04 - The City of Tijuana

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04 - The City of Tijuana

Post by Ndreare »

Finishing up their resupply the champions have all they need before they head off south against the advice of the many residents of Hope.

The champions move towards Tijuana they find the environment change quickly from the dry sparse desert they had been in, to slightly more forested area. The trees however all seem petrified, grey from the sun, but nearly as hard as stone.

Patrols of roaming monstrosities can be seen moving to uniformly to be random, they somehow create a blanket of excellent surveillance.

The 20 miles that could easily be covered in a matter of minutes using the advanced flight options available to the champions instead takes the full of the day as the heroes are forced to destroy several of them and avoid others. But something is wrong, after encountering the first monster they could not evade, they found that somehow, though it had no opportunity to call out for help, other patrols started swarming in on the area they were in.

No, this is not good at all, they were being blocked by one monstrous demon after another and had nowhere to go unless they turned back and fled, so the team was forced to use stealth. Somewhere in the ambushes, maybe the third, or perhaps the fourth, they had lost Dred. One minute he was there and the next he was simply missing. The decision to move on without him was hard, but with the stakes at play such decisions needed to be made.

As they moved in the Legionnaires finally catch sight of the city in the distance. The eerie sight of the city would chill the bones of any lesser group. No lights throughout the whole city, such that as the red of the sun disappears with the coming on night the city becomes imperceptible to the eye just as a flight of what must be demons was seen headed in their direction.

But Stealth was not an option as the heroes moved in trying to stay out of sight, Sir William finds himself wide in the open as one of the demons passes overhead. The demon roars, then explodes into a hundreds of fiery motes that fall to the ground, then as each one touches the earth a the bones of inspects, animals, people, and plants animate pulling up from the earth each absorbing the light and life around them as they move, even coming in proximity of you, allows you to feel your life force being pulled on. Sir William finds he is surrounded by what must be one scores of the creatures focusing their initial attack on him, before realizing the others are there and attacking them as well.

Dangerous Quick Encounter!
You are fighting a demonic swarms, as they slose within inches of you, you find they begin drinking your soul and devouring your life essence.
Make an appropriate skill roll for the combat at -2 with the following results. If you have power points then 2d6 are drained away.
[i[If you use an arcane ability, or are shooting then spend an additional 3d6 power points or ammunition whichever is appropriate to the skill you roll.[/i]
  • Critical Failure = You are easily overcome early in the battle only taking out less than a dozen of the undead. Take 1d4 wounds.
  • Failure = You manage to take a couple of the groups down, but today is not your best day. You take 1 wound.
  • Success = You, step up to the moment and take down these enemies as if they were not even a threat. You eliminate a few swarms of the creature. You take 1 Fatigue, which may be soaked as if it were a wound.
  • Raise = You were born for this. War is in your blood and saving lives is what you do best. You take no wounds or fatigue and kill at least half a dozen of the swarms.

Phase World - The Remorseless Game Master Bennies 8;
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +8 Players

Nightbane Game Master Bennies 0,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +0 ADVENTURE Reset

Legendary: Death Seekers Game Master Bennies 5,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +5 Players

Legendary: War Breakers Game Master Bennies 4,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +4 Players


Code: Select all

[b][color=#BF0000]Initiative without rerolls.
I will roll 1d56 for each of your initiative cards. I do not reroll duplicates, instead there are 2 extra Joker positions.
[list]see Cards in Rob's games bellow for exact card.[/list][/color][/b]

  • 2D6 EFFECT
    2 Catastrophe: Something goes terribly wrong. The GM must decide what, but some ideas are a new and permanent Minor Hindrance, the inability to use powers for several days, or an explosion of some sort. The backlash should be thematic if possible. If the hero tampers with dark forces for his abilities, for example, he might become corrupted or summon something sinister into the world. If he’s a weird scientist the device might explode for 3d6 damage in a Medium Blast Template, or he might develop a Quirk, Phobia, or other “madness.”

