROF 1, AP 3, M.D.C.) with 3 thirty round magazines. (Pg 101 TLPG) (on loan from Jackal)

    Unarmed ( Melee, Damage Str),

    modern tech Bow (Range 15/30/60, Damage Str+d8, AP 1),

    NG-33 Laser Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d6, ROF 1, AP 2, Shots: 20, Weight: 4 lbs. Min Str: d4, Rarity: +1 Cost: 6,500 Two E-clips/20 shot),

    silver Spear (Range 3/6/12, Damage Str+d6, ROF 1),
    Fragmentation Grenade (Range 5/10/20, Damage 5d6, ROF 1),

    2x Stun Grenades (Range 5/10/20, Damage -, ROF 1),

    Survival Knife (Melee, Damage Str+d4),

    Wooden Stake (Melee, Damage Str+d4)

    Telekinetic (TK) Revolver- 15,000 Cr
    (Pg. 104 TLPG)
    silver plated and etched with silver Holy symbol-
    Colt 1911(.45)- 17,400 Cr

    NG-L5 Laser Rifle- 16,000 Cr
    (Pg. 101 TLPG)

    NG Peacekeeper EBA- 40,000 Cr
    (Pg. 89 TLPG)

    (1) solid silver bullet; 1,000 Cr
    (12) silver coated bullets: (50 Cr each) 600 Cr
    (Pg. 37 Blood and Banes)
NG-S2 Survival Pack
  • (20 lb)
    • Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
    • Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
    • Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
    • Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
    • First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
    • Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
    • Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
    • Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
    • Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
    • Survival Knife
    • Wooden Cross
    • Mallet and wooden stakes
    • 1 set extra clothes
Rope, nylon (10”/20 yards), Trail Rations, Whetstone, Whistle, Lighter, Clothing (Casual), Globe of Daylight Flare (TW)), Boots, Hiking, Camouflage Fatigues, Goggles, Flint and Steel, Canteen, Laser Sight, Pepper Spray,
• Quiver (holds 15/20 arrows- 1x Flare Illumination, 2x Flare Signal, 4x Polymer, 2x Smoke, 4x Standard Arrow, 2x Silver)

Credits: 2,311Cr start/gear
Pay advance and Bonus by the Tomorrow Legion: Seasoned rank receives 450/week (8600).
5,000 credit bonus
- 3,000 Cr donation for children
(total 12,911Cr)
Dice rolls
4d6*100: [6, 4, 1, 1]*10 = 120
2d4*500: [4, 2]*50 = 300
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid (in creation)

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Animal Companions:

Blood Hawk
Attributes: Vigor d10, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d8, Agility d8, Strength d10
Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d8, Notice d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6
Pace: 4; Flying Pace: 10; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11

Special Abilities
  • Beak and Talons: These beasts attack with vicious efficiency, doing Str+d6, AP 4.
  • Hawkeyed: A Blood Hawk gains +2 on all sight-based Notice checks and can see well at extreme distances. The +2 bonus also applies to Survival rolls made to track targets across open ground.
  • Leathery Hide: The demonic hide of a Blood Hawk provides +4 Toughness.
  • Psionic Senses: Blood Hawks have the detect arcana power, which they can use an Innate Ability with a Spirit check. They primarily use this to sense if a foe has enough magical or psionic power to withstand them.
  • Wings: Blood Hawks fly at a pace of 10 with a Run die of d8.
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid (in creation)

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Roll Page

roll the dice 1d20: [17] = 17
ok test one is a success!

NARRATIVE HOOK: (17) Authority Issues-You crossed the wrong people, putting you in trouble with the authorities.
Perhaps it was a Coalition outpost, or maybe Federation agents. Whether on the run, or
arrested and waiting for punishment, you got some help from the Legion.

1d12: [2] = 2
1d12: [3] = 3
OOC Comments
Fortune & Glory (custom)
• (1): Agile and Dexterous:
• (2): Spiritual and Determined: Add one die to Spirit and begin with Strong Willed.
• (3): Vigorous and Tough: Add one die to Vigor and begin with the Nerves of Steel Edge.
• (4): Gregarious and Resourceful:
• (5): Live, Die, Live Again:
• (6): Animal Magnetism:
• (7): Up Close and Personal:
• (8): Reach out and Touch Someone:
• (9): A Way To Get Around:
• (10): Fortune Favors the Bold:
• (11): Smart and Learned:
• (12): Choose
HEROES JOURNEY (#rolls 3,2)
OOC Comments
  • Training: 1d20: [8] = 8 - Woodsman Edge*, +1d Survival ( already have this edge as background)
    or Psionics: New Power Edge
  • Education: 1d20: [3] = 3 - Healer Edge*, +1d4 Heal ( already have this edge as background)
    or Trainings: combat training - (+3 sill points), athletics +1d, Fighting +1d, Shooting +1d
  • Experience and Wisdom: 1d20: [17] = 17 - Elan Edge
  • Psionics: 1d20: [2] = 2 - Rapid Recharge Edge
  • Training: 1d20: [7] = 7 - Professional Edge: Jack-of-all-Trades
4d6 × 100 Universal Credits, and 2d4 × 500 credits worth of gear or valuables
(1200Cr,3000Cr Gear) (starting wealth x2 - BDH, 2400Cr, 6000Cr Gear)
(2400 Universal Credits, and 6000 credits worth of gear or valuables)
4d6*100: [6, 4, 1, 1]*10 = 120 .
2d4*500: [4, 2]*50 = 300
Tomorrow Legion Advance- ( Seasoned rank receives 450/week (8600).
Dice rolls
1d20: [14] = 14
1d20: [7] = 7
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid (in creation)

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scrap rolls
Dice rolls
4d6*100: [1, 1, 5, 5]*10 = 120
2d4*500: [1, 2]*50 = 150
4d6*10*10: [1, 1, 4, 1]*10*10 = 700
2d4*10*50: [4, 3]*10*50 = 3500
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Re: Half-elven Psi-Druid (in creation)

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Re: Aos Theay Half-Elven Psi-Druid

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Training: 1d20: [16] = 16
Psionics: 1d20: [20] = 20
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