    3 Backfire: The power succeeds as with a raise but affects a different target with the worst possible results. A bolt hits a random friend, boost Trait increases an enemy’s skill or attribute, etc. If there’s no likely target, he’s Stunned instead. If the power has a Duration other than Instant, it lasts its full term and can only be negated by dispel (the caster can’t voluntarily end it herself).

    4–5 Short Circuit: The power fails but the Power Points allocated to it are spent, along with an additional 1d6 Power Points.

    6–8 Stunned: The caster is Stunned (see page 106). She subtracts 2 from arcane skill rolls for the rest of the encounter (the penalty remains –2 even if she gets this result again).

    9–10 Overload: The character’s synapses crackle and overload with power. He takes 2d6 damage plus the cost of the power in Power Points, including any Power Modifiers the player declared.

    11 Fatigue: The character suffers Fatigue.

    12 Overcharge: The power draws ambient energy from the air, automatically succeeding against the target with a raise and costing the caster no Power Points!

1 = 2 of Clubs
2 = 2 of Diamonds
3 = 2 of Hearts
4 = 2 of Spades
5 = 3 of Clubs
6 = 3 of Diamonds
7 = 3 of Hearts
8 = 3 of Spades
9 = 4 of Clubs
10 = 4 of Diamonds
11 = 4 of Hearts
12 = 4 of Spades
13 = 5 of Clubs
14 = 5 of Diamonds
15 = 5 of Hearts
16 = 5 of Spades
- reroll line for quickness & activation for Calculating -
17 = 6 of Clubs
18 = 6 of Diamonds
19 = 6 of Hearts
20 = 6 of Spades
21 = 7 of Clubs
22 = 7 of Diamonds
23 = 7 of Hearts
24 = 7 of Spades
25 = 8 of Clubs
26 = 8 of Diamonds
27 = 8 of Hearts
28 = 8 of Spades
- reroll line for Hyperion Juicer -
29 = 9 of Clubs
30 = 9 of Diamonds
31 = 9 of Hearts
32 = 9 of Spades
33 = 10 of Clubs
34 = 10 of Diamonds
35 = 10 of Hearts
36 = 10 of Spades
37 = J of Clubs
38 = J of Diamonds
39 = J of Hearts
40 = J of Spades
41 = Q of Clubs
42 = Q of Diamonds
43 = Q of Hearts
44 = Q of Spades
45 = K of Clubs
46 = K of Diamonds
47 = K of Hearts
48 = K of Spades
49 = A of Clubs
50 = A of Diamonds
51 = A of Hearts
52 = A of Spades
53 = Jokers = They are equal
54 = Jokers = They are equal
- If no reroll is being used then there are 2 extra jokers -
55 = Jokers = They are equal
56 = Jokers = They are equal
and of course update your signatures!
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Re: 04 - The City of Tijuana

Post by Sir William Mahan »

FIghting 7
1d12!: [9] = 9 Wild 1d6!: [3] = 3 -2 Power Point Drain 2d6: [4, 1] = 5
As the swarm descends, Sir William manifests his psi-swords and whirls into the Eddying Fall Leaves technique, an all out attack that seems to strike in every direction at once. The swarm falls against his whirling blades, but the effort required for the advanced technique is exhausting after the long march. Panting slightly, he turns to see what has befallen the rest of his team. "Legionnaires! Check in and report status!" he barks into his radio.
Sir William Mahan
Character Name: Sir William Mahan
Parry:9, Toughness: 20/14 MDC, -2 to hit vs tech
ISP: 25 /25
Wounds: 0
Fatigue: 1

Bennies: 4
  • 4 starting
Combat Edges:
  • Combat Sense - 1/2 gang-up bonus
  • Two-Fisted - attack with both hands, no penalty
  • Ambidextrous - no off-hand penalty
  • First Strike - pre-empt opponent moving into melee 1/round
  • Frenzy - one extra melee attack, -2 to all attacks
  • Champion: +2 damage and toughness vs supernatural evil

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Re: 04 - The City of Tijuana

Post by Sigurd »

Seeing @Sir William Mahan swarmed by the enemy, Sigurd says into the radio "come friend save some honor for the rest of us."

Turning to @Shelia he calls out "come lets drive then enemy before us. Let them flee before our might."

He stops for a brief second to center himself and summon his sword and shield. As his thoughts center time appears to stop. Moving a blur to fast to track he moves forward into the swarms and carves a swath of destruction before him.
The warrior's way 1d10!+4: [8]+4 = 12 Wild 1d6!: [5] = 5

After centuries of serving Sigurd, the mantle did not need to be directed. It knew what to do and how to protect Sigurd the best. As Sigurd moved torrents of fire, channeled by gusts of air would slam into any that opposed Sigurd from the sides or behind. The very earth around him would quake and move to block attacks and hurl the undead back from him.
Mantle focus 1d12!+2: [8]+2 = 10 mantle wild 1d6!: [5] = 5

Reaching the cyber knight Sigurd calls out "come brother, together nothing can stand before us." Then he charged once more into the fray, slaughtering the enemy two or three at a time. Any time Arogi's Bane would touch the enemy their flesh would burn with the contact. Nothing stood before him for long.

Sigurd Van Duris
Rank: Legend Advances Left: 0
Race: Elf
Iconic Framework: Psi-Warrior
Edges Adept, Block, Bruiser, Chi, Command, Fervor, Hold the Line, Improved Frenzy, Improved Trademark Weapon - Arogi's Bane, Martial Warrior, Master of Arms, Master Psionic, Monster Slayer, Natural Leader, Psi-Blade, Psi-Shield, Sidekick - Igora's Mantle, Take 'Em Down
Mantle's Bennies=1/2
9/17 boat scene with thralls cast entangle
Mantle's Wounds=1/5
Failed quick comabt roll on boat scene

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Re: 04 - The City of Tijuana

Post by Shelia »

Has it been hours, or just a few minutes?
Fighting 13
Fighting at -2, skill at 1d12+2 wild d10. 1d12! 1d10!: [2]+[5] = 7 2nd Benny for a reroll with elan: 1d12! 1d10!: [11]+[1] = 12
Inside her Power Armor, Shelia's skin was drenched in sweat. Her arms felt beyond tired. She was fending of what must of been then thirtieth pair of demon hell spawn. Their maws dripped with black ichor, and claws scratched tirelessly at her Naruni made power armor. There are so many...Dred is gone... Her thoughts drifted to those she had lost. Saul... Mac... My daughter... Despite the loss in her life she was not alone. @Sir William Mahan and @Sigurd were with her!

She gasped crying out to her allies, "Form a circle! Back to back, don't let them separate us or get in behind!" She almost faltered dropping to one knee as the demon's poured over her, but then a soft crackle came over the radio, female and surprising. "Mom? Don't give up, I need you to survive mom."

I won't baby! Her Mech Knight Power armor spun from out underneath the demon pile its wings extended and jets flaming. Her Energy blade and psi blade fully extended crisscrossing a path of demonic limb and head as she leaped to her allies sides. The champion spirit inside her came to life as the belief that her life was worth living was renewed! Perhaps she would never regain her cyberknight abilities fully, perhaps the order would never forgive her actions during the Seige of Tolkien. Here and now, this was the closest she would ever come to being the cyber knight of old. Sheathed in her Naruni Mech Knight power armor the white light of her spirit forged itself into the blades she wielded, both energy and psionic, and those demon's finally knew her wroth!

2 Bennies spent!
Character Name: Shelia
Parry:9, Toughness:
ISP: 25 /25
Wounds: 0
Fatigue: 0

Bennies: 3
3 starting
Combat Edges:
Improved first strike.
Champion: +2 damage and toughness vs supernatural evil

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